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2. U S 78 - 20 B So I never, never leave. I' m always here with you. Someone came to visit me from Australia, and he says, "I feel so hurt leaving, parting from you." I say, "No, you are not leaving alone, you are taking me with you." So when there is a realization that all is but one, there's no going and no coming, it's all here and now. But until we see each other again in the physical which is liked most by people keep well, keep on doing the practices, which would be greatly beneficial to you, as you know. And I want to thank you for th e wonderful hospitality and the love shown to me. And it has been great fun being here. I've heard the American people are very fun loving, so I try to not be too serious, and yet to drive some of the most serious points home in fun. Good. So they want t o have a little break now so they could prepare for the concert, but before we have the break, should we end this course with a prayer? Hm? From the point of light within the mind of God, let light stream forth into the minds of men; let light descend on Earth. From the point of love within the heart of God, let love stream forth into the hearts of men; may Divinity return to Earth. From the center where the well of God is known, let purpose guide the little wells of men, the purpose which the masters kno w and serve. From the center which we call the race of men let the plan of love and light work out, and may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let light and love and power restore the plan on Earth. Amen. [There is a pause. Then when the tape resumes, A mrit is talking] [There is a lengthy and inaudible question] AMRIT: Now Jesus obviously had a lot of things to do to prepare himself for his mission which was only three years of about three years long. O.K. And it's true that most of the time between 12 and 30 was the preparation for that mission. It involve d the removing of the blocks, the samskaras, that blocked up the original consciousness. And I think you might be interested in knowing that the final, full illumination, the moving into complete unity, according to Guruji, did not take place until he was actually hanging on the cross. That it was the great power and impact of that experience of being on the cross that brought him into complete unity. And remember this, no avatara when they're actually teaching can be in complete unity. If they were, the y would be in total bliss 24 hours a day, and if they were in total bliss 24 hours a day they couldn't do anything. All you can do is go and sit in a cave somewhere and meditate because... um, there couldn't be any motivational base to an action. No any ac tion is undertaken, why? Because you're trying to fulfill a desire. Now to fulfill a desire means that when you've completed the action, when you've fulfilled what you're trying to do, that a certain sense of satisfaction comes in the doing of that. So there has to be even if it's a very surface thing there has to be some sense that something is missing so

1. U S 78 - 20 B ANNOUNCEMENTS, APPOINTMENTS (SIDE TWO) GURURAJ: Are we going to have time for questions tonight? AMRIT: We have a lot to do tonight.... GURURAJ: We'll see how it goes. Nevertheless, I have some announcements to make first. [Long pause] Ahh, Robert Anderson, would he kindly stand up. Robert Anderson has received his spiritual name: it is "Sujay." It means "the heralder of goodness." Sujay. [Ahhs from audience] And then two new prep teachers have been officially appointed, Mimi Morasani, and Bill [Wygent?]. Please. So they can see you. Bill? Ahh, there's Bill. Good. Then we also had the pleasure of appointing three healers, to whom healing powers have been transferred. So if these heale rs are in your area and you need any help whatsoever, they are dedicated enough to serve you and help you in the problem. And the three healers that have been transferred this power of healing are Claudette [Knapf?], [?? Childers?], and Laura Anderson. G ood. Thank you. Ah, they have innate healing abilities and by transferring or opening them up to this greater universal force, these healing powers flow through them as channels to help those that are in need. So please do not hesitate to consult them at any time you wish. Hm? And then, we have appointed a full counselor for the East Coast, and that is Peggy O'Brien. Peggy, namaste. So she'll be in charge of doing the full counseling and full initiations there. Good. That covers the announcements. Now the next thing we'll do is hand out the blessings. Well, I was told tonight is the last night of the course. Of course, there is going to be a talk tomorrow morning as well, but the last night of the course they normally organize a concert. So that mea ns I'm not supposed to speak too much. [Laughter] So on the last night what can be spoken about? That is the most difficult part for me. Otherwise, you know, I can blab on and on and on. Yes. To part from those loved ones becomes painful sometimes. But if we realize that there's no parting, really, there's always a meeting, all the time, in one form or the other. Hm? Then we will know that there is no parting, f or nothing is apart from each other. It is all in oneness. And although the physical body goes away in parting to return again, but the spirit remains behind, all the time. And the love that is there, that is engendered by the spiritual practice s, forever keeps that love alive and therefore the presence alive.

3. U S 78 - 20 B that you can complete that thing that's missing. And if that never exists, then there's no motivation to do anything, and you just go sit in a cave somewhere. So an avatara has to remain on the brink of unity but not go into total or complete unity because if they did, they would be saturated in that bliss all the time, and there would be absolutely no motivation to do anything whatsoever. And t herefore they couldn't undertake a major task of teaching. So this means that the removal of samskaras must be only to that point. There must be ego there, there must be ego. An avatara could not work without there being ego there. It's only in the pers on in total unity where all ego vanishes. But such a person just sits, he doesn't do anything. [CONTINUES. TO BE TRANSCRIBED LATER] **** END ****


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