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1. U S 77 - 35 LAKE HAVASU GOODBYE GURURAJ: So, so joyful where everyone is playing with so much life and love and laughter. What does the gardener want? Nothing but to see that the flowers grow beautifully. And to nurture those very blossoms with words of wisdom that could penetrate the ir very souls, their very greenery, their very colorful petals. And yet, deep down from the root is gathered the eternity of wisdom that comes across the ages. And yet the roots capture that flow and expresses itself into this flower that blooms. How be autiful it blooms. Let its fragrance pervade the entire earth that we live on. Let this message of love go on and on from heart to heart. Let this message be the salvation of mankind, for in this world today, nothing else is needed. All these technique s and practices we do aims at one thing only, it is the unfoldment of the infinite love which man holds within himself and wants to express all the time. For it is only in this expression that life's mission is fulfilled. And that my joy could become one with your joy. Thank you very much for having me here. It is very beautiful being with you all. And to me it seems as if I have known you for ages past, and I'm very sure that this has not been our first meeting. I've spoken to you over and over before , and now we speak again. Perhaps again in other lifetimes we too shall meet, for the love that has bloomed never dies. It is eternal. When communication of hearts are made, that could never fade away; it is eternal, and every seed that is planted, plan ted in fertile soil, never goes to waste. It bears fruit, the fruit of love. Thank you very much. AMRIT: Guruji, the course as a very small measure of their gratitude have collected something here as a kind of little gif t of gratitude and we don't wan t you to open this now, but later when you get home you can open this. We realize this is very, very small but just a little bit of our... GURURAJ: The love is big. AMRIT: OK. GURURAJ: ... I'd like to shake everyone's hand.... **** END ****


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