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1. UK 87-6 Gururaj. Children, so wonderful, they are so filled with love. They can be naughty too, but we got to make allowances for that. Okay my son, you can sit here if you like, next to me. That's it, that's it, my good boy. Good. You look after my shoes, alright, because it’s too cold outside to walk bare feet you know. Right. He looks after me, Tom does. This body is getting old. Nevertheless, shall I put my glasses here, Tom? Okay, I'll do that as you say. Shall we meditate for a moment? Namaste. Namaste. Namaste. Good. What shall we talk about this morning? Questioner. Master Preatamji, before I ask my questions I like to say a statement. I do love you of all my heart. My question is Gururaj. I know that. Questioner. (Cont'd). Well, anyway my question is, when more than one Spiritual Master are incarnated in the same time period, how can one be sure that he has found the right Master? Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. My belt is too tight, let me loosen my pants a bit. How can you find your real Spiritual Master? That's the basis of the question. You cannot find your Spiritual Master. Your Spiritual Master finds you. What ability have you got to find your Spiritual Master. It would just be an assumption. Right. You understand. You have no ability to find your Spiritual Master, because you have not reached that masterhood. So you are dwelling in the wood of life, but the Spiritual Master finds you. He's always searching for you to bring you close to him so that you could realise what the Spiritual Master is all about. So never be presumptuous, - yes, my darling - never be presumptuous in thinking that you can find a Spiritual Master. You can never do that. The Spiritual Master to repeat again finds you. And when he has found you, he takes you to greater and greater heights of self realisation. He takes you to greater and greater heights of your inner self and that is what the true Spiritual Master does. Don't look for a guru. Don't. It’s a waste of time. Don't look for me, it's a waste of time also, but I will know where to find you and bring you close to me to make you realise the Divinity that is within you. I'm composing a poem am I, something like that. I don't know. That is the duty of the Master to make you realis e - and by the way, you son there, you must get off your stupid hair style. It does not deserve you. You're such a handsome bloomin' boy and you don't need this kind of, what do you call it, punk, punk, punk hair. Cut it off. That's my order. You see, so the Spiritual Master, you don't need to search for him. He will find you automatically. Why are you here? Hah. Why are you here? To waste my time? No, no, no, no, I called you to be here. You think you came on your

2. UK 87-6 own self. In spite of your jobs and your problems, I demanded you to be here. That's the Master. And it is for a purpose. Come on children, come, come, come, sit here with me. Yeah. Come, come, sit here. That's it. That's right. That's right. We're adding to the company. They are my inspiration. The innocence of these children is my inspiration. That's right. That's it. Hey, come, come, come, come on, sit here. That's right, sit down my children. Hey, come on. Don't be shy. Come sit with your Grandfather. That's right. That's right. Sit down here. My lovely, lovely children. Hello, morning, kiss. Why don't you guys have some cameras, because this is something for memory, for ages and ages. Now, you do not attract the Master to you. The Master attracts you to him. And that's why you're here. Now let us ask the question, for what purpose? Let me see your glasses, ah, let me see your glasses, I wonder if they would fit me. Take it off, take it off, take it off. Just let me peer through it for a moment. Wow! (General laughter) Voice. Thank you. Gururaj. So the purpose of a Spiritual Master is to lead his students, his chelas or whatever you would call them, these are labels, on to greater and greater purity. And by gaining greater and greater purity, Susan, you come closer and closer to God. That is my job. It's not an easy job. It’s very difficult because I've got to take on the troubles of everyone and suffer for it. But why not? If that's my job, it’s my job. Bernie, right. Now why don't you guys make things a bit more easier for me? That is the big question, Dhanjeeji. The more you purify yourselves, the more it will become easier for me. The things you do, crucifies me. But I do not mind that at all. My job is to put you on the path of light and love. That is my job. But if you would try and change attitudes of your minds, attitudes of your lives, it will help me a lot and make my life more easier. So that I do not become crucified, as I was crucified before. So the relationship between the Master and the chela is not a relationship at all. Why get on the ship of relation? We are related, we are one family that live together and love together. And when this happens, we know that we shall always be together. When last did you meet me? Do you know? You don't know, but I know. More than two thousand years ago, when we were together. Do you remember Inoo? I'm sure you won't, where you touched my shawl and cried. Yes. Those were those years. We're living in the twentieth century, twentieth, twentieth century. So that was two thousand years ago, Inoo. You touched my shawl while I was carrying the cross and you cried and you cried and you cried.

4. UK 87-6 Child.(Cont’d) It isn't a sweet. It’s a toy. Gururaj. Oh, it’s a toy. I thought it was a sweet for me. Child. ..... (Inaudible) Gururaj. That's water. Pour me some water, my son. Child. There's some in there already. Gururaj. No, I want more. Thank you, my darling. You see that is the relationship with our children, where you care for them and they care for you. That is important. Now someone had a question about duality and unity. Who was that? Or did we speak about it already? Child. Joe has got a question. Joe has got a question. Gururaj. Oh, you have a question. Come on my Joe. I wanted to know 'cos when I close my eyes, I see all colours round the world, you know. Gururaj. Repeat that. What did you mean now, if you open your eyes? Child. When I close them, when I close them, when I close them for a long time, when I open them like in the morning, when I open them, I see purple and white colours around me, sometimes red. Gururaj. Oh, that's great. That's great because Guruji is with you then to make you see the deeper colours of your mind. Those colours represent the depth of your mind, do you understand me? Yes. So that is very good. Very good. Oh I'm glad for you. I’m very glad. Yes ask me. Joe.(Cont’d) Who was the first man living in the world?

5. UK 87-6 Gururaj. I was the first man that lived in the world. Don't you recognise me? And do you know you were the first child that lived in this world too. Yes. Yes. You are immortal. You came from - take this, my son - you came from immortality. You came, all of you, came from eternity and will remain eternal because there is no death. The human soul is forever immortal. This body comes and goes it does not matter. But the spirit within you is forever immortal. It could never die, because it was never born. So you see my child, that you are eternal and you will remain eternal. (Child whispering) Come on, shut up now, no noise. Have a good pee, okay. Right. Any other question? Questioner. Beloved Preatamji, you have said before that two people looking in the same direction is love, could you please explain this further? Gururaj. What is there to explain? You both look in the same direction and find the path of love, because looking in opposite directions, you'll find conflicts. But if you look in the same direction, you find the path of peace because you ar e gazing in a onepointed way into that path of peace. But if you - sit down my darling, right - but if you look in opposite directions then all the conflicts begin. Two people, two lovers for example looking in the same direction will see the same sunrise, will see the same moon, and they will become wise in the wisdom of their love. So always have this prayer in your heart, 'That help me Lord, that me with my mate will always look in the same direction'. Hello Pal. Great guy. Sit down, relax, okay. Right. Fine. Thank you. Thank you very much. So when two people are determined to look in the same direction, they will find the same sunrise. If you walk towards the sunrise, the shadow will be behind you. But if you walk away from the sunrise, then boy you are in trouble for that shadow of darkness will follow you. Remember that. The shadow is always behind you. But you've got to recognise the value of that shadow. What is the shadow worth? It is worth nothing at all. Let the concentration be on you and not on the shadow. Shadows are created by light and darkness. What reality is there in the shadow? The reality is within you. Realise that, that I am real and the shadow is illusionary, created by that mixture of light and darkness. Come, sit my darling, sit on my lap. Oh yes. Ah good. Oh, that's better, that's better my darling. The concentration of most people is based upon the shadow of life and therefore they go through so much misery. Thank you dear. Let the concentration be on reality that I am me and nothing in life is going to disturb me. And when you have that thought in mind, firmly implanted in your mind, life could become so quickly transformed. What is your life in any case? Do you know? Is it made of flesh and blood which you think it to be so? No. No. Your life is only a creation of thought and the entire universe was created by a thought form.

6. UK 87-6 What is this Universe in any case? It’s only thought forms. It’s a universal mind which makes up the Universe. Just thought forms. That's all. Nothing more. And you being part of the Universe are involved in your thought forms. And your thought forms creates all the problems in your life. Now, if you can go beyond those thought forms, life will assume a different quality. It will become universality instead of the individuality of your thought forms. And once you capture the universality of all thought, then you have become the Master of the Universe. And I want you all to become Masters of the Universe. Do you know how big this Universe is? So big. Just a speck. That's all. You think it is vast, it's not. Because that little speck which we call the Universe exists within you and you can be the Master of it. But your thought forms make you feel individual and not universal. And what is individuality in reality? Bloomin' piss-off's. You think you're individual, why do you think that? Because you have divided yourself up, that she, she, and he is he and who is he and this is this and that is that and eh. That's the reason why you create individuality. But if you regard all as one, then you reach the stage of universality. So these divisions are created by your own little stupid minds. And they're damn, damn stupid. They are in a stupor. Regard everything to be one. Who's crying, darling? You don't need to cry. I can't see too well. Joe, oh, Joe. You are not an individual. You are not. That's your imagination. You are universal and that is where you should be. Become universal and you would, if you do your practices regularly, you will realise your universality. You will. I promise you, I promise you, I promise you, I promise you. Where's my hankie darling? Thank you. It is the sense of individuality that creates all the problems in the world. 'I must put on a better dress' says Jean, 'than the dress which Jo an has put on'. Why? What is it all about? It means nothing. Ah that's beautiful. Thank you my darling. Is this for me? Is this for me? Thank you very much. Lovely. Nice, isn't it. Very nice. Oh, careful dear. I want a sip of water. Put it back. Do you want a sip? No. It is the sense of individuality that creates troubles because Jean always want to be better than Joan or Jack wants to be better than Jack, - Jack, give me some other name - John, okay. That is the not the attitude of life. It is wron g attitudes. Just be yourself. If I'm John I'm John, that's all and to hell with the world. Have that attitude and you will find life more happier. As the old saying goes, you want to be better than the Jones's. Rubbish. What for? What are you going to gain from it? You gain nothing. I tell you what you will gain, misery because you cannot keep up with the Jones's next door. Let the Jones's live their own bloomin' lives. And let me live my own life in the best way I can. That's important. Now so Mrs Jones next door has put up golden curtains on her windows. Ahhh. Yes. So I must better her by putting up more brighter golden curtains or whatever. What for? To hell with the bloody Jones's! I live my life and that is how I should live it. So, you create a competition within yourself and that kind of competition is damaging to your mind,

3. UK 87-6 Oh careful my son. I think you are much younger than me. I can very easily fall off this chair but you must not. What does that mean? Be strong and don't fall off your chairs. Be well seated. In other words, it means be well grounded, feet held firm and head in the sky. Live the ordinary life you live. It doesn't matter but always be in remembrance of that vast sky of the universe wherein you dwell. Your feet means nothing, but you got to have them firmly planted. That's for sure. But holding the head in the sky, you're looking up at Divinity and that is where your mind must be. Let the feet do its work, we need them, the arms and the limbs and whatever. But the mind must always be there in remembrance of that Divinity. Right. You guys relax, light up a cigarette. Give me one too. Okay, darling. Don't take a photograph of me with a cigarette in hand. But enjoy it, light up a cigarette, relax, before I carry on further. I want to entertain these children. Has anyone got a large coin, a fifty pence or, ? Child. I've got one Gururaj. Have you got one? Right. Let me see. Oh, uh, that is good. I'm entertaining my children now. You know this is the same size. It’s the same size. I just want one. See the secret lies in observation. Now this child was so observant. (General laughter) Be observant in life of everything. What do you want me to do darling? Child. Your red hankie is gone Gururaj. Oh where is it, find it. Oh you've got it for me. Good. (Gururaj laughs) Ah you kids are great. Child.(Cont’d) There it is. Gururaj. Yes, my darling. After you finish your smoke, we'll start off again. Good. Fun, wisdom, love, caring, sharing, that is important. How much do you care for your fellow beings? How much do you share with your fellow beings? Now caring and sharing itself is a joy to life. Because if you cannot care or share, you don't deserve to call yourself a human being. You're an animal. Be an animal, okay, I don't deny you that, but be a human animal. Ah, then you can care and share. Ah, there you are. What, have you got a sweet for me?

7. UK 87-6 your emotional well being, your feelings, your life. Yes. It is so simple, so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple, as I have said before. How many have you counted, darling? Child. I've counted up to there. Gururaj. Right, a hundred and eight. Just turn my watch around for me, dear. Let's see what the time is. Ah hah. Okay. So I have spoken for more than an hour, have I? So we shall call it a morning and you have to go for lunch now. Right. Child. I've got an answer. Gururaj. Em? Child. .... afternoon here. ..... afternoon here. Gururaj. You want to be with me. Child. I want to be here. Gururaj. Yes. Okay. You'll be with me, sure. Child. I love you. Gururaj. I love you. Okay my darling, right. You can come upstairs with me and have lunch with me. Yes. You do that certainly. Now where is that red hankie? Ah right. No, my darling let me handle that, you got to put your finger at the back there to get the heel in. You've done it. You'd be surprised about one thing, perhaps you are not surprised at all, bu t you know children can instinctively feel purity, and animals too. You know there could be fifty people sitting in a room and if a cat or a dog walks in, he'll come to me first because they instinctively feel that purity which is there - same thing, like children. Right. You look after that for me darling. I'll put on my glasses. END


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