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1. UK 87-3 Group singing 'Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see. ‘Twas Grace that la la ...... Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.' Gururaj. May the Lord forever be with us, for it is through his grace that we live. May He forever be in our hearts, in our souls, in our bodies. Amazing Grace, how amazing it is. And I could never stop being amazed every moment of the day of His Amazing Grace. Please sit down. Oh all these rituals, bah! Come on, stand up straight. Get up there. Step number one, blow nose. The next step is, wipe the eyes. When you really know - I can't hear myself - when you really know how to wipe the eyes, you can become wise. Yes. As Shakespeare said, that stupid idiot, that the eyes are the windows of the soul. What does he know about the soul? The eyes are the windows of that indwelling spirit within you because the soul is a mixture of your mind, your thoughts, your samskaras. That is the soul, mixed up because when a person dies, you only carry on the soul. But the spirit is there forever immortal, pure, it is never touched. And as the Gita wo uld say that, water cannot wet it, fire cannot burn it, a sword cannot slay it, for it is there totally immortal because it is a Divine energy, forever there and that is our Lord. Untouched pure, simple, forever giving and forgiving. Good. What shall we talk about tonight? Any question? I have two sensitive parts in my body, is my eyes and my feet. The third part I won't mention. (General laughter) Namaste. Questioner. Namaste, Preatam. What is the Sermon on the Mount all about? Gururaj. Okay. Another question, I could handle half a dozen together. Voice. Usha, do you want to ask yours? Questioner. In Vivekananda's 'Religion of Love', he talks about a stage when love, the lover and the beloved become one. Could you talk about the stage of moving from a state of separation, duality towards the state of mergence when all the desires and fears have vanished? Gururaj. Yes. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I do not know the reason why the Sermon was given on the Mount. Is it because the mountain is high and many people can hear it from that level? It could have been given standing on the ground. The main point of the sermon is, that I am not apart. You do not need to reach God. If you are ready, God comes down to you. And that is the preparation. So here the act, the action and the actor becomes one. And that is

2. UK 87-3 unity. For when you stop discriminating between the act, the actor and the action, you find the meaning of unity. For can the act exist without action and can action be without the actor? It is all one. Anton for example would be on stage doing a play, is he separated from the act or the action, as the actor? He has to be combined into that oneness to make the play of life beautiful. That is what we want. The beautitude of life and that is the essence of the Sermon on the Mount. And when that essence is found, then you become the essence. So I don't know why in those years I went up into the mountains, perhaps I needed fresh air. And yet that fresh air of life can be found everywhere. I don't need the mountains, the hills, or the valleys or the dales. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and hold your head high. The feet must be on the ground but the head must be in the sky. This is the essence of the Sermon on the Mount. I have seen that Mount. But I can mount a horse and ride and still give the sermon. So, what this means is this, that time, place means nothing at all. Time, space and place is created by the mind. But the true place is inside you, is inside there. That is the place you have to find. Forget all sermons. They have their importance, okay. I do not doubt that and I grant you that, but the true place to be found is within you. There is the Mount and there the true sermon lies. And what do we mean by sermon, is an understanding of oneself. These words of wisdom of the sermon are important. They are to be understood. They are to be contemplated but not meditated upon. There's a difference between concentration, contemplation and meditation. Meditation takes you beyond any sermon ever. Well, Lord Jesus talked for those times of the people. Fine. But we go further than that by making our family understand the truth of the heart and once that is known, you need nothing else. That is the greatest sermon. For what could there be greater in life than knowing oneself. And knowing oneself means the truth of the heart. Now, what is the heart and what is truth? Excuse me. Truth makes you know yourself and the heart which is the core of your personality, recognises the feeling of truth. It is not a matter of analysis. So all these sermons aren't necessary once you know the core of your personality. Look these sermons do help to lead you there. They have great value which is understood by all. But once you know the truth within yourself and that truth is so intertwined with the core of your real self, that is your heart. The heart is not just a little organ sitting around somewhere here in the chest. I haven't got a heart, I had an open heart operation. But the core is there. The core of your personality. The core of your character. The core of your behaviour. The core of your humility. That will always be there. And when that is there, you can discard everything because the pulsation of the core of yourself will bring out all the qualities that are necessary to bring you that joy, that bliss, which you really are. And when you recognise this and bring the core of your personality to your conscious level, then only recognition occurs. And when that recognition occurs, you are a transformed person. You wi ll not know yourself anymore then. You will be burning up all your samskaras, all the impressions created by hundreds

3. UK 87-3 of lives, thousands of lives, whatever, or in this life, whatever you want to believe in. It will rub off all those impressions that makes your life unhappy. So, through our meditational and spiritual practices, we are opening up the core of your very existence. And when those veils that cover your existence are removed, you will be joyous and happy as I am. These are simple secrets. They're open secrets. Nothing to hide. But teachers have taught very many things and their teachings has confused your mind more rather than to clarify the mind. So I put these profound truths to you in very simple terms so you can understand and digest. So, it is the impressions gained over many lifetimes, perhaps that are creating the veils that cover the mind. What we have to do is to remove the veils. We can't use tweezers you know to remove the veils because they are subtle. We have to use our spiritual practices to remove those veils. And as they are removed one by one, greater and greater clarity will come to you. And I don't know if you know the meaning of Ghee. Ghee. Right. Ghee is clarified butter. Now, I'll tell you how to make Ghee. You take butter, put it in a pot and you boil it. And as you boil it, all the rubbish in the butter will come to the surface and you strain it off. And then that Ghee or clarified butter, you do not even need to freeze it, it will stay pure. It will stay pure. That is what we have to do. We've got to put the butter of life in a pot and boil it and get rid of the dir t. Because the process of making butter, I will explain you later, it has a lot of ingredients in it that makes it impure. They do it for the sake of taste or whatever. But you boil it and all the dirt will rise to the surface of the butter and you strain it off. That Ghee will remain pure and more healthier than the butter that we eat. Now life is like that. We have to burn ourselves, boil ourselves to get rid of all the rubbish and then life becomes pure and that is clarity or the clarified butter of life. So once we get rid of all that muck, we become different people. Our life becomes pure like Ghee, clarified butter. All the rubbish is gone. We don't want rubbish in our lives. We don't need it because it’s the rubbish that hurts us more. People talk of heart troubles and cholesterol, because of the impurities in the butter. So if we clear the butter and make it into Ghee, G-h-e-e, then you do not need to worry about cholesterol. So most of the troubles of most people in the world is that cholesterol of samskaras, of impressions, of the admixture of things. So we get rid of it, and why not, why not? You don't need to if you do not want to, but by doing that, life could become so much smoother. And that's what we want, don't we? We want that smoothness in life where life can just flow, like a river. As Herman Hesse said in his book, 'Siddhartha', that 'The river is the same at the beginning, the same in the middle, and the same in the end'. So flow like the river. Why have these impediments that harms you? It is not necessary.

4. UK 87-3 London is a lovely place, but I would never drive in London because things just go in circles and circles and circles. You start at one end and end up at the same end again. It’s quite complicated. And being a very old city it would be so. It’s not like New York which is just about two hundred and fifty years old, two hundred and fifty, three hundred perhaps, something like that, which is planned out. You have your streets running one way and your avenues running the other way. But London is different. Being an old city, it's just circles and circles and circles and you don't know where the damn hell you are. I would get lost that's for sure. If I didn't have people like Rajesh and the others driving me around, I would be lost. Now, life is like that forever going in circles and circles and circles reaching nowhere. So get on to the highway. Is that what you call it? Highway? Straight road from London to Derbyshire. Life has to be like that. Take the straight road instead of getting lost in those circles. Life is really very beautiful, you know. But don't go around in circles and circles and circles. A straight road, that's fine and you will reach your goal. You know Vivekananda said, which was quoted in one of the Newsletters in England, 'Arise and wake and stop not until the goal is reached'. But I would add on, be brave. That's what we need because most people in life are nothing else but cowards. You know why they are cowards? Because there are so many fears in their lives. They fear everything, where fear is not necessary. And if you have fear and not be brave, what are you then, a coward? Right kids, relax. Light a cigarette. Relax. You are with your Preatam, you just relax. Light one. Relax a bit, then I'll carry on again. I want you to feel relaxed, so that things can sink in, you cowards. Life is really fun you know. You can make it fun, oh yes. You can make it fun. You can be serious, but even in seriousness there is so much fun. It depends how you look at it. Say, if my wife slaps me - yo u won't Usha, would you - I would regard it to be, if she does, I would regard it to be a kiss on the cheek. And do you know one thing that a kiss on the cheek is just a peck, but the smack on the face smarts and becomes more enjoyable. (General laughter) I tell you why, because it lasts longer. The little peck is just there for a second, but a smack there lasts longer and for that I would remember her longer. You see so everything in life can be made into fun. It depends how you look at things. That's important. Right so the peck on the cheek is there and gone. Finish. And her bloomin' saliva is there and you rub it off. But that slap there, not a very hard one, will make you remember her longer. Do you see? The point is this, the attitude you develop in life. Everything can be so, so beautiful. But people forget the beauty of life. They look at the negative side of things, ah, wrong, wrong, wrong. Someone would think this flower arrangement is

5. UK 87-3 wrong. It could have been done better by a florist perhaps or whoever, but I think the arrangement is beautiful because I am not looking at the arrangement, I am looking at the flowers. So see flowers in your life and forget life's arrangement. See the beauty that is there and that always will be there. So everything in life is beautiful only to be able to see it, appreciate it, digest it, assimilate it. I remember as Peter - where's Peter? - oh there you are at the back - Peter was asking some question of my childhood days. I used to travel through the Himalayan Mountains, going from guru to guru to guru to learn, to learn, to learn, trying to find myself. No food, no food. I didn't carry a knapsack with me full of goodies. I used to pluck leaves and eat them and they were so nourishing. Because what is a leaf? It’s a fruit, came onto this earth by Mother Nature. Doesn't fruit grow from mother nature? Yes. And I used to be filled and felt well. But of course the art was to know which leaves to pluck and to eat. Those were my days of extreme austerities and without those austerities, Peter, I would not be what I am today. Of course I do admit, I am nothing, 'F-all', which does not stand for football. You see? That is the art of life. So what I learned is from my austerities, self discipline, self control and because of that, I could love and love, and love and love, and love and love, and love and love, and love. I could repeat it a million times. Because without burning through that fire to get rid of samskaras and impressions, you can never find that purity. So, if people have some little discipline to start off with, they'll become more and more pure, yes, they would. It’s inevitable. It’s an inevitable law. So try, try a bit and gradually it will grow upon you and when it grows upon you, you become Gods and Goddesses on earth. For that is what you really are, as I said before, but to remove the veils. You know the story of the onion? No. You remove, you remove, you remove layer after layer after layer, and then after all the layers are removed, what are you? There's nothing there and the onion. Regard yourself to be nothing and say to yourself that 'He, my Father is everything'. The trouble with people is because they regard themselves to be big shits. They are not. Because once you remove, as you start removing the layers of your samskaras, like the onion, you will reach the height of feeling that you are nothing. Then you will become humble, humility and in that humbleness, in that humility, you can truly say, 'Not my will but Thy will'. That's how it works. Then you can say 'Thy will be done. I am fuck all'. You see? That's the way it works. So, instead of being human beings, become onions. (Gururaj laughs) Yeah. Yeah. Yah. And it is because I've become an onion, peeling off, my eyes are always running (General laughter). Yet onions are good, good. It has great medicinal value. But the real value is the tears that the onion produces. Cry, peel more onions, let the tears run. Because with the tears running, it will clear away a lot of the dirt and the emotions that you have gathered within yourself.

6. UK 87-3 So cry more. Learn to cry, learn to laugh and everything is there. If you can learn to cry and you can learn to laugh, you will know that Divinity is doing both. He's crying for you and He's also laughing for you. That's His joy. That is His glory. For He's a mixture of both. He's a mixture of tears and laughter because the two are non apart. You cannot have laughter without tears and you cannot have tears without laughter. Enjoy them both and say to yourself, 'It is He that cries for me because I'm not being a good son. And he also laughs for me when he finds me to be a good son'. Both, they're combined. They are non separate at all, at all. Oh dear me, it’s more than an hour now. I think that's about it for this evening. I don't want to stretch your brains too much. You know a finger is a wonderful thing - you can do so many things with a finger, specially the middle one. Ah thank you, my darling. Let me have a look? Ah, this is beautiful. Ah hah. Look at it. It’s so exquisite done by these little - . (Clapping) Bravo. Lovely. Child. One of our other friends did it as well. They did it. Gururaj. Did you do another one? Child. No. No, we haven't got another one. Gururaj. Oh well, do another one tomorrow. Alright. Fine. I'm going to take this. You look after that. Namaste. Namaste. Have a pleasant evening. Okay. You all had supper. Good. I'm going to have a little bite now, a little sandwich or something. Thank you. Namaste, my beloved. END


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