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3. U S 83 - 4 your teacher, your spiritual master, you will find oneness with the entire universe because the true spiritual master is at one ment. atonement at one ment with the entire universe. So when that connection develops, you automatically become one with the guru, you become one in that love affair. And by doing that you become one with the entire universe. Now what is the purpose of that to become one with the entire universe. Your awareness develops, you become aware of the entire universe, and the most important thing is this, you become aware of your identity. Hm? Most people are not aware of their identity. The I is normally associated with I'm Jack and I'm Jean and I'm Jill and I'm Joan. That is not the I. Who say s you are Jean or Joan? Your mom and dad could have called you Phyllis or blah, blah. Hm? That's not your identity. Your real self is divine: Divinity. And because a true spiritual master knows Divinity, lives Divinity which you could never yet interpre t or understand. But that's not important as long as the yearning is there; that wanting to find your real identity. As long as that is there you will find it because there is nothing that is going to be a dded on unto thee. You are all it. You are divin e. And as I always say, to unfold that divinity there is. I know the Western mind today and I've had this experience everywhere Spain, Germany, Denmark, France, England, Zimbabwe, South Africa, you name it... People want complex things and they lo ok for something that's difficult, and that's complex. And because they look for complex things they think it's more valuable. Which is not so. They got to make it those teachers so called they got to make it very complex so they can charge you a l ot of money. You see. Ahh, we're getting something here. But you are getting absolutely [Voice: Nothing!] Nothing. [laughter] I get so wild I would have used some other word. Cuss word. Therefore I had to look at her [laughter.] No. So the true mas ter leads you from complexity to simplicity. For the primal energy of which you are made of which you really are is totally simple and uncompounded. So you say lead thou me on kindly light, one step at a time is enough for me. That's how you progr ess. You don't say I'm going to a flash course and gain enlightenment in two days. No! You can't! It's impossible! Those are money making rackets. As a matter of fact, I'd like to have this course totally free of charge for people. Hm. But the orga nizers here and you know who that our organizers are they've been working so hard and they've got to pay so much to have this place for the food and the accommodations, and after all, this is a hotel, they don't give it for nothing. Even for a guru the y charge for his room. Very good. You see, that is why charges are made. If I had the means, I'd hire these places and say come, come, my children, come; learn and listen. But in this Western way of life, as society is composed, I suppose one also has to think of the practicality and reliability of things. So a true teacher teaches, not because of what he gains, no; but because of what he gives. Not what he gains. Have you got that one poem of mine there? [Voice: Inaudible] It's in the room. Forge t it. You can always play the tape this

7. U S 83 - 4 u ntruths than there are truths. Did you know that? There's only one truth. And the interpretation and misinterpretation and twisting of the truth brings about misunderstandings and excuses. You see. So you're plain lazy, that's all. Who isn't? Ninety nine point nine percent of the world's people are pure lazy. I'm not talking now of the work in the world, I'm talking of the spiritual path where you're just too lazy. The beautiful pools is there, the beautiful showers are there, the beautiful bath is there. But yet, we would wallow in the mud. And yet, after taking that lovely, refreshing shower how wonderful can't we feel. But we're too lazy. And that's the whole world at large. Hm. Let's find another joke. Yes, talking of those doctors, the do ctor walks in and he says, "Oh, morning, John, you're looking so well today." That's what doctors always say. It's a bit of psychology they use. You're looking so well today. So this patient says, "That's right, Doctor, I followed all your instructions that were written on the bottle. So the doctor says, "What were the instructions?" So the man says, "Keep the bottle tightly corked," [laughter] Talking of doctors again, you know some English people have very funny names. I suppose we have that in Ame rica too, it's something worldwide. Now this was Professor Longbottom. He was a professor at a college in England and he was appointed professor of medicine and he was appointed as a physician consultant to King George. And of course he was very happ y about it. So after his class ended he wrote on the board, "I wish to inform my students that I have been appointed King George's physician. Hm. So when he returned in the afternoon to do his second lecture, underneath some student had written, "God sav e the king." [Laughter] Yes. To save ourselves... people talk of salvation. And they even have salvations armies they're doing a lot of good work. You've got to invade, you know, to be saved. Therefore salvation army. Yes. People talk of being sav ed. You are already saved! The entirely of your spirit is there in its full glory. It is just the recognition, it is just for the light to be switched on. And the spiritual practices that are given to you, individualized certain are general and the m ain things are individualized, they help you to prepare yourself and to repair yourself to know one thing only: that I am saved and I am Divine. And nothing in the world is going to bother me. I can't change the world, you will say to yourself. But I can change myself. Great reformers have come in this world. I could name so many: Swami [???], Jesus, Krishna, Rama, [Mahavir?], Zoroaster, I could list them off. They came to reform and not one succeeded. You can't reform the world. But man can, from h is deformation, come to reformation. You see. And reforming yourself, to repeat again, is to put your act together. That's all that's required. It's very simple. Please do what you want to do. But don't go and indulge in these fancy course s that are o ffered here. In one San Francisco paper I picked up a tabloid newspaper and there were over 1000 ads about this, this, this, this. Big money making racket. If there's not a true spiritual master, you will never benefit. Because a ll these courses are de signed for the surface mental level. That's all. It will give you a certain bit of relief, you know. Okay,

8. U S 83 - 4 in a couple of weeks time you're back where you are and even more confused. While a true spiritual master takes you from confusion to infusion wi thin yourself. Because he loves. And he knows that you and I are not apart. We're all bubbles on the same pond. The water in your bubble is the same water in my bubble. Some bubbles are bigger, some are smaller, but they're still bubbles. Hm. The sam e air, the same water is there. And that is why, because of the sameness of everything, that the guru chela relationship is a love affair. A love affair means there's no separation. It' s oneness. And that is what he tries to awaken. This eternal dam nation rubbish! Forget it! That is just a ruse by organized religions. When they couldn't conquer you or get you with love, they held a stick of fear. How can you be eternally damned? You that are part and parcel of divinity? Hm? When you are Divi ne. If Divinity is omnipresent I would say this a million times if Divinity is omnipresent then is it not in you also? Omnipresent means being present everywhere, and aren't you Divine also? And if you believe in eternal damnation, then Divinity is al so eternally damned. So to hell with it all! [laughter] Do you see how simple it is? Oh, my beloveds, it's a force and a power that has to be realized. And the best I could do is help you to realize it as a teacher. I can't give you like an ordinar y school teacher can't give you the intelligence. But when I see that intelligence is there, I could make you learn. And uncover the intelligence that is already there. You see. Let's see if we can find another joke. You know Whistler, I don't know i f you've heard of Whistler, he was a great portrait painter. Whistler? And he was painting a picture of a celebrity. So after the portrait was done, Whistler asked this man, "Do you like it?" He says, "No, it's a bad work of art." Well, so Whistler re plies, "Look, I can't help it because you were a bad work of nature. But all you are not a bad work of nature. You're the best that nature could produce. That's what it means by that you were made in God's image. You're the best that nature could produc e. And this is only a bit of humor where Whistler thought this. It wasn't a bad work of art either. It was good. Hm. Because everything is beautiful if you know how to look at it. The old saying, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Same thing, t hing, huh. I've done that one, I've done that one, I've done that one. Oh, this professor was teaching Robin while he was at college medical school. So the professor says, "If a patient comes to you that has swallowed a coin, what would you do?" So Rob in says, "I'll send for the preacher." The professor says, "Why for the preacher?" So Robin says, "Look, a preacher can get money out of anybody. [laughter]. It's nearly 12:00 isn't it. You know, speaking of time and speaking too long, there was this c hurch minister who got up on his pulpit and he spoke for 10 minutes on his sermon. And then he apologized. He says, "My beloveds, my friends, I have a dog at home and somehow he got hold of my sermon and chewed up the papers. And this is all I've got le ft, these few pages. And that's all I can give you today. Fine. So after that the service ended and as people were going they normally stand and say goodbye, have a nice day, huhh. He has to do that because the next time they come they'll put more in t he

1. U S 83 - 4 PROJECTING ONE'S GURU GR: Ah, Nirmalaji. Nirmala: Yesterday morning at [??] show the oneness of mind because the question I had for you was about gurus and chelas and everyone else was asking that too. Very interesting. All on the same wave [???]. It is said that when the chela is ready the g uru appears. It has occurred to me that this happens because the chela unknowingly projects a guru out there, one in his own image. So the two eventually realize their oneness when the chela finally realizes he has projected his guru. And is guru is, in effect, his own projection. What have you to say about this? GR: You're quite right. Next question. [laughter] Ah ha. You know, the school master asked his children, or speaking to his children, class, and said, "Look, there can be no eggs without he ns, remember that." Some little bright guy in the class stands up and says, "No, sir, I disagree. My dad raises ducks." [laughter] There could be no eggs without hens. Definitely not. For in that relationship and I think I've made many tapes on the gu ru chela relationship the greatest fallacy is for a chela, as I said last night somewhere, I think, is to project a certa in ideal. You don't approach a guru with a preconceived idea. If you have a preconceived idea, then you are not a seeker. You don 't go to a guru. You go with a total open, unbiased, blank mind. I used to sit at the feet of many, many gurus. And most of them, 99% of them, I could take the whole lot together and wrap around my little finger intellectually. But no. I would sit ther e and listen, just listen. The art lies not in speaking but in listening. How much can you listen. And what is listening. When you listen with an open mind, in spite of whatever other teachings you might have had, or whatever prejudices or biases you ha ve, if you listen with an open mind it means that you are going beyond the mind, you are going to the heart and the mind is the vehicle and the instrument through which you develop some understanding. So in the guru chela relationship what is required is understanding. Now if it is a true spiritual master, he does not only give you the understanding, but he imparts something else. Perhaps in this few days you might verify this that you are with me, hm. Hasn't any calm and peace come over you in some for m or the other? Why? It's not because of the things I talk about, but in the very words is the spiritual force that's given that reaches home, that ignites the fire, hum, that switches on the light so that you don't grope around in darkness. So that you have to get away from preconceived ideas, hm, and think about the alternate perspectives. A young lady came to me last night and she had an interview with me a counseling thing she wanted to discuss. She says, "Guruji, this is the first time I've e ver come to one of your courses." I

2. U S 83 - 4 say, "Good, that's fine." Yes, I was so skeptical and so doubtful that who is this man I'm going to meet. And things like that. I say, "How do you feel now?" And she says, "All my doubts and skepticisms has vanished and I'm feeling so so wonderful and uplifted." She's sitting in the audience here now. Hm. What force is there, what power is there that does that? That is the inner power the true master radiates from within himself. Buddha, for example, in his later s tages he never gave any sermons or talks any more. He just sat still and went into meditation. And all his people around him found some realization, some understanding, some transformation within themselves. So what does a true guru do? Hm? He not onl y gives you the understanding which is just a small part of it but he gives you the impetus. He shares himself with you. He is the hen from which all the eggs come from, you see. And that is what he gives and he gives it in totality: mind, body and spiri t just flows, for everything emanates. Many here will tell you. They've been to the communion practice, for example, which we are going to do this evening, that the force in the room becomes so powerful that people go through various experiences, and not only that, not only in the room, but it extends for far far far. There's a family having an argument somewhere perhaps, and suddenly they just stop it and say, "I'm sorry, darling." Or something like that, hm? There's that spiritual force, and to most i t could be intangible, but for the true spiritual master it is a total reality. So teaching is a word very much misused. I do not teach. But I make you learn! Do you see the difference? Teaching is fostering and forcing ideas upon you. No. But to lear n is to take those ideas and see what I can get out of it according to my capacity. That is learning. Hm. It's not ramming things down people's throats. And that, becomes the ideal guru chela relationship. A certain kind of magnetism occurs to use th at word for lacking a better word. Magnetism, hmmm. And this is felt, this felt deep inside. Sometimes it does not come to the conscious level immediately, depending how clear the conscious level is how far you're deep in or how much you're on the su rface. But it will definitely have a delayed reaction. It will have a delayed reaction if not an immediate reaction and this I have found with thousands of people around the world. So the whole idea is transformation. You are in a certain formation, bu t you got to be in transformation. Trans across, beyond your present formation. Are we prepared to do that? If not, the guru doesn't need you. You have to be a seeker. You have to be a learner. You must have the yearning to learn that what is the pu rpose of this life? Why am I born on this planet Earth? What is my purpose? Is life not but a school that I've come to learn? So why do I deny learning and stick to the various ideals and ideas that I have in my mind? Hm? Aren't there better ideas an d ideals? Perhaps. Explore. Experiment. Hm? Then, as you're exploring and experimenting, a love affair develops between guru and chela, for it is none else but a love affair. I don't mean that in the other physical, sexual sense. Hm? Heart meets hear t. And if you can find oneness with

4. U S 83 - 4 afternoon. Life is... I never memorize my poetry... life is made to give and not to gain, for if gain I sought this life liv ed would be in vain. That is the mark of a true teacher. For example, if a gift is given to me and I feel the vibrations that this is not given with love, but is just as a duty OK, old chap, let's help him, he's a poor man. If it's done with that I will never accept it. If it is a gift of love yes, because th at is a sharing of love between the chela and myself. You see. And those are the principles of my life. I can also run those businesses. I've got ten times more brains than Muktanands and Fuktanands, Maharishis and the whole lot put together and run bet ter businesses. Because I have been in business for over twenty years and running multi millionaire businesses. I know what it is. But no, if you dedicate yourself, if you dedicate yourself to a certain mission for which yo u are born, and your own guru makes you realize that mission, and you have to fulfill that mission, never mind what might come. You do it, hm. I had an open heart operation, right, I have cancer, and I'm a severe diabetic. I forgot to take my insulin this morning. You see, my chel as are so good they remind me of everything. [laughter] Because the mind is always going out to this one, this one, that one, hm. I was awake till 6:00 this morning, visualizing you, picturing most of you, and sending love and those energies and spiritu al force to you. If Divinity not me if Divinity sleeps, this world will come to an end. He can't afford to sleep. But the damn thing is he keeps me awake [laughter]. It's such fun. Now, in spite of being a practical invalid, hm, I still travel 7 8 mo nths around the world living out of a suitcase, sleeping in different beds every few nights, eating food which is very beautiful and well prepared, but not the foods that I'm used to, hm? Different changes of climate it was cold in Spain where we held the course there at the Franco Memorial. It was cold in England all these various talks, this, that, and what have you, and on and on and on and on. Why? What do I gain by it? Hm? Nothing. Because I'm not there for gain. If only I could provide for my wife and children, that's enough, that's all. Just a few bob, a few pennies. Do you see. So it's a sharing, a giving, a mission which I just can't help doing. Hm? I refused a government job as most of them know here that would have paid me 50 ,000 a year. But it was full time, and I don't agree with South Africa's government policies, Apartheid and what have you. And yet, I go around to share this love, this little wisdom which is not mine, but which pours through me, and helping in whichever way. And strengthening the bond of the love affair. You see. That's important. Igniting. Everything is there. Everything is there: the tinder, the wood, the stove, the barbecue, huh, I've just got to light the match. And if your wood is wet, it's not my fault, but it won't ignite. So all these practices you are given is but a preparation to bring that wood into that dry state where it could just be ignited.

5. U S 83 - 4 Many people ask me, they say, Guruji, you have transformed, thousands of lives in the world. Why not mine? They say they've read in books that Ramakrishna put his foot on the breast on the chest of Vivekananda and Vivekananda went into that nirvikalpa samadhi. I say, yes, sure. Are you ready for that? If you are ready, I'll do it now. So the ground must be well tilled and the seed must be strong for the beautiful plant to grow. But the seed can be as strong as possible and the ground is not well tilled. Barren. How is it going to grow. And yet the gardener, the spiritual master, will go on planting and planting and planting. Some seeds will fall on fertile ground, some on barren ground, and some on the rocks for the birds of the air. That's from our scriptures. Do you see. So the guru also has his duty. Did I tell you the story of this fellow that went to a guru? You see, everybody wants to well, the story will explain it. This chela goes to the guru and he says, "What do I have to do to be a chela?" So the gur u says, "Yes, you got to wake up at 4:00 in the morning, fine, and you got to light the fire they didn't have electric stoves in those times, push button things hm. You have to make the fires, you have to scrub the floors, you have to do this, this, this, that, you have to do so many chores, fine. So this chela so called found oh, this is so difficult. So much work for the chela from morning til night. So then he asks, "What does a guru do?" So the guru replies, "Oh, he just sits back and talks a bit and advises on this and advises on that, and ahh." So this man say s, "Then I don't want to be a chela. Make me a guru. [laughter] Hm. That is the mentality we have. Because we want instant illumination, like instant coffee and instant pudding. We don't even take the trouble to warm our food any more. We buy micro o vens and get all those electrodes flowing through it. Hm. We've even lost the art of cooking. We buy everything ready made from the supermarkets. And the men are to blame for that, not the women. I'll go into that some other time. Do you see. So the realization has to come and there has to be one pointedness. For after all, to repeat a million times over and over again, that the basic aim is to find that peace and joy within, to become integrated. We are not happy people or sorrowful their lives a re filled with sorrow because of the fragmentation that they are going through. When I think of it it makes me cry. You'd be surprised how many nights I lay in bed crying for people; that why must they suffer; why must they suffer when things are so simp le; when they go on these damn courses and pay hundreds and thousands of dollars, hm, that benefits them nothing. Little flashy things. I could organize this course in a different way entirely. Not in only one different way but in a hundred different wa ys. I can keep you guys going from 6:00 in the morning til 12:00 at night and you won't have a minute to spare. No. No. I make these courses relaxing for you. Get away from it all. It's a vacation. Hm? Because Paradise is a vacation, no hard work th ere, hm. You see.

6. U S 83 - 4 So you come, you just rest yourselves under proper care that is there which you are not aware of yet. But as I talk to you there's something happening within each and every one of you. Hm? So you do your chantings, you do your medita tions, and you have your private time to mediate alone, then you hear talks during the day, hm, afternoon, evening, what have you. You have discussions, you have private consultations, you take your walks, you have a little exercise. Relax. Forget it al l, it's a vacation. A vacation into the beauty of Divinity. That's the idea. Or else I could get you up 6:00 in the morning. I'd say right, boys and girls, on the lawn. Nice weather. All right, lie on your backs, stretch your one leg up a nd then the other one down, and... that's rubbish! It doesn't help anything. Hatha yoga, they call it. It is only a fraction of true yoga. Yoga means that union between the individual and the universal. To find that union, that's yoga. These little exercises, ok , fine for the body. You can use them at home everyday. I've no objection against it. But here with me you share that spirituality. And you must come to the cognition of that spiritual force that is there. If you fail to see it, i f you've got blinkers on your eyes, if you are wearing dark glasses, don't blame me, for it is there. So that is the relationship. I've made many talks. I've done many talks on the guru chela relationship. Today I'm speaking from a totally different angle. But do try and ge t those tapes. Mary Beth, you have some? Get some of those tapes and you listen to the same subject from a totally different perspective. So there's so much, do you see. There's so little to give. Really speaking. Hm. Because it's just emanating al l the time. Hm. And yet, at the same time, so much to receive. Huh. That is how the greatest effort is done effortlessly. I work 18 hours a day at home and wherever I am. And yet, at night I feel as if I have done nothing at all. Why? Because the min d is in such a beautiful, tranquil, calm state that work becomes a (you're right, baby) that work becomes a joy. You see. The irk goes out of work. And that's what we want. And if I can do that, all of you can, for you are non different from me. Hm? E veryone is on the path to Divinity. Everyone is on the path to New York, if you could call that Divine [laughter] Some might be further away, some nearer, some have reached, huh. But everyone is on the path. So there's nothing to... there's no room for despair. But there's room for repair. Repairing means putting all our pieces together, as the American people would say, putting your act together. Is that right? [Voices: Getting your act together]. Getting your act together. That's all. And that brings about integration. [End side one] Is there anything here? Ah, yes. You know, we're always complaining about things. So this man goes to a doctor. And he says, "Doctor, tell me what's wrong with me and don't talk to me in scientific language Dr. Robin but talk to me in plain English. What's wrong with me? So doctor says, "Look, I'm going to be very frank with you. There's nothing wrong with you, you're just plain lazy. So this man says, "Thank you, Doctor." Now you tell me the scienti fic name for it so I could go home and tell the misses [laughter]. That's what we do, don't we. Always looking for and finding excuses? Hm? Always looking for excuses and finding excuses. And excuses are so so many. There are more excuses which are

9. U S 83 - 4 plate. Ya. Right. So this one chap who did not belong to that congregation but just popped in as a visitor he says, "Sir, the dog you have that ate up the sermon, has he got a pup? [laughter] Because I'd like to buy it from you so I could give it to my minister [laughter]. Well, that's for now. **** END ****


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