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2. U S 77 - 7 B come to weekend deepening courses. So we just call it a one day deepening course. OK? Deepening course because it deepens experience and deepens kno wledge. So we could do this perhaps on the first Sunday ... VOICE: The twentieth. AMRIT: That would be the twentieth? Sunday, the twentieth? OK. We can do that then. Who knows? Maybe we'll have a center by then. ... will have a center by then. CH ELA: Before we have a center, we have to get all the money for Walter's ticket back. And I've been collecting a lot of it in my back pocket, and if anyone who would like to, uhh, ... BARBARA: Stuff her back pocket. CHELA: Stuff my back pocket some more. I'm, uhh, looking forward to receiving that, and we're getting, we're over half way to the amount that we would need. Three hundred and fifty dollars, and he doesn't get anything to eat. BARBARA: We'll make you a sack lunch. CHELA: Margrite packs an excellent lunch. Chris and I can vouch for that. AMRIT: As a matter of fact, I usually take her lunches with me anyway, and I don't eat much of what they give me on the plane. Unless you fly Swiss Air or India Air, Air India, you don't usually get a very good meal. Now on Swiss Air, it's fantastic! But you know, there'd be no point. I'm not going to Switzerland, am I? CHELA: So, if you would like to help and contribute to that, we would like to thank everyone because people hav e been extremely generous. Umm, just give it to me because I'm taking care of it. HAROLD: I'll keep it for you for safe keeping.

3. U S 77 - 7 B AMRIT: OK. Harold is acting as our treasurer here, as an interim treasurer. Are you still committed to the idea until Ju ly if we get things all straightened around and get our ... HAROLD: Uhh, let's discuss it later. AMRIT: We'll discuss it later. HAROLD: We'll see about that. AMRIT: OK. OK. Umm, now ... CHELA: You said earlier about having a lot of teachers, but, uh h, what plans do you have for teacher training? AMRIT: OK. Now that's going to be a major thing that we're going to start this autumn. We're going to start a teacher training program, first of all, for prep instructors. And when that program is complet ed in several months, we'll go on to the counselors. And uhh, uhh, right now in England, we're training thirty five new prep instructors. We just started them several weeks ago on their training. And that's why Gita has to stay in England when I come ba ck here initially because she and Robert Meridith together have to continue finishing up with working with these prep instructors. Umm, and then the, the program for training prep instructors is eighty five to ninety percent completed, and it can be done in a series of ... Well, put it this way. It won't be very difficult to do because it can be done by meeting ... We can either meet one night a week, or we can meet once a month for a weekend. Either way. Now that's what we're doing in England because we bring people from all over England to London. See. It's very simple. It's such a small country. Far smaller than the state of California. So if you have people coming all the way up say from Liverpool down to London, they get on a fast train. They' re there in two and a half hours. And uhh, so we have them come once a month or once every five weeks or so for a weekend. And then they go back and they just work and study in their local area.

4. U S 77 - 7 B So we can do it however you want. I mean, this is very flexible. We can set it up any way you like. But there's got to be a good systematic training program for doing this. Initially it will be for being a prep instructor and then for becoming a counselor and learning how to check all the full techniques a nd so forth as well as do personal counseling. And this will involve reading books. We've got quite a book list now. Quite a number of books on the book list too. Uhh, many different areas to be reading. It will involve, umm ... And this is also somewhat flexible. I mean, teachers can have some c hoice about this. It will involve listening to certain tapes. It will involve especially a lot of time learning how to teach which is quite different from just learning material. OK? Learning how to teach. Practicing essentially. It starts out with a co mmunications course. How to talk about meditation. How to talk about spiritual growth. OK? Just to communicate. Anyone can take this. You don't have to make any commitments to be a teacher, uhh, or anything like that. It's just a communications cour se. When you finish that, then you have prep teacher training. When you finish that, then on to the counselor training and so on. CHELA: Are you planning on any money on this? Or what? AMRIT: Beg pardon? CHELA: Are, are ... AMRIT: Yes, there will be s ome, some charge, a very modest charge for teacher training. And it will pay for materials that you'll get like tapes and things like this and also for ... We'll have to have some periods of more intensive time together like maybe a whole day or a weeken d or something like this. And we'll make it a very modest charge. CHELA: OK. I'm just concerned about how ... AMRIT: Oh, no, no, no, no. When I say charges, I mean that I think most people would become, uhh ... The process of becoming a prep teache r might cost them twenty five dollars. The process of becoming a counselor might cost fifty or sixty dollars. I mean, that's just a rough guess. I don't know. But umm, it will be well within anyone's economic capabilities. We never ever want to preven t someone from becoming a teacher for either of two reasons, either because they don't have money or because they, you know, they can't take long periods of time off to go away for long periods of

1. U S 77 - 7 B two or three days, all alone with Gita. We're not going to see anyone, so we can just have some time together before we leave. So I should be coming around the fifteenth or so back here. And I'll just fly directly from London to New York because it's chea per and then from New York to San Francisco. So, umm, I should be back on the fifteenth, maybe the sixteenth. Now it would be nice if the first weekend after I came back we could have an all day event on a Sunday, like the ones that I described. Was eve ryone here when we ... Were you all here when I talked about this? VOICES: No. AMRIT: Well, what we would do, what we would do is we would get a place something like the Menlo Park Recreation Center if this is suitable and umm, which would accommodate s ixty, seventy, eighty people comfortably. And the thing would start. It would be on a Sunday. That's probably the best day. And it would start out about two thirty in the afternoon. It would start out with an advanced lecture from about two thirty unt il about four. Then we would break and have a cup of coffee or tea, and then there would be group practices from about four thirty, four forty five, until I don't know about six o'clock or so. And then at six o'clock we would break and have a dinner whic h could be a potluck dinner or it could be catered by some ..., by people here if they wish to do. It's up to the, up to whatever people want to do. I think probably initially, the first time, it would probably be better just to have a potluck. BARBARA : Potluck. AMRIT: And then at about seven o'clock at night, seven or seven thirty, seven probably, we would start our evening meeting which would go on til about ... And that would be just a question and answer session, just a satsang, question and answe r session. And that can go on as late as you want. People could leave around eight thirty if they wanted to or they could stay later. Now what we found in England is that for these events people tend to stay until ten, eleven o'clock at night because b y the evening session, everyone gets so warmed up. And things really start flowing. But people can leave when they want in that evening session. And umm, this has turned out to be the best program of any kind that we've held in England as far as attenda nce is concerned. Far more people come to that than regular advanced lectures, and far more people than

5. U S 77 - 7 B time. In other words, the training will be done in your lo cal area. Although when people become a counselor, they will be expected to come on a course with Gururaj. That's very important. Uhh, uhh, one of these courses like this for five, six days. Something like that. Because he wants to spend time with peo ple ... [Unintelligible.] CHELA: Amrit, it's four o'clock. AMRIT: Four o'clock. OK. So that means that we've got another meeting now for the teachers. All those people that are teaching now, who are involved in teaching in some way, should come to tha t. Umm, where is that? Is that going to be here? Is Guruji coming over here? CHELA: Yes. BARBARA: He's here. CHELA 2: Not that I know of, Walter. I don't think he ... [unintelligible] AMRIT: Beg pardon? CHELA 2: I don't think so. Not until the satsang tonight. AMRIT: OK. Then it must be over there. So we'll all have to head for over there. And uhh, please go right ahead and get working on looking for this property. ****END****


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