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2. UK 87- 10 Voice. After closing his eyes, when he opens them, he sees colours in the air. Gururaj. Now as I've spoken to you before, that colours, symbols and words represent the human mind. Now, what is the meaning of these representations? What is symbols, what are colours, and what are words? Now we've got to define that. When words cannot be said, it portrays itself as symbols, and when symbols cannot be interpreted it represents as colours. What is the meaning of this? The meaning is the total representation of the condition of your mind. What is the condition of your mind and how can you analyse it through words, symbols and colours? It's a major question, I could write ten books on the subject really. Come here my son, you, you come here, sit. Come closer, so I could be closer, I'm so weak, can you come more in the centre? Right, I will give you an example of it. Strong son here, looking after his father. Close your eyes. Now just tell me which colours you see, just keep a running commentary. Voice. Just dark at the moment. Gururaj. Dark, a vast darkness I'm sure. Voice. (Cont'd). That's right. Gururaj. Good, so you see the vastness darkness of the universe, which is nothing else but dark now. Carry on. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Don't be shy, my son. Voice. (Cont’d). It's yellow and white. Gururaj. Yellow and white, right, and you're also seeing geometrical patterns? Voice. (Cont’d). That's right, yes. It's like the wallpaper in my bedroom! (General laughter) Gururaj. That's great! Come on carry on my son. Voice. (Cont’d). Green. Gururaj. Green, yes, healing, yes, right, come on.

3. UK 87- 10 Voice (Cont’d). Orange and white patterning......... Gururaj. Ah, orange and white patterning......... Voice. (Cont’d). And gold. Gold, yes, yes. I think the wallpaper came back again. (General laughter) Gururaj. Oh, it came back again, you better change it. Right, come on, carry on, I'm very patient. Voice. (Cont’d). Lilac. Gururaj. Ah, you got the lilac, huh? Good. Come on, carry on. Voice. (Cont’d). Brilliant silver and white. Gururaj. Brilliant silver and white, okay, we’ve got that. Right, okay, and now? Voice. (Cont’d). Brilliant, brilliant silver, just all light things. Gururaj. Right. Now that silver will turn to gold. Voice. (Cont’d). That's right. Gururaj. Thank you my son, thank you for helping me, you go sit back now. I was giving you a little demonstration of how the mind works. Now, to interpret the various colours that occurs in the mind, it takes a little time, you know, can't do it in one or two minutes, but I will speak to you about it, what is actually going through your mind. Thank you my darling. No, this is for my nose, this is for my eyes. These things are very meaningful if you can understand them, because they could change your entire feelings, your emotional self and your entire life-style. This is my method of examination. Oh, thank you my son, so kind of you. So, what was that original question of my son there?

4. UK 87- 10 Voice. Who is the handsomest guru in the world? Gururaj. Me! Where's that youngster -? Come here. No, no, no, no, no, oh, you are so heavy. I love you. Come here, come on, come on, come on (Baby brought to Gururaj). Oh my sweetie pies, ah, my darlings. Oh my sweetie pies, ah, ahh. What is the lesson to be learnt? Love, total innocent love, and if you are innocent within yourself, everyone will love you innocently. Your ear's better today isn't it? Tell me, yes, of course, of course. I healed you yesterday, didn’t I? Now, the lesson to be learned is to be able to love, and give your self entirely to all those around you, in total purity, that is important. I got twenty women around here that I could fuck every night, but I can't do it. I won't do it, because I love them with all purity. What is the greatest thing you could achieve in life is but purity. Be pure of heart, and when you are pure of heart, you become Godly, goodly, and God-wise. Otherwise you're nothing. Take the attention to our Lord, and your life will become more happy, that is for sure, I promise you. I know it, I've gone through the whole mill. I've been crushed in the mill and became re-born again into this life of Divinity. It's not really very difficult. Rachel, Rakki, come here. Come on child, just move out of the way a bit. Come here and rub my foot. It's the duty of a daughter to look after the father and it's the duty of the father to look after his daughter. Where's Usha? Usha, oh, you’re sitting there writing, right, okay. Regard, I’m talking to men now, regard every lady to be your mother and your daughter. And every lady should regard every man as a father and brother, do that. What is the meaning of purity, can anyone tell men that? Because I don't know. Purity is total sincerity of purpose, and if there's no purpose in life, you are lost. And why must you be lost in life? Life is not a losing, life is a winning, don't you see that? Life is not there to lose, life is there to win, and what do you win? Sincerity and purity and having that, anything you can demand of life will be given unto you. I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise that to you. But you still have to play your little part, oh yes. Don't think everything is going to be thrown in your lap. You do ten percent, I do ninety percent, alright? No problem, no problemo! Thank you. I don't want to see any of you my children to suffer in any way. I do not want to see that, I can't bear it, because you're suffering is my suffering. I want you to be happy. Featherstone, where's your clarinet?

5. UK 87- 10 Albert. Well, I left it behind, because I retired three years ago and I am not very good anymore. Gururaj. You see that's the trouble with people, they leave things behind, in their back arses. Bring it in front, because it's the front part that works, not the behind. Good, good, very good. Now, I think time is running out, and, Usha? Come on relax, while we're waiting for her, light me a cigarette. Come on, light up, relax. Voice. Somebody gave this to me, but I think it should be yours. Gururaj. Open it up, open it up, come on, don't be lazy. Voice. (Cont'd). A little book for you. Gururaj. ‘How to be a Complete Bastard.' Thank you, thank you. While we're waiting for Usha, let's see if we can find something in here. Oh, I can't see, I can't see. Meanwhile, there are bastardo pictures in here! Right, I'll have a look at it later. Thank you, thank you. Thank you my darling. I just want one, take one out for me. Voice. Holy Communion! Gururaj. Holy Communion, it's got a hole in it. Relax a bit, relax, just pull your hair down, and where's my wife? Voice. Here's your wife. Gururaj. No, you're my mistress. (General laughter). Voice. Preatam, she was very upset and I think she ran out. Gururaj. Why? Oh, look at my handsome chappie, ah, great guy. Now, I’m just waiting for Usha to hand out the blessed objects. Voice. They've been done.

6. UK 87- 10 Gururaj. Oh, it has been done, oh, well, good. Now, it's nearly time for lunch and what I would like to say is, thank you for your love. It's been very beautiful being with you. It's nice to be with one’s family, it's great. And these five days or so that we have spent together, I've enjoyed. Ah, thank you. Oh, that's lovely. And the five days or so I've spent with you has been very enjoyable for me, and I hope you also have enjoyed it. We've had a lot of fun together wit and wisdom and knowledge and the works, so I can only say God Bless you all, keep well, and I'll see you next when? Voice. November. Gururaj. November. I'll see you all again. And do one thing, and you'll be doing people a great favour. Bring one or two friends along with you, do that. They will benefit so much in our family, so try and do that. And you too, you bring a friend along with you. So, if each and every one would decide to bring one or two friends with you, we would swell up our numbers and I promise you they will learn a lot, they will learn a lot. They will learn to love, they will gain greater knowledge. So, our family will be expanded, to dish out the word of Divinity, it's important. Do that and you'll be doing yourself a great, great favour. Look, everyone has two or three friends at least. Encourage them to come along on the next Course, I've still got a puff left here. You'll be helping a friend, for I do not only give teachings in words, I impart a spiritual force to you all that changes, transforms your lives. So, on the next Course, try your best to bring a friend or two along with you. If they can't afford it, we, B.M.S. will pay for it, but bring them. Voice. Thank you. Child. I'll bring a friend. Voice. Actually, B.M.S. is - Guruji, you pay them. Gururaj. Sure, write out a cheque for a million pounds, and you sign it! I'm a very poor man, I've got nothing. Even this suit here, these pants was bought by Charles. These shoes were given to me as a gift. These socks were also a gift, even my underwear, if you would like to see it, I'll take off my shirt. Voice. Would you like a glass of orange juice, Preatam?

1. UK 87- 10 Group sings ‘Jai Ram’. Gururaj. This body's getting old now, ah. Voice. Guruji, Tom has asked can you bless those for him? Gururaj. Yes of course, put it down, yes, yes. Tom is my favourite child. Where's my blooming hankie? Yes here it is. Right. That one for my eyes, and this one for my nose. Beautiful, isn't it? Ahh. Before saying bye byes, it is our last afternoon now. I would like one of the little children to ask me any question, it would be nice. Hello my darling, you haven't kissed me today. Come on, Gururaj. Right, ask me any question. Come on, come on, don't be shy, I'm your Grandfather. Voice. We'll have two, Babuji, one child here..... Gururaj. Oh right, oh that, horse-faced child ..... (Referring to Charles) Charles. You old bastard! (General laughter). Gururaj. I'm an old bastardo! Voice. Who’s the handsomest guru in the worl d? Gururaj. Look at that, the handsomest guru in the world. What does it say here? The handsomest guru, I’ll have to turn my back to get the other side. Take this off. Thank you my children for giving me this lovely present. Thank you very much, Anton, and whoever was involved in it. Ah, yes, this old man, that's it now we’ve got it. What shall we talk about this morning? Child. Preatam, when I close my eyes, and when I open my eyes I can see colours in the air. Voice. Do you understand that, Preatam? When he closes his eyes, he sees colours in the air.

7. UK 87- 10 Gururaj. I think we’re about done, aren't we? Thank you, that's nice, I hope you did not lace it. My living comes from the generosity of my meditators. I have no other means of income at all and I thank you very much for it. Finish it all. It's nice, that orange juice. Better than whiskey, we'll leave that whiskey business to Charlie. My beloveds, it's been a lovely week with you. Oh, look at that, fantastico! Lovely my darling. You must save all this for me okay. It's been a lovely week with you - hold on my darling, let me speak to these people first. It's been a lovely week with you, thank you very, very much, and so pleasant to be with my family. It has been nice. Old friends and new friends, I thank you all. Good. I think it's nearly lunch-time now and we shall adjourn. Drive slowly. (Group sing) ‘Jai Gururaj’ END


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