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1. UK 88-8 Gururaj. My American wife says laugh, but we say ‘lauff’. Morning dear. Right. Just moments of meditation together. Would you like that? Okay. Open you eyes slowly. What can we talk about this morning? Come on guys. Aide. Midnight experiences first. Gururaj. If you wish, whatever. I mean, I’m game for anything, anytime, all the time, forever and forever. Aide. I can't sing because my voice has gone. Midnight Practice last night, - if anybody would like to just come - preferably if you stand here, so that we can get it on tape, to say anything about your experiences - Midnight Practice, relating to, during or after. Come on Jammu, Gururaj. Whoever? Okay. Aide. Just come up one after, one, after each other if you will, thanks. Gururaj. Careful, love. Voice. Ah yes, the Midnight Practice was quite extraordinary in that we felt a lot of energy in our room, and then I promptly went to sleep. And the important thing that happened, perhaps, is the dream that I had when I went to sleep, either during or right after the Midnight Practice, which may in general, explain our general predicament in this world. What happened was this, that I found myself in a very dark cave, way underground with a whole bunch of other people, and we called ourselves humans. And we lived - the general idea was that we lived in these dark caves underground, some of which were very small and heights that we had to wander around in a bent-over state. And some of them were so narrow that we had to crawl through them on our stomachs, it was almost being like in a coal mine. And the reason for this was it came out that we had been at war, and had been for many, many generations, with another race of beings that we called the winged-ones, who dominated the heavens and the skies. And as a result of our war, we were condemned or we chose to live our dark caves underground. And we'd, it had been forgotten what the cause of the original war was, and we decided that the best thing to do, was to try and trap one of the winged-ones, and bring them down, and interrogate him, and try to find out (General laughter) what the cause of the war was, and how best to counter-attack or whatever, because we all had no contact with them in years. And we'd lived underground in fear. And so we went with great fear on our own parts up towards the surface of the ground, (General laughter) in the hopes that we would find a

2. UK 88-8 winged one - the winged ones couldn't pursue us underground because our caves were so narrow that they couldn't fly to get after us, they'd have to, they would lose there powers. So in any case we went to the surface, very close to the surface and amazingly enough we found one right in one of our large caves, at the entrance of one of our large caves. And we rushed our and grabbed him. (General laughter) We were excited and I was just fascinated, I could not believe our good luck. (General laughter) And I turned this guy around who had such a terrific shape, and he had fantastic little wings on him, not these great big angel wings but these small white pinkish little wings on his back. And so that was the end of the dream - we were taking it back, down into the underworld with us, to enquire where he came from, and about his race, and so on. There were so many conclusions that I reached about this, and the first is that, the caves in which we all dwelt underground were none other than the limitations of our own thought patterns. And the second is that we are very, very grateful that we caught this winged-being, and how we examined him closely this morning, sort of from afar, I'm very sorry that we temporarily took his wings away. Thank you. (Group Clapping) Gururaj. Now can I explain you this, my son Jammuji. Oh God, we have been together so many years, but in his experience what actually happened, that he was regressing to the caveman age. That was actually what happened. He was taken away by his intellectual being, and going back to his real original self. And that is very beautiful, to be able to go back to your real original self, and find yourself there, that's great. Now what was happening in-between, okay, let me explain this, with these thought patterns of the visions of the mind, and the experiences as my son has described. Okay. These were the surface things of the mind, but the true realisations he found in his midnight experience was his inner-self, where he went back to his own real self and not bothered by the experiences of the world. Am I right son? Next. Come on guys, you don't need to be shy. Look I'm your pal, I'm your friend, I am your father, I’m whatever. Anybody else? Aide. Anyone else? Gururaj. Okay. Namaste. Questioner. Namaste. Last night when I went into meditation, I felt a bit restless, and then I just felt this incredible energy around me, and I just felt my whole body disappearing. And I could just, I felt like my whole body was disappearing, and I felt just an energy that was in my hands, but they weren't my hands. It was very peaceful.

3. UK 88-8 Gururaj. Thank you. What happened in your sub-conscious mind, was that you and I were making love together. Bloody Freud and Jung and all, Jesus, I could stuff them all. Darling, what you felt within yourself was a certain release of energy. Right? Fine, good, good, good, good. Fine. Next. Come on, look you guys are not talking, so why not just dam relax and kick off your shoes, or whatever you want to do, or light a cigarette. Okay, relax, damn it. Sure anything. Namaste. Voice. Last night I had a terrific experience, lots of experiences. The first started with the top of my head which just um . Gururaj. I will tell you, before you tell me what happened to you. It started with the top of the head, and it went much lower down. Okay, now you carry on. Voice. (Cont’d). (General laughter). The head, you know the top just sort of ached a bit, then the forehead. Gururaj. That was taking away tension, its okay, fine. Voice. (Cont’d). Then, the centre of my forehead ached very badly. The whole of the forehead ended up by feeling tense I suppose, and that just basically stayed for, and it’s still around now. The whole area sort of moved, and then I saw lovely shades of blue, all different sorts of shades of blue and black. After that I saw lots of different types of fruits all sort of stacked up with - I don't know, I felt solid pieces of honey in-between, it was beautiful. I then had this cold blast of air, either going in or out of my ear, I can't remember which now, I think it was my left ear. Then I saw flowers, and in fact I was uncomfortably sitting, because I was sitting on a edge of a bed, not sitting in a chair properly, and when I moved back, I sort of moved back and it was lovely and warm and loving. But I couldn't lean back, keep leaning back like that because if I had I would have probably falling over, so I had to keep bringing myself forward. And it finished off with various eyes looking at me, just on and off. Gururaj. Beautiful. Oh now, that's wonderful darling. What was that old song 'Whirlpools of the mind?' Windmills of the - okay, come on guys, we're going to show her the windmills, fine. How does it go? Come on, come on you guys. No, where's the damn whirlpool? (Gururaj starts to sing) Whirlpool of the mind - Vidya, you have to help me darling, don't you remember that, whirlpool of the mind? Jes', you guys, what must I do with you all? Come Charles, you know the works. Okay, (Gururaj sings) Whirlpools of the mind, keeps whirling on.....................Whirlpool of the mind.

4. UK 88-8 Voice. ‘Windmills of the mind’ – I’ll have to hum it. (starts humming it). Gururaj. Now I will improvise on Cliff Richard, who sang the ‘Whirlpool of the mind’. Okay. How come you people forget these? Well of course I'm an old man. Right. (Gururaj sings) ‘My mind keeps whirling around, and in whirling itself, I find myself so much in love with you. So if there is a whirlpool, let it ever be, as long as I can get drowned in the whirlpool of your love. Ah and there is where I will be fou nd. So I will find I myself in your heart, oh my love, oh love, love, love, love, my love. In the whirlpool of the mind, I will surely find the love I have forever searched for and now thanks to the Lord, that this love, now I can find, just to.... (Group clapping) Jesus, it’s a different story, being in the presence of a Master. You could master the deepest wisdom, the deepest wit, and the deepest shit. (Gururaj laughs) Guys, it's nice to have a little comic relief, isn't it? Why not, I mean, why not? Now, come on please, some of you guys take over. Charlie, see what you can do love? Okay, I mean I just can't on keep on bloody talking for hours and hours, I need to have a bloody breathing space, don't I? Right. Charlie, take over. Charlie. (sings) ‘Three blind mice’ (Group joins in) Charles. Come on, sing it to me. Gururaj. She knows it. Charles. Three blind mice. Come on. (Charles and a child sing Three Blind Mice). Can you play it? Gururaj. Okay, carry on. Voice. I’ll sing it. Charles. We’ll all sing it.

5. UK 88-8 Gururaj. Yes, why not altogether we’re one family aren't we? Person - plays ‘The Windmills of Your Mind’ on the piano Gururaj. Where am I going to find a family like, a family like you guys eh? Never in the world. Are you giving us something else, darling? Are you, come on. Come on. Person plays the piano, group sings 'I Am Sailing'. (Group Clapping) Gururaj. Come on Charles, you’re a master. Come on. I don’t know what he’s going to do. Voice (sings) 'Scarborough Fair'. (Clapping) ‘The Valley of Tees’ Gururaj. Carry on. Oh whatever. Voice. This is a something new. Guruji. Sure, I'm joking with you. Voice.(Cont’d) Would you be quiet! This is a singing name game. And what I'll do is I will sing out a certain note, and you have to listen to it, and you’re up in the mountains, and it’s like an echo, and you sing it back to that person. I'll sing someone's name, and you'll sing it back to that person twice. Okay, are you ready? Gururaj. I am ever ready. I am the manufacturer of Ever Ready batteries. Voice. Here it goes. (Sings the one word) ‘Preatam’ then ‘Rose’ and then ‘Laurie’ (Group sings the echo) Voice. (starts the group singing), ‘Hello, hello, hello’, Gururaj. (Starts singing)

6. UK 88-8 Voice Excuse me. (Group singing. - More singing etc.) Gururaj. (Sings) I’m so happy. So hello, hello, hello. (Group continue singing ‘Hello, Hello, Hello’) Gururaj. (Sings in Sanskrit) Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello is below, below but we will all rise above. (Group clapping in time with Gururaj) Come on. Lah, lah, lah. Voice. (Humming and Group Clapping) Gururaj. I'm the master of wit and wisdom, and also a great entertainer. Look I don't know if you've got this - I'm an old man. Right, I don't know if you, I mean you realise this, that when we are together on a Course, together, it is not only th e wisdom that you, but also some fun and happiness, family feeling, and a few laughs together, okay. It’s bloody hot in here. Carry on Charles. (General laughter) We're still got about ten or fifteen minutes, I suppose. Charles. Shall we have another sing-s ong? (Charles sings) 'Rosie, you are my posey, you are my heart, come out into the moonlight, there is something I have to say, you are my posey, my Rosie Green. There’s an old mill by the stream Nellie, where we used to sit and dream Nellie, and the waters as they grow, seem to mellow soft and low. You are my heart’s delight, I love you Nellie Dean. Won’t you come home Bill Bailey, won’t you come home I cried the whole night long. I’ll do the cooking honey, I’ll pay the rent, I know I’ve done you wrong. Remember that rainy evening I turned you out with nothing but a fine toothcomb, I know I’m to blame, now ain’t that a shame, Bill Bailey won’t you come home. Bill Bailey won’t you please come home. Gururaj. On you stupid shit. I'm nothing but a bundle of fun really. I'll give you knowledge and wisdom and all that, okay, but at the same time, some fun and togetherness, and a few laughs. Why not? Daughter, don't cry my darling. You haven’t told me, but I know, little problem, rubbish, nothing to worry about sweet. Okay. You guys, I think we all had a lovely morning together, did we? Oh good, I’m happy for that. Vidya darling.

7. UK 88-8 END


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