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1. UK 88-1 Gururaj. A father’s joy lies in the deep love he has for his beloveds, always. That makes a father a true father. (Gururaj sings) La, la, la, la, la, la. Introduction. (Clapping) This guru, Jesus, where are you going to find a guru like this, can you tell me? It’s impossible. We had a wonderful Course in Spain and from Spain of course I came over to England and we are together now. And my happiness, my joy, and all my family being together with me thank you, thank you very much, thank you for being together. Thank you. Now what are we going to talk about tonight? Ask any question? Come on guys. Yes whatever you want. Please do, come on, whoever. Questioner. The question that occurred to me was this that I was going to rephrase this because it was rather a long one. How should I put it? If you open a newspaper or turn on a wireless, you can read or hear about all sorts of badnesses that go on in the world and I think it is very easy to be lulled into a sense of false security. It’s very easy to say, ‘Well I don’t go round shooting and bombing and raping and looting and murdering and so on, and so on, and so on’. Now how can we - I’m all right really, I’m not bad Gururaj. Who says that? (General laughter) You are saying that Voice. You’ve said it, actually. You’ve said you’re Divine (General laughter) Gururaj. He’s so sweet, isn’t he? (General laughter) Voice. How can you avoid being lulled into a sense of false security along those lines? Gururaj. Yeah. I’ve got the idea of what you’re trying to express to us. Thank you very much. Right. Now to find security in insecurity is to first know the meaning of insecurity. Then knowing the meaning of insecurity, you will find the security because your mental self is composed of the thoughts of insecurity. So you have to analyse within yourself, what do you really mean of insecurity. And when you can formulate any idea within yourself of your own personal insecurity, you can find the answer of your personal security. And that’s how it works. You see I, I have been practising as a Consultant, and Psychologist, whatever, it’s not important at all to me. I’m just a stupid bastardo guru. (General laughter) But I know how the human mind functions. Yes. And this very feeling of insecurity is producing at the same time, I mean you will all agree with me in saying this that at the same time you have this feeling of insecurity, you’re also producing within yourself inadequacy.

2. UK 88-1 Now here’s a question everyone has to ask themselves, that why do I John, Jack, Jill or whatever, okay, need to feel the sense of inadequacy? Why? Am I not a product of Divinity and if I’m a product of Divinity, why must I feel inadequate within myself? There’s no reason for that at all. Now what happens in the human mind is this, that you are creating a sense within yourself to produce within yourself this sense of inadequacy. You see you stupid bastards, I don’t know what to do with you guys. So when with your meditational and spiritual practices, you create within yourselves that feeling of adequacy, you’ll find there is nothing wrong with any one at all. Look, I mean in my work I go through thousands of consultations and psychiatric treatments and whatever, okay, it’s not important to me. I do what I can. I do the best whatever I can do. But the thing - Usha, darling, come on sweetheart, darling, sit down, come on. The message I’m trying to give you is this, that there is no need to make yourself feel inadequate. Okay, point number one, uno, uno. But what one has to remember is that we do not need to have these feelings because Divinity resides within all of us. And what greater power is there than the beauty of our Lord that is residing with us? If we can only put our mind together to appreciate, my beloveds, to appreciate the power and the value of that great Lord that gave his life to save our lives, then we will know that we are a product of Divinity and if we are a product of Divinity then we are Divine. Because any kind of production of anything at all comes from the process of the procedure, that from Divinity you become Divine from, never mind, you know the rest, okay. So if we realise within ourselves that we are the product of that Divinity created in the image of Divinity itself, then we will know my son, how to get rid of these regressions, depressions whatever, okay, you name it. So we are creating troubles and sufferings within ourselves. Please my loves, my beloveds I implore to you, it is not necessary now. You were born in the image and when we can have a little realisation of the image that we are, we will not feel disappointments in life. We will not feel these depressions and impressions and what other shit is there, don’t know. We can go beyond all the things which we have produced in us, in our own personal negativities with wrong thinking, wrong actions. Oh Jesus I can compose a whole damn list, I can promise you that. We are producing our own unhappiness by ourselves in ourselves. And if we can do it, that is an energy form which is inverted or converted. Why not exert it or, what’s a better word for that dear, to give out, Voice. Project it. Project it.

3. UK 88-1 Gururaj. Sure, project it, that’s beautiful really, project our inner suffering out ourself and project it to the wide world, the air that is there. So, what I am trying to say is this that we are always trying to project certain thought forms within ourself and we formulate that area of our own projections and return it back to ourselves. That is what makes us suffer. But there is, if you like to think it in a different way, if we can project and not allow our projections to rebound back then yo u will be rid of any problem, boy, I tell you that’s for sure. I’ve gone through it all in my little lifetime and I know that project but do not allow it to rebound. That’s how we shake it off. Who’s going to run upstairs to get my Sitar? Did we bring our Sitar with - get it. The British Meditation Society brought, bought such a wonderful, so if you look at it, it's a masterpiece, beautiful, beautiful thing. Now you guys relax for a few moments. Okay. You can light up a cigarette or whatever you want to do no problem, no problem at all. I like to get them going. Sure I’ll have one too, why not? Thank you darling. Voice. You can share my ashtray. Gururaj. Thank you sweetie. Sit up. That the prana or the life-force of yourself is passed away in the negativity that we were talking about. So come, puff more man, damn it. Sit up. Darling. (Gururaj sings in English). We really know how to share an ashtray together, we can also know how to share - develop an idea of this total sharing. There is no motivation, no lust, greed, nothing, nothing, nothing but total purity in sharing with each other. Then you will find the true meaning of life. Yes. Yes. Jesus, open it up darling. Look at this, that’s a masterpiece. Isn’t it? I’m not as young as I was but I carry on because I love my people so, so much. Anyone got a camera? For the next ........... (Inaudible). Never mind. (Gururaj starts playing the Sitar). The baby’s tears, crying, wailing and yet at the same time gurgling, gurgling with laughter. Oh I have to work a lot on this. It’s a beautiful Sitar but of course to adjust everything. You want Rock? That’s not my line, I’m joking with you. (Gururaj continues strumming the Sitar). The sorrow and the sadness of love that comes upon us and we feel it so much and we cannot understand why. (Gururaj hums as he strums the Sitar). (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). Tu hae mayray ma ............ you are my love, you are my friend, how can I pass this night? If you are not with me, how am I going to pass this night? You know I’ve done about, well about, forty something LP’s of my compositions. We must, Rajoo, organise to bring it on future Courses so they can listen to them or it would be my joy really. (Gururaj continues humming). These are original compositions because - you’re late, why? I never prepare anything in advance, never. For so many years you have been together with me and I’ve never ever prepared a lecture. Never. I

4. UK 88-1 always say ‘What do you want me to talk about?’ And it can go on and on without tiring you. So that is how it goes with my poetry and my compositions of music and whatever. Have you got a shorty of a poem? See what you can find because I keep on dictating and of course these girls take down notes and whatever. Can you find something nice? Aide. Something that you can read? Gururaj. No you have to, come on, come on darling. Why don’t you come up to the mike, dear? Aide.(Cont’d) Okay, let me find one first. Gururaj. Yeah, yeah, because I’ve been dictating for the past two or three nights, something. (Gururaj continues to strum the Sitar). Aide.(Cont’d) (Inaudible) Gururaj. Come on find something that would be interesting to our beloved family here. Quick, quick, quick. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). Devayseeyva deraybeenah...... You are my Sita and I am your Rama and without you, how can I live. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit). I’m waiting for this bloody woman of mine, quiet, you’ve got something, darling - you’re right. Come on. One of, how many poems I did? Aide.(Cont’d) A lot, a lot. Gururaj. Alright give them something. Aide.(Cont’d) I can’t read this with the same intonation. Can you hear? Aide.(Cont’d) When life finds the meaning of love, then living life becomes love So we can ponder the beauty of the sky that surround us. But you and I will have to travel yonder to find the sunlight in our life. We travelled millions of miles and peered into the moonlit glimmer, But yet when we woke up in the morning, we find the sunlit shimmer

5. UK 88-1 And going on we are begone And finding the beauty there is with us, in us, together. Gururaj. Come on. Aide.(Cont’d) Do you want me to try and read? Gururaj. Let me do it. I hope I Aide.(Cont’d) I’ll whisper the words in your ear. When life Gururaj. Are we set? When life finds the meaning of love, then living life becomes love. So we can ponder the beauty of the sky that surround us, But you and I will have to travel yonder to find the sunlight in our life. Gururaj. That’s the ..... best part of it. (Gururaj strums the Sitar). To be able to recite is an art in itself. I mean you guys know that, don’t you. Now just name any subject or anything and I will compose for you. Come on, let’s get your brains working. Anything, anything. Voice. Astronomy. Gururaj. That’s bullshit. (General laughter) Let us have something more closer to life and living. Okay. Astronomy isn’t much, is it? Voice. Flowers. Gururaj. (Gururaj sings in English), I once imagined myself to be a flower but then I realised that I’m not the flower, but the flower was me. So seeking the beauty of the flower, la, la, la, come on guys, (Gururaj starts clapping), la, la, seeking the beauty of the flower (everyone starts clapping) I found the beauty in me, la, la, la, la. Come on you guys at the back,

6. UK 88-1 (Group continues clapping). (Gururaj sings) Trying to find the beauty of the flower I found the beauty in me. La, la, la, la, (Clapping continues). So all my life I was searching all the time to find that beauty but at last when I’m dying, I found that beauty in me. You see beloveds. (Applause) So we search and search and search throughout our lives to find beauty but at last we find the searching was not necessary because the true beauty was within us. Yes. That’s how it works, guys and you girls. Charlie, you come on. Your turn now. He’s great. Come on. (Clapping) Give us a song man, entertain this crowd now. Okay. Do you want it down there, Charles? Voice. No, no, stay, Preatam. Gururaj. Ah come on. Oh I got to teach you everything. Voice. Every bloody thing. Gururaj. Bloody shit-arse. Voice. I sang a very rude song in the car coming down but I won’t ........ Gururaj. It has to be repeated. Okay, you carry on. What you did in Spain. Voice. (Cont'd). Alright. Okay. Gururaj. Jesus. Voice. (Cont’d). Quiet. Scottish one first. Gururaj. Okay. Shaw, you’re welcome. Voice. Okay, I belong to Glasgow. Okay, everybody. (General laughter) I belong to Glasgow dear old Glasgow town, but there’s something the matter with Glasgow because its going round and round (Charles sings) I Belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow town. (Applause).

7. UK 88-1 Voice. Do a duet now. Voice. You want a duet? Gururaj. Please, no, no, you and him. Well I don’t mind my pleasure, my joy. Okay Charlie boy carry on. Charles. I can’t bloody turn it down. I want it down here. Gururaj. Yeh, right. Chuck that damn cigar away, would you. (Gururaj sings in English) I love my people that they must forgive me sometime if I shit them out, the bastardos. Please forgive me. (General laughter) He’s done so many nice songs in Spain. Would you like to give us - whatever you want to? We leave it to you. I know you’re a bloomin’ shit-arse but nevertheless we give you the choice. Okay. Right. Charles.(Cont’d) I don’t know. (Charles sings) ‘She’s My Lady Love’. All together now - (Group join in) She’s my Lady Love, she is my love, my turtle dove, she’s no girl for sitting down to dream, she’s the only queen laguna. I know she likes me, I know she likes me because she said so. She is the Lily of Laguna, she’s my lily and my rose. (Repeated) Gururaj. Oh Bravo. Come on Charlie, we want another one. (Applause). Charles. Right. Al Johnson. ‘Give my regards to Broadway’. Broadstreet? I don’t know. Which one is it? Can we all join in something? What do we all know? Voice. You are my Sunshin e. Charles. (Sings with the Group) You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away. The other night dear as I lay dreaming . You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you‘ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away. Gururaj. Oh, thank you. Right. What was that we did in Spain together? You came out with something really beautiful. I can’t remember now.

8. UK 88-1 Voice. A Scottish one, was it? Gururaj. You just did a Scottish, idiot. Voice. I did a Scottish one. Iris h? Gururaj. Well, well, look we have our Bavna here. Group. Bavna Gururaj. Come on, Bavna, we want you. Bavna. (Clapping). Give us something Irish alright. Voice. Will you sing with me? Voice. What shall we sing? Danny Boy? Voice. Yeah okay. I don’t know the words. Gururaj. Okay, whatever. Charles and Bavna. (Charles and Bavna sing together) Oh Danny Boy the pipes the pipes are calling from glen to glen and down the mountain side. The summer’s gone and all the flowers are dying, it’s you, it's you must go and I must bide. So come ye come back in sunshine or in sorrow. And the trees are white with snow. ‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in sorrow, oh Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so. (Applause) Gururaj. Very good. Come on, let’s get someone else going. I know you guys and ladies have so much talent. So come on, be in the family. Voice. Who can sing? Come on

9. UK 88-1 Group. Laurie. Voice. We could have three our four people singing together. Gururaj. Yeah, whatever, you decide. Voice. Let’s have a choir. Gururaj. It’s okay by me, sure. (Gururaj strums the Sitar gently) Come, come, come. We’re not going to wait the whole night, are we? Voice. Come on. Oh a voice (clapping) Voice. What do you know? Voice. What do you want to sing? Voice. I don’t know. What do you know? Voice. ‘Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner’. Voice. Right. Voice. Everyone can join in with us. Gururaj. Get one or two of these ladies. Voice. Yes. Yes. Gururaj. Oh why must you be shy in front of your father, why?

10. UK 88-1 Voice. Masuni is hiding. She’ll come in a minute. Gururaj. Masuni, where are you? Oh no, come on. Charles and Laurie sing - Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London town. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I think of her, wherever I go. I get a funny feeling inside of me just walking up and down. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London town. Gururaj. All together now. Charles and Laurie lead the Group in singing - Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London town. Maybe it because I’m a Londoner that I think of her wherever I go. I get a funny feeling inside of me just walking up and down. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London town. Gururaj. Jesus. Come on. Jesus. Come on. Charles. (Sings) Anytime down Lambeth Way, any evening any day you’ll find them all doing the Lambeth walk. Ay. Anytime down Lambeth Way (clapping) doing the Lambeth walk. Why don’t you make your .........Lambeth Way. (Group don’t know the words) (Clapping). Gururaj. Don’t you touch my wife. (Group continues clapping and humming). Voice. They’re not very good, are they? Gururaj. I think Charlie, we’ll have to get these guys going again with something. Together. Voice. Right. Gururaj. This old body, ah, whatever. I know it all.

11. UK 88-1 Voice. I know. Let’s do the Lambeth walk again, shall we? Gururaj. Why not? Voice. Well, let’s sing out. Voice. Let’s do the Lambeth Walk again. (Charles and Group sing) Any evening, any day, you find them all doing the Lambeth Walk. (Clapping and humming) doing the Lambeth Walk. Gururaj. My daughter, ah, come on. Come darling, say something to us. Voice. Oh no. Gururaj. Yes, yes. You just start something, I’ll complete it for you. Anything. Voice(Cont’d). Hello everybody. (General laughter) I’m stuck for words. Gururaj. A little song, whatever, anything. Voice. I can’t sing. Gururaj. Of course you can. Voice. My God. Gururaj. Look, I’ve been talking the whole night to draw people out of themselves. That was my job, okay. Fine. Helping them to draw themselves out, get rid of inhibitions and what else alright. You understand what I’m trying to say, okay. So why can’t you help me then? (General laughter) Voice. I’m ............

12. UK 88-1 Gururaj. My darling. Well look, let’s do something that’s very well known and you all know it. Okay. (Gururaj starts singing) Oh my darling, (Rakki and the Group join in) Oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine, I was lost and gone forever, oh my darling Clementine. Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine, you were gone and gone forever oh my darling Clementine. (Applause) You see this is a very simple example how I can draw anyone out of themselves. So let’s do this ditty again. (Gururaj and Group sing) Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine. You were lost and gone forever oh my darling Clementine. (Oh my darling repeated again). Gururaj. You see my beloveds, oh sorry, you see, my darlings, the way, I mean, many of you are Teachers here, okay, and the idea is to draw people out of themselves and to lose their inhibitions from within themselves. When they lose inhibitions within, from within themselves, they become more expressive, more creative, more loving, more sincere, more honest, look we can go on the whole night on this list. That’s the way. So throw them out, make them feel, make them feel as everyone of you must feel, that you are all very, very important. If you were not important within yourselves, you’d have never taken this birth. Can you understand that? Because of your importance and the Divinity that flows within you, you have taken this birth. So no one needs to feel any despondency at all because you are life, you are love and that is the meaning of the grace that our Lord has provided to us. Remember that. I suppose you guys want to rest or whatever you want to do. I don’t mind at all. Okay - all the time, never tired, untiring but always loving, all the time. Charlie organise something more for these guys. Its only ten, yah, so we can spend another half an hour whatever. Voice. Anything. Voice. Come on, John. Gururaj. Come on John, we’ve been doing numbers together before. What you’re feeling damn shy - ah hah. There we are (Applause)

13. UK 88-1 Voice. This is an original piece of something, which I’ve been asked to sing to the tune of Clementine and you’re all going to join in. (Anton sings) Oh my guru, oh my guru, oh my guru Gururaj, we were lost and then you found us, thank you, thank you, Gururaj. (Applause) Gururaj. Lovely, beautiful. Carry on. Voice. I’m not responsible for this. After three. Three. (Anton sings and the Group join in) Oh my guru, oh my guru, oh my guru, Gururaj, we were lost and then you found us, thank you, thank you Gururaj. Again, a bit louder. Oh my guru, oh my guru, oh my guru Gururaj, we were lost and then you found us, thank you, thank you Gururaj. It’s not Shakespeare is it? Gururaj. You and I can do Shakespeare now. Voice. Is that right? Gururaj. Yes. The play is only going to start now. Voice. Just get my Agent on the phone. What do you want to do? Gururaj. Sign the contract. Sure. (General laughter) We’ll make Shakespeare shiver in his grave. (Laughter) I don’t know if any of you read some of my plays and productions. Okay. We must bring it to England so you can, because they’ve been produced you know, so many of them in South Africa. But nevertheless my son and I will do a few minutes of Shakespeare. Fine. Okay. Anton. Something from King Lear. Gururaj. No, no, no. no, no. He can start off. Anything from any of his plays or whatever, I know the bloody works. And I could still improve on it. Anton. I know a sonnet, is that any good? A sonnet.

14. UK 88-1 Gururaj. Anything. Anton. When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes, I all alone between my outcast state and troubled deaf heaven with my bootless cries, and look upon myself, and curse my fate, wishing me like to one more rich in hope, like him with friends possessed desiring this man’s art and that man’s scope with what I most enjoy contented least; Then in that state myself almost despising haply I think on thee, and then my state, like to the lark from sullen earth at break of day arising sings hymns at heaven’s gate; For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings that then I scorn to change my state with kings. Gururaj. Beautiful. (Applause) Okay Voice. Follow that. Gururaj. Okay and I’ll improve on Shakespeare because he was. Okay. And when the inner light shines within me in its style of its own, its own brilliance it defies any knowledge that I could have, but in knowing Willie boy (that’s Shakespeare) but knowing Willie, I feel proud to feel that we too are birds of one feather. And yet many times in the beguile that the heart feels

15. UK 88-1 or the love or the sorrow or troubling ourselves of the morrow we feel the depths of that love that you Willie boy and I has given to the world. So if we can still carry marching on you were there three hundred years ago but I am still here for perhaps another two or three years, okay, who cares. But we still can share in our cares the love, the sentiment, the wisdom of now which will forever last for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. (Applause) Shakespeare. Okay. Vidya have you shown them the copy of my new book, the book of poetry? Have you shown them? Voice. No, not yet. Gururaj. No. Can anyone rush up to get it, just for you guys to have a look? Okay Rajoo. Thanks. It’s coming out this year, the new one, this year. To love and be able to give oneself in that loving then one becomes one self because that is what love means, when love does not recognise itself anymore away from the mind analysing it. But to become love is to be love. It’s deep things to understand, my beloveds. When becoming love and existing in the essence of love then only there is a true meaning of life and life can verse itself to become love. I mean and this is just not to be spoken but read and reread and understood. Sure. An art. Have you guys got here in England the copies of the last book, ‘From Darkness to Light’? Voice. Yes. Beautiful. Gururaj. Lovely. Fine. Well Rajoo is gone upstairs but tomorrow we can at least show you the cover. We’ve got it in our suitcase, love. Yeh, fine. And then of course there’s a new one coming out now. This is just a manuscript. It is called

16. UK 88-1 ‘The Glimmer of Love’. Please just choose any page, any page you like, anywhere, and I can read it for you. Okay whatever page you’ve chosen is fine. Sure. Oh Goddess of joy I rest on your breast in the comfort I must surely find. Your breast was mine being the Divine. I must find rest. I find the milk that feeds me, I need new food, I need the embrace so I rest. The suckling of your breast you lead me to know in heart then laying this head in your lap I find eternity and not only rest. So these are okay - we can look at, say something else. Fine. Any page. Grey skies or sunlit skies bother me not For nought is aught in life’s fanciful ways Forever he trods on in complexities. I remain far away. Moonbeams filtering through darkened clouds, Sunshine glimmering on Himalayan peaks And winds howling it its symphonic ecstasy.... I remain far away. The river’s waters lapping my feet in heat Wanting to embrace the essence within me

17. UK 88-1 But I retreat from the attaching swirling ...... I remain far away. The trees and grass green with sun’s filtering gold Calls out to give me sheltering rest And the mountain with glossy allure wails...... I remain far away. Who is this Goddess who stands in my path, Smiling and beckoning me to her palace of gold To unfold her limbs to me, is that what life is about? I remain far away. This is part of it, is it? So it must be part of it, okay. Indra and Varuna and all the gods Of the spheres of existence say: Taste this soma -nectar of immortality .... But I remain far away. Yet you, Vidya, Divine knowledge and wisdom Finding ourselves in the essence of being Becoming the nectar of all that is living .... I can never, ever, be from you, far away.

18. UK 88-1 You see what love is all about darling. Do you understand? I mean I just opened up a page. Nevertheless this book will be coming out June, July this year. You’ll love it. Sure you would. Thank you dear. You can look after that because this has to go to the publishers. Can you understand the depth of the meaning of love? Can you understand which goes in the beauty of love? So love becomes totally involved with life and in that life we find that which is love. Yes. Always, always my darlings always remember this, always, finding that beauty that is there, we will find who we are, where we are and the answer will dawn to you that we are life. We are living for myself and you. That’s it. Great poetry and with me, composition, I don’t need to plan anything, it just flows, ah well, okay. That’s how it goes. If you can go with the flow of life’s river then there will never be a moment to be left out in the cold and neither a moment to shiver, for the beauty of the sunlit sky and even at night moonbeams too will be forever with you, to give you the comfort which deserves you. I see this bloody stupid poetry of mine. It’s not important at all but yet, yet I am trying to express to you or show you rather, the power of creativity. Yes. For example, I was, how many, two days or so, at your home Rajesh, Jasi three days and in those days how many paintings I did, just a flow the welling up of poetry and of love and creativity in art or music or. That’s it, guys okay. You fellows must go and have a rest now have a nice rest and see you in the morning. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. END


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