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3. U S 82 - 43 able to remember some of your dreams. Otherwise the subconscious level of the mind is forever functioning in dreams, in sleep. It is forev er functioning, and it is a great gift to mankind to be able to dream. VOICE: Is it important to understand what they mean? GURURAJ: It is not important to understand them. And then you get these books on dreams that if you dream of water it means thi s, and if you dream of death it means that, and if you dream of x y zed it's that. That is all rubbish. Don't take any notice of it. There's only one way to understand a dream. And that is something specialized. But to give it to you in a sentence, in the waking state you remember the dream and allow the mind just to go on and on with the dream. Let the dream reach its own conclusion without you interfering with it. There should be no analysis at all. Say you dream that you're driving to Kankakee. S ay you're driving to Kankakee, or there in the middle of the road you have a puncture, and there's a little accident or something happens. Start from there in the waking state, in a very quiet state of mind, and it will be more helpful if you are a medita tor, and then just allow that dream to carry on from that accident and just see what happens. Watch it. Just watch it. And you will find that the meaning will dawn on you of what that particular dream really means. Because in every problem in life the s olution is inbuilt. There can be no problem whatsoever without the solution inbuilt in it already. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] My daughter dreams in color. I never have. Is there any significance in that? GURURAJ: Nothing very much. You dream in black and wh ite? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHING] GURURAJ: No, nothing significant in that. Because a dream is at the level of the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind can interpret things in color. But there is no difference whatsoever. And many times you can become a witness to your dream. You can have a dream and in that dream you are standing apart and watching the dream. Which is very good if you do that, because the n the higher self of the mind is watching the lower self of the mind in its dream state. It's working.

1. U S 82 - 43 OASIS 2 RAPID FIRE (CONT'D) [THIS IS THE CONTINUATION OF US 82042, RAPID FIRE] GURURAJ: As I said, the latter is more likely. But even in an overcast sky sometimes there is just a chink between the clouds and the sun shines through. So do not discard these experiences. These experiences require analysis. Fi ne. And if analysis does not help, then developing one's intuitive abilities would help one to know that, is this a general experienc e, or is it hallucination, or is it imagination, or is it just an ego trip? So that one can do by oneself. And by doing o ne's meditational practices regularly, because of developing the awareness, you also develop to know that is this a genuine experience or is it not. You see. Anyone can ask questions. Don't be shy. You know, a guru is like a father, friend, brother. Th ere is a hand up in the back, first, Sorry. VOICE: Do you have any advice for getting through these periods when the sky is cloudy and things are not very clear, as far as [????] and going crazy? GURURAJ: Yes, I think I spoke about this is some lecture . Where, I don't remember for sure. Tapes are available. But I said that if the mind is filled with negativity you cannot convert is to positivity just like that. I even issued a challeng e to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale that you can't change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. It's impossible. When you get your spiritual practices you could use either of the programs to neutralize the mind. When a negative thought comes you do that practice just for a few moments while you're working. You do n't need to sit down for it. You do the practice. It neutralizes the mind, and then you introduce a positive thought. But to make a right about turn immediately, the mind is not capable of it. Because the mind is subjected to patterning and you've got t o quieten down the turbulence there within that pattern before you can awaken a positive pattern. You see. VOICE: I was thinking about the same thing. But there are times when we that it's decision time. And it's always nice to know that you're makin g the right decision. GURURAJ: Yes. To make a decision depends upon many factors. Good. So the first process you use is analysis. You weigh the pros and cons, you draw up the balance sheet to see if it would be on the credit side or the debit side. And what I found very us eful, which people ask me about and which I found very useful, is after weighing the pros and cons of

2. U S 82 - 43 it and seeing which is on the debit and the credit, is to leave it alone. And then all of a sudden, if you are a meditator, all of a sudden you will find the solution just dropping like that. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Because by leaving the analytical mind alone, the left hemisphere, you're giving the right hemisphere of the brain, the intuitive level, a chance to work. That is why we have the saying, "Let me sleep it over." There is great truth in all those many little sayings. There's a lot of truth involved. But we really don't understand them. Yes. So that is the way. VOICE: Is the right and left hemisphere the same for left handed people? GURURAJ: They work in the reverse way, but the function is the same. VOICE: When you were saying that if you have a negative thought you need to enact a certain practice, [?????] what is that practice? GURURAJ: You're too beautiful. There's your practice. Jus t remember Guruji said, "You're too beautiful." I just don't give it to you like that. Okay. [HE IS LAUGHING WHILE SAYING THIS] It has to be given on your level. So when Phyllis or Vidya or Gail or Doris, Pat, any of them, teach you, you'll get all tha t. Without fail. VOICE: What part do dreams play? GURURAJ: Ah, dreams. I've made quite a few tapes on dreams and I'm sure you can get it from the library. You can lend it. But nevertheless, to put it in short, a dream is one of God's greatest gift s given to man. Because the things which you live through in a dream if you had to live that through in the waking state of life your life would become terribly miserable and horrible. So, a dream is a release mechanism. Now, a dream, according to Freud , he says that a dream is an expression of a suppressed desire. Now, this is not totally true. It is only partly true. A dream could be made up of no t only experiences of this lifetime. A dream could be a combination of little pieces of the jigsaw puzzl e since you came into existence as a primal atom. And many factors from those various things are brought together. And it formulates itself into a kind of a story. But one thing is sure, that to dream is very good. Even to have nightmares it's even bet ter. Yes. Yes. It's even better to have nightmares because you are releasing a lot of the negative samskaras or impressions that are floating around in the subconscious mind. Now the dream has got no relationship with the superconscious level of the min d. It is just in the subconscious mind, and the subconscious being so connected to the conscious mind that you are

4. U S 82 - 43 VOICE: What does it mean if you have a dream and you don't like the way it ended, so you go back and change the ending? [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Ah, you' re beautiful. Well, you do the process which I told Joan about just now. You don't like the way it ends but just let it flow while you're awake and see what turns and twists it takes. Ah, yeah. You know, John was a very fat fellow. So George asks John, he says, "Why are you fat fellows always so good natured?" So John replies that, "We fat fellows have to be good natured because we can neither fight nor run." [LAUGHTER] VOICE: You've piqued my interest again. I wonder if you could enlarge on there are no problems that don't have built in solutions. [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: There is a law operation all the time which is called the law of opposites. So everything must have its opposite. When there's day there has to be night. When there's cold ther e has to be heat. And like that the law of opposites functions all the time. Where there's light there has to be darkness. So where there's a problem there has to be a solution. You see. This one lady was going to the bookstore to buy a book to read. Now, she never used to read. So she met her friend who says, "Where are you off to?" She says, "I'm going to the bookstore to buy a book." She says, "What, a book?" She says, "Yesterday my husband bought for me the most adorable reading lamp." [LAUGHTER ] Like this girl she went to an office to get a job. So of course the personnel manager asked her, "Can you type?" She says, "Yes, I type in the Biblical method." So he says, "First time I hear of that," She says, "Yes, seek and thou shall find." [LAUG HTER] It's twenty five to six. Shall we call it a day? It's been such a pleasure being with all of you. Such a joy. To me it's a sharing of love. **** END ****


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