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1. U S 80 - 39 CAN THE DEPARTED SOUL HEAR THOUGHTS GU RURAJ: Umm, I was going to tell you something which I did not really want to tell you now, but I might as well. On the next course in July we'll be introducing some new practices. In all probability, we will be doing a different chant, and the n we will b e having a purificatory practice which is far, far more powerful than the siddhis practice done by other organizations far, far more powerful and which will be done in a group. Apart from that, after supper every evening, we're going to do the Krishna ra sa which is the Krishna dance of the gopis. This will be to coordinate body movement, to become aware of the body, and just merge away into the rhythm. Now I have someone at the present moment just about completing the composition of the various types of music that will accompany it. So, it will be great fun on the next course. Great fun as well as of great benefit. For it is necessary. I watch sometimes people walk, how they move. And there is such a thing as body language. We're going to learn tha t. But I would like to see at least or over a hundred people on the next course. Hmm? Good. So, of course, all your friends that couldn't come, if they are told in advance, I'm sure they will make it a plan to, plan the time rather to be with us. Good. Questions. CHELA: Beloved Guruji, are saints and souls that have passed on after a physical body after physical death are they able to hear our thoughts and prayers to them? And also are they able to respond to them? GURURAJ: Are saints or other soul s that have passed on into a different dimension, are they able to hear us or benefit by our prayers? They cannot hear us at all, but they can feel the power of your thoughts that are directed to them. Now this applies mostly to souls that have to be reb orn. But when it comes to saints and real saints they have merged away in the cosmos, and they do not exist as entities. Now what is an entity after death? Man is comprised of three aspects. First you have the gross physical body, then you have the subtle body, and then, of course, the spiritual self which is all pervading. So if you can picture to yourself a infinite expanse of the spirit.... There are no individual spirits. There is only one spirit which in other words we could call God. There is only that one spirit, and superimposed upon that one spirit by its own power of manifestation, the subtle body has come about. And yet the subtle body, all manifestations, as we have spoken about this week, is just a subtle process of grossification. N ow the subtle body, having gone through all the experiences, can be called the mental body, in Sanskrit, [manimaya kosha?]. Then it can also be called the ego. Many people have divided it up into various sections.

2. U S 80 - 39 But this is just to complicate a very s imple truth, for it is all interrelated. And there is only one subtle body. Call it the mind, call it the ego, or call it a collection of thought impressions which composes or which makes the subtle body an individual. But this subtle body encapsules th e spirit. Although the spirit is one, being encapsuled, we can say that the spirit too in a way becomes individualized in that subtle body. So the subtle body is like a balloon containing air which is the same as the air outside the balloon. So once the s ubtle body is dropped, then the air inside the balloon becomes one with the air outside the balloon, and the oneness is still there. Now we think that the balloon really captures the air, but that spirit being so subtle, indefinably subtle, that it is stil l pervading the connection between the air in the balloon as it connects... has its connection with the air outside the balloon. No separation can really exist. So when we discard this physical body which goes back to its original elements... and the orig inal elements are fire, water, air, ether. What's the fifth one? Fire, water, air, ether,... CHELAS: Earth. GURURAJ: And earth. Earth! I always forget earth! [Laughter.] They go back to those. The physical body goes back to these various five elemen ts. The human body is composed of seventy to ninety percent water. It goes back to water. The earth in the body goes back to earth, etc., etc. Fine. Now the subtle body is the body that leaves the physical body, and being subtle, it exists in a diffe rent dimension. Now where is that dimension? Is it up top there somewhere, or down there somewhere? No, it is here and now! It is here. There are thousands of these souls. We call them souls, and not spirit. Spirit is the pure entity, the Divinity wi thin us. So the mixture of the subtle body and Divinity is what we call soul. Fine. So this soul when it leaves the physical body goes into a different dimension. And a highly evolved person or a person that has reached the brink of pure consciousness merges away into that pure consciousness, and the covering of the subtle body, the balloon, just dissolves. And that too goes back to its original elements. Nothing is left but just the spirit. You came from the spirit, born of the spirit, and b ack to th e spirit. Fine. Now there is a erroneous belief about astral traveling where your subtle body leaves your physical body and goes traveling around. Now that is erroneous. It is not true. It is a lie, because once your subtle body leaves your physical bo dy, you are dead. But man with his thought power, with his mind which is the subtle body itself using the higher level of the mind, he can project himself to where ever he wants to be. And the process is very fast. It's as fast as thought because the subtle body is composed of thought. All right. So with certain practices, you can project your subtle body to any place you desire. You can project it to Cape Town, you can project it to China, Peking, Tokyo, anywhere you like,

3. U S 80 - 39 and actually witness the happenings that are happening there because the mind is the instrument that observes. The mind is the organ that observes, not the eyes. They are just the instruments. Neither the ears. They are just instruments. But it is the organ of the mind that co uld observe and perceive and comprehend. [Coughs.] (Pardon.) So there are many theories that the subtle body leaves the physical body, and then there is a silver cord from the navel connected to the subtle body. And they say that if you could see, you'll find millions of cords floating around with the subtle body, like a balloon, dangling there. I'm just worried about one thing. What if all those cords get mixed up and tied up into knots! This is not a possibility. The film remains in the projector. It goes nowhere, but it can project itself on a screen a hundr ed feet away. And all which is in the film can be projected. You see. That is what actually happens in astral traveling. So the subtle body does not leave the physical body. Now at the time of discarding this body, this physical body, because everythin g that is born must decay and must die.... Although, of course, there's no death. Nothing is destructible, but this change that takes place, the human mind only comprehends it or appreciates it as death. But there is no death. There is only life, for th e seemingly death of the body is not death at all. That molecular structure of the physical body cannot be destroyed. You can never destroy a single atom or any sub atomic matter or sub, sub, sub, sub atomic matter at all. It is eternal. Nothing can be a dded onto this universe, and nothing can be taken away from it. So that too remains eternal. Fine. Now when a person passes over into another dimension as I said to repeat again the subtle body is encapsuling the spiritual self, the Godhead. Now thi s subtle body after death goes through a process, and the process from the beginning is one of evaluation. The subtle body, being so sensitive, that the subtle body would know all its previous existences. When I told you during this week that I can go ba ck into previous lives that I have lived when a question arose, what was meant was this: that I go beyond the physical body pratyahara, as they would say in Sanskrit withdrawing all the senses within, being absorbed in the subtle body. And through t he subtle body, one which is also the repository of all the experiences, the memory box, one can open up that memory box and see what's inside. All the experiences, all the lifetimes, can be seen. But the greatest impediment is the body, and man has not d eveloped the art of withdrawing his senses. Now this purificatory practice that we are going to start on on the next course will teach you how to withdraw the senses within one's self. Right. So, now, when we exist in the subtle state, we are very sensit ive, and the entire existences that we have lived through are totally open to us. So when evaluation begins by the subtle body, it does not only take into account this past life only, but all the lives before it to have reached the stage where it is. Now reaching that stage where one is and having the ability in the subtle self to know of our progress, we evaluate unbiasedly what is good for us, what lesson we have to learn because we are still propelled by that force of evolution, and evolution is never retrogressive, it is always progressive. I do not know where the Hindus got the idea from that if you live a bad life you

4. U S 80 - 39 might be born as a dog or a cat or a camel or whatever. I don't know where they got that idea from because evolution has to be progre ssive, not retrogressive. Although there is one factor to be remembered. It is this: that... Let us take the presently known kingdoms of existence: the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and the kingdom of man. Now the kingdom of man... s ay each is of twelve inches long. So the kingdom of man is twelve inches, to use a very rough analogy. Now in that twelve inches according to what we have done and how we have lived, we can go up and down. But not below that level into the animal kingdom . And so you do not live a life too well and do not know or discover what being is. It has nothing to do with your character; your spirit has nothing to do with your character whatsoever. You can be anything and yet a highly spiritual person. So you ca n fluctuate in that level, in this phase of evolution which we call the phase of man. One can go up and down in there. So now, when the subtle body passes over, it knows exactly where to be. It reaches there at inch two or four or six within that range of that twelve. Hmm? Good. So when it... say it reaches right in the middle of the man phase, there it would start evaluating, surveying all the past lives. There's another figure. I don't know where the Hindus get it from. They maintain that you h ave lived before becoming man you have lived 840,000 lifetimes before you became man. Right from the stone stage which is also life the stone has life right from that primal atom to the stage of man, you've gone through 840,000 lives. Well, I can't v ouch for the figures, but it could mean one thing symbolically, that one has come a long, long way to the present stage of evolution. So when you leave the physical body, you reach immediately the stage where you have to go to. And here let's assume you r each stage six in that human... Good. Fine. There you start evaluating all the things of the past, and what you want to do is reach number seven. Propelled by the force of evolution. So you evaluate how best you can reach that stage seven. You work o ut which parents you are going to be born through, for parents don't choose you. You choose your parents with the proper genetic combinations that will bring you of what you are in this world and in the circumstances that you need to be born in. That is the explanation why one is born sick, one is born healthy, one is born in poor circumstances, another is born in a comfortable circumstances. And all these things you have determined according to your need. Now, there is no desire there that I want a bett er stage than what you really deserve because in that dimension all evaluations are totally and precisely correct. There is no accident. Say if a person gets born in very comfortable and happy circumstances or the other way around, it is no accident. We have chosen it according to our merit. For there only truth or proper evaluation is taken into account. Your mind, although the subtle body of the mind, subtle body which is the mind, has no ability there to think that I want to be born into better circ umstances. It cannot demand, but the very laws of nature that are within that subtle body tamas, rajas and sattva intermix themselves so that the decision where to be born,

5. U S 80 - 39 how to be born, in what country, in what race, that comes about automatically. It's an evaluation that takes place without consciously evaluating. Did you get that? It's a subtle point to remember. So that is how you take birth. Now we that are left behind that is the crux of the question we that are left behind, does our pray ers or our attachments to the person, can it be felt by that person or not? It cannot be thought by the person. Your thought forces are not captured there at all or does not affect that subtle entity. But the very feeling that you create, be it of hatred , be it of attachment, be it of love, is definitely felt by that subtle body. For in that subtle state, the mind thinks no more. It doe s not think. The evaluation takes place on its own. The gunas mix within themselves and bring about your readiness to be born again. Fine. So, so, whatever thoughts we think here are definitely felt. If you are very attached to a person that has passed away, those very thought forces of attachment and possession that we spoke about retards the evaluation process of that subtle body. By retarding, I mean it delays. It becomes an interference, for between the three gunas a cohesion has to take place to get the evaluation; and as I've said many times, thoughts are things. They are so powerful that they could reach the furth est corners of this infinite universe. So why can't it reach another dimension that is just a little above us, a dimension that we can experience here and now while still in the physical body? And many do experience that dimension in their meditations wi thout realizing it. The true meditation is when you die. And every time you go into deep meditation, you have died. You have died. Your senses are withdrawn. Your body has died, for you are there in that subtle state and still further and further to t he superconscious state of that subtle body. Do you see? So all the thoughts we think of a person naturally affects the subtle body. This can be demonstrated here and now on Earth. For example, mental telepathy or clairaudience or clairvoyance is all bas ed on the subtle body. It is all based on the subtle body and not on the gross physical body. When you have... you do experiments, if you want to, on mental telepathy, what are you working with? Thought forces. And thought forces are the very stuff the subtle body is made of. So the subtle body can be used, can be contactable here and now. Anyone can do that. Fine. So if it can be done here and now, and even while still possessing the physical body or still having the physical body, and if that can be done here, then it can be done after the body has been dropped also because the thought forces is your subtle self that you are projecting. And that projection is always into a different dimension. That is what mind reading is all about. You project your thought forces which is the subtle body to the thoughts or whatever is taking place in the subtle body of another person. And that is how your mantras are derived where using the photograph as a focus, I reach the state of my subtle self, and that subtle self is projected to where ever you are in that dimension. The dimension above the third dimension knows of

6. U S 80 - 39 no time and space. It is just there. It's as near as you are. It is just as near as you are, and in that very moment then the vibrations which the subtle body is emitting with the spirit inside it, encapsuled inside it. It emits a vibrations as everything else emits a vibration, for as we know, everything is made up of vibrations. Good. So that is how mantras are derived. I conceive of y our vibration at that subtle level, and then I have to bring it to a grosser level so that it becomes audible and speakable. So as you carry on meditating, you will go back like an ice cream cone, from that broad level gradually you will come, come, go do wn, go down to the thin level of the ice cream cone where you will experience your mantra in its subtle state where it just becomes an impulse, the particularized impulse which is you! Fine. So in a similar way, in a similar way when we take our minds to t hat subtle state of ourselves, the thoughts can become more powerful. And it can reach the person who is now existing in his subtle body. And these thoughts can be helpful. Not helpful in the sense of evolution of the man, but helpful in the sense of sm oothing the path a bit. You're greasing the ball bearings so it could roll. Do you see? So therefore all religions, all theologies, would tell you of praying for those that have departed. Of course they do not explain the inner mechanics as we do, but they tell you pray for those that are gone so their souls might have peace. The Hindus particularly believe that. They have a [yagya?], which is a prayer meeting, and they call it [shanti path?] where they send thoughts of peace and prayer to the departed . So they cannot send peace to that soul. They cannot send peace, but it can be interpreted that it makes things a bit smoother for the departed soul. And that can be interpreted as a form of peace. But you cannot bring total peace to that subtle body b ecause it is still in the process of evolving to the stage of peace. You make, you can make things earlier. [There is a slight click on the tape. There may have been words left out.] Now this can be demonstrated here and now. For example, if we have a friend who is not feeling well, he is ill, and we as a group sit together and picture that person in a blue haze blue is a very healing color picture that person in a blue haze and think of him not as ill but being well. The person has a sprained ankle or whatever, and we see him in our thoughts, in our minds as running around, then you are sending positive thoughts of health to the person, and it definitely has an effect on the mind of that person or the subtle body of that person which in turn interpre ts itself organically or physically. Do you see. So if this can be achieved here and we are consciously working on a different dimension without even realizing it because the mind is the subtle body and you are using the mind to send those healing though ts, those loving thoughts. And if it can work here on this gross mundane plane, it can work more powerfully on the other plane, on the other dimension where the soul is now evaluating itself. Do you see? Now with this could be associated another questi on, the question of mediumship. A departed soul does not contact you at all. It is too busy evaluating itself. And the good thoughts you think for the departed soul, it only receives it as a forc e, not

7. U S 80 - 39 as a thought because it does not recognize thought but an energy field. An energy is projected. That departed soul, many people talk of mediums or act as mediums they are no mediums at all. They are mediums within themselves, but it is no contact with some past master. Many, many books have been writte n where messages are passed on to the person. There is no truth on that. What that medium is doing has developed some little siddhi of being able to pick up thoughts of your mind. So you're worrying about Auntie Mary or Auntie Margaret or you're worryin g about Wally and Marge or whatever. Fine. Then those thoughts are picked up. Those names are picked up by the person because going into a trance you're going into a deeper state of your mind, and that mind becomes sensitive to pick up the thoughts that you are thinking and then talk to you about it. "Oh, Wally's fine. Marge is fine. Mary is fine. You know. Send you the best love and regards and..." You know? A lot of B U L L. [Laughter.] Yes. Oh, mediums wouldn't like me to talk in this way. T hey'll shoot me. But this is the truth! I'll challenge them on it. I went to see a medium once. I was curious some years ago how thoughts can be picked up. And this medium I've heard about her that... it was an Indian woman... I heard about her that wh en you go there, you sit in front of her, and she'll tell you about everything that you want to know because your mind is attuned to that. So what I did was I took a book with me, and I told a friend, I said, "Just mark a page in this book, close the book and give it to me. Then I'll ask this medium on what page, what number in this book, what page is marked?" And she said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!" She couldn't answer because I didn't know what page it was marked . I had someone else marking it. But if I had marked it myself, she could have picked up my thought. It was page 126 or whatever. Do you see? So that's how you can test them also. Good. Now they say that's apart from thought reading they say that they contact the spirits beyond. They are not contacting any foreign spirit, any foreign soul which is not the soul. But going into that trance one thing can happen, and it is this: that they are going back to a previous existence and speaking from that level of a previous existence of their own selves, not other departed soul or a departed master. Not that. But one of their own previous existences they can bring forth, bring to the fore. And when they speak even their voices change. They would speak in languages that they have not studied or known about. They are just portraying and bring forth something from a previous incarnation of themselves. Because the soul of another is so busy there in its own process of evaluation to take rebirth as soon as possible because everyone is in a hurry. Even in that state you're in a hurry to progress along the path and meet your maker. And not being able to think.... It is a state where you don't think. You are totally run by the laws of nature, totally surren dered to the laws of nature, totally surrendered to the three gunas which mix and intermix and bring you to that level so that you can be reborn. And it finds of its own accord the proper parents through whom you are to come onto this plane again. It

8. U S 80 - 39 does not think. So if it does not think, how can it send thoughts to someone down here who is a medium? Hmm? So do remember this. Go to a medium by all means, and you can. It's fun. You can see what kind of previous life that medium had. Might have been a highly evolved life, portraying a lot of truth. Oh, yes. And then those that write books might gain some facts and then in the waking state they add and expand on it according to the laws of logic and say all this I got through. So there i s a lot of s ensationalism and hanky panky, you know, things involved. So back to the question. By your thought processes the departed soul does not pick up your thoughts but is affected by the energies emitted by your thought. [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: If it is love , thoughts of peace, they will pick up those finer energies. If it's thoughts of hate oh, the old man died and didn't leave me anything why did he have to leave the bulk of his fortune to such and such and not to me those are also picked up, the grosse r thoughts are also picked up. Not thoughts the energies are picked up. And when we say "let's not talk of the dead," there's some good meaning to that: let the soul find its own way there, or reformulate itself. It does not think to interfere in any way. And if we have to think, let it be always in the form of prayer for peace of that soul, for the departed soul. And that is why we have our church services and the Buddhists have their services and the Hindus have their services: to give an added mo mentum; to give it greater energy to facilitate itself in its own formulation for rebirth. Ok. That's 45 minutes and five past twelve. So it's time for lunch, I think. ***END***


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