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5. U S 79 - 24 Mary went to visit her friend, Stella. Stella had a little boy. Mary went for tea, and the little boy was playing on his dr um. Mary was a bit irritated by this noise all the time, so she asked Stella, "Doesn't this noise disturb you?" She says, "No, it keeps the boy quiet." So we get mistaken by all the chattering and noise in our minds, thinking that is how we should be thinking that that is quietude. But once the drummer stops his drumming, then we experience the silence, and by experienci ng the real silence within us, then we are very close to that pure consciousness. Good. Then, of course, the Bible has also been a book which has been severely edited by the Council in four hundred and thirty two something, 342, Council of Nicene. It has been edited, and a lot of truths there that were taken out so that a certain organization could be formed. For example, you should just read one little book. It's just called Reincarnation, by an author, E. G. Hodson. Therein he quotes you verses that h ave been taken out of the Bible which talks of incarnation reincarnation. So, therefore, we do not have the totality of it all. But there is enough there in the Bible to show us the way and the life and the truth, in spite of many teachings being wate red down, as it has been watered down in so many religions. On the course I told a story. There are many new people here, there's only about 30 from the last course, so I'll repeat the story. I'm running short of stories, so if you have a nice story, sen d it to me. I can always use it in a satsang. Good. One of the most beautiful letters I had was from Vincent Sculley in England, and in that letter, "Dear Gururaj, here is something you might enjoy," and he filled three pages just full of jokes. I had s uch a good laugh. Really refreshing! So, Nasrudin had a knock on the door, and a friend of his came and brought him a duck as a gift. So, Nasrudin made a nice pot of soup. Duck soup. Then he had a goodly portion of it. After a while he had another kn ock on the door, and he says, "I'm the friend of the friend that brought you the duck," so Nasrudin gave him some soup as well. But now the pot was getting lower and lower, so when the third knock came and says, "I'm the friend of the friend of the friend who brought you the duck," Nasrudin felt obliged to give him a bowl of soup, but he had to add some water to the soup. Then the fourth knock came and says, "I'm the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend who brought you the duck," and Nasrudin was obliged to give him some soup also adding some water. So this happened, you know, five, six, seven times. Another knock, seventh time, and this fellow comes in and, you know, there was very little soup left. He says, "I'm the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend (did I count seven?) that gave you the duck." So Nasrudin says, "Fine, sit down," and gave him a bowl of soup. So the fellow started eating this soup and he says, "This is not soup. This is water! " So Nasrudin replies, "Seeing that you are the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend who gave me the duck, this is the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of th e soup of the soup.

1. U S 79 - 24 THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF JESUS GURURAJ: I'm so glad Andre and Kathy and Ron could motor down today, to be here with us. A nd also the other meditators who could not attend the course. So glad to see them. Beautiful. Beautiful. Good. Shall we start with questions. QUESTION: Beloved Guruji, like many others, I'm beginning to feel the touch of Jesus, perhaps for the first t ime. Yet, everything that I know about Jesus comes from the Bible. I know that you've studied Jesus, the man, his life and his teachings in a deep way. Could you tell us if there are ways, important ways, in which the account of the man and his teaching s as it is presented in the Bible is incomplete or misleading? GURURAJ: [Silence] You have put me in a pickle [laughter]. Because I was going to write a book on the true life of Jesus before I left this body. I'm here not to destroy the church, but to build it. I want to see churches and temples and mosques and [the shows ???] and what have you filled, and not emptied. The primary aim of this movement is not to gather millions of members, as other movements do. The primary aim of this movement I d on't like to use the word movement, but for the want of a better word, I have to use it. The primary aim of this organization is to awaken in man that love and faith and hope, goodness, godliness. That is the aim. They can go to any church they like acc ording to the traditional way of their upbringing. To make people realize something higher than themselves, and not only realize it with the mind, but also experience it, that is the aim of our teachings, and that is the message which I wish to bring, in whatever way I can to as many people as possible. It is not a matter of having a big mass movement, but it's a matter of having a big massive heart. Hmm? You see. Now, if I have to tell you the life of Jesus, it will shatter your beliefs. Jesus the m an, and the Christ are different entities; yet the Christ is embodied in the body of Jesus. Jesus was an ordinary man very passionate, deeply loving. He knew anger; he was an ordinary man. But as all these great men are, their anger is just momentary , and the anger they would display would be to teach. For example, turning over the tables of the money lenders in the temple was done in a rage, but it was for a purpose that how could the house of God be made into a house of business? He was against th e senseless taking of life in all those various sacrifices. He showed himself very ordinary in dining with the Pharisees and money lenders. Why? But if you want to help someone, or transform someone, you don't stay aloof or apart from the person. Becom e a friend of the person and in that way you change him. So he tried to identify himself with all the sinners that were there, and it is because of this identification with everyone he believed in being with the people, of the peopl e,

2. U S 79 - 24 for the people. Hmm? Not like the teachers of today who sit on pedestals. Hmm? The only reason why I agree to this platform here is so that you can see me better. I rather prefer sitting on the ground. So, those teachers have so misinterpreted the teachings of the or dinariness of Jesus. And he proved this in so many, many ways. So a true teacher becomes more ordinary than ordinary, and that is why Jesus became extra ordinary. So, so, when we spoke about teachers and gurus during this week who can really understan d them? We are talking of real gurus, not the shams, the businessmen selling God for monetary gain. We're not talking of those people. That's been easily done. Any person with a bit of sense, business sense, can do that. So here Jesus made himself more ordinary than ordinary. Now, being an Incarnation, he taught in a way that people could understand him. Today the Bible is very misunderstood and misinterpreted because today's mind is more sophisticated than the minds of the peasants that Jesus spoke t o. And peasants required direct instruction: believe, believe, believe; come unto me; have faith. If I told you, for example, "Come unto me and only through me you will reach God," you will throw me into the madhouse. Hmm? So at that time, such teacher s could say such things. Good. Nevertheless, I am not worthy of saying those things. No. So, there were direct instructions that would inspire people to do what he told them. And yet, if you look at the history of those times, Jesus only had about 500 sincere followers only 500. Nothing more. So this came afterwards when the great men of the church started organizing the church. And this has happened in every religion Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, the whole lot. So, when they started organizing, then they started putting precepts into the Bible so that the people they got into the churc h could be held there, and mostly through fear of eternal damnation. So, today's church has been a gross misinterpretation of what originally was. Today's church wants to bind, while Christ's teaching was to free. Hmm? Good. Now, that was the man. He had the desires of a man to eat, sleep, hmm? used to love his drink. But the important thing of the man called Jesus was that spirit of his which we call Christ. And what we are interested in is not the man called Jesus, but the consciousness withi n him, which is Christ consciousness. Now you have the same thing in every theology, just a different label. You could have Moses consciousness or Krishna consciousness of Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness. It means the same thing. It means th at consciousness that man has to aspire to. And that is the true meaning of the words that, "No man goes to the Father except through me." It means that: reach the stage of consciousness that I have reached, and then you become one with the Father. So, this consciousness, although in an embodied form, is a universal consciousness; and, being a universal consciousness, it is in all of us. It permeates every cell of our body. But the difference is that, although it permeates within us, it is lying dorman t, while the realized man, in him it is awakened. That is the difference. So all spiritual

3. U S 79 - 24 practices are meant to awaken that Christ consciousness within man. It is not something gained from outside, but it is there inside, within you, all the time. So it's like going to a doctor. A doctor can never cure you, but he could give you the medicines which will stimulate and help to bring about the balance within you to get rid of the illness. That means you cure yourself. And the physician gives you what is required to bring that balance. And that is what the teacher does. The teacher shows you the path, but you have to walk with your own feet. There is no other way. No man can evolve you. You have to evolve yourself. So that is why Jesus said, "I am t he way." Rather, Christ said, "I am the way." And the way is to reach that Christ consciousness, for that is the way. And when a person reaches that pure level of consciousness, then one really knows what life is. Most people in the world don't live, r eally. They just exist. It is just existence, not living, for to live is to be awakened. To live is to be alive, alive to all the forces of nature around us, in that deep alertness. And deep alertness means that vast awareness, where the entire univers e is comprehended. And when that is done, you are in the realms of that pure consciousness that we can term "Christ consciousness." When that is done and reaching the personal God we spoke about this morning, you automatically can merge away into that whi ch is impersonal. Right. Now, every man has the ability within himself to reach that pure consciousness, and one does that by doing one's spiritual practices. So when one reaches the pure level of pure consciousness, it does not mean that you are adding to that consciousness, for in this universe you cannot subtract one ounce of energy and neither can you add on one ounce of energy. It remains a quantified whole. And that is why that consciousness is already there within each and every one of us requiri ng and awaiting awakening awaiting for the light to shine through. And that is called enlightenment. When the light shines through, it's enlightenment. And when enlightenment comes and when the light shines, it's called illumination. You illuminate y ourself and your surroundings. So these are just terms which signify the same thing all the time, that purity of consciousness which is Christ consciousness. Now, there is only one interpretation to that pure consciousness is that when that stage is re ached by man, then he feels totally integrated within himself. And when he feels totally integrated within himself, he feels that all this is but one and no separation exists. You can discard the entire Bible if one factor can just be remembered: "love thy neighbor as thyself." That is the most important teaching. That is the butter or cream that is churned up from this vast vessel of milk . Love thy neighbor as thyself. But to truly love thy neighbor as thyself one must recognize the oneness between y ou and I. There is no you and I. I was invited to speak at one of the ashrams on the East Coast and the ashram of Satchitananda. They specially organized a satsang that day and I told them that (he had all his chelas there, the room was full, about 1 50 people or so, I

4. U S 79 - 24 can't remember) and I told them, "If you can't find oneness, seeing that you are living in this ashram, and if you can't find oneness with your own guru, how are you going to find oneness with the universe of which you know so little abo ut?" So therefore a teacher like Christ serves so many purposes. He brings forth into this world that pure consciousness and brings about a balance. Good. He inspires people towards that pure consciousness, and by the shakti he gives off, or the shakti that emanates from him, affects and touches the pure consciousness within the people around him. He ignites, sets off the spark, and you have to fan it so that the spark could grow into a raging fire of love. You see. So these are basically the things w hich Jesus taught. But yet it is such a tragedy that he was the most despised man of his time, hmm? The Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Sanhedrins, the Zealots all despised him. Many people regarded him as a political rebel because he tried to bring refor ms. Where there were injustices done, he tried to teach of justice. Where there was hatred, he tried to teach of love. The concepts were so profound when he said love thine enemy, hmm? How can you go into the minds of people that are filled with hat red? How can you love your enemy? It sounds a contradiction of terms. You see. So, those teachings were so deep, so profound, that it is by loving thine enemy that you could expand that love within yourself. It is so easy to love a friend. Anyone can do that. But to love an enemy, then you're a man. And yet, in the words of Julius Caesar, the elements were so mixed in him that the world can stand up and say, "He was a man." That was Jesus. So, these great incarnations cannot be judged. Hmm? So h e, with his when he went into the inns and went to have his little wine, that does not mean that he is not that pure Christ consciousness. He tried to teach that, "I am ordinary like y ou. So you go to the inn, I go with you." And even if he drinks tha t one glass of wine, the alcoholic content in it he would get out of his system with one sneeze. Hmm? You see. Then, of course, there is a lot of symbolism involved, a lot of symbolism. As a matter of fact, the Bible is a book that would definitely a lot of things, there are a lot of horrible stories in the Bible. I haven't read the Bible, but Doug has told me about it. [Laughter.] There are so many horrible stories of rape and incest and all kinds of things like this that, the country where I come from, if the church was not established, the Bible would be banned. So, nevertheless, underlying all the symbolism and all these mythological stories, be they true or not is not our concern. Our concern is the underlying teaching, which is so beautiful , so pure, so uplifting, that points the way, shows the way to the light within. You see. See how beautiful it is. Now this applies also to all the other theologies, and that is why on our emblem all the religions are portrayed. And what we are trying to find is the basis, the essence that lies behind all the religions of the world. And the essence is the same. The only thing, our minds are so cluttered and so noisy that we cannot hear the silence, and it is in that silence where the greatest truth is heard.

6. U S 79 - 24 So likewise many teachings that were once very profound has been watered down. Now, it's not only the teachings that have been watered down, but even traditions. Religion today has become 70 percent tradition and 30 percent religion . We follow things traditionally. And when we add 70 percent tradition, then 70 percent of religion has to be removed to accommodate the traditions. I'll give you one example of what happens in India. A boy and girl wants to get married. So, three days beforehand, their bodies (it's a whole ceremony being performed), their bodies get rubbed with turmeric. You know, the yellow stuff, Beth? Turmeric. It's made into a paste and their bodies rubbed with it. Fine. Now the reason for that is this, that at that time there was no proper sanitation, and India, being composed of over 80 percent villages no proper sewage systems in those ancient times. So what happened was this, that if you rubbed turmeric on your body, then mosquitoes don't come near you to bite you. It's, in other words, a mosquito repellent. So this is to prevent the boy and the girl that are to be married to keep them healthy. Because the mosquito bites and you get malaria, and you don't want to be sick when you get married. Hmm? Y ou don't want to be sick. What about the honeymoon and things like that? Good, but do you know in today's modern society, in modern cities, the same tradition is still followed. So, once it was for something good, and today, just through blind faith, bec ause it was done by our forefathers, we have to keep on doing it. So, that is how tradition has also been a contributory factor in watering down religion and its deeper precepts. You see. So the basic and essential teaching of Jesus was this, that, "Reac h me, develop in yourself, unfold in yourself, that pure consciousness," and by doing that you would reach the Father. That was the basic teaching. And that is what we teach today, too. Nothing different. We don't meddle around with all these fancy men tal gymnastics and mental processes. Hmm? Those great masters like Buddha and Krishna and Christ, they were wise enough. They were Incarnations. And if these I believe there are about 500 different movements in California alone that indulge in all ki nds of practices which has to do just with the mind and not with the spirit, psychological processes that are going on, created by psychologists. And all the Jungs, and all the Adlers, and the Freuds, they are just children of yesterday. Hmm? So we go be yond all that, and we go to the basic truths that has been taught by the great Incarnations of the world, the great masters. And the basic truth is this that through spiritual practices "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within, and all else shall be added unto thee." All the peace will come to the mind, the body will heal itself, because the power drawn from the inner self, from that God that is within, everything else gets added to you. Those are the basic teachings, in reality. Now, I have evade d, with my apologies to you, the life of the man, Jesus. You'll know of it someday. You'll know of it someday. Okay. Fine. Next question. Surely what is the time? 10:20? Did I speak so long? Yes. Oh dear me, 10:20. I'm worried about poor Beth. Sh e always waits up to serve me our dinner and then only can she have some rest. Poor girl, she's been working so hard. Bless her. So, I think we'll call it a day.

7. U S 79 - 24 ****END****


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