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2. U S 83 - 35 So, there are many people.... I've been watching you guys, oh, as a hawk! Nothing escapes my attention. I could tell you exactly what you've been doing every moment of the day throughout this course. Where you've been, what you've thought of, what you did, I could tell you now. And if you want to test me, ask me and I will answer you. Please do not devote your life to sensuality. A life of the senses: hearing, touching, sme lling, seeing, and all else that goes with that. That is not the totality of life, but just a very fragment of life. Enjoy the fragment, no objection. But do not make that the totality of your life. The totality is further beyond, where you'd find that beautiful integration within yourself. You feel the joy and that peace, and then you do not lose the individuality or the sensual self of your self, but you enhance all that is around you. You enhance it, you add to it greater beauty because you are mor e and more integrated within yourself. So, if I should drop down there dead now with heart attack, what could I say to you? Love. And don't you dare say I've fallen dead, because I'm never dead! I've never been born so how the hell can I die! This bod y goes away and it will take another form and come into your lives again. I've been in your lives many, many lifetimes. This we getting together, it's no accident, no accident at all. There are no accidents at all in reality. I could point out one by on e how you have featured in previous lifetimes that I have lived. It's a joy, the recognition, the knowingness ahh, back again with my beloved, hm? I can go into all the details and even prove it to you and put you through meditations where you experience this, that what Guruji has said now is true, but I want you to discover it yourself. Because if I put things to you, ideas to you, I will be conditioning your mind, like the psychologists do those idiots! But I want you to experience yourself. It'll c ome, it'll come soon, what our relationships have been and for what purpose it was. And the purpose I could talk about because it was for the good of humanity. So, let us keep on doing our work and see what we can do for the betterment of humanity. Hm? That's my life's mission. I can't do it alone. I need people to help me. Those that are so close and so deeply involved with me, deeply involved not only of this life, but say they're even applauding that [outside children's play] deeply involve d with me through many, many lifetimes. I want to tell you one thing now, and it is not for everyone's ears, just the very special few that you are with me, and it is this: that I did not need to be born and go through the agonies of life. Because once you have life you have all the opposites combined in it, the pleasures and the pains. I had to be born because of free will to help. There are so many things coming up in this world which would be so calamitous, catastrophic, and this has to be avoided. So when we say the Father sent me, that's why we call Jesus "Savior" the real meaning of this, that the Father, the impersonal God, personalized Himself to work in human form to bring relief and to bring a greater balance in this world, and that is why I'm here. [outside applause] Thank you! [laughter] I'm always one for a laugh, you know. Just how much you can assist me depends entirely upon you. How much you have assisted me in the past, I know. But I do not need to boost up your egos. I could t ake each and every one of you into other lifetimes and tell you where you

3. U S 83 - 35 were, create that recognition of it, and take you to the actual place where you immediately will say, "Ah, this was my room, that, yeah, hey, look under here, you know, I buried some thing, or left a toy or something that I had there." These things are very easy. They don't require high spirituality. Hm? These little siddhis that any Tom, Dick or Harry can six months of training can do it. You see. The main purpose of our mission is to lead man to his true self. To lead man to cognize his true self which is Divinity in itself. To make man known, not like 2,000 years ago, because of the functioning of temples and churches and synagogues where they branded you. They might have use d a branding iron on you: you're a sinner, sinner, sinner, sinner, sinner. The difference in the message is this: that you're divine, divine, divine, divine. Have that divinity in mi nd and live up to it. You see. That is what the world needs, is to kno w themselves to be divine so that the technological knowledge cannot be used wrongly and destructively. There are so many technologies that are there at the moment present in this world that could wipe off the entire human race, and these inventions are kept in the background by vested powers with an economic background. Yes, that is why these things are not made public, because it would create a panic. I could show my son, Roshan, tomorrow how to bring the price of gold up within the next twelve months to $3,000 an ounce, easy. Just pulling a few strings, just creating a certain kind of scarcity, only on books, and push it up from $400 to $3,000. That is not our aim and goal in life. Our aim and goal in life is to find our real selves and impart that to all those around us. So you that are teachers, teach. Hm? And you're doing no one any favor. Not me either. This movement can have five people or five million people. It matters nothing to me, as long as the message is put forth, that's all. For one day some Vivekananda will arise to put it all together so that generation after generation after generation... and the one that puts it together can be self assured of his living and making millions because it will be published and published and publi shed and published and published. The child of today that's 15 in ten years time will be a child of 25 and will want to read that because he's heard from his parents, ah, Gururaj. That child will have other children, and in some year's time they will hav e heard from their parents Gururaj. And like that you'll have editions after editions after editions. The greatest problem is get them transcribed all together and edited. Many passages have to be rewritten because the spoken word is not the same as the written word. Then there's millions if you're talking dollars, you have millions of dollars there that's right in your laps, that I've given you. Do something about it. I haven't got the physical strength anymore to do it. It's your job. Do it. It's all yours, not mine. That's my heritage, the inheritance I have given you. Perpetuate it! And you'll never be in want. The entire Ramakrishna mission exists on seven soft cover books which were collected talkings of Vivekananda, and one book, The Gosp el of Ramakrishna. An immense income produced through that to run so many ashrams throughout the world, plus, of course, donations that

4. U S 83 - 35 come in. So we've got all the gold to make things possible, and yet we're looking at the gold in the rainbows. You, a ll of you, including me, are just bloody idiots! You just need to put in book forms the revolutionary ideas I've put forward to many of you; the new ideas that goes beyond the Bibles and the Korans and the Vedas and the Upanishads. Just get them together. But no one is doing anything. Ten, eleven women got together once in England and started typing certain extracts. And it's lying in America for two years without it being typed or sent to a book publisher. That should have been out eighteen months ag o already on the book stalls. But you can't blame the people either, because there's no one to help. How can one person, beloved Vidya, just handle everything on herself. How can she? She's got a husband, she's got children, she's got a job, she's got a home to look after. She's got so many things. Thank God to Priya who has been so so helpful to her. She drives up once a week to Vidya's home, hour and half up and hour and a half down, and they sit together and put things together, work together, do t he things that is to be done. Do you think that I could ever forget that? I'm eternally grateful to you as I am to Vidya and all of you that have been doing so so much. My mother, Merrill, Roopa, Gail I don't want to start mentioning names, I might j ust forget some name and they say, oh, why wasn't I mentioned? I say all of you. You know, twenty of you in this room, for example, just initiate two people a month, hm? It will make 60 initiations. And the donations produced from the sixty initiations w ill cover my air ticket to America twice over. Sixty times ninety, six thousand, a little less, ten percent less. [inaudible] So easy. Two people. Two bloody people. [inaudible] That's all, f ine. I came here on February the 26th. Vidya had twenty s ix forms for me, eighteen forms, sorry, right. And, then after that she had twelve, that's thirty, that covered my air fare. But what if we work a little harder? The dream we have of our own retreat, our own ashram, where people can just be in and out a ccording to the time they can spare, and be a totally spiritual atmosphere. I am a renunciate without having renounced. The greatest renunciate, I've told you many times, is the person that can renounce renunciation. And for me it would be no difficult job at all to be with you six months of the year, even a bit more. And people know Gururaj is here so they come far and wide because they know that, you know, he's here. And how won't it grow? So many arts and talents and so many things can be developed . And the ashram could be made self supportive. Where no one need to be depended upon. No one. No dependence. It will be independent and self providing. People that want to live there, right, they would be allocated certain jobs. Mary Beth, you're i n charge of tape recording and transcribing. That is your job. Nothing to pay. You are doing a job for your board and keep. Finish. Right. Merrill, you're one for the finest editors that could be found. That's your job. Mary Beth will p ass on in the a fternoon to you a transcript or Gail or my daughter there, Roopa. And by the evening I would have it. While lying in bed I will go through it. I'll say, ah, all right. And every month a new book will come out. Because one talk is twenty pages, two talk s is forty pages. Now, times that by thirty. It's not one book or two books. You see how it will

1. U S 83 - 35 SPECIAL SATSANG Wherever I've been in this short lifetime, whoever I have known, I've always tried to do one thing: it's to be a totally open book. How you read the book, ho w you understand it, that depends upon your perception and your degree of evolution. But if you had to ask me a question now, knowing my past health history, that "Guruji, if you should drop down in the next five minutes or the next hour or next day with a heart attack, what would you say to me?" What can I say to you? Because the entire teachings I've given up to now has said so much that the realization must dawn in you to grasp from it that which is applicable to you and that could bring greater and g reater happiness in your life. I have not wasted ten years traveling the world teaching and teaching and teaching, giving messages from different levels, different angles, different perspectives on what life is about. What you have grasped is dependent u pon you. Now, where does my responsibility start and where does my responsibility end? My responsibility for you has started from nowhere and it will never end, for the love that we have for each other, be it symbolic in the form of guru or a beloved one, the spir itual body means nothing. What I speak of is things that are far beyond and deeper than this physical and mental existence which we think is the end and aim and the totality of it all. It is not! The totality has no differentiation. Th e totality knows o f no difference. The totality knows of no difference between love, lover, and the beloved. It is there. Yet, within the focal point, we focus ourselves to one person, and through the one person, we reach the universe, which I've been talking about I thi nk, this week or last week. I don't know when. Now, if you should ask me that if you should drop down walking down this hill with a heart attack, oh, what would be your last words? I would just say, "I love you, I love you, I love you." Why would I say this, you will ask yourself? I love you not because I am conscious of the love I extend to you, but because the love that I am merges within the love that is you. Hm? You see how inadequate language is. It's a mergence of the all pervading love withi n me merging in the all pervading love that is you. So I drop down with a heart attack, which I nearly did two days ago, which is incidental, but one thing remains eternal. It is the eternity of love. [???] something which is so easily spoken about, "I love you, I love you, I love you." What the hell do you understand about love, huh? Is it just not a mental conception of what you personally feel love to be. Hm? Look how distorted it can become. I love Doris, but if then I say, "Uh, she's too short f or me." I love Phyliss, then I analyze it. I say, no, she's too tall for me. Hm? I love Gail, but I think her ass is a bit t oo fat. [laughter] What I am doing is qualifying and quantifying the quality or adding quality to love which is unquantifiable and qualityless. What has your fat ass to do with me when I love you. Nothing. What has your shortness to do with my love for you? Or your height to do with my love for me? Nothing. So it is a quality inborn and inbred within a person that requires a n expression in a object until the time comes when the object even disappears.

5. U S 83 - 35 multiply and how the ashram could become self supportive. And doing good at the same time. And living in the lap of the gods in joy with a common purpose in mind: to enjoy the joy of He that Is: I S. Now loves, we've got to run and rush. You've packed the car, Roshan, huh? Yeah, Sujay, of course you've seen to that. We've got to rush to Chicago because I was going to Washington from here and the book ings were made. There has been some change of plan where I've got to go to Hartford and from there to Litchfield, and then come to Washington to do the weekend course. And a radio talk and couple of other things which Randy has, you know, worked out ther e, some newspaper things and I don't know what all, whatever. So. I love you, I love you, I love you. God bless. See you very, very soon. **** END ****


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