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1. U S 82 - 54 PARK FOREST # 3 [continuation of a rapid fire. Maybe from Park Forest # 1] [Very poor audio. Transcript is not accurate.] GURURAJ: ... that cannot be solved. And if the fear remains in man then he must f ly away from the problem. And by escaping the problem he does not solve the problem, but he just goes to sleep. VOICE: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: There is a difference in losing your identity and identifying yourself with another person. That's all [???] b ecause as long as you have ego self in you, and even the saintly man, as I was saying the other day, all have 2 percent Christ, Krishna, Buddha they all have two percent of their ego selves or else they could not remain embodied. They would not be a ble to perform any functions that's required so until that day there will be a trace of identity, but even in that identity one can learn to identify oneself with the entire universe. I am the universe and the universe is me. VOICE: [Inaudible] GURURAJ : There you are. You are talking from the ego level. You're fearing. SAME VOICE: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: [Inaudible] VOICE: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: Oh, that's a beautiful experience. By becoming too close to a person [Inaudible]. For example, people I've said this before people don't even know how to make love. They use a mental stimulation which is passed on to the body and the bod y gets stimulated. That they call making love. And the spiritual self, because being so fragmented, the spiritual self is forgotten. In true love making the woman disappears and the man disappears and this vast orgasm just exists so vast that it encompa sses the entire universe. So how [????]

2. U S 82 - 54 You know, a friend of mine had a very religious office boy. And who used to believe in the saying, "God only helps those who helps themselves." So this office boy used to help himself to the petty cash box [laugh ter]. VOICE: Picking up on why people have a frightening experience when they think they're getting too close together. If a person is coming from a point of view of fragmentation, then with that coming together of two fragmented types of personalities, [inaudible] integration, then that dissonance is removed and harmony [inaudible]. GURURAJ: Oh, yes, and let me tell you that spiritual progress or unfoldment can be found far quicker when two people work together, like husband and wife. Integration is like this fragmentation is like this. [??] join and intersperse them [???] Then both people [???] I suppose most of you are going to work tomorrow. Or are all of you retired? Well, all of you are not retired, but tired, perhaps. You have to go to w ork tomorrow. This time this man was invited to speak at a convention, so he got up and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to speak because I'm a married man, and at home I always have to listen." [laughter] W ell, it 's been so nice being here with you. You have a lot of meditators here, and those of you that are not meditators speak to them: how they are benefitted by it. I must thank our beloved Evelyn there and Phyllis and others, that took a hand in orga nizing it tonight. Thank you. ***END***


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