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1. UK 87- 04 Gururaj. Chants in Sanskrit. (Before Initiations) Beloved one, I'm pleased that you have come, all blessings be upon you. From today pursue the path of truth and righteousness and all glory will be yours. Do not think I am far from you, I am with you this very moment. Beloved one, I entrust you now to my counsellor, who will initiate you in my name. All love and blessings go with you. (Peter says Initiation Prayer). Beloved Gururaj, father and friend, teacher of truth, channel of divine grace, help us to unfold the kingdom of Heaven within, which we through our ignorance think we have lost. O living Master, guide to us the energies and forces so much needed for our physical and mental upliftment and spiritual unfoldment, so that we may become better people and reflect our inner Divinity outwardly in our daily lives. May our thoughts be guided always to purity and virtue and strength. May our minds always be filled with happiness and joy. May our bodies be worthy temples for the Divine Spirit. May Divinity be so activated in us that our needs will always be fulfilled and may your blessings be with us bringing happiness and fulfilment to those who are here with me to-day. (All sing the Gurugita prayer) Gurur Brahma Gurur vishnur Gururdevo maheshvarah, guruk sakshat param brahma, tasmai shri gurave namah, akhanda mandalakaram, vyaptam yena characharam, tap padam darshitam yena, tasmai shri gurave namah, shri brahmanandam param sukhadam, kevelam gyanamurtim, vishva titam gagana sadrisham, tat tvam asyadi lakshyam, ekam nityam vimalamachalam, sarvadhi sakshi bhutam, bhava titam triguna sahitam, sad gurum tam namami, agyana timirandhasya, gyananjana shalakaya, chakshur unmilitam yena tasmai shri gurave namah. Peter. I will now ask the Initiates to read the affirmation aloud. Initiates. Dearest Gururaj, father and friend, teacher of truth, channel of divine grace, I thank you for your blessing and spiritual practices which are granted to me this seventeenth day of March nineteen hundred and eighty seven. I promise to try to do my practices regularly as will be taught to me, and l will also consciously and to the best of my ability try to live a life of truth, purity and love so as to be worthy of your teachings. May this day be a turning point in my life for greate r happiness and self fulfilment. Namaste Gururaj. (Sings in Sanskrit). Jai jaga dee .............................

2. UK 87- 04 Hail our Lord, for you are the One that in a moment would take away our troubles. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit)... I've no- one else but You. (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit). Take my sins away Lord... (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit). O Lord of the universe, take away my sins because I do know in a moment, you can do that. O Lord I pray to Thee, for Thou art everything, who else can I pray to? Because you are One with me.... (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit) Take my sins away Lord.... (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit) I'm suffering so much and I can only depend upon thee, my Lord ... (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit) Praise to you, praise to you my Lord. Good, open your eyes slowly. Namaste, Namaste. Who is the Lord? Where does he reside? Where is his abode? Is he far away somewhere in the skies? No. He is in your heart, that is where the Lord resides. For the Lord has no place to reside anywhere, except in your heart. It is just for us to recognise Him and find Him in our hearts, for there is where He is, always. And that is what is meant by the Kingdom of Heaven within, that is what it means really. Divinity, you could call Him Lord or whatever name you want to call Him by. He's always there within you. But it is our stupidity that do not acknowledge it, or recognise the power of his love that is flowing through us. Everyone in this world loves. But the problem is, it's an unconscious love. I want you all to be conscious of that love, of the Divinity that resides in you. You are a product of love. It's so simple, science can explain this to you very easily. There are millions of cells in your body. What keeps them together? Not physiology or biology or shitology or whatever 'ology. It is that binding force of that Divine love that keeps you together as a human being. Why, in the first place were you born as a human being? You are just nothing else but an expression of that Divine love that resides within you. Stop fooling yourselves beloveds. Stop fooling yourselves. It is that binding force of that power, that energy, you can call it love, you can call it energy, call it by any name, that is keeping you together as a human being. Is it not a privilege, for the Grace of Divinity to be a human being, but you have to recognise it, you have to live it to know that, I am a human being. Take away the word human, it's just an expression of terms. You are a being and what is the meaning of your being? You are that Divinity that resides within you - that Kingdom - and when you recognise that Kingdom of Heaven within you, then you become a King or a Queen. That is the ultimate reason for your life. And by doing that you will get rid of all your guilts, of all your fears, of all your anxieties, for you will know within yourself that, I am that Being that resides within me, and that which resides within me is my life source, so what must l worry about, when I'm living with Him. Why must you care about thing at all in life? Give it to Him - let Him care. And once you have that surrender within yourself, He will care.

3. UK 87- 04 The greatest blockage is within your mind. You stop the flow by stupid thoughts of conditioning because you are conditioned by various factors of life. Throw it away and say, ‘Look, I don't damn care. I want Him to care’. And he's so close. Look, I talk of experience, I know, I've gone through this so many times, and over and over again, every moment of my life is in His care, not in mine. So, that means you surrender yourself, and say ‘You bastardo, you care. I don't want to care any more’. Because none of you here or anywhere is capable of caring for yourself without His help. That old chap is a great old man, like me, yes? So let Him care, give your troubles away, and if you find him too abstract give your troubles to me. I'm His representative. I'm His son. Give it to me. I don't mind. And I said, I don't know where I said it, I can never remember anything, just ten per cent of your effort, and me and my Father will do the ninety per cent of it. So, why concentrate on the ten per cent when you can give ninety percent of it away in His care. Do you see the principle? Do you understand what I'm talking about? Offer your problems to Him and say "Lord, you look after it". That will clear your mind, that will make you happy, it will give you release from all your problems and anxieties. So, let Him care. The bloody hell, he created us, so why shouldn't He care? Think of it in that light. A little child is born, right. He has problems as a child at school and things like that. But, what does the child think? Oh, mummy and daddy cares and looks after my problems. We are all children. Remember that. Let mummy and daddy care. The Manifestor and the Manifestation, let them care, why should you worry? Do you know why you really worry or feel anxious because you think ‘I am Mr Me or Miss Me’. Well, you've missed the point then. Say to yourself ‘I am nothing’, and let Him care. By having that so many things would be cleared in your mind. So many of your problems and worries would be gone, because you are surrendering it all to him. Do you see the point? You think you can worry and solve your problems because of your anxieties and your worries and whatever. No, you can't do it. You are too weak to do that. Admit to your weakness and just give it over. ‘Lord, you take care, these are my problems and I surrender them to Thee’. And, with that sense of surrender you will find your mind will become so much more serene, you will find tranquillity, because those problems do not remain your problems any more. You have given it over to your maker. And, say ‘Maker you are the taker of the problems that faces me’. If that attitude is developed in life, life could become so much better. Yes, you will find that, you will find that. Every word I speak about is never from any book knowledge, it's from personal experience. I've gone through it all and the message I convey to you is from my own personal experience. I used to be in big trouble, right, as a political rebel, mixed up with the assassination - where's Peter? Oh, Peter, there, right. He asked me to give some insight into my life, so I told him that I will, you know, slowly, slowly, slowly, put in bits and pieces.

4. UK 87- 04 I was a political rebel, and of course, I'm sorry to say this, please forgive me for it. When Britain ruled India and held it in slavery, I as a young university student fought against it. And the motto was ‘Quit India. Quit India’. I was chained, thrown into jail, because of sabotaging those British governmental institutions. I'm very sorry, please forgive me, but I've got to tell you the truth. I love you, I love you all, you know that, I mean there's no doubt. Here, if you see my feet, I was chained, and had to go to a plastic surgeon to get the marks away. Yes, beaten, tortured, and the torture was terrible. Those officials used to pluck out one pubic hair at a time, torturing me. Those are the things I went through for the independence of India. And thanks to Atlee that we got independence. And then I was involved in the assassination plot of Gandhi. He was preaching non-violence, but dividing up the country into India and Pakistan, millions of people were killed, and I went through that all. To-day I'm a universalist, to me there's no country different, America, Denmark, Spain, England, blah, blah, blah, it's all the same to me now. But at that youthful age, I was militant. I used to burn up police stations, disrupt railway lines. Yes, a youthful rebel, fighting for a cause, 'Quit India, you British bastards. Get out. This is my country'. They came as traders and then took over the whole country. I'm telling you the truth, I'm sorry if it hurts anyone, but this is the truth. A great culture of thousands and thousands of years, to be taken over by Dutch East Indian Company and blah blah blah and being infiltrated for trade and then taking over everything. I used to know Montgomery very well. I lived with Gandhi for many, many months, together. I knew Nehru very well, and Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India that was assassinated, I'm sure you know. Whenever I used to go to Delhi, New Delhi, I used to live with her and her son, who is the Prime Minister now, used to piss on my lap, yes. He wanted me to be an - he offered me - he said, ‘You want to be an Ambassador – choose any country you like and the position is yours, as an Ambassador’. I said, ‘No, no, no, my job is to teach’. That's what my guru ordered me and I never disobey my guru, and it is wrong for anyone to disobey their guru, because he would mean well, he might kick you on your backside, but he would know why he does that. You see, so Peter wanted some details of my life so as we go on I'll fill you in with a few things. You can't do it in one go, but as the talks go on there is always details that could be filled in. I don't know why people have a nose. There are two purposes for it. You can smell it and you can blow it. Well, I'm doing mostly blowing. This is a note for me? Oh thank you, yes, we're gonna do it now. Good, any question anyone? Oh, relax, light up a cigarette, relax a bit. You had it in your bag with you. I didn't come down with you, I didn't bring them. They're not it in your bag, damn it. Voice. I don't carry a bag. Who's got Preatam's cigarettes? Where's my special brand?

5. UK 87- 04 Gururaj. You had your bag with you, darling. Oh, yes they've got it, sorry. Right and, relax before we carry on. Do you want me to smoke a lighter or a cigarette? Voice. Cigarette. Gururaj. Good. Thank you. Relax, I don't want to stretch your brains too much, because I know there's a limit, and if I stretch it too much it might break like elastic. Voice. You'll need your glasses. Seven years ago, it's the seventh anniversary, so these people here today will be initiated on the same day. Gururaj. Hah, hah, thank you. Very good. I always need these guys to remind me of things. Now, to Bavna and our other Irish meditators, we would say, I don't know how to say it but Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Thank you. You must tell me about Saint Patrick again, you told me something this morning, I can't remember. Voice. He got rid of paganism and snakes and brought Christianity to Ireland. Ireland was full of snakes and he drove them all out and he brought Christianity to Ireland. Gururaj. He drove all the snakes out of Ireland. (General laughter) Voice.(Cont’d) So they tell us. Gururaj. But Ireland still has so many snakes. Voice.(Cont’d) He may have left some venom there. Gururaj. Oh, he left some behind I think, yes. Good, so happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick was a great man. Pa trick, he was a patriarch, a father. I don't know why they called him a Saint, because I'm 'aint, they just added the S onto him. But he was a patriarch, a father, that did so much for Ireland. Oh, thank you darling. He did so much for Ireland, unbelievable, he introduced our faith there. Now, the true snakes, this is very symbolic, he never got rid of the

6. UK 87- 04 snakes, he got rid of the pagans. That was the true snakes, and taught them our faith do you see? These things have to be understood in its proper context. Do you know snakes are lovely creatures? If you walk on the path and there is a snake there, the snake will run away, unless of course you tramp on him, then he'll bite you. But the greatest snakes in the world are our human beings that will bite you and destroy you without any rhyme or reason. Those are the snakes which Saint Patrick got rid of, - will try to put any knowledge into their bloomin heads, if they have any heads. But I think all this started in Cork and not in Dublin. You know in Cork they're more fond of the cork, and that is where the cork opener was invented. Yah. So the cork opener came from Ireland, but Saint Patrick never meant that at all. He wanted to uncork your mental problems, as I am doing. So, therefore he invented the corkscrew, because he found - (General laughter) - because the reason why he invented the corkscrew, is because he saw that people there were screwed up. (Gururaj laughs). Right, so you got to have something to unscrew the screwed. Yes, life is fun, have a joke, have fun, innocent fun meaning nothing by it, but a laugh. I think I'd better see to my eyes as well. So, today, being Saint Patrick's Day, we wish Bavna and all our other Irish meditators ‘Happy Saint Patrick's Day’. (clapping). We still have time, Tukuji, for Teacher Initiations, okay? We still have time, it's half past twelve, we have time 'til one. Good, any question at all from anyone? Questioner. I have a question Guruji, but it might take a long to answer it, should I save it for later on? Gururaj. Look, I could condense a whole book into two sentences, so please do ask your question, you're welcome, anyone is welcome. Questioner. (Cont’d). In which case the question might be longer than the answer you give. Gu ruraj. Oh, good, fine, now you've got a whole book there, have you? Questioner. (Cont’d). Yes. Gururaj. Right. Questioner. (Cont’d). Preatamji, we are perfect sons of our perfect Father. All are perfect because they are one with his. We think we are imperfect, separate and limited. How did this thought of imperfection, separation and limitation ever

7. UK 87- 04 enter or be conceived by the perfect mind? Where was there a place in Omnipresent perfection for this thought to arise from? And, having arisen, how could it ever become an idea strong enough for us to identify with it and forget the glory which we really are? Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful. I'll take half an hour on that, okay? Though I could speak for ten hours on that question. lt is very profound. Now I want you ... where are my cigarettes? Is that my brand? Voice. Yes. Gururaj. Relax, relax, relax. There is an idea how to even handle a cigarette. Everything must be done in perfection, or near perfection perhaps. There is no imperfection in this world. Imperfection lies in the patterning of our thoughts. Everything in creation is perfect in its own way, although it might have different aspects. But why concentrate on one particular aspect instead of the whole? Use the whole, it's good. (General laughter). Oh, you've got dirty minds haven't you? Right. So, we are the manifestation of the Manifestor. Now, here's one very important statement I'm going to make and it is this, who says ‘God is perfect’? He's not. He is also a mixture, I'm talking of the Personal God, not the Impersonal God which is the Divine Energy, the Personal God is a mixture of all that there is. So, perfection and imperfection is a manufacture of our minds. We discriminate too much. We say, this is good, this is bad, this is evil and this is that. There's nothing like that at all. If we have the right mental attitude or the right understanding of Divinity then everything is perfect. Yesterday, yesterday morning was a sunny day. Perfect. Today is an overcast day. It is also perfect. Why should it not be so, because in relativity there will always be these opposites. But, if we through our spiritual practices can condition our minds, then the sunny day would be equal as an overcast day. So where is the imperfection? There's nothing in life that is imperfect. Everything is perfect. Everything works within the framework of the laws of nature, and can we call nature to be imperfect? No, never. Nature's perfect. It functions in its own way. It functions in itself. It works within cycles and cycles and cycles, as I said to you the other day. To me I do not find anything imperfect. Even if I should see a streetwalker, a prostitute, I would still see perfection in her, because I would think that there must have been some conditions in her life, in her childhood, in her upbringing, or her economic circumstances, or whatever, you name it, but she's not imperfect. She's a human being, a creature of the Creator. As long as she does not spread Aids. So, the idea is this, see perfection in everything and by seeing perfection in everything you become perfect. Beauty lies, as the old saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So see

8. UK 87- 04 everything as beautiful, see everything as perfect, and once that idea gets implanted in your mind and in your heart, you will become perfect. For the perfect man cannot see any imperfection. He will always see the beauty in everything. Each and everyone of you sitting here, for example, seem so perfect to me. I know your lives, I know your backgrounds, I know all that, but knowing that I still go deeper and see that beauty in you all. That is the perception of perfection. Gururaj. Peter, am I still your Philologist? Peter. Yes indeed, Guruji. Gururaj. Good, okay. I'm a person that hides nothing; my life is like an open book. If I want to smoke, I smoke, if I want to have my little scotch before lunch, I would have it, I would not hide it. So, when life becomes an open book, then only would you realise the truth of humanity. The trouble with most people is this, that they try and hide things. They hide things from the world to show themselves something different to what they are. You're not facing yourselves in the mirror, you're not looking at yourself. You are only imagining yourself to be what you are not. That is why you get tied up in knots Gururaj. I'll do the Initiations tonight. So you get tied up in knots and that's your misery, really speaking. So, get rid of the knots, cut the cords, if you want to. I don't mean the umbilical cord. It was cut a long time ago, when you were born. But there are other knots that you have to cut and free yourself from misery. And that is very easily done, through your spiritual practices. Do that my beloveds, do that. It is for your benefit. My greatest desire is to see my family, not only in England, but throughout the world, to be happy. And if that can be done, I think I have done something - otherwise my life is a waste of time. I give you knowledge, I give you the spiritual force, the power, to make you stand on your feet, and still not be tied to the umbilical cord, for if you are still tied to the umbilical cord, you are still damn babies. Grow up! Grow up, please I beg you, grow up, become mature. Yes, it takes a while but most people are emotional little children, unfortunately. But I want them to grow up, become mature, and find reality. And reality is not far away at all, it is within you. It is within you. It is so close to you. Don't wear those dark glasses, where you can't see reality. Take them off, open up your eyes and find the reality within you, and that is my message. To live in unreality is to live in misery, but to live in reality is to live in that joy, that happiness which you all

9. UK 87- 04 deserve really. Never mind what your circumstances are, it doesn't matter. You can be rich or poor or a multi-millionaire or a big businessman, like Charles there, you can be anything, or my son, my fireman there, or whatever. I'm just quoting examples. But finding that reality and life will make such, such, such a great difference to you. Have you ever really felt yourself? You have not, no. You feel your hands and your arms and your legs and your, or whatever part of you. Feel yourself here, that is the reality of feeling yourself, and that feeling will be transmitted upstairs to the conscious mind where it would be appreciated. Then consciously you will know that I am who I am, and then the question of 'Who am I' will disappear, because you will know that, ‘I am that I am’. Yahweh. ‘I am that I am’. You see? Hey, I've been going on too long I think, I don't want to tire your poor minds, poor minds, remember that. Poor minds, poor minds, make them rich by knowledge and wisdom. Good, we were going to do some Initiations this morning, but I think I spoke too long and I'm feeling a bit tired now, so we'll do the Initiations tonight, will that be alright? Voice. Yes. Gururaj. Right, we'll do the Initiations tonight. I am very sorry, I just carry on talking and talking, I'm a chatterbox. Voice. That's alright, it’s His problem. Gururaj. Yes, you're right, it's his problem, I give it to Him. He does the initiating. I'm just the instrument. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention one thing, that Bavna was first initiated on Saint Patrick's Day, seven years ago. Ah, Bavna I love you. She has been working very hard, yes, helping the world, leading them onto new paths, and .... Hello my darling, hello. Oh, don't you guys have any cameras around or any bloody thing? Voice. Photographer, come on! Ah, this is great, this is great my children. Oh, this is very nice. Namaste! END


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