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2. U S 83 - 104 what you are saying... [COUGHS] Pardon. Not just empty words, but you feel within yourself, that as I will demonstrate to you just now, that your speech is purified, your breath is pure, your eyes will see no evil, your ears will not hear that which is not good. The navel, the center of the body, the solar plexus is strengthened. The heart to be opened. The throat that would not sp eak any evil, which is connected to speech [????????], but the throat contains the vocal chords. Speech is an outward expression of that which comes through the vocal chords. Top of head, let my mind always be filled with good thoughts. Knees, symbolism of strength, because walking is strength and symbolized in that way. May my body be filled with [strength?]. And arms up to all, meaning that may this purification that I am going through be not only for myself, but to all. Hm. Good. Again, the secon d part is a repetition of that. Now it being... [COUGHS] Pardon. Just listen to it before we start on the practice itself. [ONCE COMPLETELY THROUGH PURIFICATION PRACTICE] As these sounds float through your mind you feel you're getting to [?????] that all these areas of ourselves that we have spoken of become purified. And this repetition will bring you to a beautiful, calm state of mind. And you do it about three times ea ch. Or even six times each depends how you feel or how much or less agitated you feel, and you become more quieter. And then you start your meditation. And then you start your meditation and you will find you will go to deeper and deeper silence, until one day you will say to yourself and realize [in your mind?], man know thyself, I am eternity, I am [???]. So with the modern world of today that is why I devised this the modern world of today, filled with so much turmoil and trouble that to sit down a nd meditate becomes difficult for people. Now, this does not apply to everyone. Hm? So after you teach meditation and people come to you to say that I am not going to very deep in my meditation, you teach them the purity practice so that they will find themselves going deeper. There are people that are natural meditators that could dive within themselves. It is not totally necessary, but a very helpful aid. Now, have you passed around here, hm? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Now, the entire universe. .. Do it while you pass that around. [INAUDIBLE] Now, why... why you [??????] use water. Now, the five elements that compose this universe is fire, water, earth, air and ether. If you break down all atomic or sub atomic matter you will find these five primal elements existing. Fire, water, earth, air and ether. You are a composition of these five elements. As a matter of fact you are seventy percent water. And science has proved this as we sages for thousands of years, we know. And so, water also h as a calming effect. Water is cooling. If you come from

3. U S 83 - 104 the hot weather outside you take a glass of cold water you feel better. If you're feeling tired a cold shower perhaps, or whatever. Perhaps warm will make you feel better. So it has a calming effe ct. And not only that your hand is moved. Now remember, your hand is an extension of your brain. For example, if you want to learn to read faster, instead of looking as a page and reading it, use your finger on the lines of what you're reading and you wi ll find your reading speed will increase by fifty percent. So here it has been all this is pure science. It is no mumbo jumbo or ritualism. You will find your hand will become...your hand is the extension of the brain. So as we pass through these areas [?????] of your body, you feel within yourself, that my eyes are purified will see no evil, my ears are purified would hear no evil, my mouth is purified to speak no evil. Just like those little statues of those monkeys where the one monkey closes his mo uth, the other closes his ears and the third closes the eyes. As a matter of fact this little statuette [???????] go everywhere was very, very... was a very, very great favorite of Gandhi. Everyone is talking about Gandhi now, because of the release of h is film and [??????????]. Good. Now, your hand, these two middle fingers are the greatest [?????] of spiritual energy. So therefore, [is the reason?] two. So these two middle fingers are used. Good. Hm. Now, it's been proved by science, it has been proved by Kirlean photography, and so many other electromagnetic devices, that these two fingers convey the greatest amount of that inner energy, psychic energy, call it what you want to. Good. So follow me. Have your cup in your left hand, and read wit h your right hand. Hm. AUM VAAK VAAK, ETC. [ONCE THROUGH PART 1] We'll try it again now. AUM VAAK, Sorry, sorry, VAAK, ETC. [REPEATS PART 1] [????] Now, we come to part two. Aum punatu, the word means again. AUM PUNATU SHIRASHI, ETC. [ONCE THROU GH PART 2] Do it once again. AUM PUNATU SHIRASHI, ETC. [REPEATS PART 2]

4. U S 83 - 104 Now, if you study this carefully you will find that is covers all of the chakras of the body. And by being, not the repeatin g words emptily, with emptiness, but with adding feeling to it and really feeling it. You are also at the same time, activating the chakras of the body, the chakras of the subtle body, so that it will vibrate at its proper frequency. Now, if the mind i s quietened down by doing this three times, six times, as much as you like, you will find that when you go into meditation, you will find a greater and greater depth. Where in the beginning you do not teach this to meditators. Let them get established, let them get used to their meditational practices, and then afterwards you can introduce this as an ongoing process to deepen their meditations. Hm? Now, the third part is a pranayama. Aum buha, Lord you are the vital energy. Aum buvaha, Lord you are the taker of my burden. Aum svaha, Lord you are the giver o f my happiness. Aum maha, Lord you are that which we all worship. Aum janaha, Lord you are the creator and preserver. Aum tapaha, Lord you are the destroyer of all my negativities. Aum satyam, Lord you are the eternal truth. This is used before meditat ion in pranayama. We do our four, sixteen, eight. That we can do after meditation. It would be nice if we could [???] before. Now, just a single breath to repeat the seven syllables. And with the inward breath, or you can start with the outward breath. That might make it easier for you. [The process?] in or out makes no difference. But I think it's easier with the outward breath. Now, let me repeat it for you first, and you'll have an idea. AUM BUHA, ETC. [ONCE THROUGH PART 3] Did you notice that I did not breathe in at all? It was an exhalation of breath all the time. Now, that is very important to eliminate the breathing so that inbreathing becomes automatic. The greater problem is elimination. And by eliminating you are just clearing your en tire inner self from the toxins. Of course, to breathe out is for the purpose of clearing out the toxins, which any school boy will tell you. Hm? Good. And then with the inner breath, with one breath you say the lot. Now, in the beginning you will fin d it difficult to say it aloud. So say it in your mind and do the inner breath and the outer breath. Now, you will find the length, the time, the various syllables is the exact amount a person, the normal average person needs for total exhalation and tot al inhalation. Hm. Good. So...out breath, take in a breath [??? as you like?] We're just learning now. And then we repeat these syllables. AUM BUHA AUM BUVAHA AUM SVAHA AUM MAHA

5. U S 83 - 104 AUM JANAHA AUM TAPAHA AUM SATYAM In. AUM BUHA AUM BUVAHA AUM SVAHA AUM MAHA AUM JANAHA AUM TAPAHA AUM SATYAM Out. [REPEATS PART 3] In. [REPEATS PART 3] In the beginning it would be difficult to say the words and still breathe out, and still breathe in. So with practice it com es, right? But it's not totally necess ary. Sometimes we are using the spoken word with also the auditory sense, so that the sound is not only from the throat and the lips, but it is also absorbed by the ears. And therefore, with practice you will b e able to do it aloud. But in the beginning , don't worry. You do it in your mind. And you do this about half a dozen times, and you will feel so relaxed and refreshed. And, of course, the main purpose of pranayama is to bring about a certain coordination and regularity in the body. And by bring ing this coordination and regularity in the body, it automatically has an effect upon the mind because if your breathing is regular and systematic, then because the mind influences the body,

6. U S 83 - 104 and the body influences the mind. So if there is a rhythm in the body, then automatically the mind also falls into rhythm. And when the mind falls into rhythm it becomes quietened. AUM BUHA, ETC. [REPEATS 3RD PART COMPLETELY] Do this about half a dozen times. [???????] this little prayer here, which you can use to [????] as it is, or you can devise your own prayer. [Use this as a?] sample. Oh, Lord you are that which spreads the nectar of life O Almighty you are that which is the container of nectar O Almighty father you are truth, love, success and the beauty of life.......You are my Life. Hm. So you can use this prayer after having your mind quietened. Then you go into meditation. Or you [????????] use your own particu lar prayer. [INAUDIBLE] to Divinity. So that it is directed to Divinity and not something you are begging for or asking for. Here is an acknowledgment of Divinity, that you are that which spreads the nectar of life, you are the container of the nectar a nd you are the truth, love, success and you are the beauty of life. Or in the end you say, You are my life. Hm. So be it. Do you see the beauty of it? Hm. So everything here is totally scientific, well balanced, and conveys very deep meaning. And the n you start to feel. It's not just empty words. Feel when you say aum vaak vaak. Let the thought be there that may my speech be purified. Aum prana prana, let my breath be pure. Aum chakshu chakshu, let my eyes be purified so it does not see evil. Bec ause the eyes [??? all the wrong things?] around us. If the eyes are pure you don't see anything wrong. As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And our ears, too, so we can always hear beautiful things, hm, and not necessarily ugly things. For example, your eyes, if you go down the busiest street of Chicago and if your eyes are so attuned to all the noises around you, of all the cars crashing up and down and what have you, you can go bonkers. But because this God given gift is t here, all that is thrown to one side. And you can be sitting with a friend, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, your wife, whatever, and you can carry on talking, having your conversation, and yet be totally unaware of all the noise around you. So we have a God given gift [which is there?]. And the same energy, the same principle can be used to hear good things. Hm. [???????] To hear good things. If someone

1. U S 83 - 104 TEACHERS' PURIFICATION TALK GURURAJ: Okay, that's enough. We're just going to bring it to the center. [INAUDIBLE] The purification practice first you might ask w hy the words are in Sanskrit. The reason is very simple, Sanskrit is the mother language of all languages. And these sounds that were conceived is because the vibration that has been caused from every object. Everything is a vibration, and even this cha ir emanates a vibration. Hm. And the sages, hearing these vibrations, translated them to its equivalent. And so when they meditated on the chair they heard the word, so to say, chair. Therefore, it was called a chair. So Sanskrit is the mother language of all languages, and therefore we go back to the original from where it was conceived. Modern languages are nothing but a mixture of so many other languages. If you take English, for example, you will find it composed of so many languages. For example , the word man comes from the Sanskrit manu, man. Like that I could go on quoting word after word. So it is always best to have the maximum effect [????] we deal with sound and vibration. So to have the maximum effect we go to the origin of how the soun d came about, and how the sound was first conceived by the sages. And those are the sounds we hear. Now, what is the purification practice? Many people would come to you and say, "I cannot go deep into my meditation." And there are many reasons for th is. For example, you are so harassed in the house with the family or whatever, and when you want to sit down for meditation and your meditation will become befuddled because of the harassment. You're rushing from outside, or after a long day's work and y ou cannot get [?????] total stillness according to your capacity of your mind if you are not in the right frame of mind. Now, this is illustrated in all the religions and all the theologies. For example, you are taking a walk to the church down the road, but as we leave our home what do we hear? The bells of the church. Now, listening to those bells could [????????] to a certain kind of mood that would make it more conducive to us for prayer. Hm? You find this in the Mohammedan religion where the man is standing on the minaret and he's chanting in Arabic calling people to prayer. [CHANTS IN ARABIC] Hm? And like that. [CHANTS] Now, just listening to those very sounds our minds become attuned to where we are going and what we are going to do. We are going to church or the mosque or the synagogue, and the mind is becoming prepared for that. If you go to a Hindu temple before you enter the shrine you hear bells. Soon as you walk in you ring the bell. [?????????????] ring the bell and you float with t hat sound and it has a calming, purifying effect for you. Good. So we have this prayer, or ritual if you wish to call it, although I do not believe in ritual [???]. But it is a great help to people if they are sincere and wanting to find greater and gre ater depth in their meditations. Which means a greater and greater closeness to their Divine selves. So we try to purify ourselves, you will notice it is mentioned here, eyes, speech, breath, eyes, ears, navel, heart, throat, top of head, knees and then arms up to all. And then you repeat it in a different way. Hm? That's part one and two. Then as you utter these words

7. U S 83 - 104 tells me, "I love thee not," I will only hear, "I love thee," and not the not. You see, hm? Because if I hear the not, n.o.t., I will feel hurt. So I don't hear it. I just hear the word I love Thee. Hm. How beautiful. So you can be trained to hear t he good things of life, and like that everything else. Hm. [INAUDIBLE] So that is a very short explanation on the purification practice. I could write a whole book on it, really: how it works, what psychological effect it has upon a person, how it stimulates the neurons to the brain, how it can, without controlling, perform an automati c control on the brain processes, how it can bring the brain to take a beautiful calmness, and more than all that, how it could improve our lives. And when we do this sincerely and with feeling, we train ourselves to hear good things, to see good things, to [???] good things. It is very simple. All spiritual practices are simple. Now, days in the world...what happens that they devise spiritual practices, they make it so difficult. Hm. Why? So they can charge bigger fees. People, when they see somethi ng difficult, then they feel that, "Oh, yes, well, big fees that are charged." [INAUDIBLE] commercialized. But in reality the beauty and the simplicity of life, the simple, pure factor within us can be grasped, easily felt, and even more easy experienced . Good. Fine. [COUGHS] [?????] started coughing, didn't I? **** END ****


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