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2. UK 87- 15 Gururaj. Carry on carry on. (Group sings) 'I am love' (while Gururaj sings)' 'Forever and ever, forever and ever more. I am love. Forever more’. (Gururaj then sings in Sanskrit ) - I am love. I am love. I am love forever and ever more. Say it. Come on, guys. ( Group singing 'I am love') (Gururaj sings) I am love - forever and ever more. I am love forever and ever more. (Clapping) Thank you, thank you. The whole purpose is life, the whole purpose of life, rather, is to bring joy into your life. Your guru comes to you, to provide joy and love. He's nothing else but the emanation of love itself. So he makes you laugh and he makes you sing, brings joy into your very own being and that is his pleasure and his joy, being together in the pleasure of love and loving. I know, where's my hankie? Where's that woman of mine that's supposed to - oh, I've found it. Thank you. So now, what is tonight's question that I should talk about? Questioner. Do you want somebody to ask one? Gururaj. Yeh. Absolutely. What the bloody hell? Questioner.(Cont’d) Which one of these would you like? Gururaj. Anything. Who cares? Voice. Usha, Usha. Usha. Shiva has been called the erotic ascetic. Could you expand on this seeming paradox? (General laughter) I think that was the question. Gururaj. What was that again? Usha. (Cont'd). Shiva has been described as the erotic ascetic. Could you expand on that please?

3. UK 87- 15 Gururaj. Oh, how could you ask such a question, when you and I have so long been together with each other? And you have known that there is no eroticism involved at all. And you and I, my darling dear, Usha, have always been together for so many, many years. Now, am I composing a poem. And yet in that togetherness, I'm sure you should have found Twirling around and around The beautitude of life that we have found with each other. And in that beautitude, The fragrance that just came about And flowed between you and I Cannot be explained in words. And yet we are so benumbed By the glory, by the joy, In the love that you and I have found in each other. I think that was a good poem. Oh, what was your question, by the way, I do not - Right. Now, to find the totality of life is one thing. Life itself - please take good care and understand this - life itself cannot find totality; but totality can find life in which you live and in that process you find the totalness of life. Ask yourself 'How can I be total?' Ask yourself that question. That question will not be answered because you're approaching it from the wrong side of the road. You're not total, damn bullshit, oh, godfathers. Totality is an enquiry from within oneself to produce that which one, which one, whoever one could find to be total. So, totality within yourself is totally in yourself. Do you understand? There's no totality outside there. Oh, forget it. Fuck it. Idiotics! Rubbish. Totality is within yourself. And why do you go far and wide to find it when it's really there within yourself? So don't you see how mixed up you are? Ah, it makes me cry, it makes me cry. Usha, you'd better come here. Come, before I start crying for my beloved friends. Totality is already there within yourself, but the greatest problem you have is this, that you have not discovered or uncovered the totality that is there and that is why you'll suffer. That's the cause of your misery and you don't know why.

4. UK 87- 15 Stop being damn idiots would you, please, for me, if you love me. Please, please, please. Stop being idiots. Stop being stupid. The totality is already within you, is just to make a little effort to uncover and discover which is really you. All of you. You know, Usha, I'm going to take my stick and smack everyone's backsides tonight. Yes. Oh my darlings, I love you so, so much. You know that? Of course you should know that, and you know that. Just sometimes I get so, so disappointed. That you should really become one within yourself that is so important. Become one within yourself. Psychiatrists and psychologists, chaps like me, that've got, you know, so many, half-a-dozen Ph.D's, and Dr. Ramon from Spain, oh, means nothing. Be yourself. Find yourself. How do you find yourself? To be within yourself. That's the whole secret of it all. And you need nothing more. And the mind becomes straightened, the mind becomes live, the mind realises itself. The mind gets together within itself in a holistic togetherness. Is that not what we want, yeah, what? That's all. So in the process that we go through living this worldly life, we have to find the togetherness within ourselves, to feel whole, to feel one in ourselves. And feeling one within ourselves you will feel, I'm sure, one with everything that is outside yourselves, pure, so simple, very simple. But what baffles me is why can't people realise the simplicity of life? Become more and more simple to yourself, and by doing that you'll feel so much happier within yourself. You want happiness, don't you? You want that. Of course, everyone desires that, to be happy within themselves. So why bring about all this stupid rubbish and complicate things and ah. Just be yourself, that's all. If you can't be yourself, you lov e your Gururaj, okay, you'll take it all-ive. Why not? I'll give you an example now. Come here. Voice. This is Ansuya. Gururaj. Of course. Right, now can you give her a place? I'll demonstrate something to you. Can you manage, can you manage, darling? No. Come on. Move up, I'm your father. Now, just watch this. Please tell us in your own words, what you felt. Come, darling. Voice. I felt that I was part of you. And I felt peace and love. Gururaj. Carry on. Voice.(Cont’d) That's it.

5. UK 87- 15 Gururaj. Come on, don't be shy, we're a family together. Um. You don't need to be shy with your father, do you? Really. Huh. Voice.(Cont’d) No. Gururaj. Of course not. Would you like me talk for you? Voice.(Cont’d) Yes. Gururaj. Okay. Now, you answer 'yes' or 'no'. Fine. You felt a total relaxation within you? Voice. (Cont’d). Yes. Gururaj. Yes, right. There, you just released some stress within you. Voice. (Cont’d). Yes. Gururaj. Right. You have a little pain just round there? Voice. (Cont’d). Yes. Gururaj. And it is gone now. Voice. (Cont’d). Yes. Gururaj. You love me? Voice. (Cont’d). Yes.

6. UK 87- 15 Gururaj. Yes. (General laughter) Yah, you see, life is so wonderful when you do love each other, really. Life is made of love. Give me a cigarette, dammit. Damn talking so long. Come on, you guys, have a smoke break. Come on, relax. That's it, why not? Relax, relax, relax. Gururaj. Who is the greatest lover in the world? Voice. (Cont’d). You are. (General laughter) Gururaj. The message is this, love, love, love, love, not for lust but to love, love, love in total purity, which is life. So, live life in love, never in lust. Love, love, love. Do you understand that? If you don't, what the blooming hell, I'm going to have a puff on a cigarette. Oh, thank you, darling. Oh, Usha's feeling jealous there. We're married. When was it? Usha? A few days ago, Usha. Spiritual love, ah, that is something you have to understand. Not physical love, but spiritual love which stems from the inner self of one's inner being, that is spiritual love. That is spiritual love and there's no greater love in the world than to be connected in spiritual love. That is the greatest connection of life, to be connected spiritually together without any desire, without any want or any need. And you're together throughout life, throughout existence - rub my feet, darling, oh, - and you're connected forever to each other. There's no lust but there is a spiritual love that connects two people to each other. Isn't that important? Why have you lost the sense of that importance? Why have you lost it? Why have you people lost that spiritual love that connects you so eternally to each other? Why? Bastardos! Rajesh, Jasmini, and of course your brother from America there, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come. I'm sure you all know him, don't you? Voice. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Baldev. Gururaj. Come, come on, come on you guys. Welcome to our American friends. Hey, come on, come on, come on, come on, you two, yeah. Voice. We haven't done that yet. Gururaj. Right. You must get me a Sitar, so I could - or a Guitar, whatever.

7. UK 87- 15 (Gururaj and Group sing together) Jai ram, jai ram, jai jai ram, jai ram, jai ram, jai, jai ram. Ishvara Allah, Christos, jairayana, jai ram, jai ram, jai jai ram. (Clapping) (Group sings). Jai Gururaj. Jai Gururaj. Jai Gururaj. Gururaj. Carry on. Group sings Jai Gururaj, jai Gururaj. Jai Preatamji, jai Preatamji. Jai Preatamji Group sings Jai Preatamji, jai Preatamji, jai Preatamji. Gururaj. Cha, cha, cha, cha cha cha, cha, cha, cha. Oh wow, what a wow. Eh, eh yeah, wow, coo, cha, cha. (Clapping). The message is this, that life is made of love and laughter, so enjoy the moment of laughter and why not? Good. We've still got a few minutes. Now, ask me to compose anything you desire. Any subject. Questioner. About yourself. Gururaj. About myself. Okay. Some more. Questioner. ............ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Very good. Right. More, more, more. Right. Okay. Questioner. Butterflies. Gururaj. Butterflies. Oh, blah, blah, blah. Questioner. Happiness. Gururaj. Happiness. Okay, fine.

1. UK 87- 15 Gururaj. The question I want to ask you is this, who do you think you are, who you are, what you are and why are you here? That is the basis of the question I want to ask you tonight. What importance is there in you, in your own self? To think that you are so great, what is there? I want to ask you tonight that question of what you are and who you are? Take away all the pretences, be yourself and answer that question to yourself and find and know who you are and what you are. So, let us have a moment of meditation and then we'll start talking about things again. Yeh, pull off your jackets, take off your shoes, your father doesn't care. Moments of meditation. Jaish, where are you my darling, Jai? You'll have to help me here. Open your eyes slowly. Om bhur bhuvah swah, tatsavitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi, dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti. You sit here. Come on, come on. Sit there with your other National Leaders from other countries here. Bavna, of course. Who else is here? Dhanjee. Come on. From Denmark. Briyana. Of course. Briyana from Belgium. Come on, come on, get together. Eh, you sit here, my darling love. Who have I missed out now? Who have I missed out? You know I haven't got a memory. Chetan is not here from Canada. Voice. Juleika is not here yet. Gururaj. Ah, hah. Right, who? Namaste. Darling. Thank you very much. Good. Thank you. Look after that. Okay. Fine. Who are we missing here now? Voice. Tuku is gone to the dentist. Gururaj. Whatever. Now Rajesh and Jasmini, come here. (Gururaj sings) I am nothing else but love. (Group sings) I am nothing else but love. (Gururaj sings) And I love for (Group sings) And I love (Gururaj. sings) forever and ever more (Group sings) forever and ever more. (Gururaj sings) I am love. (Group sings) I am love. Gururaj. Come on - I am love, Group. (sings) I am love, I am love, I am love

8. UK 87- 15 Questioner. Children. Gururaj. Children. Questioner. Love. Gururaj. Love. Right. Questioner. Peacefulness. Gururaj. Oh, darling. Sweetheart, where did you get that brain from? Gururaj starts singing. Do you want it in Hindi, Sanskrit, English? Questioner. Sanskrit. Japanese. Gururaj. Japanese. Okay. Chin yung, yung ........... Got it going? Fine. Now I can get myself going. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ............... (Clapping) See, the message was this, it was not only a creative composition of a song but it was to flow together with my family. That was the idea. Do you understand that? That is very important. Thank you dear. To be able to flow with one and another as a family, you need that togetherness, that harmony that produces the one-ness to each other. And is that not so important? People live in life in such a separation which is not required. Life must be lived in togetherness, in that friendliness, in that goodness, the godliness, whatever you would like to name it, ah? And in that togetherness, your guru is with you all the time, your Preatamji. Thank you very much. Namaste. END


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