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2. UK 87- 12 been done where people have become more creative in their art. Rajesh, where are you? Rajoo - oh there you are. Are you putting up the exhibition? Later today. Okay, fine. People have become so creative in so many various fields of life, in writing, in poetry, and all the fine arts, because without the experience and expression of the fine arts, how far can you go? Do you always want to remain on the mundane level, just thinking of nice cookies and things, chocolates? No! But we have to go further than that, to find our true selves that resides within ourselves. You don't have to go far. You just have to go in, in there, somewhere here. And going within ourselves, we will truly find what we are really made of, the glory, the glory, the God, whatever you want to call it. That Divine energy, it is all within us but we block it all and we don't allow it to flow. So aren't we damn stupids? Eh! We are, damn stupid. So, if we would give ourselves a chance, a chance, - in America I have to speak differently than in England, of course, - so if we give ourselves a chance, just a few minutes a day to dive within ourselves and just be still, just be still, just be still. And then you will know the true meaning of what our Bible says, ‘Be still and know that I am God’. You see the deep implications that there are in that stillness. So, you wake up in the morning, and you go sleep at night and you do your day's work, and you do this and you do that and you do that. Where the hell is it getting you to? I know where it's getting you, to hell! So try to be still. On one of the previous Courses I gave a technique of stillness – moan, moooaaaannn! Practise it, it helps a lot, really. No-one is going to help you. I can't either. Who's a guru? He's just an f - all. He's nothing. He's only a guide, to guide you to yourself, within yourself, and you could experience your real self. I could give you nothing. Nothing. But I could draw you out to make yourself into something. You see how it works? People come to me, with so many problems and we've got a few people here within the audience, you know, that had cancer and had this, this, this, and with a touch it was cured and all that. But it's nothing. That's nothing. I'm an instrument of that Divine energy that does not only reside in me but also in each and every one of you. Realise that, realise that you're essentially Divine within yourself and that's the greatest thing you could do ever in your life. Yes, that's the greatest thing which you could ever do, to realise yourself that you are Divine. You are not just an entity walking on two feet or whatever. You are far greater than that. You are Divine. You are Divine with yourself. Why are you late? (to Raman) Raman. I've been doing a healing.

3. UK 87- 12 Gururaj. Oh, you were doing a healing. Namaste. Gururaj. So, that realisation and I as your guru and guide, try to take you to that level where you yourself must realise yourself. And the truth is this, that realisation comes with integration all the time. It is so. It is so. If you put blinkers on your eyes, or dark glasses, you won't be able to see those beautiful flowers out there. Take off these veils. Take off these blooming glasses. Glasses! And see the beauty around you. See the beauty inside you. It is there. It is there, for ever existing, so Divine, so, so, so wonderful. Yes, yes. So wonderful. See, now stop being blind. See the Divinity of life within you and all around you. It is there. It is there. It is there. It is not far away. It's more closer to you than, than, what you could think it to be. So very close to you. So, my Divine beloveds, I love you. Okay son, my legs are getting tired. You sit down somewhere. Okay. You can sit here if you like, anywhere, ah sure. Why not? Gururaj. Question. What shall we talk about? Questioner. This question is from Gladys, who’s sitting almost in front of you. She's not feeling too well this morning. Can you please explain the difference between wanting to progress spiritually and going with the flow, can one try too much? Gu ruraj. Yes, interesting. Stop trying to progress, because the very idea of trying annihilates the purpose of progress. Progression in one's life in any endeavour should be automatic and not by trying to progress. Because when you try, you are stifled, because your mind would not be involved in progression but it would be involved in trying. So when the mind is involved in trying, there could be no progression. But yet, one must remember there's an idea in the mind that I want to proceed from here to there, from here to there, there's that idea. But do not worry about the process. You are taking a donkey-cart or a bus or a car or a train from here to there, do not worry of, of the process, but the idea must be there, that I have to reach from here to there. And that constitutes the beauty of progression. You can only progress to the limit of your own thinking. If the thinking is widened, then the progression would be more. Sorry my darling. So how much are you limiting yourself to? Or, how much can you be limitless? Limiting yourself through, through a certain thought of the area you want to reach, you could reach there with some effort, but if you find yourself limitless, then, there is a force an d a power that does the effort and not you. And this is the true meaning of, ‘Thy will be done’. He does it.

4. UK 87- 12 That's another misconception. Why be sorry? If you're doing something, do it. Why be sorry about it? Because in your doing, coughing, for example, like Rajesh there, fine, or anything else, I mean you've done the deed, and then you add on to the deed by saying, ‘I'm sorry’. Isn't that a double sin? (Gururaj laughs) Never be sorry, whatever you do, but rationalise it, analyse it, become one with the deed that was done and realise within yourself whatever has happened. It's very simple, very simple. What were we talking about before Rajoo started coughing? So, the meaning of life can only be, remember this well, the meaning of life can only be never to find its meaning. You cannot analyse meaning, for all analysis involves you more and more and more into finding meaning, which cannot be found. But the true value is just being, be yourself, that's all. All you have to do, just be yourself, natural, normal, ordinary. Aren't we all ordinary people? I mean multi-millionaires like Charlie over there, course we're not talking about him. Where is he? We're all ordinary people, living an ordinary life but we have to add something to our ordinariness. And that is, through our spiritual practices, we dive deep within ourselves and there, to find that kingdom of love which is there. And finding that love within ourselves, we can express it to each and everyone around ourselves, the entire atmosphere. So you see, in such a simple way, you could be so beneficial, so beneficial to everyone, to every one around you. This child here, beautiful boy, first time I've met him, eh? Well, what, but he just loves me. Look, he just held my hand. Why? Why? Ask yourself why? Why people get attracted is because if you have become love, then no force in the universe can stop the attraction to love because you are love. That is the essence of your being. That is the essence of yourselves. Find that, find that, please, please, please, find that. You are love. Your natural being, your inner soul, is nothing else but love, which to put in other words, is God. God is love, love is God. These things are important to bring greater peace and joy to yourselves. I might go deep into deep philosophy, metaphysics, psychology and blah, blah, blah, blah, but practicality, that is the message for the modern world of today. Practicality, and I never preach. I only practis e and the words that flow is a flow that stems from the practicality of my life. There's only one thing I know - I just love and love and love. What else do I know? Nothing. I do not even know how to love, because I am love itself. I am love. And if I am love, why do I need to know how to love? Become that, and life will always be so, so glorious and so happy. Have you ever asked yourself where you are residing? I'm not talking of a house, or whatever. Are you residing in your body, or is your body residing in you? Is that a bit heavy?

5. UK 87- 12 Relax, come on light a cigarette. Relax. Where’s that? I'll join you for a little break. Why not? Light it. You did? Thank you. There’s no ashtray here. Relax for a few moments before I carry on. Okay. Charlie if you want to light a cigar, go outside. Gururaj. What’s your name, by the way? Voice. Tom. Gururaj. Tom. Good. I don’t need to ask questions, those problems are gone. Sweetheart, what are you doing? Tom. (Gururaj starts singing) Oh Tommyji, may toumcuchataji. Good, after a moment of relaxation, right, what was the last I said? Sit down my darling. Sit down there. Make your Grandfather feel more comfortable. Sit there, yah, yah. Good. You’re getting heavy, you know. Whose son is this? Voice. Leeanne’s Gururaj. Lovely. Good. Now we left off with a thought, what was that thought? Voice. Are you residing in your body? Gururaj. Are you residing? It just shows how many of you have been thinking, eh, blooming shit-arses. Are you residing in your body, or Voice. Is your body residing in you? Gururaj. In you? Right. What does this mean? It means one word - emphasis. Where are you putting your emphasis on? You think that you reside in your body, but is your body really residing in you? Your body is a conveyance, like a motor car or a bus, whatever, conveyance. But your real self is not the body. Your real self is that immortal spirit that is there. So, are you residing in the spirit, or is the spirit residing in you? Think about that. Because at every point, the answer's, yes. You are residing in the spirit, and, yes, and the spirit is residing in you. Yes. You see the conundrum of

6. UK 87- 12 the whole matter. It is just there. Therefore you are there. It is an "Is-ness" that you are there. Now who tells you, you are there? Your mind tells you, you are there, but in reality you are nowhere. I'm here, but also I'm everywhere, and so are you. The universality of yourself embraces everything in existence. You're not apart from anything. You are one with everything. That is the realisation to be gained and when that is realised, you become one with Divinity or God, or whatever name you want to label it with. That does not matter. That is the purpose and the goal of life. That is the purpose. And when these realisations dawn upon you, you will find life becoming so much more smoother and you flow in that smoothness like that lovely cream, ah, you put on the cake. And you can have the cherry, too, okay? So, that is the purpose of life, is to make life itself flow smoothly. But then the secret is this, as a very, very valuable secret, which you must remember - should I tell them about it now or leave it for another time? The secret is this, and do not become involved in life, but become the observer of life. Very simple, Mr Featherstone, very simple. Do not become involved in life, but become the observer of life. And as our psychiatrist doctor from Spain there will verify what I'm saying, how the mind works. If you can become the observer of life, you will not be affected by the things that happens in life. For things must happen. We can't get out of the muck that we're put in. Okay. But to become the observer requires strength and that strength will definitely, definitely, and definitely, come to you by your spiritual practices and then you can stand apart and observe what's happening. You're not troubled by the waves in the sea, the ocean, you're not troubled by it. You watch it and watch the beautiful harmony, the music of the waves. In England recently you had a hurricane, I was told, fine, and trees fell down and this happened and that happened, yet if you can stand apart and observe, even the falling of the trees or the gloomy skies or whatever, could be taken within yourself not as a tragedy but taken within yourself as an understanding that these things had to happen. So we accept it, although it hurts of course, we all know that, but we accept things and likewise, in everything in life has to be accepted in true value. What is true value? Not the outwardness, the externality, but our inwardness, that is where acceptance starts. So, to repeat the Scriptures to you, once again, as the Bible says, ‘Be still and know that I am God’. Be still, still, still, within yourselves. Within yourselves, be still. And if you develop that stillness within yourselves, nothing outside you can bother you. Isn't that beautiful? So simple. So beautiful. So profound. And in that stillness, you will find that one- ness between you and your Maker. It is there. It is there. It is there, but just for you to uncover and discover. Just like that, simple. No big deal. Thank you. We've done enough? Okay. Right. Right. Ah, my darling. Good.

1. UK 87- 12 Gururaj. This is for my eyes. Where is the one for my nose my darling? I think it is in that box. Good. Now, I would lik e to pay a special tribute to our Jean Allsop. Where’s she? Ah there you are. Ah stupid me. Here's a poem she has written which I would like to be recorded in gratitude to you, Jean. Oh, restless mind, challenging the self within, Come to me now as friend doth return, Whence all is forgotten after stormy seas And there, forever banished, thoughts of space 'twixt God and man. What space is there between the lover and the beloved? What time is there to separate the moment from this moment? All thoughts centred on thee, brings harmony where pain once had its hold Lifting the veils of misery, and her suffering. So onward to our Father, sweeping clean the mists of ages past, Together is in the stillness we shall know Him, Remembering the One who waits so patiently in love, His children coming home. Thank you Jean, lovely poem. Very good. I wanted it to be, I'm a great reciter. Anton cannot compare himself with me. I'm a greater Shakespearean than what he is, my son, beloved Anton. Thank you. There's one thing that I've found in our society, in our movement round the world, that people seem to have become so much more creative, which is very good. It's an expansion of the mind, the heart, the soul, the spirit, whatever you want to call it. How beautiful it is. There was an article in ‘Psychology Today’ - it's a world-wide journal - and people that were practising certain other systems had seemed to lose their creativity. But in our way of life, in our togetherness, - are you comfortable dear, - in our way of life, we have found so much, much creativity, and this is just an illustration of our beloved Jean there, huh? Yes. You know, I get about two thousand letters a month from all over - sweetie pie, up, is that better? - I get over two thousand letters a month and people that could not put two words together or even formulate one sentence, now they write, oh so beautifully. The formulation I could read between the lines, the expressions of the hearts, oh, oh, oh so Divine. And I'm so happy for that. At least, as an instrument, something has

7. UK 87- 12 (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit). Sha mee sharanam ...... (singing continues) ........ Ah Rajoo, it’s not a lollipop, you know. (Gururaj sings lah, lah, lah with Group clapping) Good. I think it is time for your lunch, guys. Good. END


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