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2. UK 88-5 totality within yourselves. Find that, Jesus, - none of you bloody women must ever get into bed with me, that’s for sure. (General laughter) (Gururaj sings) So we walk hand in hand always in life’s wonderland. Cor blimey, Jesus, if you could really understand the meaning of life then life can really become wonderful. And it could become a wonderland having hand in hand together and that is how we progress in life. And find that happiness that all of us want, that all of us desire and this can be acquired by an understanding of ourselves that we are moving on in this beautiful wonderland. (Gururaj sings) So hand in hand we move along in this world wonderland. What the damn hell why shouldn’t we? What can prevent us? Come on you guys and you girls what can prevent us from enjoying the totality of life itself? (Gururaj continues singing) That is how we move on through this land and we can make this land into a wonderland. Simple things simple... (Inaudible)...that we misunderstand and we will find that in our lives. So we must not make our lives unhappy, no, my beloveds, no, it is not necessary. If we can make our lives unhappy, remember it’s the same energy involved to make our lives happy. Same energy, it is how we turn our attention. Do you want unhappiness or do you want happiness? Same amount of energy there’s nothing more involved but you have to divert your mind in this way or that way whatever. That depends upon you guys. Look this stupid guru can only tell you things but you have to realise certain things within yourselves, to realise that you were born to be happy. Realise that. Look, our Lord, our Creator never gave you life in this world to make you unhappy definitely not. Then he would be a stupid bastardo. He brought you in this world to express himself in his happiness. Okay. Do you get the point of what I’m trying to say to you guys? Do you get the point? Good. Right. Okay. Now with introduction of this evening right, any question? Come on, come on you fellas. Let me listen to something interesting that I could delve into your minds. Oh God, Baldev, he’s a damn Attorney in the United States and his mind functions as an Attorney, Solicitor whatever you call it in England, I don’t know. But nevertheless let’s hear what he has to say. Why not? Baldev. I stand in the dark here. Beloved Preatamji, Gururaj. Yes love.

3. UK 88-5 Baldev. The last few evenings you seem to be encouraging us to play on this Course and on the last few Courses. Could you speak to us on the mental level of the importance of play in playing in our lives? Gururaj. Now this is supposed to be a very profound, philosophical question, okay, carry on love. Baldev. As opposed to spending so many hours in just praying. Gururaj. Please excuse me. I’m so sorry with this change of climate and weather, I’ve got a little bit of a chest and by tomorrow it will be gone. You don’t need to concern of yourself. Now what is the meaning of playing? Well I know what that stupid idiot Shakespeare said that life is a play and blah, blah, blah. So we won’t attack the question, sorry, we won’t discuss the question from that angle but let us put a different angle to it. What is play and what is the meaning of playing? Since you were born, you’ve been playing with yourself. Sorry. Yes, you know a little pippie, you know, that is not our subject because I’ve got to go through with all these problems in psychological treatments, treatments with so many of my people and patients. Okay. That’s not our subject now. When we talk of play, what do we really mean my beloveds, what do we mean? If you can learn the ability to play in this world that we exist in, you’ll not be serious because you will be able to regard life as a play. And when you can regard life as a play then seriousness does not find, oh thank you dear, then seriousness does not find any place because we are involved in this play of life. Really life is a play in itself. When we come to this realisation of ourself that life is a play, then nothing will ever bother us because we have learnt to regard everything to be a play. So there’s no botheration and there is no seriousness, because it is the seriousness that you develop within yourself creates the problem within yourself. Jesus, these things are so damn simple really. So when we lose the sense of the seriousness in the play of life and find life itself to be a play, like a football game or tennis or table whatever - I know so little about these things, I’m so ignorant - and when we realise that life is not to be taken serious then we can play and in our innocence of the play, we can be so playful. So you see when you take life to be serious then now just think, okay, I’m sure you guys know some English, okay. English people don’t know English. Playful you are a fool in your play. So what I’m trying to say, be wise in your play and become playfully wise instead of playful. Look, I mean I’m trying to put things over to you guys very simply and very lucidly and plainly and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but the realisations that we have to come to in our own minds, okay,

4. UK 88-5 play the fool with yourself, but at the same time realise that you are a fool and you are playing with your own foolishness which is creating problems within yourself. So bloody simple really. What must I do with this crowd? So when we cease to play with ourselves we can perhaps at sometime or the other, find some wisdom within ourselves. And wisdom requires some kind of analysis within ourselves and by going through the process of analysis which is Jnana Yoga, you would come to realisations within yourself, through Jnana Yoga you will develop within yourself, Bhakti Yoga, devotion. So there we go. Right. Jnana Yoga teaches you how to analyse yourself. From that we proceed to Bhakti Yoga, which is devotion and from there, automatically we come to Karma Yoga, that formulates each and every action within yourself in daily life and daily living. Right. We’ve got, what have we got son, we’ve got Jnana, Bhakti, okay yeah. We go a step further now, a little bit. We come to Raja Yoga, the practice of our spiritual practices within ourself. That will help a lot. I mean look you guys you have to do it. It just doesn’t come from the fresh air. You’ve got to put some little effort at leas t. Right. Now ancient Scriptures only talked of four Yogas. Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, but I’m going to tell you something very different now. There’s another Yoga, Gururaj Yoga. (General laughter) Of course I’m joking but what I’m trying to say is that apart from that Jnana and Karma and Bhakti, there is one Yoga that is very important, is the love that flows between us together, Gururaj Yoga. Yes. And if you can sincerely feel within yourself tha t deep love, sincerity, honesty and that togetherness for I mean you need nothing more than that really. That’s true, yes, my beloveds, that is true. Because finding that togetherness within yourself, you would become integrated within yourself and when you are away from fragmentation to integration, you become yourself. Do you see the power of the force of love? And what is love? It is that Maestro, He is love all the time and always. Hey Vidya, have you fallen asleep are you taking notes there? I tease her you know. Well this is a bit of comic relief and of course Anton knows, thank you darling, thank you very much. And of course Anton knows how we can produce on the stage our plays and all that, that comic release for relaxation of the mind and then, Jesus, we wipe them after that. Oh well. We know these things right love. Sure. Good. Vidyaji, shall I go on more or do you think we had enough? I don’t know how they feel. Group. More. Gururaj. More, more, come on more. Come on guys, more.

5. UK 88-5 Group. More, more. Gururaj. You see many years ago when I used to perform on the stage, I’m very old now for these things but I’m sure you could still recognise the quality of the voice. And of course I used to fall over whatever, its not important. And after I finished a song, Jesus these audience of, I don’t know how many thousand, used to say ‘More, more, more’. Come on now guys more, more, more. (clapping). (Gururaj sings) I love you so much I love you so much so you must love me more, more, more, I want your love, my love, me, amigo. Please love me. (Group starts clapping quickly). This is a little exercise in making you release some built up tension within yourself. Look I’m a Master, bloody psychiatrist, okay no question about it you all know that. It’s very simple, a simple thing to make you release some little tension that you might have okay. I go through these things, Jesus, from morning ‘til night, twenty five hours of the day. Oh well, that’s how it goes. Right, I’ve been talking for more than an hour, darling. Voice. ............. Initiations ...... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Okay, can we start on that dear? Right. Fine. You guys relax, light up a cigarette whatever you want. No problemo, that’s for sure. Peter, are you organising? Voice. Okay we’ll start with the usual prayer and the affirmation. Then the heavenly choir, the Teachers will join in with the Gurur Gita. Gururaj. Do you want a mike Peter, there is one there? Oh, are you alright? Can they hear you sweetheart? Voice We can hear him at the back. Gururaj. Okay, fine. Good. (Gururaj chants) Om bhur bhuvah swah. Tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. Om vishwani deva savitar duritani parasuva. Yad bhadram tanna asuva. Om agne naya supatha raye asman vishwani deva vayunani vidwan. Yuyo dhyasma jjuhurana meno bhuyishthante nama uktim vidhema. Om asato ma sad gamaya. Tamso ma jyotir gamaya. Mrityorma mritam gamaya. Sarve bhavantu sukhinah. Sarve santu niramayah Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Ma kashchit dukha mapnuyat. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

6. UK 88-5 Gururaj. Now the Shanti prayer love. Have you got the Shanti prayer? Voice. Yes, we’ll finish with that, Guruji. Gururaj. Alright we’ll do that I’ll do it for you, no problem. Now of course welcome you guys to the family of Teachers and remember give happiness to whoever you come across with deepest love and kindness and sincere feeling, without any kind of selfishness but just that love. Right. Now of course I’ve empowered him to do the Initiations. Have you got ....? Great. You’ve got it thank you darling. So oh thank you very much. Oh you guys are great. Because I have empowered him to do it. (Initiations) Gururaj. (Sings in Sanskrit), Come on (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit). You must get my prayer book on the table every time. (Jasmini joins in singing with Gururaj). Oh Lord please take our troubles away, (Gururaj and Jasmini continue singing). You’ve helped me to ...... (Inaudible) ‘Twas nice to end the night with a little prayer. It’s always good and remember before you close your eyes at night, have one little good thought. Look I’m speaking to you as a Master psychologist and psychiatrist and all that bullshit, right, but when you sleep at night, it is always good to have a good thought, it could be of devotion or worship or whatever, okay or of our Lord, whatever. It’s always nice to sleep with a good thought because while you are sleeping, as you all know, the subconscious mind is operating and if before we sleep, we can implant a little good thought, it will operate in our subconscious mind. Yes. And it will make life better. So it’s nice to go to bed with a good loving thought, a good thought. You might have your own forms of worship, whatever they are. I mean we can think of Krishna or Christ or Buddha, whatever, I mean that’s your, but the point always sleep with a good thought in the mind. (Gururaj starts singing again in Sanskrit and Jasmini joins in with him). Our Holy Mother. Fourthly, I remember my mother and Father. They have given me life okay. These guys haven’t got that quality of my voice (laughter). Sadly I remember my guru because he gives me the knowledge of life. My mother and father has given me birth and then my guru gives me some knowledge of life. And of course. Thank you thank you. Thank you. Vidyaji shall we,

1. UK 88-5 Gururaj. With our husbands, wives our friends and whatever you name it, okay, to be able to share. Give him half or else we’ll run short. Oh, it’s just a bit of fun together. Right. Okay. Now Vidya darling, have you given out the Easter eggs to the children? You have. Good. What’s that damn song again? ‘Hold my hand’, something Voice. ‘I’m a Stranger in Paradise’ Gururaj. No that son of mine, that, Cliff Richard guy sang it, man. What was it? ‘Hold my hand’, was it? I’m getting old now. Vo ice. I want to hold your hand. Gururaj. Okay, come on, you help me. Come love, come on darling. Start us off and we’ll know how to carry on, okay I’ll help you, I’ll help you. I’ve got a master voice. The Master’s voice. Voice. Anyone know the words or the tune of ‘I want to hold your Hand’ because I know neither only the title. Gururaj. You carry on. Voice. (Cont’d). I really know neither. (The Group start singing ‘I want to hold your hand’). Gururaj. You got it, I’m doing it. (Group continues trying to sing). Put some bloody power into it. (Gururaj starts singing) I want to hold your hand. Nevertheless, it’s a different version alright, okay, please forgive me. I want to hold your hand, so you and I my love can walk hand in hand, because sometimes we feel life’s path is difficult but when we walk together hand in hand, it might become a little easy. So hand in hand and we’ll travel along. Hand in hand, we will sing our love song. Come near. Hand in hand, we will travel on and we will, Inooji, sing our life’s song. That’s a subject for my next TV Programme. Who cares in any case? What I’m trying to say very, very simply is how to develop the creativity within yourselves, so you can flow with life and you can flow with love. You can find the

7. UK 88-5 Vidya. .............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. What darling, sorry. Voice. Have them come up to you Preatam, save you walking ro und. Gururaj. You’ve done the Teachers Initiations? Voice. ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. What can you think of, luvey? Voice. ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Whatever you think, I don’t mind, I could go on the whole night. I’m stiff; you’ll have to help me up. Get my shoes. Your souls in total sincerity to children, they will feel your love because you are sincere. That’s important, my darlings. Oh yes. Because just remember, remember one thing, that there was a time when you were children too. Can any of you deny that? So what we do we return the love and affection to these children. It will help them get on in life an d togetherness and to find themselves, when they grow a bit more, instead of becoming these delinquents. Yes. So we got to help our children. We have to really. That’s our job, I suppose. END


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