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1. U S 82 - 40 FELTENSTEIN 2 GURURAJ: Yes, spiritual practices, right, by which you are taught how to sweeten the bitter tea by infusing it. The dormant quality that is within yourself, and yet that dormant quality is so alive. But we cover it up and make it dormant. That's how we handle it. Do you see? No one general formula, but individually given. "Guruji, Gururaj, my problem is this. Now what do I do about it?" And Gururaj tells you what to do. You can't write to a newspaper, a general practitioner advising, say that I've go t this, this, this, this, this, and he sends you a prescription. No, you go to your personal doctor that examines you and tells you what you need and what you have to do, what diets you have to go through, what medicines you must take, what exercises you must do. See? So in our movement I don't even like to call it movement because I believe in stillness everything is individual. So don't be upset. Don't be down set. You have my blessings. Just be right set. [Laughter] Which means balance. What's your program, Phyllis? It's twenty five to nine. PRASEELA: Ten. GURURAJ: Oh, is it twenty five to ten? Ah, yes. PRASEELA: Do you want to see how many more questions we have? VIDYA: Just one more. We might take one more. GURURAJ: Yes, sure, su re. Sure. You're welcome. CHELA: Guruji, it's nice to be in your presence again. I was hoping that you might address yourself to the question of fear and how it seems to prevent us sometimes from changing our ways and... GURURAJ: I understand your q uestion. I've made many, many tapes on fear. Please give him the numbers so that he can be loaned tapes on what fear is. Give him the numbers of those tapes, and listen to them. Because, because if I talk to you about it, it will just be repeating, you know?

3. U S 82 - 40 GURURAJ: For that... VIDYA: Right. Right. Where peo ple could come down for that. So just speak to me afterwards. GURURAJ: Yes, because I've got still... AUDIENCE MEMBER: [Unintelligible.] VIDYA: Yes. GURURAJ: Yes, because I've got still a number of lectures which I'm booked to do and several other public appearances and some research programs and... AUDIENCE MEMBER: Well... GURURAJ: But, but... AUDIENCE MEMBER: We only live about a mile from ... GURURAJ: Oh, well, then it's very easy to come over. Yes. Come enjoy a cup of tea with us. Yes, it would be nice. Then we can discuss it and do the healings. It's easy. No problem. It could be anything. As a matter of fact, this research progr am that we're going to do with these psychologists are on healing where we will prove through modern mechanisms, you know, how spiritual force can be transmitted to heal illnesses. And I believe there are going to be a group of psychologists and, and phys icians and I don't know who all, but.... So we'll be away. And then we've got a trip to South Dakota to do some TV appearances and recordings... VIDYA: And then to Iowa. GURURAJ: Then. Yes, yes. So, I've still... Oh, I've been busy since I have co me here.

2. U S 82 - 40 VIDYA: There's a new one they just did at U.C.L.A. that's excellent. PRASEELA: I have that. CHELA: I have, I have... GURURAJ: So you do... CHELA: I do have one or two of them. But I... GURURAJ: I've done many on fear because that is one of the basic problems of humanity. Yes. What constitutes fear? Why does fear come about? And what is the base of fear? And how fear could be got rid of. And how fear creates guilt. And fear create s all kinds of various other ailments, for many of one's physical ailments are caused by fear. Fear could become psychosomatic which in turn translates itself into organic diseases right which is like a cancer gnawing your entire insides. And all this . I've made many tapes on this. Get it from these girls. You can listen to them. Sir. AUDIENCE MEMBER: If you have a, an injury or a sickness, is there any general way you can aid the... GURURAJ: Oh, yes. Sure. Take poison. [Laughter] Oh yes, yes , yes. It depends upon what illness it is. And personal healings can be done which I do. And as a matter of fact, I'm still in this area until September the 9th. But I have to do. .. I have to go on this research program. You know the dates. VIDYA: R ight. If anyone would like to have a personal appointment or healing with Gururaj, just see me, and we can arrange it because we do have some dates... GURURAJ: Open... VIDYA: In Bourbonnais...

4. U S 82 - 40 AUDIENCE MEMBER: You don't have time to get in trouble, do you? [Laughter.] GURURAJ: No, as soon as I got into New York, I changed planes to go to Las Vegas. And then I had to some public appearances there, lectures and TV and radio shows. A nd then from there to L. A. and all various programs there at U. C. L. A. and I can't remember these things. Unimportant. But it has been on the go all the time. Nice. Very enjoyable. That is my joy. It's a sharing. It's a sharing. PAUL: What does your wife think of you being away from home so often? GURURAJ: My wife? If she was the kind of wife that some other men might have, she would have divorced me a long time ago. But she is very spiritual woman that knows my destiny, that knows the mis sion of my life, not only by intellectual knowledge but by personal experience. She has known that. And she's been in touch with my guru and all. And she knows the work I have to do. And she being a very spiritual person spends about seven hours a day in her meditations and spiritual practices. And to me she is like a goddess. I worship her, and she worships me as a god. So how can god and goddesses fight? Do you see? So she does understand the work I have to do. And she says that your absence trav eling seven, eight months a year, throughout the world, from country to country to country, place to place to place ... She says, "Don't worry. We are just three at home. But you could do benefit to millions. So who is more important? The millions are more important than just us." And yet the, the deep love is there all the time. And I think tonight I must go and visit her. Yes, I think. Thanks for reminding me. Go and visit her tonight. It's very easy. Really. You want to learn that secret? Wh ere you can be physically present at more places than one. So it causes no problem, friend. Thanks, Paul. It causes no problem at all. It's actually a joy which I am sharing with others, and the joy which I share, she shares with me. I think that's enough of talk. ***END***


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