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1. U S 79 - 4 HEMISPHERES OF THE BRAIN CENTERING THE CHAKRAS GURURAJ: How's your cold? Better? VOICE: Worse, which means it's better. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Lovely. There's one fly always flying around me here. I want somebody to catch it and just tell me if it's male or female. I think it's female. [LAUGHTER] Lovely, lovely, lovely. Always nice to laugh. It's beautiful. Good. What sha ll we ta lk about today? JAMMU: Dearest Gururaj, you have said that your meditation practices allow the individual to bypass the left brain hemisphere, subconscious mind, which is the storehouse of impressions, to reach the superconsciousness. Why then do we hav e subjective experiences of deep/shallow, etc., meditations? Instead of just dropping... GURURAJ: [INTERRUPTING] Deep shower? VOICE: Deep or shallow. GURURAJ: Oh, deep or shallow. Sorry. VOICE: ...or thoughts or no thoughts? Meditations, instead of just an immediate and constant drop to the superconscious level? GURURAJ: Um, hm. Good. Good. Now, seeing that you mentioned the right hemisphere and left hemisphere of the brain, you would know that the left hemisphere can only function in langu age, words, thoughts, symbols. That hemisphere of the brain governs the thinking processes, rationalizations, intellectualizations. Fine. The problem is this, that we have paid so much attention to the le ft hemisphere of the brain that we have virtually or consciously ignored the right hemisphere. Now, there has always been and always will be the underlying factor of the connection between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Good.

2. U S 79 - 4 But what we have to do consciously in order to gain the maxim um benefit of the right hemisphere, is to consciously, through meditational practices, activate that connection. Now, the right hemisphere of the brain is the section that draws from deep within. And its main quality is the development of intuitional abi lity. Now, to know something one does not need the left hemisphere alone. Good. Now, you don't only need the left hemisphere to be able to know; it intellectualizes, it rationalizes, fine. And that is required for a lot of things in daily life. But tha t intellectualization or rationalization cannot give you the complete answer because it is very limited. So if the right hemisphere is activated and the intuitional ability of the right hemisphere is brought into greater play, into a greater conjunction w ith the left hemisphere, your thinking becomes more powerful. And you would know things not only on the level of thought, but on the level of knowingness. How many times does this not happen where in the morning a lady thinks that, "Oh, you know, I feel a s if my daughter's going to visit me today." Then in the very afternoon a knock's on the door and Janey comes home. How did she know? What has happened? Now, this means that this has come about, not by analysis or thought process, because there was no i dea at all. Janey had not written for months, and mother did not even know where Janey was. But there was a certain chemistry set off that produced this thought to the conscious level of the mother to know that Janey is coming today. Fine. What are the m echanics of this? Now, the left hemisphere of the brain is very limited. We have said that. The right hemisphere has a vaster scope. In other words, the intuitional ability in man is not only limited to his small self, but the intuitional ability has t he scope of ranging far and wide. Now, here, in this case, when Janey was thinking of coming to visit mother, the feeling was very deep I haven't seen mother for months and a love was welling up in Janey. So she was not only thinking, but she was also feeling very deeply. And this very deep feeling, mixed with that thought and thought is very powerful sent those electrical, so called electrical, impulses, which the right hemisphere, the intuitional side of the mother's brain, picked up, which in turn transmitted that feeling, that intuitional feeling, into words and symbols through the left hemisphere. The mechanics are very simple. Good. So this means that the right hemisphere of the brain has a very vast range. So the intuitional ability in man is as vast as the universe. As vast as the universe in the relative sphere of life. So whatever is happening anywhere in the universe, man has the ability to intuit what is happening, where, when, why, and how. And this comes from the level of knowingne ss for which there is no explanation according to science. But this is there. And it is proven most people have had similar experiences to that which I have quoted. Now, the intuitive ability in man, the right hemisphere, although it is governed by the grosser nervous system, it has this underlying factor of a subtler nervous system that reaches to the subconscious level of the mind. Now, when we talk of brain we are only talking of an organ, like a hand or a foot or whatever. And, in any case, this little organ that weighs

3. U S 79 - 4 three and a half pounds carries twelve billion cells. And do you know how much of it we use? One millionth part. We use one millionth part of the brain, that's all we use. So all those other cells are lying dormant. So as we meditate what happens in the first place is this, that we are activating those dormant cells. And in the activation of the dormant cells, greater and greater part of the r ight hemisphere of the brain, the intuitive part, can play has a greater range. So the brain develops a greater capacity of knowing on the thinking level, where thought, too, is greatly enhanced and activated. So thought goes deeper, and at the same tim e, because of meditation, the intuitional faculty can pour itself through the thinking faculty. Now, to activate the dormant cells in the left hemisphere there are many exercises. Those exercises will only awaken the cells in the left hemisphere. But w hen it comes to meditational and spiritual practices, it not only awakens those dormant cells, but also draws forth from the right hemisphere the intuitional ability. So if you can combine rationalism with intuit ion, then how powerful and how clear things can be understood. Hm? Good. Now, when we come to the hot line, the hot line operates from the left hemisphere, the thinking level, through the intuitional level to still far deeper states. The brain h as the ability to capture the totality of the unive rse through this organ, but we are only using one millionth part of it. All those cells have to be awakened and activated. So this means it is good to realize something, but it is better to realize something and then bringing that realization to a consci ous level. But because the cells are dormant, that realization within you, that feeling within you, does not come to the conscious level because the cells are lying dormant. So meditational practices serves so many, many purposes. So once the subtle nerv ous system in the subtle body of man is activated, it bypasses all the happenings that have happened through hundreds and thousands of lifetimes we have lived. After all, what is man? He is the sum total of all his experiences which are within him in imp ression form. It is not necessary to count up all the figures: two and two makes five, and five and five [CHUCKLES] makes eleven, and mmm....[LAUGHTER] not necessary. The thing which we have brought with us in this lifetime is the total, the total figure. Now that total figure that we have brought contains all these various numerals to make that total. Now, it is not necessary to find out how many one's and how many two's and how many three's or four's were involved in that total eleven or twelve. We are concerned with the figure twelve that we are. Good. Now, this bundle, as theology will say that you have come into this world with a bundle, now that is the bundle of the impressions of which you are composed. What we have to do to reduce that bundle, to reduce the weight and that is why we have come: we have come to reduce weight. You don't need to go to Weight Watchers for that. [LAUGHTER] We have come [HE LAUGHS]... AMRIT: American Weight Watchers Society, right.

4. U S 79 - 4 GURURAJ: Good. Fine. So we ha ve come into this world for one purpose only: to reduce the load of samskaras, the load of karma that we have brought with us. Now, by meditation, as that spiritual force is activated, it just cannot remain static. Once you activate something it gets into motion. Now, that motion requires expression. It has to let itself out. And the spiritual force, being so subtle, so fine that the grosser nervous system cannot be used for it, primarily it has to travel through the subtle nervous system and gradually enter the grosser nervous system. Many times in the cases of schizophrenia, or any kinds of insanity, it is not the grosser nervous system that is so much at fault. It is the subtler nervous system that is at fault, because all these samskaras that we ha ve accumulated over the passage of time are stored in that subtle body, wanting and fighting, all the time striving for release. Now, when people do wrong kinds of practices, they activate that force or those samskaras so fast that they create a bottlene ck a jam. That's what you call it in America when all the cars can't get through, causes a jam. Fine. Now, these jams occur mostly at the chakric centers. Now, you must listen to the tapes I have made on kundalini yoga, which gives you a very full e xplanation. And I blew up all the myths about kundalini that have been perpetrated on mankind. These chakras are centers where the maximum amount of the subtle nervous system gathers. For example, in the solar plexus they say that is the center where mo st of the grosser nerves gather. So, likewise, the subtle body also has centers where the greater part of the nervous system gathers and they function in a spinning vortex fashion. Now, these things are contained within the subtle body, and the subtle bod y is the mind. So the range of your chakras is not only limited (pardon) to your little individual body, but it is connected with the entire universe because the extent of the mind is as vast as the universe. So in some of our spiritual practices where w e see certain blockages because of the rush of wrong practices or improper living or whatever the case might be there are many causes for the traffic jam. Someone's car might have just stalled and it causes a traffic jam, or there might have been an acci dent, whatever. There are many causes to cause that jam. So in some of our practices where the energies are not flowing smoothly as it should, the release is given whereby those energies flow through that subtle nervous system and thereby clearing the pat h and traffic is flowing now smoothly. Now, when the traffic flows smoothly, then there is greater harmony within the entire system. It means that you are now coordinating your subtle body with your grosser body. There is a coordination between the phys ical self and the mental self. And when that coordination comes about, it requires the third force, the spiritual force, that is there. Without that spiritual force this coordination cannot come about. It requires the energy for that. For at subtler le vels of man's being a subtler energy is required. So there is your hot line.

5. U S 79 - 4 Now, when you use the word superconscious mind we are taking that section of the mind, if you could use such a word, section, there is no such...everything is a superimposition as I said yesterday, I think. When we use the word "superconscious," we mean the subtlest level of the mind of which man is capable, or which man has within himself. So when we do meditation we start from the left hemisphere to introduce the mantra in your mind very innocently it requires the use of the left hemisphere. Now, as you keep on repeating the mantra in the mind with total innocence and without effort, slowly that mantra becomes finer and finer. And when it becomes finer and finer it mean s one thing, that it is leaving the left hemisphere and going into the right hemisphere, the intuitional level. And that is where that subtler nervous system starts in greater force, with greater power than in the left hemisphere. Now, as it penetrates de eper and deeper and awakens the intuitional insight, you start feeling an integration. Good. Now, your feeling the integration is not so important. That's fine. That's sitting down and, you know, you can do it with a coup le of tots of scotch. That's no t important. [LAUGHTER] But anything... anything put in must come out. Hm? [HE LAUGHS] Anything put in must come out. Can't stay there. So you are taking the mantra, the sound, and putting it in your conscious brain, the left hemisphere. Putting it i n there and allowing it to penetrate the right hemisphere, and deeper down into your subtle body. Now, what happens with that it has the force and the power it becomes the traffic cop. You're sending the traffic cop to clear up that jam. As that clears up, it still goes deeper and deeper and deeper until you go beyond the superconscious, because the superconscious is still on mind level. Now, this cannot just be done overnight. If anyone promises you instant integration, instant self realization come for two days, to a weekend retreat and you'll go away integrated don't believe that. The gurus that promise you that are false. They're after your money. That's all. It is a gradual process. I've said this over and over again, that I do not promise y ou self realization. But I promise you one thing, that I will put you on the path that will lead you to self realization, but you have to do the walking. You can't walk with my feet [LAUGHTER], even if you try. You can't. But on the way if you could g et a bit stuck... yeah... come along. I say, "Come on, boy. [LAUGHTER] Let's move on. Don't tarry here too long." Yes. And it's a little hill. I'll climb up and pull you up by the hand. And I'll say, "Look, this is nothing, this little obstac le. Bah! [LAUGHTER] If idiots like Tenzing and Hillary could climb the Everest, what is this little hill? Huh?" Good. So as we go deeper and deeper into that intuitional level, we are sending this force, a vibrational force based upon your own individual total ity. That is why it works. You're not using something foreign. You're using your own totality, the strength, your own vibrational strength, to overcome the little, so called blockages. That is activating. That is activatin g that hot line, where you re ach directly to the superconscious. And it is like driving up the country road. Lots of beautiful gardens and trees and mountains along the roadside, but you do not need to go and explore every blade of grass that grows in the field to reach your destina tion. You'll observe them as you pass, but your road is straight to reach your

6. U S 79 - 4 destination. And reaching the fullest level of the superconscious is not all. That is where the fun begins. Ahhhhh! That is when you start playing with the entire universe. [LAUGHTER] Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Where you feel that you are the universe, and the universe is you. What fun and games you can have. Do you see how important it is instead of beating around the bush and sitting down and chanting for twenty hours a day and...hm? No. No, that's self hypnosis. We don't want that! Everything in its proper balance. Now, sometimes people talk of the hotline and flashy experiences. Do you know they are not important at all? Some people, because of their past l ives, are born with psychic sight that could see things. Some are born with an enhanced, a more developed hearing, where they hear things. But that's not important. That's not important at all. The most important thing is this, meditation twice a day, which takes one hour, how does it influence the twenty three hours of the day. That is important. That is where the test lies. A chap comes to see me. He says, "Guruji, you know, I'm meditating for about a year now, and, you know, I sit down, I enjoy i t. I feel very relaxed, but nothing is happening, you know. You know, I hear this one talk of, you know, lights flashing and all the stars coming down from heaven, and I don't know what all, you know. But nothing like that happens to me. So we start ta lking and, you know, at Cape Town Center we have a habit that when a visitor comes we, firstly, we sit down, relax, order a cup of tea. We have tea together and things like that and start chatting. And then I start questioning Mike, I says, "How are thin gs at work?" He says, "Oh, things are really fine, now." You know, he's a sales manager and, of course, he's answerable to the general sales manager. It's a large firm. He says, you know, "Before, when the old boy, the general sales manager, used to sho ut I used to get so upset. But nowadays, you know, he might shout, but I say, "Let him shout. Who cares." You know, I don't upset myself anymore. Now, he, as a sales manager in his department, he had quite a staff, also. And he says, "Oh, these bloody fools, you know. They just can't do things right. I tell them this, and I tell them that, and they just can't get things right. I hammer it into their heads all the time and yet, yet, yet, yet, yet. But now I call them into the office and have a nice c hat." And he says, "Look, John, you know, it'd be a bit better if you'd do this territory this way and this way and do that. Try that out. You know, you might..." He says, "You know, my production has increased?" Before I used to get wild. The old boy used to get wild with me, and I used to get wild with them. But now that's gone. You know, it's so nice." I said, "How's home?" He says, "Oh, [INAUDIBLE] lovely. And we don't jump down each other's throats anymore. Something goes wrong and we turn it into a joke and we laugh." Um hm. Nice, nice, nice. It's nice to go home. Gor blimey. You know? [INAUDIBLE] That music. What do you call it? Clanga, langa, langa. That noise? [LAUGHTER] Pardon? VOICE: Hard rock.

7. U S 79 - 4 GURURAJ: Hard rock, yah. "And it used to drive me crazy to come home from office and into this this damn mind blowing noise, you know. I say, "How's it going now?" He says, "I say play if they want to, you know. And they make it a little softer now. When I used to shout, they use d to make it louder. [LAUGHTER] And now that doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me at all." So I says, "Mike, has your meditation not helped you?" And so we talked of the social circles in his club, and you can't go into all that or else I'll just be talking about Mike the whole day. But nevertheless, the point is this, that it is not the experiences in that half an hour, half an hour, that is so important, but how the quality of life in the twenty three hours besides that, how that improves is the me asure and the test of how good the meditation is for us. And that is connecting up from the conscious mind, through the subconscious, direct route to the superconscious, where we are now becoming more and more aware, to that area of the superconscious whi ch is the closest to Divine light. Which is the closest to the Absolute. Now, people can talk of transcending all the time. Yes, you can. You can. But real transcendence is something totally different. Now, I've found people in other organizations t hat talk of transcending. They are really not transcending, you know. I've tested them. All they've done is just gone below the conscious level and gone into a state of a slight euphoria, and they call it transcending. That is not transcending. Transcend ing is going beyond the conscious, beyond the subconscious and its various layers, beyond the superconscious, beyond the entire universe, and to become one with the impersonal Absolute. That is real transcendence. And that cannot be achieved by paying $1 95.00 for initiation. If that could be achieved, then this whole world would have been enlightened. Yes. It is a gradual process. And if one has individualized techniques, then the process is expedited and made more smoother. For to reach real transcend ence... it is good through meditation to feel relaxed, and the mind, the conscious mind, relaxes down, and you go to deeper layers of the subconscious. That's all that happens, and then you stir up all the dirt in the subconscious, which expresses itself in outward form, and which some people call "destressing," "unstressing," "stressing" I don't know what they call it. Hm? Hm? But leave all those fields, leave all those blades of grass or mountains and that. There is a direct road. And by proceeding on that direct road, whatever little is stirred up, the power generated by the heat of spirituality automatically burns up those samskaras dissolves them. You don't stir them up and have no antidote to dissolve them. Now, what dissolves? Hm? Gurushakti , the power of grace. That dissolves the samskaras. So meditation and self help which means nothing else no mental probing or anything like that, or psychological tricks self help just simply means that if I am doing something wrong, then I must help my self to do it right. That's all, in a nutshell. And as the saying goes, God only helps those that help themselves. And it is very true.

8. U S 79 - 4 So meditation and self help, which is not difficult. Alright, I 'm a married man. So tonight I've got a date with some Flarr y. So what do I do? I say, "I am very sorry, I am not going to jump into that kind of temptation. I have my wife and I love he r. I'm not going to go and mess around elsewhere." That's self help. So simple, you see? Now the same principle can be applied (this is a female fly, definitely). Now the same principle can be applied to everything in life. That's self help. A conscio us effort to better ourselves, which we ourselves know to be wrong. That is self help. Now, when meditation is activating that hotline, drawing, going deep within, drawing from that infinite source, and mixed with self help, automatically you open yoursel f to grace. Now, I am not a grace manufacturing machine. [LAUGHTER] I am a channel for the grace of Divinity. Now, Divinity just can't jump down out of the sky. There's plenty of water in the reservoir that just can't come to your tap. It needs all those pipes, you know, big pipes and smaller pipes and still smaller pipes for the water to reach the tap sorry, faucet. Hm? Good. Do you see. So I am nothing but a channel. And the more you open yourself by self help and meditational practices, the m ore you receive. If you don't open the faucet, how can the water come through? The water is there. If we open ourselves, then through the channels of Divinity, that grace flows. For who can touch a human except another human? The impulse to a human is given by another human. Because Divinity is so abstract it has to concretize itself to flow or touch the concrete. That's how it works. That's how it works. And it works beautifully well. Most of you must have experienced this. So open yourselves. O pen the faucet, the water comes. Plenty of fresh air outside, open the window. Don't leave the window closed and say, "No fresh air. No fresh air. This room is so stifling." No, the fresh air is there, open the window . That's all we do through meditati onal and spiritual practices and helping ourselves in life. Doing the best we can for ourselves in such a way so it does not harm others. That's all. So simple. These things have been taught ages and ages and ages, by Krishna, Christ, Buddha. All the g reat masters have taught nothing else but these things. And that has to be reactivated through the passage of time. Faith has eroded, faith has eroded. The basic faith in man has eroded. So what we are doing is reactivating that faith. For that is the o nly way! That is the life, and that is the truth! Good. Hm? Next question. [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: Good. Alright. Next question. VOICE: Nirmala.

9. U S 79 - 4 NIRMALA: There is a [Doctor Joy?] who by chance discovered the chakras and became so fascinated b y them that he made an intensive study of them, mapping their positions in many people. It is his opinion that instead of centering in the lower abdomen in the traditional way, modern man has evolved to the point where he would be more balanced, not to me ntion more loving and peaceful, if he centered in the fourth chakra, the heart. What do you think of this? Are you in agreement, and is it a change from the traditional centering? GURURAJ: Um hm. Good. In the traditional way the chakras have been d escribed as lotuses with varying amounts of petals. The lower chakra has less petals, and the higher chakra, the sahasrara, has a thousand petals. That's how it is described. Now, why has the lower chakras less petals and the highest chakra more petals? What it actually means is this, that the highest chakra, being at the head, is the greatest center for man's nervous system. So all these things are symbolic. All these things are symbolic. These lotuses are symbolic. But there being a higher vibrator y range at the head because of the pulsation of the brain, this great, wonderful instrument, organ, the brain, because the vibratory rate there is the highest, it is described symbolically as the lotus containing the greatest amount of petals. Meanwhile, all these chakras are vortexes of energy. Now, when this author says that the heart chakra is the most important one...is that what it means? NIRMALA: He thinks that should be the main one, yes. GURURAJ: That should be the main one. Now, he is right a nd he is wrong. Right in the sense that in today's world man needs the activation of the heart center more than anything else. But that is limited, for you cannot activate one particula r chakra without its effects being felt in other chakras. So all the chakras form one continuous whole. Now, as the subtler nervous system gets purified, that means that as the mind gets rid of more and more samskaras that is what is meant by purification as the mind gets more and more purified in its various areas, so t he chakra will vibrate at a higher frequency. Good. So man's job is to allow every chakra to vibrate at a very high frequency. Now, why at a very high frequency? It means that it has, because of that high frequency these are just words, words, words, because there are no real words to describe it when it reaches the highest frequency, it attunes itself with the entire universe, and the frequency in all the chakras become harmonized and that is the aim of spiritual practices. Now, as the frequencies become heightened, all the dirt around it gets dissolved, gets burnt away. And therefore, in Sanskrit they say burning away the samskaras. And therefore, fire among the Hindus has become quite a symbol in many respects.

10. U S 79 - 4 So now, the highest chakra, bein g the sahasrara, containing the greatest amount in the nervous complex of the subtle body, requires greater activation. And it can only be activated if the other sectors are cleaned and clarified, purified. F ine. Now, according to the Shaivites, that is one of the sects in India, they describe it poetically as Shiva and Shakti. Where Shakti, as the kundalini power, rises to meet with Shiva, and a union takes place. That is symbolic. What yoga means is union. But what is that union? The union is the harmony in the functioning of all those chakras. That is union. It is not rising up of an energy to the sahasrara. Why must energy rise? Why must it not come down? Hm? It is everywhere. It is forever functioning. But in us it is functioning in an im balanced manner. And the imbalance is created by the impressions that we have planted within ourselves through the various experiences. Now, if we have to relive every experience again to dissolve the experience, you will require another few million year s. Yes. So by spiritual practices as the vibrational rate within yourself is heightened, that dross is burnt away, and man can in thi s lifetime achieve enlightenment. So man has the capacity, for he has everything within him. Man is enlightened as he is , but because of this disharmony within himself, that light is covered up. Therefore, in our foundation we don't say "spiritua l development." The spirit does not develop. What we have to do is unfold the spirit. And unfolding the spirit is creating har mony in the subtler systems of ourselves. All these vortexes of energy must function in harmony, for each one has its part to play: the muladara chakra and the swadishthan, the lower chakras, they control the genital area; the manipura controls the, from the subtle body level it controls the digestive system and the functioning of all the organs in the abdomen and what have you. Now, when we come to the heart chakra, that helps to control the nervous complex more or less at the center of the heart. And w hatever happens in the subtler system has an overflow to the grosser system. But the important thing is the subtler system. When we talk of psychosomatic illnesses, it means that the subtle body has some imbalance. And that imbalance creates certain ki nds of thoughts, certain kinds of repressions, certain kinds of inhibitions, and various other imbalances. So, in a way, if the author that you quoted would talk of the heart chakra as meaning that the activation of the heart is most necessary at this sta ge of human evolution, or in these times, he is totally right. For at that center does not lie the entirety of the subtle nervous system. All the other vortexes has to be taken into account, and a harmony has to be created. And that harmony that is creat ed is finding the union between Shakti and Shiva. Nothing rises, nothing descends. It's all there. A play of various energies in one's system. So that is called integration. Yes. How simple it is. That is bringin g the subtle body in alignment with t he physical body. And when that is done, then that integration is there, then

11. U S 79 - 4 automatically a still greater subtle energy, which we call the Divine energy, just shines through, flows through, activates, helps, elevates, uplifts, enlightens. Enlightenment means to bring light the light of the Divine. So we do in our movement pay great attention to the heart, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the center of everything. But if you use the word "heart" as the core of the human personality, then ev erything can be brought into the heart. It can be brought into the heart, and yet all the whole chakric system will function as they have always been functioning, because the core of the human personality contains all those chakras. It is the pivot, the c enter. But that center is not necessarily located in the heart area. The center is located at the core of one's personality. The word "core" itself means center. Then you are centered. Huh? Good. I think it's twelve now. Hm? Thank you. **** END ****


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