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2. U S 82 - 26 her is I love you very much. Then he says, "You k now, although I love you so much, I am not rich. I am not like Jack who has a yacht and who has a little, private plane and who has a mansion, drives around in a Rolls Royce convertible and all that and has tons of money in the back, bank. I'm not like J ack, but I love you." So the girl replies, "I know you love me. You've said that many times. But tell me more about Jack." [Laughter.] You know, those of you that have come, you know, for the first time to a gathering of A M S, American Meditation Soci ety, we believe in the three L's: life, love, and laughter. There must be joy and wisdom, for wisdom is joy and joy is wisdom. Yes, so this, in this little town of Borough I don't know what you call it Wyoming, there was a church minister. And in a lit tle town, you know, they don't get paid so much. Small parish. Barely makes ends meet. So ... (Why are you laughing? I don't see ... I think ...) VOICE: (You're not talking about any ... Present company excepted.) GURURAJ: I'm just using this name because I am in Wyoming. OK? OK. Let's say Texas or, or Bourbonnais or something. Small little place. So he got offered a job in Cincinnati. Hmm? Cincinnati? Right. You know, now there's a big parish, a big cathedral. And well with a big job like that, there would be bigger pay. Fine. So he, this pastor loved his congregation very much. He always helped them, served them. Their problems were his problems. A very devoted man to his congregation. So he says, thought to himself, "Look. I must r eally pray and pray and pray and wait for the good Lord to give me the answer of what I should do. Move to the big city where there's big pay or remain here with the people I love." So he was praying, praying, praying. A week goes by. Two weeks go by. But no answer comes. So here a visitor arrives at home. The visitor comes home and was greeted by the little daughter. So he asks the little daughter, "So what has your dad decided? Your dad and mom? What have they decided? Are they going to stay her e, or are they going to move to Cincinnati?" So the daughter says, "I don't know, Sir. But one thing I know that my dad is still praying, and my mom is packing." [Laughter.] Any questions or shall we call it a day? Yes. Carry on. AUDIENCE MEMBER: You , Gururaj, have started a large movement. There are many people who will be following your teachings. More teachers. There will come a time when you will not be with us physically anymore. At that time will there be [Gururaj coughs] to replace you?

3. U S 82 - 26 GUR URAJ: Yes. Yes. Teachings that come from a source that is far greater than me will always be perpetuated. Always. We don't teach any dogma. We don't teach ritualism. We don't teach any narrow path. We don't teach any sectarianism. We find the basi s of existence and how to make a person feel the joy of the divine. That is the message. So that will always be perpetuated in one way or the other. AUDIENCE MEMBER: I guess man in general has been looking for the basis of existence ever since they've been on this planet, Earth. And no one has come out with a pat answer as to what that is. Is it really important for us to go ahead and look for that b asis of existence? GURURAJ: No, you will not find the basis of existence at all. Man is approaching to find the basis of existence through analysis. But the basis of existence cannot be found through analysis or intellectualization. But he can find it through experience. The answer comes experientially. Then he will discover one thing: that the basis and existence are not apart from each other, for existence is the basis, and the basis is the existence. Hmm? AUDIENCE MEMBER: You mentioned this morni ng that there are thousands of other worlds like this one. GURURAJ: Uhhuh. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Would you or could you tell us a little bit what, about what life is like on those other planets? GURURAJ: You must get off that occult kick, or I'll kick you in the pants. It is ... I know. I know. The human mind is very curious. Look, everything is replicated and duplicated all t he time. There are similar existences, similar worlds to ours. There are worlds where there are beings even more highly dev eloped than ours. We are just a small, little segment of this vast continuum in evolution. There are worlds where even verbal communication is not necessary. And we find that, you know, here, here, here. Most times when I just feel for a cup of tea, I s ee Lata coming with a cup of tea that's my wife without even verbalizing it. If I want to put on a blue suit the next day, I just think and that would be spread out for me. You see how we experience it here? So why not more so on a more highly develop ed planet? Do you see?

1. U S 82 - 26 CINCINNATI TOUR GURURAJ: I agree with you. I agree with you, but also there is one factor to be considered: that all that takes birth must die. You can prolong it but not indefinitely. All that is born must decay and die. That is the law of nature. But there is behind that changing factor the unchanging factor of the spirit which is immortal. Do you see? CHELA: Guruji, it is argued that there are some beings on, on this planet who have indeed lived through many thousands of years and who are capable of dematerializi ng and rematerializing their bodies. Do you know anything about that? GURURAJ: These things are possible, but they are just psychic abilities really. They are occult abilities which I can teach you to do in six months time. But it won't help you in an y way. I could give you examples of this. We have one of our teachers in England, Marjorie Chambers, and she was ... (You met Margery when you were in England, yes?) A mature woman, and she has a room in her home which she made into a meditation room. And she was initiating someone, a new person altogether. She was initiating that person. And during the initiation the thoughts were so centered that she said, "Guruji, you walked into the room. And not I that am a meditator that saw you coming into the room but also a person that is just starting to meditate saw you coming into the room. And you went to sit on the bed and just smiling away happy as a lark. But I felt so ashamed," she says. "So immediately the next day I went to get a nice chair to put in that room. So, if you come again, I've got a nice chair for you." [Laughter.] This is a relative phenomenon. It is no miracle, and as I was saying this morning or yesterday, that a hundred years ago if you say a giant two thousand, five thousand to n machine can fly through the air or you can speak to someone twelve thousand miles away instantly on the telephone or you can see what's happening elsewhere on your little TV set, if you told them these things, they would tell you you are mad. And yet to day it's such a common thing. And there are many, many subtle laws of nature which man has not yet discovered, which he will discover. And then those things that seem so miraculous to us today will just be a natural thing. There are no miracles at all. It's all natural things. Things we don't understand we call miraculous. And things we do understand becomes just an everyday thing. This very electricity here, for example. No one knows what electricity is. Perhaps one day they might. But they could know the effects of it. Produces light, heat, and used in a refrigerator, coldness. Like that. You know this young man was always telling his girlfriend, "Oh, my Darling." No, here you say something else. "Oh, Honey, I love you so much. You are the wh ole world to me. I could never do without you. You are so beautiful. Every breath of your breath is my breath." I'm putting it poetically. He couldn't say that in any case. Nevertheless, what he to ld

4. U S 82 - 26 But it's not necessary for you to go through that whole process, you know, through the various levels of evolution, when there's a direct road to Cincinnati instead of the roundabout zig zagging way. Good. I think I've got a few i nterviews tonight, a few healings to do. Three? Four. CHELA: Four. GURURAJ: So that's another four hours work approximately, I think. So can we ... AUDIENCE MEMBER: Oh, man. Four hours. GURURAJ: And then supper. ***END***


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