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1. UK 87-7 Gururaj. One, two, where are the others gone to? Ah, in bed. Oh, Ah there's another one there, Ricky, that's your.., your baby? You better have one. Whoops, Godfathers. You see, once upon a time there was an old man, and this old man was very kind, and he loved his children so, so much. Yes, he had children that aged from four to forty-five, sixty, sixty- five, seventy-five plus - more. And he loved them all so, so much. But, one day what happened was this, there was a lion romping - Jesus my belt is so tight - that's better. There was a lion romping through the village street, and he said to his children, don't run away, just sit down and face the lion, and the lion will run away from you. And that is the trouble with the world to-day, of people, the more they run away from the lion, the more the lion will chase them. But if they just sit down and face the lion, the lion will run away itself. A lion is not a hurtful animal really, and neither a snake. If you see a snake coming in front of you, a cobra, you just sit down and the snake will slide away. Now, what does this story mean? The story means this; that in the face of any problem or trouble you just sit down and relax, and that lion or the snake will easily turn away. I had this experience myself, where through the jungles of Bengal, a tiger, a Bengali tiger, was rushing at me and I sat down and said, ‘Hey, you tiger, Mr Bastard, you are none else but me’. And, sitting down and looking into the tiger's eyes, the tiger just turned around and slinked away, because there was no fear. The main trouble of people is fear, and fear troubles you more than anything else. You are troubled by fear and not by your environment. So, I sat down and say, ‘Tiger, come, for what can you do to me? You can only eat me up’. So what? But the tiger instinctively felt that I had no fear. The tiger just slinked away and went away. I wish I could have him as a pet, he's a great guy. That is how we get rid of our fears, face them, look at them, and those fears will slink away, they will disappear. They first make their appearance, that is very true, but then with your strength, they disappear. You s ee the negation of the word - appear and disappear. Remember that always, and in remembering this you will find all your fears will disappear. So then what happens is this, that fear appear and disappear. That is the secret of life. For no- one needs to fear anything at all. Where's my bloomin' pocket, somewhere here, yeah. So, you must make fear disappear. That - it's so easy, just analyse the word, you make fear disappear, by facing it and not brooding over it. For if you brood, you only become brooding hens. So, get rid of it, please. If there's any fear, look at the fear in the face of it and it will disappear, that's the secret of life. Oh, this is for my nose, that's for my eyes? Oh, by the way, thank you very much, John and Bernie for your lovely gift, it will help me to have an eye operation. Thank

2. UK 87-7 you very much. There is nothing in life for which you need to fear. Nothing. For your greatest enemy in life is fear. Your enemy is not you, none of you, your enemy is fear which is a production, a product of the mind. So, who cares for this little frail body? Who cares? If it has to go, let it go. But remember the soul is immortal as l said the other day, I think. So why fear it? There are so many different aspects of fear. You fear loss of home, loss of money, loss of all these small little material possessions, which you are in any case not going to take with you. But I can tell you how you can take it with you. It's easy. Because in that other sphere - shut up - because in that other sphere, what goes with you is your thought. And your thought contains all your properties and your businesses and your wealth and all your shit and, blah, blah, blah. That you will take with you. And you can project it there. As this life in an unreality, you will be creating another unreality in another sphere. So, you have a beautiful mansion for example. You can take that mansion with you. The olden Philosophers would say 'You take nothing with you' and that is a lie. You take with you everything in your thought and that thought, with its power of projection, will always be with you. So, take your mansion. Son, I think you'd better sit at the back. I don't want you to sit in front of me coughing like this, because I'll be going into Communion now and I don't want any disturbance. Pour me some water darling, one of you. Breeyana. That's enough thank you. This is spring water isn't it? Good, thank you very much, thank you. (Gururaj sings and in Sanskrit and translates)...."Since you came into my heart, what more can I say to you (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit and since you have come into my heart, what can I tell you my love..(Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit) .............love is like a whole town. (Gururaj continues in Sanskrit)............... and hand in hand we shall explore the entire town for life is an exploration, in love. (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit)... You tell me you love me but I don't believe it. (Gururaj continues in Sanskrit)...if you tell me you love me, I don't believe you, but when love grows between you and I then it becomes love. (Gururaj continues in Sanskrit)............... No-one can make love. (Gururaj continues in Sanskrit)...............love grows as the flower grows. It is a total misconception that I fell in love, you don't fall in love, you grow in love. Because if you fall in love you go six feet deep, but to grow in love, as the daisies grow, on your grave, that is love. (Gururaj continues in Sanskrit).............. What the world needs to-day is to love and be loved."

3. UK 87-7 That's what I teach - to open your hearts to your beloved in total purity and total sincerity. That's for the eyes, this is for the nose. Put these lights off would you, it's a bit heavy on my eyes. Right, good. Now, after giving you a little talk, I shall go into Holy Communion. Now the people that are new here might not know, of course the old people know that have been with me for many years. What happens is this, that I leave my body and merge away into Divinity. All you have to do is do not concentrate, do not analyse your experiences, we will do that afterwards, but just focus your attention on me. That's all, nothing else. And most of you will have some experience: I know that, I have been doing this for five thousand times. And experience it all, because after this experience, Charles where are you sitting, after this experience, you will never be the same again. Okay? Move it away more, so they can see. I travelled so far away. To travel so far away and die entirely in your body, and come back to remember it all. And it's a long journey where you go through a million galaxies and go beyond the entire universe to merge away in infinity. For the universe is only finite but to move away from the finite into infinity, that is when you merge into that infinity - which we all know as the Supreme Being. What is the Supreme being? Ask yourself this question. The Supreme Being is nothing else but an energy, and you merge into that energy, and become that energy, so even while in bodily form you are one with Divinity. And that is why Lord Jesus said, 'I and my Father are one', because he found the secret of the mergence with the Father, the Supreme energy. There's no Father up there sitting on a throne. No, but there is that energy that energises you in life and in living, but you do not recognise it. Once you start re-cognising it, re-cognition of that Divinity, you will be combined with that Divine energy. I am sorry I was gone away for so long. I was dead to the world. I was with my Father, that Divine energy. Thank you, Charles for getting me out. Charles. And Chetan. Gururaj. You are Charles? Charles.(Cont’d) I am Charles, yes, but Chetan helped also. Gururaj. And when you are merged with that Divine Energy, you lose yourself completely. Because it's such a Supreme Joy and Bliss that you do not want to come back, but I have to, I have got so much work to do. But to be merged with that

4. UK 87-7 Divine Energy is an experience indescribable. Words cannot express it. Perhaps words could interpret it in a very limited way. But to be there, to be one with the God, if you would like to call it that, I just call it a Divine Energy. But to be merged with that, is beyond any word. For words are only expressions of the mind, manufactured by the mind, but how can you explain when your Heart merges into Divinity. Your body's not there any more. Your body's lost, your mind is lost and you're there with what you might call God. These are just various labels expressing in some form that Divine Energy. You live in your bodies, okay, not bad, you have to, but at the same time if you can live in Divinity as well as liv e in the body, simultaneously, what a life, what a life it could be. Then all your problems are gone. It is not such a difficult thing to combine your materiality of your living life with your spirituality. Combine them, join them and your lives are transformed instantly. What is more important to you in life eh? Health, wealth, materiality, whatever. Lovely dress, lovely outfit, is that life? Tell me, is that life? That is only your ego self. But real life begins when, in your beautiful clothes that you wear, you combine that spirituality and let that spirituality permeate your clothes, your minds, your hearts, your entire mode of life and living. It will enrich you more. People look for enrichment. It does not come from that beautiful tie my Arun has on him. It comes from inside. The tie is just an adornment, but enrich the adornment by the recognition of your spiritual self. My Ushaji has this beautiful green scarf and dress and she's looking so, so lovely. Or my darling sitting over there with the white jersey looking so beautiful, with died hair. Or that daughter of mine with her hair slicked back. Or this son of mine, this handsome Ricky bastard. How far does it get you? Ask yourself this question. I'm just using a few examples, but I mean all of you. Find the truth of heart. Or my Bavnaji, sitting over there, I see her hair is of a different shade now. (General laughter). I'm joking of course, you understand me. I'm a teaser. But in my teasing, I bring forth a strong breeze in my tease, to uplift your hearts. My daughter there, so beautiful in a white dress. But let us think for a moment, how far is it getting us if we do not realise the truth in us? That is important. To-day you'll put on a red dress, tomorrow a green dress, next day a blue dress. What is it all about? It's not going to make you more beautiful. No, it is just an adornment. But what will make you more beautiful is the opening of the heart and coming closer and closer to Divinity. That makes you beautiful? Not your apparel. Blue dress, green dress, white dress, red dress, shit dress. And you'll be surprised if you look about you, there are many dresses which people wear which is the colour of shit. Look at my son over there. Look, look at his jacket, stand up! It's the colour of shit. (General laughter). Look, I don't mean anything by this, but a bit of fun, okay. Why should we not have a laugh together, you understand me? And you lady, I don't know your name. Stand up, - no, no, the one next to you. Also colour of shit.

5. UK 87-7 (General laughter). So in other words, what this means, that we all are shitified. Let’s get away from that all. Let’s stop our ego selves working and become our real selves. Right, now you guys relax before I carry on, give me a cigarette, relax. If you get lung cancer, don't blame me. Voice. You told me to smoke. Gururaj. Right, it's my fault I know, right, but I'm not smoking your cigars, so it's your fault. Jasmini, Jasmini has given me a mint, with a hole in it, and I like these holes because they're holy. Holy holes. Thank you, dear. Where are you gonna get a guru like me? Give me a chance Mr Tape Recorder, I would like to have a few puffs, poofs. (General laughter) You see with me it's always a lot of knowledge, wit, wisdom, and shit. I love you to enjoy yourselves. It is a course that is filled with all these things, and also having a lot of fun together. The family togetherness, and don't you enjoy being together with the family? Everyone meets everyone and it's one family together, from all over, from Denmark and America. Where is that American woman of mine? Where's she gone to? I'm talking of Ushaji. Voice. She's not American. Gururaj. What's her name again? Sunita, where is she? Come here. Sit there and rub my feet. Sunita. My hands are sweaty and cold. Gururaj. Doesn't matter. They'll warm up, just touch my feet, they'll warm up. That's how you must treat women. (General laughter) You order them around and make them feel that you are the boss. I love you. But, that does not apply one way around only. It’s a two-way street, where you make the woman feel that you are the boss, and then at times, sometimes, (General laughter) you make the woman feel that she is your boss. Voice. 'Baloney'. Gururaj. Baloney, right you stop your baloney, and rather eat paloney. It's a two way street, where you make your woman feel that you are the boss, and also make her feel that she is your boss two-way street. It's a sharing and caring

6. UK 87-7 and that togetherness. Come girl, my other foot, come on. Oh, shit - don't rub it too hard or else it will leave marks. Just blow it off. Now, what does this mean? It means practicality. Now, if you try and rub this ash off hard, it will leave marks. But blow it off, and it will not leave marks. So therefore all the dirt in people's minds is not to be rubbed in but blown off. You see the philosophy? You see the truth? The truth of life might sound strange to you, but the truth of life is not strange a t all, it is just common sense, which is difficult, I know. How many of you have any common sense? Three things you must have, common sense, non-sense and real sense. Have that and you've got it all. Common sense, non-sense and real sense. Right, now out of these three which is more important? Common sense, real sense or nonsense? Voice. Nonsense. Gururaj. That's important, nonsense, where you can move away from your sense and reach the area of nonsense, and by reaching the area of nonsense, common sense will automatically come to you. You think and you think and you think, and you think. What are you thinking about? Do you know what you think about? Really ask yourself. There's certain thoughts just swirling and swirling and swirling in your mind. Stop that swirling a nd get into non sense, where there's no sense left, and you can get into yourself. Okay Charlie. This Charlie looks after me so well. Look, it's ten o'clock. All right, thank you. We'll carry on with this subject tomorrow. Ah, I've got to teach my children even how to put on my shoes for me. Right, I'll wait two hours. Voice. We're doing the Midnight Special to-night? Gururaj. Ah, yes, yes. Come on let me do it myself. You see a finger very wonderful object. You can do many things with a finger. Try it if you want to. Good. Thank you my darlings. Voice. Preatam, just announce the Midnight Practice for everyone to remind them. Gururaj. Oh, yes, now tonight we have our Midnight Special, which means that you in your rooms will be meditating, and I in my room will be meditating. And you will go through wonderful experiences, because I will be present with you all, even

7. UK 87-7 while sitting in my room. Good, we'll do that. Come on my children, some of you help me down. Thank you my darlings. Lovely children. Namaste. END


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