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1. U S 80 - 41 EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS GURURAJ: What shall we speak about today? QUESTIONER: I ask you as a man of obviously boundless open mindness and the possibilities of [???]. What possible effects for planet Earth and mankind here do you perceive will be brought about as a result of the quickly growing low light exposure to advance extraterrestrial man in his wisdom and their future as far as the uniting of Earth man in his q uest for development on the path of liberation and truth? GURURAJ: Ummm. Is there terrestrial man? Are there living organisms in the universe? Are there other worlds that are inhabited? The answer is yes. Everything in this universe is forever being duplicated. This planet of our is not unique, but there are so many other planets that are very very similar to ours and where beings live that are very much the same like us. So there are thousands and thousands of worlds throughout this universe that are there. And there are other worlds that are more highly advanced than ours. Now, this world with its scientific developments is heading to a stage where a great catastrophe could occur. I have talked about this before really, it's on some tape, where there is the general tendency and the likelihood of a great catastrophe occurring on this planet Earth. I've been saying this for years, and from a physicist's point of view, Linus Pauling, the twice Nobel Prize winner, says the same thing. Now, the st ory about the UFO's. Many people pooh pooh the idea, but it is a reality. There are other beings of a much higher development than ours that are trying to contact us with a view to preserve peace on this earth because if a catastrophe occurs on this plan et then it will affect the entire solar system, and affecting this entire solar system, it will affect the galaxy, and like ripples in a pond it will become wider and wider and wider. So these beings that are more evolved than us, they not only have devel oped a tremendous mental power, but they have also developed a greater force of love, and it is to preserve the equilibrium that we are trying to be contacted. Many governments throughout this world know of this. The scientists know of its existence, but they try and suppress this knowledge because they fear that it might create panic in the world because when extraterrestrial beings come onto this planet, there are people who always think that we are going to be attacked, and to avoid this panic, this kn owledge has been suppressed. But there is definitely great truth. Now, the very simple proof of the higher development of these beings is that they have created certain kinds of energies. We cannot even name them energies which are far greater in pow er than nuclear energies that would allow them to travel at such great speeds and contact us.

2. U S 80 - 41 In South Africa a UFO landed on a farm. So what this farmer did was shoot at it. Stupid. He shot at it and so the thing flew away again flew away again. No w these contacts I know for sure are there. I have seen UFO's, but my contact has been on a totally different level not on the level of the senses where, reaching a subtle state of mind, you can contact other subtler beings of a higher development b ecause as I've said over and over again, that all is contained in the mind and the mind is capable of reaching to the farthest corners of the universe and experimenting with this [trying?] with this this is absolute truth. And I speak of personal ex perience. If the Earth people cooperate with those beings, it could benefit this earth so so much more technologically and emotionally and in feeling and in different better way of life in a different more highly evolved way of life, and that could ver y much be expedited by the contact with these people. So, if this news is released to the world in a way that would not create panic, people will be more accepting of this idea. There have been many people that have created stories just for the sake of pub licity or whatever, but amidst all these stories there are some stories that are absolutely true. So, we can, through meditational practices, contact those beings. I've said to you in previous talks that thought is a force a very powerful force tha t could travel faster than the speed of light, and it could travel millions of miles in a second where if your mind is properly attuned to what they are putting out, then so many new things could happen on this earth. For example, a scientist makes a disc overy the word is discovery. Where does he get it from? It is like having a radio which is properly tuned and put on the right meter and you get your broadcast. Likewise, one could tune one's mind to that level where the information and development on that level which requires no language can be brought to you, and that is how a scientist makes his extraordinary discovery. We call it extraordinary because those laws are not yet known by man although it is just a natural phenomenon and really nothing e xtraordinary about it. So this is a reality within the realms of relativity for the entire universe is relative. It is relative and its relativity is proved by change. And yet the discoverer of the theory of relativity does admit himself there is a uni fied field which the laws of relativity does not cover. What is this unified field? This unified field speaking in metaphysical terms, or mystical ter ms perhaps is the oneness of this entire universe. So, anything in this universe can be contacted, can be used for greater power, greater force and more peace on this planet. For example, Atlantis was destroyed because of technology. They had discovered a certain crystal which contained so much force and so much power far far greater than nuclear energies that because of man's greed and lust for power, a great explosion took place which sank an entire continent. And yet those crystals being indestructible, parts of them are floating around and embedded at certain parts in this world at certa in places in the world. The greater part of them are at nine places. California is one, Cape Town is another, along the Yangtze River is another. Himalayas, the slopes of Himalayas, there is also this great crystal.

3. U S 80 - 41 Now, we have experimented with it. Ab out 18 months ago I went to India to see my guru. You must have listened to this tape where I spoke about my guru. It was in England and it was distributed here as well. And we made an experiment there whereby the proper combination we had some cryst als which we found in the Himalayas small minute pieces and with the proper combination of certain metallic substances, a great amount of energy can be radiated. For example, if that very combination, that very alloy, is put into the form of a littl e case, or what do you call it, an amulet and worn around your neck, it could cure so many many diseases. It will energize you. It will make you feel 10, 20, years younger. Yes. So there is this force that is available to man, that is available to man. So the beings that are trying to contact us is to prevent us from the destruction of this planet because there are so many many inventions that have been hidden away that have not been made known to people. For example, the neutron bomb where it will kill people but the buildings will remain safe. They have invented a kind of polluting substance that just a little can the size of Coca Cola tin could be thrown in a reservoir and the entire city could be poisoned and eliminated. You don't even need bombs. Like that, there are so many other inventions. Millions and billions of dollars, millions and billions of rands and pounds all over the world have been allocated by parliaments and governments without the requirement for accounting for them, and this mone y most of it is used by scientists for these various discoveries. So, so, the contact with the beings from other planets is not just science fiction as you would have seen on Star Wars and all the other pictures that are made of a similar nature. Fo r it might be science fiction to us now, but in the future it could become a reality. When Jules Verne wrote his books, it was written as science fiction, and yet if you read deeper, you'd find it bein g so prophetic, so prophetic. All these flying machin es and things and submarines he wrote about are a daily reality to us today. So there is more on this planet, this earth, than what the mind could ever conceive of because within our evolutionary stage, in our evolutionary stage with the ordinary conscious mind, a very limited amount of perception takes place and we don't see any further. And therefore by meditation as awareness is increased, this becomes a knowingness to you. The intuitive side develops in you and in that awareness you can see so much mo re than what is just seen with the eyes or cognized within the limitations of our little limited mind. So these things are not to be discounted, and through our practices as people become more and more aware of themselves, they will cognize these things f or themselves and the greatest result would be the opening of the heart where you would not live in the mind alone. For what does man do? He lives only in his mind; he lives only with preconceived ideas; he lives only with things that he's told about and he does not really think. He thinks he rationalizes; he thinks he analyzes; but what he does is take all other forms of analyses by othe r people and puts them together and thinks that he analyzes. So even the little minds we have, it is not put to its p roper use, for with analysis there should be discrimination and that discrimination is lacking. After any object or person or

4. U S 80 - 41 whatever is analyzed, we've got to have the power of discrimination to see if the analysis is correct because you might be working on a totally wrong formula. But with the power of discrimination, which does not come from the ordinary mind, but comes from a higher level of the mind, that is where discrimination comes from and then when that discrimination of the higher mind or th e higher self is brought to the conscious level, then you'll know if your analysis is correct or not. So analysis could be totally wrong. And without having the ability to use the higher force, the higher power, analysis is not valid whatsoever. So the se are things that we can be helped by for all those worlds seemingly outside ourselves are within our mind because the mind is as vast as the universe. The mind can reach anywhere and everywhere in this universe, and these existences could be cognized ve ry very clearly. You could see them as you are seeing me, but that is done from a greater depth of the mind and not the surface mind which we use which we use. And you'd find analysis differing from man to man. All the senses are involved: seeing, to uching, smelling, hearing. One person might smell something and find it terrible while another person might smell the same thing and find it very beautiful. The same thing applies to seeing. The same thing applies to hearing. If you like to hear sympho nic music and someone puts on this rock and roll disco stuff, it becomes jarring to you you don't like it, while the youngsters would just love it. So where does analysis come in? They are analyzing according to their mind how pleasant a certain thing is, and another person would analyze according to his mind how unpleasant it is. And yet it is the same object. So, this happens because of one's perception and power of discrimination and also how the mind is patterned. Now people believe just as a b elief that there are things out there which we are not cognizing and they just believe this, believe in that. But, that too, does not have much value. One has to experience it to know it. Otherwise we are not using the mind at all. If a person says, "This wall in front of me is white," and he convinces you that it is white, he can condition your mind to say it is white and you will start believing that it is white and not brown. So how far away are you from the truth? For truth is only gained from inside and never from outside, and truth can only be gained from inside when the little vehicle we have of the mind becomes clear. Now, what do we mean by becoming clear? That it is unfettered by previous patternings. And this is what meditation does fo r us: that it pushes aside all previous patternings so the mind becomes totally open and receptive, and then only does truth dawn upon us. And that dawning is that little voice that tells us from inside that this is the right path. Until then nothing ca n happen. It's just mental gymnastics and swirling around and swimming around on the surface of the water and not really diving deep down. Now the only thing which is painful is this, that man has all that capacity and he is not using it. He is not usin g it. So all these things you say are absolutely true, but it requires cognition. It requires the development of the powers of cognition by clarifying the mind, by leading the mind to a quiet state whereby these thoughts automatically just come.

5. U S 80 - 41 That is why I mentioned scientists before: they discover. How do they discover? No discovery has been made by pure logic. No discovery has been made by pure analysis. They'll analyze, analyze, analyze, get their minds tuned and suddenly the bulb lights up lik e we find in comic strips. An idea just dawns. Where does it come from? It comes from all the forces that are in this universe, and if the mind is tuned, then the solution just comes. People say it comes from outside, but really speaking all that is out side is all inside, and all that is inside is outside. One continuum. A poet writes a poem. Where does he get it from? He gets it from the inner depth of himself. And that inner depth is also the outer depth. So, with proper discrimination the outer and inner ceases and becomes a oneness. Now, if you are capable of thinking a thought, then do know that it has its relative counterpart in reality. Any thought your mind is capabl e of thinking. Any thought your mind is capable of thinking has as its c ounterpart a reality, or otherwise that thought will never occur to you because thought creates things. Thought is of subtle substance which grossifies itself to bring about the reality that the thought has brought about. So no thought is in vain even if it is just a fantasy. It might be a fantasy here and now in this present state of existence, in this present state of evolution, but it is a reality somewhere. And if t he mind is attuned to it, that reality or that fantasy can be made real to you. Your thought creates it because thought pure thought stemming from the superconscious level becomes a powerful force to create anything and everything. And this can be applied to anything. If you want a million pounds tomorrow a million dollars thi nk, and if your power of thought is strong enough, it will materialize. So, the mind materializes anything that it thinks about only we have to find the secret of going deeper within the mind where it gains that momentum; where it gains that strength; whe re it becomes forceful so that automatically the thought materializes. We have people on this earth very few perhaps that will just think of something, that will just have an idea, and it materializes in some way or the other. It just comes. It ju st comes. These are not only possibilities but they are there. It is not a futuristic possibility but a present reality. This is how it is worked. Now, when we talk of extraterrestrial beings, to us they are judging them, looking at them with the l ittle mind that we use that 8 10% of the mind that we use we find them outside. But if we go deeper down within ourselves we will find them inside ourselves, for all the entire universe is contained in the mind of man. And that mind is only one mind . They only seem to be individualized because they are encapsuled in this little body. Otherwise it is only one mind. So if you start of f a process at one corner of the mind, the vibration of that process would reverberate throughout the entirety of the universe. So nothing is apart. Nothing is apart from ourselves, not even the UFO's. They are there because your mind is the universe and everything the mind can conceive of is conceived of because it is there. Otherwise you won't. So, that which we rega rd as fantasy is not fantasy. It is an expression of a reality which is existing here and now at this present

6. U S 80 - 41 moment. It is existing. Only thing, it translates itself in the form of fantasy because we do not understand the subtler la ws of nature functio ning. Therefore we call it fantasy. Therefore we call it imagination. Imagination can never exist without the image. Imagination does not exist without the image. The image has to be there for it to be expressed in thought form as we cognize it. So, all realities are there. In the relative state all realities are there, and we only bring it to the conscious level of the mind in the form of thought. So, therefore, every thought is real. Every thought is a reality. That is why people get ill, for exa mple. It is their thoughts that make them ill, nothing else. It is their thought. So, those illnesses are existing somewhere in the cosmos. We take cancer, for example. Cancer is existing. Those germs are existing in the cosmos, and by thought we are drawing them to ourselves and bringing about its organic counterpart. So all the so called organisms are existing in so many various forms. It is so easy, for example, to go to an aquarium, like I did in Chicago, and I was amazed at the variety of fish t hat were there in those tanks beyond one's imagination. Those lovely colors, the movement, the grace, the beauty, which we have not seen. So we can't say that fish does not exist. They have existed all along but we have not seen them. Now this, altho ugh it is a crude example, but it explains a point: that everything is there. The only thing is we fail to cognize what is there and the only way is to go to the subtler and subtler layers of the mind for all is there and it is there. If t he mind encomp asses the entire universe, then all that the mind encompasses can be translated to the conscious level. Say if we have fantasies, don't be afraid of them. If you are given to imagination, don't be afraid of it, for it is true. It i s true and it can be b rought to reality. Many people are taken to a mental asylum unnecessarily. Those that could be harmful to others, perhaps, should be treated in an institution by all means. But there are many other people that are taken to asylums unnecessarily. One says, "Oh, he's a schizophrenic," and he is taken to an asylum. But I tell you this, that each and every person is a schizo in his own little way. Show me one person in this room or in this world that is not a schizo. They all are. They all are becaus e every person has some form of conflict within himself; and a totally integrated person is a person who is not a schizo. And how many do we have of those? Ninety nine point nine percent of the people are schizophrenics take this from me. And that .1% are not. Yes. Yes. That which causes a division in the vision is a schizo. Those that find a separation in outer things is a schizo mild, very mild that doesn't matter, but still it is so. Only he that could fin d oneness in everything is not a sc hizo because his mind is functioning in totality; and until the mind functions in totality, then you are divided within yourself. That is why people find it hard in decision making: shall I do this, or shall I do th at? Shall I take the high road or shal l I take the low road? Yes, division and all division is being a schizo. A musician composes a beautiful symphony. What is he doing? He is uplifting himself from the lower level of his mind to a higher level. Dwelling in that higher level, the entiret y of that symphony comes out, then it comes down to its lower ordinary level

7. U S 80 - 41 again. He splits. He is split. Now most people do that. Moments of inspiration that is division, too, but if it permeat es if that higher level permeates the subconscious and the conscious levels of the mind, then the total picture is seen and when the total picture is seen, then you are whole and that wholeness is the opposite of division and division means schizophrenic tendencies or real schizophrenia in a severe form or a mild form. The severe forms are hospitalized, yes. So, that is how we develop; that is how we grow. We grow by joining together all the powers latent within us. We join together all the powers latent within us and that means integration. That means functioning as we should function because we do not function as we really should function. We are the most unnatural species on this entire planet. The birds and the bees are natural. The trees are natural. The grass that grows, the flowers and even th e weeds, they are natural. Only we are unnatural because the greatest tool that we have been given the power of thinking is used wrongly. It is misused. [END SIDE ONE] And when the power of thinking is misused, we naturally become unnatural. We naturally become unnatural. Good. Now, how to get away from this unnaturalness. That is the question. Just to be yourself. Just to let go. Just to let go. Just to throw yourself to throw away all conceptions which are mostly misconceptions, becaus e if a conception is a true conception then there would be greater awareness, but because it is a misconception, the awareness becomes limited. So just let go. Be free, for you are born free and the shackles of the mind, the very conceptions ties you dow n, bogs you down, fetters you, chains you. Yes. So, from this very moment you can start it. Say to yourself, "I am free and to hell with the world. I am free." And when I am free you might have the idea and say, "Oh to hell with the world," but when you feel really free, this world becomes a heaven. It works in this way. It works in this way. It is only by discarding that we really become, that we really become. And that is what is meant: it is by dying that you are really born. You see? All the se injunctions from the scriptures. Why have I taken upon myself to teach? Why? It's to get rid of these misconceptions so people of today with their highly developed intellectualities, highly developed minds more developed than many ages ago in i ts modern context could really understand what the Torah and the Talmud and the Bible and the Gita and the Koran what it really meant, what it really meant. So therefore, that is what we like to clear up and give it clearer understanding of what life is all about. And do you know what life is all about? Nothing. Yes, life is all about nothing. Like Shakespeare said, "Much ado about nothing." You see? Ah! But to recognize the nothingness. That means to recognize the futility of our judgments; the f utility of our conceptions; the futility of our conditionings. That is futile. So, therefore we say, "Become innocent as a child. Become innocent as a child, then only you will reach the Kingdom of Heaven." How true it is and how simple it is. That is why we need to understand these things. That is why these teachers are needed to explain things in its modern context so that people could understand these age old truths that are eternal. For the truth is forever eternal.

8. U S 80 - 41 So we do not need to learn an ything anymore. We do not need to learn, but we need to unlearn that is the process: not learning, unlearning. Study brings you knowledge and the unlearning process brings you wisdom. It brings you closer to yourself. So all the garbage we have acc umulated in our minds must be thrown away must be burned up in that incinerator which is also inbuilt. You have it all, you don't need to go and buy one. All the garbage of all those pre conceived ideas and thoughts are to be burnt up, and a clean sla te has to be produced in the unlearning process; and then you see how truth dawns and writes itself on the slate. It writes itself by itself on the slate and you will be amazed. And you will stand back and laugh and laugh and say, "Is this what I've been thinking about? Were these my conceptions a few days ago? How terrible. I was a child then. Now I'm grown up. I've matured because I've entered the process of unlearning." People normally say when you learn more and more you become more and more mat ure. That's a fallacy. Maturity comes from unlearning. Learning brings some knowledge some knowledge useless knowledge. Okay, you need some knowledge to make a living. You need how to do surgery to become a surgeon. You need to have the knowledge of carpentry to become a carpenter. But we are talking of the actuality within ourselves, and that requires unlearning to be able to face the truth the cleansing which spiritual practices bring about cleanses the mirror. And then we can look squarely into the mirror and there you will see all your extraterrestrial beings. They are there. They are there all around you, all those millions of souls that have passed away from this dimension lives in a different dimension, and those are your beings, too undeveloped, waiting to be born perhaps not on this planet, perhaps on another planet. You'll miss your friends by the way, if you get born on another planet, but you make new friends because everything is connected. Yes. So, unlearning is the proce ss. Unlearning means cleansing. Unlearning means to let go of all our conceptions. Unlearning means to let go of our conceptions of moralities and land into the area of purity, for all these man made laws are here today and gone tomorrow. And this is de veloping. We see it all around us all the time where ethical and moral precepts are changing daily as man's mind changes. It is temporary. But what we want is eternity, the eternal values of life, and that comes from purity and purity means unlearning, cleaning the slate the slate is pure and clean. And then life is fun. What stops you from enjoying an apple? Because you might have had some experience with an apple. You bit in an apple and a worm came out and you bit half of the worm. [Laughter] Right. So from that day you start hating apples. Your mind has become patterned: you hate apples. There's nothing wrong with the apple. If Adam and Eve loved it, why can't you? [laughter] Yes. But just because of this one lousy worm, you start los ing your taste for apples. You see how the little worm has influenced you that is supposed to be mature? Huh? One lousy little worm. That is what I mean by unlearning; and it means that that worm does not exist in every apple. It might have existed in that one apple only. So next time don't bite on an apple, cut it first! [Much laughter] Yes. Next time you eat apples half a dozen time s

9. U S 80 - 41 cut them first and you can see there's no worm and after that you'll start liking the apple and then you'll sta rt biting the whole apple, worm and all. [Laughter] You see. What I'm talking about is patterning, patterning. That's what I'm talking about. That's where all the schizophrenia rises. That is where all these conflicts come from. That is where all our thoughts that this is nice and that is not nice comes from. Everything is wonderful. Neither is nice and neither is not nice. It is all just wonderful and that idea of won derful brings a oneness. I wonder why they spell wonderful with a "w:" o n e dond erful is enough. Because that very "W" brings in the question of "why." You see? We must change this language, really. We must change it. One derful. It is full of the oneness. Good. You see? So, though those extraterrestrial beings are one with yo u, clarify the slate of the mind and they could become apparent to you and you will speak to them in a sane state of mind, not in hallucinations, not imaginings; but you bring it to reality. For imagining itself, as I said, is also a form of reality, but what you are seeking for is tangible reality. We have experimented with this and I know, and I know how tangible thought forces could become. I'll tell you a little story. Oh, this is speaking about myself and I don't like it really, but to illustrate. We have an initiator, a full teacher in England, Marjorie. She was initiating someone and while initiating I was 6,000 miles away in Cape Town, South Africa. And I came into the room she says, and there was no chair so I went to sit down on the bed. And not only she saw it but the person she was initiating also saw me there. Good. So from that day onwards she put a chair in the room in case I should come again. [Laughter] Allison, I think you know Marjorie Marjorie, yea, in Bath, Marjorie Chambers. Like that. So, don't you see, these thoughts are also one, there is no separation. And if your mind in that meditative state, in that quiet state, is close enough, if it is clear enough, it is quiet enough, you can draw anything to yourself not only a tangible being that lives on this world but also your extraterrestrial being. And that is how at the time of initiation or at other times when your mind is attuned, you feel a presence and many have told me, "Guruji, I felt your presence so strongly wit h me yesterday" or whenever. Hundreds of letters come like that. What I'm trying to illustrate to you is the power of the mind: that if it is brought to a level of quietude, if it is taken to a deeper level, to a deeper le vel where at that level everyth ing is one there's no time, no space and just a little conscious thought directed towards it and then go into meditation in that vast area where the whole mind is one, then everything is possible no impossibilities. That is why whenever important de cisions are to be made we meditate first bring the mind to a level, to that broad base where everything is one and the answer is just there automatically. One lady wanted to come to South Africa to visit me. She put her mind to she does not know the mechanics of it but she put her mind very deeply to that thought that I want to go and visit Guruji in South Africa. Fine. She goes into meditation, the thought permeated the meditations, although she is not too conscious of it, but we know the mecha nics,

10. U S 80 - 41 and something just happened which brought her the fare for the traveling and there she was, she came. You see? So simple. How powerful mind is. So why can't you get those chaps from outside to speak to you? You can. Quarter past twelve? Lunchtime . ****END****


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