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2. UK 87- 13 well formulated, you can relate yourself to the questioner. That is the art. Now here, in reality, we are talking - I can't hea r myself, what is happening - here we are relating ourselves, between relating ourselves in a relationship between guru and chela. What is the relationship? Now, if you try and find a relationship, you will be missing the point. We are not relate d to each other, guru and chela, but we are one with each other. That is to be understood because the relationship would naturally imply duality. 'I and thou' kind of thing, which is of course rubbish. Why must I be I and you be thou? Why? Is there anything that separates us from each other? No. There's nothing like that at all. It is us together in functioning in total unison, functioning together with each other and when that functioning finds its own fulfilment, there is no you and neither me. We are just It, 'IT'. And in this Divine beauty of life where you can find the 'is-ness' and the 'it-ness' of life then how can you find any relationship there. Relationship only comes about because you feel yourself separate from one another. Relationship is, to repeat again, is because you find yourself separate from one another. Therefore you have to have a relationship so that you could connect. But if you find yourself one with each other then that connection is not required at all, because the reason is so, so simple, that everyone is entirely connected to each other. But because of mind, our minds' meanderings, and trying to analyse and say "Oh, this one is that, and that one is that, and this one is that" we cause separations. I've had many cases in my practices in the field of psychology and psychiatry, dear doctor there, where people were disorientated not only with one another, but disorientated within themselves. So through consultations I try to bring them together into themselves. So it starts all by becoming orientated within oneself. And if you are orientated within yourself, you can orient, orientate to others around you and make them become part and parcel of you. Pardon. This is how it works. The human mind is a mechanism perhaps, yes, like a motor-car and the less you press on the accelerator, the slower it will go and the more you press, the faster the car will go. The human mind is like that. Now what are you doing? Are you pressing the accelerator too much, or are you pressing the accelerator too little? Ah! You have to find the balance. If you push the accelerator too much, the traffic cop - is that what you call it in England? - the traffic cop will stop you and give you a ticket, and you have to pay a fine. Well paying the fine is fine, but why? It is unnecessary. So the point is this that one has to have some control and some discipline within oneself to drive the car of life within the speed limits which you have. And then the road will be smoother, the drive will not be arduous and it will become much more pleasant. Is that not what you want? You want life to become more pleasant for yourself, don't you? And so, move within the speed limits, then the car of life will not give you trouble.

3. UK 87- 13 Now here comes the point, pardon, here comes the point that everyone has to remember and it is this, that we all must try to find some discipline in life itself. The word discipline comes from the root of disciple. A true disciple is he who fo llows his Master's words and put it in total practicality of life. Then only is a disciple worthy of his name, for then he has created within himself the principles of discipline. The disciple who is disciplined and carrying on through life as life should be carried on, otherwise it's all useless. You're wasting your blooming time, really. So we have to have discipline in our lives. Right, if we can't find those disciplines by ourselves, of course your guru would be there to show you how and where, whereof and all that, all put together to formulate the discipline in life. Then only could you be a true disciple. It is no use at all, for example, listening to me spouting out for all these years, through so many, many Courses and not doing anything about it. It's of no use. Then I would not be a true guru to you. You have so many thousands and thousands of philosophical Professors round the world, but they can't give you what you need. Yes, a lot of book-knowledge, hah, anyone can read half a dozen books and start giving a lecture, and I've heard many of them. That is not the point at all. With the knowledge, with the knowledge given, there's also a spirituality that is imparted, a spiritual force which is beyond any science. And that is so important, so that the thoughts given to you, the knowledge, the wisdom given can become firmly implanted in your heart because of the spiritual force that goes with it. So, what happens then after that? What happens with the knowledge and the wisdom that is given to you, and the spiritual forces imparted to you, what happens after that? What happens after that? That you would have to put in some effort to make that love and wisdom and spirituality brought into practical life. You take in some things, but if you take in and you just leave it there, it will cause indigestion. And of course the answer is not to take a laxative, the answer is to express it again. What has come in, you must take out. That's why you go to the toilet every morning. So, the love and the wisdom and whatever that is gone within you, you've got to express it out of you in practical living. And if you do not, well, what can I do then? I could just say 'Go to the chemist's shop and get a laxative!' You don't need that, because that is something just physical. What I'm referring to is your inner self, your heart, the core of your personality that has consumed wisdom and knowledge and give it off. Give it to others, even just by thought it would reflect somewhere, sometime, and here and now, too. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So there are so many differences, there's consumption, there's assumption, there is presumption, but all these things has to come to a consummation. If I should get married tomorrow, right, and if the marriage is not ending in consummation, that total togetherness with each other, what is it worth then? Nothing at all. So, consummation means that you are consumed, you are not consuming him or her but you are consumed in the Divinity of love that is there. Burn

4. UK 87- 13 yourself. Burn it. Have you got an incense stick here somewhere? And I don't suppose so! An incense stick - you know what do you call it - joss stick, right, it burns itself. Take this as an analogy, as an example. The incense stick burns itself, giving off so much fragrance, consuming itself. Be like the incense stick, be burnt, give off the lovely fragrance. And i t becomes self-consumed to give itself to all. Do you see the beauty of the analogy that you are consuming yourself to give the beauty and the fragrance, the joy, to all around you. And don't you think we should do it? Of course we should. And I'll tell you what will be the reward of it. The reward would be a beautiful inner joy that you have uncovered, remember this word, uncovered, which was within you there. And this burning, consuming yourself like that incense, joss-stick, by burning out, you're giving fragrance to the world. And your reward will be by really knowing yourself, being one with yourself, by realising the fragrance of your true self because you are giving out fragrance, so it returns back to you to find the fragrance that is in your self. Now isn't that beautiful? Isn't that a nice path? Isn't that the way of life how we should really live. You can choose so many different methods, it's not important. But the basics, these are the basics that one has to follow to find that inner beauty within ourselves. And when we find that inner beauty within ourselves, we will find everything around ourselves to be so, so beautiful. So, remember this, never complain and never explain. Because if you complain, who are you really complaining to? You're complaining only to yourself. And when you explain, who are you explaining to? You're only explaining your own thoughts to yourself, in reality. Yes. So then never complain, never explain. Live, live, live your life yourself. It's so simple, so beautiful. And I can tell you one thing for sure, the more simpler you become, the more joyful your life will become. We do not need the world's pretences. I can pick up the 'phone now, and have half-a-dozen Rolls-Royces there waiting for me. I've got all those kind of friends that would do that for me gladly, but no. No. Be humble, be simple. I'd rather enjoy being in the car of Rajesh to drive up from London to here, than 'phoning Margaret, for example, to send her Rolls-Royce to me to bring me here. Ah no. No. Simplicity, simplicity. Humility. One-ness. So now, I would ask myself, what is the difference between Rajesh's car and Rajesh? Have you ever thought about this? There's no difference. They're both the blooming same, for the car reflects his personality, and his personality is reflected in his car. So it's one. These are the little joys and secrets of life that could make you all so, so much, much more happier. Simple things, simple things. And happiness, remember this, happiness is always and all the time, found in simplicity. Happiness is never found in complexity. Happiness is found in simplicity. Remember, to repeat it in a different way, become more simpler and you will become more happier. That is true. I found that myself. I was a millionaire three times over - from family and I rejected that, through a marriage, and I rejected that; and through business too. So I was a millionaire three times over, but in those years I was not happy. Today, I am a very poor man, but I'm so, so much more happier now

5. UK 87- 13 because I was not possessed by possession. I was not possessed by possession. Can you imagine being a millionaire, multi-millionaire, three times over and discarding it all and being poor, hardly managing to buy a loaf of bread. So, that's not important. But do you see the joy, the exuberance, the happiness - I'm sure you feel that in my presence. It's that inner joy there. That is important. Now what can one gather in life That what one wants to gather. What is there that makes you exist But existence itself? So why bother to gather But put yourself together, And then you will know The true meaning of life. And knowing what life is all about You will find that nothing exists but myself Who is in reality that supreme Divinity. Another poem for you guys. Where's my shoes darling? Oh thank you. My personal assistant, this one. Ah thank you sweetheart, good, good. My feet are a bit swollen because of the air travel, you know. One of you girls will have to rub my feet here. Child. I'll press it for you. Gururaj. Oh thank you, my darling. Ah lovely. Thank you. Voice. Preatamji before you go, I would just like to make a presentation to you of a gift we have for you from the Irish Meditation Society.

1. UK 87- 13 Gururaj. I composed a song for them and I'm sure they would love to - sway, sway, sway, something like - okay. Right, okay. Good, get up here. (Rajesh & Jasmini start singing) We'll sway, sway sway...... We'll sway, play, play, ...... we'll never stray from this wonderful path. (Gururaj sings in harmony) ... (Applause) Gururaj. Thank you. You know, it's so beautiful that all my beloveds, hundreds of thousands of them round the world have become so creative and so wonderful. It's a joy to me. At least I would feel within myself that I've served some little purpose in life. Perhaps not as much as I would like it to be, but at least a little something and why not. Good. How was your journey? Your leg is feeling better now? Voice. Yes, much better, thank you. Gururaj. Our Lord's mercy. It's not me. Good. Now, what shall we talk about tonight? Question? Questioner. Beloved Preatamji, Gururaj. Stop it, let me blow my nose. Questioner. (Cont’d). Beloved Preatamji, we forever struggle towards a complete union with the Master. We are the struggle and then we have to stop. Our burden is there. What are we then? Gururaj. Your question has very beautiful meaning. Yet it is a question which is question-less. For in the meaningful- ness of your very question, what you are trying to say, that my beloved love, Guruji, Preatamji, you are one with me. That is the thought behind in your mind in formulating that question. Am I right? The whole idea is not to go on the words which people say, or do not say, but the idea is - that's better, I like to see your faces - but the whole idea is to go within the mind that is probing and trying to formulate a question and then going - am I okay there? And then if you know and if you can understand the real meaning behind the question, even if it is not

6. UK 87- 13 Gururaj. Oh, ho. Ho. Voice. It’s definitely not a black bag. You're alright. Gururaj. Oh ho, look at that. Wow wow wow. Voice. There's trousers with it as well. Gururaj. Thank you, thank you. Thank you very much. I feel so humbled. Thank you. I'm sure the Irish Meditation Society would like me to strut down Oxford Street, Regent - whatever. Thank you, my darling, thank you very much. God bless you. You're holding it. It has to be balanced, right, fine. Have a lovely evening, lovely night, rather. Ah, this old man. Oh, oh thank you. END


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