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2. U S 83 - 15 blind, you think that blindness will not ma ke him see. Physically, not so but, it will enhance, compensate, by making some other sense of his more acute, hm? So, therefore, that establishes the relationship. When Buddha said that this world is not real, when he spoke of illusion, what was reall y meant? And you were right in saying that his teachings have been corrupted as time went on. Like a piece of iron lying outside for a while, rust would gather it, hm? So, many of the theologies have become rusted, and especially when it comes to organiz ed religion, and organized religion has to become a business, and to propagate the business, a lot of things have to be added on to the original teachings of the masters and a lot of things are deleted. Even our Bible, for example, is not what it was real ly, hm? In 342 A.D., I think it was, the Council of Nicene where all the cardinals got together and they promulgated certain things which would be conducive for organizational purposes, and lot of the truths were left out. Same thing happened in Hindui sm and Buddhism. Therefore, ours is not an organization, but we have to use some word we call it a movement, organization, but it's really not so. I would prefer to call it a family of people seeking for truth. Hm? No one is bounde d by anything. No "Thou shalt not" and "Thou shall do this" and "Thou shalt not do this," hm? For man would never develop in that way. For if you tell someone "Thou shalt not do this," that person is going to do it more because you are planting a negative seed in his min d, and the more he thinks that I am not going to do this, the more he will do it, hm? Reverse psychology. And, that is how the human mind operates. Now, when Buddha talked of illusion, that this entire existence is illusory, he was right. But he spoke from a totally different level. He spoke from the level of the Absolute where everything becomes non existent and illusory even when you reach, in deep meditation the nirvikalpa samadhi state, then nothing exists anymore. Only you exist. And you are no t even aware of your existence. You just are. Hm? I am. That is what you would experience without feeling, without emotion, without analysis. You just are. And when you just are, when you reach the stage of that is ness, the entire universe disappears . For the universe, being a compound factor, can only operate in the law of opposites. There is forever contraction and expansion going on, and it is the contraction and the expansion that keeps this universe in motion. Otherwise, it will collapse immedia tely. Around us you will find at this very moment millions of universes are exploded and millions of them are being created, hm? They explode because the contraction and expansion has ceased, and they're recreated again, according to the black hole theor y, when the very fine, subtle currents that are inherent in the explosion reformulates itself and another cycle of the universe begins. So, when Buddha talks of illusion he is talking from a totally different plane of existence where there is non existence , there is the void which is non existence. And yet, within the non existence, all existence is there. There's a very favorite story of mine. The student goes to the guru and he says, "Explain me the void." So the guru says, "Fine, I'll explain you the void." He says, "You see that tree over there? Go fetch me the fruit off that tree." So, the fruit

3. U S 83 - 15 was brought. He says, "Open up the fruit." So, he opened up the fruit. He says, "Take out the seed." The seed was taken out. He says, "Now, break the seed." And, when the seed was broken, there was nothing inside the seed, it was just a shell. So, he says, "That is the void." Seemingly to you nothing is there, but everything is there. Because the min d cannot perceive the very fine, subtle essence i n the void. So, therefore it says, "nothing is there." Buddha spoke about nirvana. It stems from a Sanskrit root word [Nivratee?], which means to be non attached from everything and that is nirvana here while we are alive, hm? So, the real illusion then that man experiences in life is the sense of attachment . If you were not attached to your husband or your wife, in spite of loving her totally and deeply, or he she loving him totally and deeply nothing that he or she would do would hurt you. So what is actually hurting you? It is not your spouse, it is you yourself that is hurting you because of the attachment. So attachment is the illusion. The sense of possession is the illusion. For what do you really possess? Nothing, nothing at all. Everything is given to you. You have created nothing. The greatest musician or the greatest poet, he does not create his music. The greatest painter neither this painting. What he does is this, he tunes his mind to a certain level and picks up the vibrations that are alrea dy existing in the universe and formula tes them and gives them form through the filter of his own conscious mind that is filled with various kinds of experiences, and that makes him give an interpretation, but not a creation. Hm? So, you've heard many of my poems, you've heard tapes of them, hm? Right. Have I created that poetry? No. I've attuned myself, taken my mind back to a higher level where all these thoughts have already been thought, hm, and I just grasp them and bring them down in my own words. And every good poet has done that: Milton, Shakespeare, Shelly, Keats, Byron, all of them. That is the process. So the world is illusory, and yet it is not. Hm? There is one question which I want to ask you and think about it this whole week through, hm? Then I will give a talk on that . And the question is this there's no blackboard here, is there? No. The question is this: The universe is unreal. Only Brahman is real. Are you writing that down? The universe is unreal; only Brahman is real; and the universe is Brahman. Understan d that, David, and you'll understand the meaning of the entirety of existence. For understanding that, you become the universe and you become the Brahman. So all the sufferings in daily living I always come back and back to that because this is what B uddha believed, hm? He said there's nothing else in this world but suffering. That's what he said ERRONEOUSLY. Doesn't mean that what Buddha said could always be right. Many of our teachings go beyond the [dama pada?] which is their bible. Many of our teachings go beyond the Vedas and the Upanishads. I have given you many examples of that, hm? He said, "everything is suffering." When he was asked questions about nirvana, or the emancipated state, the state of liberation, he would not answer. He woul d just stick to the suffering. I say no. The suffering that you feel is the real illusion, while the truth is that there is only joy. And joy wrongly used can become suffering, hm? You make a pot of curry. Now there's nothing wrong in putting in chilie s and the masalas. But if

4. U S 83 - 15 you put too little of it in it, it will taste very bland. And if you put too much of those curries in it you will burn at bo th ends. Tonight and tomorrow morning. There's nothing wrong with a curry, there's nothing wrong with a masala, hm. It is you that has put in too little or too much. Do you see. So, that is the primal illusion. That although we are compounded, being composed of various elements, those elements are not in balance. With the physical body we have what is known to be the subtle body, hm. And when there are imbalances in the subtle body they must express itself in the physical body. Everything in the universe is seeking for expression, expression, expression all the time. Otherwise, it becomes a static, s tagnant. So therefore, everything seeks expression. So does the subtle body which is composed of various vortexes of energy. And when those vortexes are disturbed due to some reason or the other, by thoughts, by actions, by past karma, by past samskaras , which are impressions left by deeds already done and the projection of that karma, which in Sanskrit would be called prarabdha karma, karma that is still to come. You have sanchita which is already there and those the effects of the sanchita karma w ould be prarabdha futuristic karma, hm. Do you see. Now, through the simple processes of meditation and spiritual practices, we bring the subtle body into alignment. And bringing the subtle body into the alignment, we with the spiritual practices, we a lso do other things such as being careful with our diets, proper nutrition, and things like that. They all help because we are one vast continuum, body, mind, spirit. They cannot be separated from each other. But here, when Buddha speaks of illusion, he is separating reality from illusion, and that's inseparable. How can you separate the light from the incandescent bulb? You can't. So illusion co exists with reality. If you walk down a dark road and you are filled with fear, or you've just gone to se e a horror movie and you've got to pass through this dark road to reach home, your mind will be filled with fears and you'd think those monsters would be lurking around every corner and every tree. You pass the same road and you have to meet your beloved, and every little stump of tree you see you think, "Ah! there she is waiting for me!" But it's not. That's the illusion. The mind creates the illusion and the mind creates suffering, and suffering and misery is the greatest illusion. So that is what we h ave to get rid of, and go back deep within ourselves to our real, actual self which is divine; and divinity is nothing else but that blissful state, that state of joy that is so pure, so simple, uncompounded, unfettered, boundless, boundaryless, unbounded, without shackles. True freedom. And blessed is he who can experience that freedom within himself, for then he becomes a law unto himself. His actions are always right. Seemingly to the person that does not know, his actions might seem wrong. Because to see on top of a ten story building, you've got to stand on top of another ten story building or else you'll get a distorted view looking up and you will never see the roof. So, therefore the Bible

5. U S 83 - 15 says, "Judge not that ye be judged." For you cannot ju dge the greatness of a Buddha or a Krishna or a Christ from the level we operate on, hm? There was this one guru, and he went to jail for about twenty times at least. What he used to do is while there were policemen around he used to pick up a stone and throw through a window. So they would arrest him, take him to jail. While the police were around he would pinch a sweet, hm? And they would send him to jail. And he would do little things like that that would get him behind bars. So one day some of h is very loved ones, his chelas, his students, came to him and they said, "Guruji, you know, this does not deserve you. Always in and out of jail, what kind of guru are you? Hm?" So, then the guru explains. He says, "You that are outside here can always find a teacher. But what about those poor people inside the jail? Where are they going to find a guru? So I go to them to improve their lives." Do you see. Meanwhile, others that don't know would say, "Oh, that guru's a nut!" So, back to illusion. It i s illusion to say that this world is dual. The world revolves around duality. But you've got to have a point to start. Many people start with duality and reach that unity consciousness. So, to many dualism is necessary. I and Thou that concept is n ecessary, hm. Or else, if you are inclined to bhakti or devotion, who are you going to be devoted to? You've got to have the ideal, even if it's a projection of your own mind. Even if your mind thinks there's an old man sitting on a throne somewhere up there with a long beard, hm? And you put the label on him "God," hm? Even if you believe that, okay, I've no objection to that. At least there's something outside yourself. The whole purpose of this dualistic idea is to take you outside yourself instea d of being self centered, hm? So, you start in that dualism for the sake of worshiping, for the sake of devotion. And worship and devotion necessarily must have the quality of love in it, hm. And devotion, and worship, and love are purifying factors. T hey purify you. Ramakrishna, great sage at the turn of the century, was asked a question. When people came and put flowers at his feet and brought him gifts and things, so someone asked him, "Why do you accept this devotion?" He says, "I don't need devoti on. I've realized what there is to realize. But, I accept it for the sake of the student so that he could express his devotion. I don't need it, but he needs it. Why deny him the right?" Hm? So devotion, love, worship, purifies oneself, and as you pr ogress on that path you will start realizing stage number two. And stage number two is this, that I am a part of God as branches and leaves are a part of the tree. And that we would call qualified non dualism. And from there you go on to the third stag e, and the third stage will identify you with the entirety of the universe, that I am the universe. And you will realize that I am the totality of it all. I am the parts and yet I am the sum total of it all which is greater than the parts itself. And wh en one reaches the fourth stage that I am greater than the parts itself, then you experience unity consciousness. Yes.

6. U S 83 - 15 You proceed.... These are just labels, though. Cosmic consciousness, God consciousness, unity consciousness, and you become a unified whole. But still, there's a step further than that. Philosophies only take you up to there, up to unity consciousness. Then the stage which I would like to take you to is the stage of non consciousness. Not unconsciousness that is very easily attain ed with a baseball bat. But non consciousness. What is non consciousness? Non consciousness is a state where all dualities cease. All the parts of the so called universe cease, and you become non consciously the power and the force that permeates everyt hing existent, even in its illusory state. For no illusion can be produced on its own. It has to have a substance. The mirror could never reflect nothing. It has to have an object to be mirrored, hm? So you don't deny the mirror, but in the state of no n consciousness, which is beyond superconsciousness, you do not deny the mirror, but you are non reflected in it because you are the mirror. I'm putting out a lot of revolutionary truths on this course. You are the mirror. And what exists is only the mirr or. What exists is only the flower. What exists is only the glass, hm? And what does not exist is everything. You are thinking too much. Let's see if I can find a joke here. [END SIDE ONE] This chap was sitting downstairs and shouting, "Come, darling, it's getting late. The show is starting and we want to go and see Batman. So she shouts back from upstairs, "I told you half an hour ago already that I'll be ready in five minutes." [laughter] You know, this fellow was told that I believe you don't fool around with women. So he replies, "You're right, I never fool around with women." Jean is having a nice laugh there. Voice: [Inaudible] You know, this chap was always writing to his parents. He was at the university. He's always asking for money. H e always had some excuse although he used to get his regular allowance but always some excuse.... So one day he was totally broke so he sent a very short telegram to his dad. Now his dad was fed up already. Every week there was some excuse to get more mo ney. So the son sends this telegram. He says, "No mon, no fun, your son." So the dad replies back by telegram, "How sad, how bad, your dad. [laughter] So to find non existence in all existence, and to find existence in non existence is the secret of t he universe. For that is Divinity. It might sound very paradoxical to you, but when the realization dawns, when you experience it within yourself, then you know that it is the truth for it defies all forms of mental analysis. There where the mind cannot reach. Someone asked, "What would be the color of God when God was the first thing ever?" So this chap replies, he was black, doesn't

7. U S 83 - 15 the Bible say that in the beginning there was only darkness. [he laughs] That is the darkness one has to pierce. For w ithin darkness there is light. For darkness cannot exist without light and light cannot exist without darkness. You take a lamp and under the lamp you would find it dark. The flame gives light out but not under itself. It coexists. So after piercing the darkness, after entering the area of light, you still go further to where the darkness and the light becomes one. The differentiation ceases. That is the paradox. That is why atheists, for example, would deny the existence of God. But they would admit the existence of this chair. Because it can be seen, touched, tasted, smelled. But they cannot see the millions of molecules swirling around in there in such orderly fashion to keep this chair as a chair instead of collapsing. It stands up. It is not c ollapsing. And then still further than that what keeps this molecular system going at such high frequencies? What about the electrons and nuclei and all that. What keeps all these things revolving? The force. An unseen force which is called non existent . Because it cannot be conceived, it cannot be perceived, and yet that is the basis of all existence. So existence and non existence are parallel to each other. They are interwoven within each other as threads are interwoven in a piece of cloth. You ha ve a look at the piece of cloth. You say, "Oh, this is lovely cashmere shawl." That's what you will say. You see the shawl. But do you see the threads? I can't see them either. Do you see. Now what is the reality of the shawl? Are they threads, or i s it a shawl? They are both. So the threads exist in the shawl and the shawl exists in the threads that makes up the shawl. It could have been made up into a jacket. Do you see. So there lies Buddha's illusion of just seeing the shawl and missing the t hreads. Of counting the leaves of the tree and examining the tree and missing out the whole vast forest. There were a whole lot of botanists that went to a mango orchard. So they were all taking off the leaves and looking at the leaves through a microsc ope to see how many veins there were in all those leaves, huh. But one chap was sitting in a corner. He had plucked a mango and was enjoying himself eating the mango. Who is the wiser? The mango eater. What is it going to help anyone counting all the leaves of the tree and how many veins each leaf contains, and hm? Pluck the bloomin mango and enjoy it! So when you start enjoying the mango then the suffering and the arduous task of life counting the leaves disappears. Therefore I always say, enjoy the joy that is life. Be freed this very moment from all sense of guilt. Even if you have raped someo ne or murdered someone or kidnaped someone or did any of the vilest deed on earth, forget it this very moment. Because those deeds were done by you in ignorance. Your mind was conditioned to that state. Perhaps at that moment you were psychotic and you had no control over yourself in perpetrating those actions. Are you still going to feel guilty about it? No, that's gone, that's passed. This is the new moment that I live in. And what am I doing with this moment? That's important. And then when this moment is over, only then do you go to the next moment. And when that one is over you go to the next. That is progression and not projection. Hm? Where you project into the future.

8. U S 83 - 15 Unnecessary. And brings suffering and troubles upon ourselves. Even before boarding the airplane you say, "Oh, I wonder if this plane won't crash." You think those thoughts. I know many that do that. And yet, that's the safest mode of travel. There's been a million times more car accidents than airplane accidents. A c rude example, but it applies to everything in life. You're cooking, your husband is coming home at 5:00 and you start worrying. "I hope this dish turns out well." So what if it doesn't. You can only tell him, "I tried my best, I'm sorry if it flopped." And you can say it with a smile. And you can always say, "I wish you were here, you could have advised me." And that will make him feel Mr. Big. [laughter] Hm? Do you see. Life is an art. Life is not mechanical. So live life artfully. Forget the pa st and forget the bloomin future! Live now and say, "I'm free of all guilt, I'm free of all sin, for essentially I am divine," and that is no illusion. For you are divine. And see you will feel immediately an upliftment surging within yourself. You'll feel a cleansing within yourself. That very thought that what has happened has happened, I cannot undo it and I did it in a certain frame of mind, that was my stage of evolution at that time. For no murderer really wants to kill. No rapist really wants to rape. No burglar really wants to burgle. It was because of mental patterning, conditioning, that the man was going through at that particular time. And if he has transcended or gone past that stage why should he bother about it now. It's done. Finis hed. Talking of burglars, this burglar was caught because he broke into the store four times. So he meets a fellow burglar. He says, "But you're an idiot. How can you go and burgle the same store four times. Because you would get caught. If you want t o burgle, burgle different stores, not the same one." He says, "I just couldn't help it. I burgled the store three times my wife wanted dresses. The first time I burgled I brought the dress home and she didn't like it. It didn't fit. Well, so I wen t to get the right size. And then the shade wasn't right, so I went to burgle the third time and then when I understood what she wanted, I went to burgle the fourth time and I got caught." And these other burglars entered a store somewhere in Beverly Hill s and looked at the price marked up there. So the one burglar was telling the other after looking at the price, "Ah this is sheer robbery." [laughter] The teacher wrote a note to the mother saying, "Your son is very brilliant in his studies, but he's got his mind too much on girls, and I'm going to break that habit of his." So the mother writes back, "Dear Miss Jones, Thank you very much for your keen interest in Jimmy. And when you find out how to break the habit, please let me know because I'm trying to break the same habit which his father has for so many years." [laughter] Oh these three Chinese men were sitting. He says, "Me CBC." The other one says, "Me NBC." And the other one says, "Me no telly."

1. U S 83 - 15 THE DUALITY OF POWER Q: Guruji, it is so wonderful to have you among us again, although many of us feel your presence wh ether you are physically with us or not. Guruji, it is my understanding that when it was revealed to Gatauma the Buddha that this phase of human existence is maya, or illusion, it was also... it was so perfect an illusion, an illumination, that he knew, wi thout reservation, that there is now and always has been Divine spiritual creation and manifestation, but that human awareness of it is illusion. And with that understanding he did great healing works and teaching. However, as all most other great myst ics, Buddha's message was corrupted after he passed on. Corrupted to the degree that his followers believed that there are two powers operating: spirit and also illusion. Can you please comment on this statement and the misapprehension of most humans of the duality of power? GR: Um hm. Chapter One. Chapter Two? Good. The duality of power. There is definitely a duality of power, and that duality exists only on the relative plane of existence. What do we mean by the relative plane of existence would be that everything that is seen or found to be relative is but a manifestation. Manifestation means that it is not something which is created, but something by which [its] own nature comes about. It is the nature of the sun to give of heat. It does not create heat. It is the nature of a flower to give a fragrance it is non creation. The flower is not creative and neither is the sun creative, but by its very nature it gives off heat or fragrance. And that very nature is known as relativity. Now, th e combination between relativity and the absolute is that of non separation which I think I spoke about on this course. Because the fragrance of the flower could never be separated from the flower itself and that is why, according to various theologies in cluding Buddhism, they say that God created the universe. God never created the universe. For the very act of creation would imply will; will implies mind; mind implies thought; and so the process begins. But once the manifestor has manifested, then a pr ocess comes about because of the various factors that are involved in manifestation, multiply itself, replicate itself, duplicate itself, and t he elements form various different combinations and these combinations that man perceives, which he thinks is rea l. Now, truth, or that which is actual, is totally simple and un compounded; but the senses, not being refined to that level, could never perceive that which is uncompounded. Because, the reason is simple, the senses themselves are compounded, hm? Do y ou see. Every sense is interdependent upon the other sense. Taste is dependent upon touching. Seeing is dependent upon hearing. That's always been dependent and will always be dependent. Even if a person gets

9. U S 83 - 15 You know, I saw in Chetan's office when I was t here in Canada he had three trays there: in, out, and LBW. I says, "I know mail in and mail out, but what is this LBW?" I don't understand that. So he says, "Well, that means, `let the blighters wait.'" Existence and non existence are but the same. And to differentiate between existence and non existence is the supreme illusion, that which Buddha forgot. But there was a purpose why he never included that. And the purpose was his deep (thank you, 12:00) and his purpose was his deep love and compassion. And he taught at a time when this was needed. At that time there were so many temple sacrifices taking place. As in Jerusalem, animals were slaughtered and even human sacrifices. So that was the time when the teachings of love and compassion were very very much needed. And he said all these things by sacrificing humans, animals, sheep, goats, calves, they don't help. They don't reach the gods. For the gods you think of are illusory. And if you think these sacrifices will add merit to you, that is a lso illusory. You see. So teachers come, great spiritual masters come...as the Gita would say, I take birth from age to age when evil increases I come to living about a balance. So although truths are eternal, truths are taught according to the time and need of that particular period and circumstance. See. That was Buddha's. Fine. Oh, yes, one more joke and then we'll go for lunch. This doctor was getting old, so he needed a partner in the business. And he had to show the partner around his practic e. So they first visited Mrs. Goodbody. And as usual he put a thermometer in her mouth, and as the elderly doctor was taking out the thermometer after a few minutes, it slipped from his hand and fell under the bed. So he bent down and picked it up and h e told Mrs. Goodbody that, madam you should not eat so many chocolates. If you do not eat all those chocolates your health will improve quicker. So after they went out, the younger doctor said, "Why did you mention chocolates, I don't understand it." So he says, "When I bent down to pick up the thermometer I saw a lot of chocolate wrappings there." Good. Now they went to the next house, Mrs. Daylove's home. So Mrs. Daylove was sitting there in bed and it was the younger doctor's turn to examine her. H e examined her and of course the usual thermometer in the mouth and he, too, by accident dropped the thermometer and it slipped and fell under the bed. So he had to bend down and pick it up. So he tells her, "Please don't be too close to the church. It will help you." So when they left, the senior doctor asked the junior, "Why did you have to bring the church into the picture." So he says when I bent down to pick up the thermometer, I saw the vicar there. [laughter]. Dear me. Well, do enjoy your lunch . **** END ****


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