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2. U S 82 - 20 karma, beyond your body, beyond your mind, this cunning animal, beyond it all. It's a worthwhile trip to be consumed in that beauty where you, the flower, and the fragrance become one. The fragrance returns back into the flower, forever existing and not lost in the desert air. Come with me, Tamaji. In the communion practice it is normally intended for meditators only, but I welcome the guests that have come. You're most welcome. If anyone wants to speak off their experiences, please do not be sh y. It does help me to know at what level you are. Although it's not important. JAMMU: Having seen you do the same practice a week ago in California, my perceptions at this time are entirely different not entirely different, but they were very differ ent from what I remember from California in that almost as soon as you went into your meditation, again I would see this hum when you're doing it so that kicked in... GURURAJ: The? You saw what.... JAMMU: The hum. GURURAJ: [HUMMING OM] Valid. JAMMU: And then what happened was that you sort of become shimmery and I couldn't really see you as I normally see you and then as you progressed further, you became bathed into a shimmering yellow light and your face started to change as I've never seen before and I could never identify what it was that it was changing into, I only recognized that yes, it was still you and the angles changed and the colors changed. GURURAJ: You dare go into my past lives. JAMMU: And then at the very end when you looke d around the room it was almost more that I could take, you know, I almost had to close my eyes because it was so bright. GURURAJ: Very valid. Very good.

3. U S 82 - 20 BALOO: Guruji, I didn't see so much as I felt. It was like a series of pleasurable shock waves t hat just continued which I enjoyed very much. GURURAJ: Very good. You see, what happens when this communion takes place and I merge away into the Divine, a tremendous energy is radiated in the room. And not only in this room, but it extends for miles a nd miles around that very energy. At this moment many an accident could have been prevented; many a quarrel just stopped and people make up, for this energy generated this Divine Energy brought down tangibly to earth must have its effect. CHETAN : Every time is different. As far as myself is concerned, the physical thing that I felt mainly was a lot of little electrical feelings like a large [an???] running around between my eyes. But what was happening to you was much more interesting. As far as color goes, you are encased in burnished gold. And a bit later in addition to that and further out, everything was a beautiful violet purple. GURURAJ: Valid. CHETAN: Your face was metallic in color just like metal. It was changing all the time. There were Chinese characteristics possibly Tibetan and definitely Buddha again. In one stage you had two tremendous gashes on the right side of your face: one running from the corner of your eye to the corner of your cheek; and the other from the c orner of your lip your mouth to the ear as though you had some tremendous blow on that side. When you raised your hands to bless us it reminded me of a light coming on in a dark room, like the contrast one sees in a Rembrandt painting when a face st ands out in the background, so your hands, and then your arms stood out in the background. Your eyes were very curious in that there were two things at once. One, that they were blind and yet all seeing and this was awesome. GURURAJ: Very good. Very g ood. CHETAN: In spite of all of this, your body seemed just a shell, just a shell. And it merely served as a focal point for everything right there. And it seemed as though all opposites were reconciled: unutterable calmness to raging fire. They al l became something else. GURURAJ: You will know. You will know.

4. U S 82 - 20 ANOTHER: While these comments seem to invoke a certain heightened thought, at the same time do they not bring forth an analysis that you had instructed us to avoid at the onset? GURURAJ: They don't. At the time you enjoy. As a matter of fact, you have not even started meditating yet. At the time you just enjoy and then when we discuss experiences it is a reflection of what we had experienced. It is in retrospection without ana lysis. You enjoy a fruit you're eating a sweet apple enjoy the apple. Afterwards you say, "Ah, that was a nice apple." GOMILA: When you first started I started to float with you. I first started to float up, shimmering, and then I felt like somet hing real solid on two sides of you like a pillar an orange pillar or something. And then you started changing and I also first I saw just a tiny bit of like a white light. Then I saw you change into Chinese or Bedouin kind of people and then I saw Buddha and I said, "No, it can't be!" GURURAJ: [Laughs] GOMILA: And then I started to feel like a milky gold not clear, but a milky, like you kind of came to me almost to my face, or I to you, I don't know. And then I think maybe I might have pre vented something from happening there because I couldn't believe that it was getting so close. And then when you started to come down it hurt me as you were coming into your body and you looked at me. It felt like this light went down into my heart and i t was very hot and then as you were pushing and moving your hands I too felt like it was a very bright intense beam of something. GURURAJ: How many saw a beam of light in my hand when I moved it? Good. ANOTHER: One of my unusual and very rare experien ces. It was like a reddish purple band around the throat. Not at this area but underneath the chin, like this. GURURAJ: That's when they crucified me. Many crucifications have taken place in the history of the world. ANOTHER; They seemed to glow in a green an illumination kind of green [????] a bright green glow around the whole area.

5. U S 82 - 20 BALDEV: Beloved Guruji, the special [?????]. GURURAJ: You saw? SAME: My son, Joshua. GURURAJ: Yes. Yes. Good. ANOTHER: Guruji, mostly I was into me and I could simply describe as pleasure, but I'm interested that on your face which metamorphosized many faces appeared and one of them continued to return and that was of the King and it was very clear. It continued to return and be very clear. GURURAJ: Yes. Yes. Very valid. I know all my past lives. Valid. ANOTHER: Well I didn't exactly see any light, but I had a feeling of like an aura that seemed to be in rhythm with your breathing, and I found my breathing coming into that rhythm and wh en that happened there was like it was like everything in the perimeter of my vision went dark and then your face began to shift and change and to melt. It was very enjoyable. I found myself thinking that this was very nice. GURURAJ: Good. SOMEONE ELSE: I didn't see anything but I felt I could feel that you were giving out like healing, like [????]ning each one of us here. I could just feel this going from one to the other like you knew how to help each one here. I could just fe el you all thro ugh the room going just slowly [???], then it went back again. And then when the thunder the light outside, I heard that and I had the feeling that it felt good. It was just a good feeling it overpowered. GURURAJ: Was there thunder outside? SAME : It was a good feeling.

6. U S 82 - 20 GURURAJ: Good. How many of you felt a warmth inside you? Practically everyone. How many of you felt very much at peace within yourself? Practically all. That is the power of Divinity that brings you that "Peace which passe th all understanding." Any of the other non meditators who are not meditating according to our system, if you would like to say something, please do. Do not hesitate. We're all one family. MARIA: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: You feel peaceful? Very good. Very good. Good. You are healed, my girl. I told you last night, don't go to those psychiatrists any more. How many of you saw me disappearing and just a light remained? Quite a few. Right. Valid. Valid. Valid. How many of you saw me as an old man? How many of you saw me as a young boy? Ah! Good. SOMEONE ELSE: [?????] close my eyes and what I [????] and what I read is for the Kriya study and I was a little inhibited because in reverie I'm supposed to be looking at you and they had their eyes op en so I just stayed with it for a while and kind of let the Kriya manifest. GURURAJ: What manifest? SAME: The Kriya. And then after a while I felt guilty so I pulled myself back out of it but it was really a special time. I felt I was real connected and the energy was flowing and I was not there. GURURAJ: But I've known you for so long. I know you for many many ages many of you here. It's not by accident that you are here. We have known each other for many many lifetimes many many of you. Yes. You must have been a cat in some life time, Rudy. Look at him, curled up. SOMEONE ELSE: I've kind of waited to check myself on what I did experience because of what I heard previously and also to try to re create it after you had changed in order to further check whether one [????] a conditioning or what you have heard before. However I do submit that I was similar to Karl in that almost immediately there was a [????] and then at some time later on when you did, it was transparent that [???] also the sign lit up, too.

1. U S 82 - 20 TECHNY COMMUNION GURURAJ: ... billions upon billions of stars; suns upon suns upon suns through this vastness of eternity. And you go on, you go on, you go on observing the glory until you go away into total nothingness, total oblivion, all that whi ch has been manifested. You go from such grossness to such fineness and then you merge away. You merge away into infinite bliss and all just disappears. The bliss is indescribable. You don't want to come back. And when you come back you look at these fa ces around you many souls here that I've known so well and been so close to and then you see the suffering in their hearts, miseries, and I ask myself, "Why? Why? Why? when just one step away there is joy and one step down misery." And you try a nd ask yourself what is the purpose of it all? Why should there be any manifestation of the Manifestor? Is it necessary? Is it necessary for the Divine Spirit to take human form? A purposeless purpose. But then the recognition dawns upon you that alth ough there is no purpose in manifestation, it has to be. It just is. The fire must have its heat. The flower must have its fragrance. It just is. So is Divinity just but bliss? Then why is its manifestation in such misery? Is the misery but superimpo sed upon bliss? And if it is superimposed upon bliss, then that misery has the same eternal value. The manifestation has the same eternal value as the Manifestor for one cannot exist without the other. And you see the misery, the pains in the hearts. " What is the reality of that pain?" you ask yourself. Is that pain, is that misery real? Is super imposition real? Is the reflection real? Is misery real? Is suffering real? Or do we just misinterpret bliss as suffering? If you are divine, why do yo u suffer? Are you really suffering? Or is your mind playing tricks with you in making you believe that you are suffering? The mind compounded of many elements: of all these subatomic substances intermingling, duplicating and replicating itself, produce s this illusion of suffering. And yet behind the mask of the pain and sorrows on your faces I see that light shining some brighter, some dimmer, depending upon the mask, how transparent it is. Come with me. Let me show you the glory that is behind the mask, the self created illusory mask that we regard to be real. What do you know of reality? Only your perception tells you that this glass here is real. Is it real? Or is the form real to you? Why do you call it a glass? Because you perceive only the form and therefore you add a name to it calling it a glass. Do you perceive the essence of the glass? And the essence is all that is real and not only real, but actual. Reality from the senses or through the senses that you perceive could be deceptiv e, but actuality could never be deceptive. So when you go through the vastness of the manifested universe and merge with the Manifestor, then all this is but a dream. But to the dreamer, the dream is real. To the dreamer, the suffering is real. To the dreamer, the misery is real. Wake up! Wake up. Enlightenment is around the corner, and once you are consumed in that light, all the dross of unreality, physical ailments, mental ailments are all burned away. That reality is beyond all reincarnation, be yond all

7. U S 82 - 20 GURURAJ: Yes. Yes. Yes. SAME: There was... metamorphos is was your right side was pulled away up from what it was. GURURAJ: That's because of this hole in this tooth. With you as a dentist is supposed to fix up. [Much laughter] SAME: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: So shall we have a tea break before your entert ainment program? Yes, a concert and some party. Didn't you say that? The last night of the course we normally have some fun you know. Some musical items and he was talking of cheese and wine party. ****END****


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