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2. UK 87- 20 that Creator, whoever He is, I don't know, I don't want to know because I'm one with Him, so why must I know, but the Creator wants to implant in you the idea of creativity which is His creation. And when this could be expressed in art or poetry, or in any way of the fineries of life, then you're truly serving as a creation of the Creator. And this can be done not only through the various forms of art, but also through serving our brothers and sisters, teaching them but also by teaching our brothers and sisters. And there are so many, many more around the world that you could help and teach and bring them to a realisation of this wonderful creation. Every word I speak is but a poem, as Rajesh said in his Newsletter - here this thing is falling off, there - why can't you organise things properly. Yah. Here, this old man, yah, you don't, you don't look after this old man, but so young in spirit. I can promise you one thing for sure, what I can do, your young boyfriend will never be able to do! So, we move on from a mundane life to a far greater life by refining the qualities of our lives and we move on. We must always go on and on and on until the subtlest point is reached within ourselves. It is there, it is there, it is there, it is there. And when we reach the subtlety within ourselves, what will happen to you is this, you will become so much beautiful to yourself and to others as well. And that's the meaning of beautitude. Look, I've gone through all this and I know how you can be beautiful. There are at least fifty women here in this room who would just love to sleep with me, but of course I won't allow that. Why? Because they recognise the beauty within you. So, in the process that we go through, I would love, love, really love for all of you to, become more beautiful and enjoy the beauty of our Lord, for it is not something to be thought about, it is something to be experienced. To experience the divinity of the Lord is the greatest experience you could ever have in life. What else is there really? You want to experience this and you want to experience that, and um, um, um, all the mundane physical, oh, never mind. But to hold the hands of your beloved - come here and I'll show you - to hold the hands of your beloved and say to her, or him, both ways, two-way street, and say 'I see not only your body, but I see the Lord within you. You are Divine.' To be able to do that, carry on with your spiritual practices and you will see the Divinity in your loved one. For what is Divinity? Your loved one. So see that, see that, realise that, put it into practice and love and love and love, even if it hurts, but love, and soon you will find the hurt going away. You see, my darling, hah, that's how it works. Ansuya, that's how it works. The way to get out of the miseries of life is only this, extend, extend, extend yourself to that power of love . You'll need an object to which to extend to. And then the object and the subject just becomes one in the love of the Lord. Realise these things. Okay good, fine. Good. A few sniffles. I beg your pardon - change of climate and change of weather and.

3. UK 87- 20 You are all invited at any time - oh, but the Course is ending now - you are all, you were all invited, and I said this, I think, during the week, did I, to pop up to my room to have a little chat or whatever. But very few of you have done that. Am I apart from you? I am your love, I am your beloved, I am your Preatam. Never ever hesitate to call upon me at any time. You just need to send a thought, 'Preatam, I've got this problem, what am I going to do about that problem?' That's all. Send that problem to me, that is my purpose in life. Send it. And I tell you, it works like a charm, and that problem will be solved. I would be sending you the thought, how to solve that problem. Yeah. Try it, try it any time. And if you feel that you can't send the thought, right, you can always pick up the telephone to me, if you want to - it's quite expensive, international, well, international calls - but you could really, do whatever you want to do. So, please, please, please, before we end off now, give me your problems, give them to me. Give me your problems, whatever they are. I'm strong enough to take it, yes, and do something about it. That's for sure. Questioner. Beloved Preatamji, we're fighting fluoride in our district. Could we have your support so that we can amalgamate all districts and fight it, because it's really a very bad and very dangerous thing. I did send a thought out to you in the Midnight Special and I found myself talking to you and I haven't had much time to speak to you. But we meet every month in our home because we know the Shakti is good there and the last thought that came was that we must amalgamate all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and we need strong speakers because the man that we have in our group doesn't have a lot of fight. So I've written to the television companies and they said that, you know, they've filed it and might contact us again. So if you could please send out that support to help us. Gururaj. Thank you Helen, it's done! Helen. Thank you too. Namaste. Gururaj. We're going to end off now, right. Aide. We have to hand out the Blessed Objects. Gururaj. Right. Yah, you do that, but first, what was that that you were singing just now? Aide. Ah ver sammaru, venna patti devah.

1. UK 87- 20 Gururaj. Usha, where are the, where are the poems? I hope I can read. This is from Jean Allsop. Where are you sitting, dear? Jean? Voice. She's there, she's there. Gururaj. 'The Breath of Life'. This was written by Jean? The breath of life for us to truly - you should have typed this for me really. The breath of life clears all away for us to truly see, Yet still we cling for fear of facing all that we have been. What face is this confronting me? I really cannot see the difference between us now, I am you and you are me. Cool breeze of change sweeps through our - you must type these things for me, dammit. Cool breeze of change sweeps through our lives. Flows through these chains of old, caressing tenderly The links that gently shall unfold. Jean, very beautiful, very beautiful. Now, you know I used to edit several magazines and I think, I don't know, but I'm a good editor, whatever, and that is very brilliant really, so lovely. Did you feel that wonderful feeling that was conveyed in Jean's creativity? Now this has been produced around the world by thousands of people where they have become more creative in life. And that is important because by being creative, you are expressing the real sense of our Creator. And that is why it is so important. People that could not even draw two lines together, are producing, and I get them in the mail all the time, about two thousand letters a month or more, I don't know, something like that. They are becoming increasingly creative and by becoming more and more creative, they are coming closer and closer to the Creator. You see how simple it is? Because

4. UK 87- 20 Gururaj. That's it. Okay, right, fine. You got it! I've got to have these memory-boxes, you know. We end up with a prayer. Aide. (Jasmini starts singing) Ah ve sammaru, venna patti devah. Vichenay deja ....... (Gururaj joins in) ................................. (Singing continues) Gururaj. Have any of you guys listened to any of my L.P's? No. I've made about, oh, I don't know how many L.P's and they are very popular round everywhere. Surprising. Please remind me to bring some with me on the next Course so that they could listen to them. Look, I haven't got a very good voice but you know ah, ah aahhh! (Gururaj laughs) (Gururaj sings and claps - Group joins in) Ay gona deja kapi, su jai sammaru.......... Thank you, my beloveds, it's been a lovely week together with all of you. It was so lovely. I thank you all so much. Thank you all, my beloveds. I love you, I love you, I love you. Namaste. Voice. We'll hand out the Blessed Objects. END


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