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1. U S 83 - 42 SEXUALITY GUIDED BODY AWARENESS Good. What shall we talk about this morning? Is there someone there? Oh, come right in, we've been waiting for you. Namaste. Q: I have very strong sexual urges and cannot fulfill them. What shall I do? Guru: Oh, please don't ask me, I'm in the same boat. [Laughter] Oh, dear me, yes. Read the other one as well and I could, perhaps, incorporate them both. I could handle half a dozen questions at the same time. Q: What are the highest aspirations of human endeavor? Guru: Good. Yah, a very strong yes, Harold? Q: I was wondering just what effect, or how much good does it do when a group of a hundred or a hundred and fif ty people get together in a hotel room in the capitol of a country and meditate. What effect might it have or can it have or does it have any upon the parliament or the legislature or the hunta... Guru: Ah ah ha. Beautiful, beautiful, good. A very strong sexual urges and cannot fulfill them, what must I do? Firstly let us examine where these sexual urges come from. Psychologists have proved that it is the strongest urge in man. And that urge is there to populate the earth for procreation and it i s necessary. Now, if the questioner would go to one of the monks, they would say, "Oh, well, you can't fulfill them, so you become a celibate." Now, that is not what I would say, hm? Because becoming a celibate is told by a monk is monkey business. The s exual act is first committed in the mind and it is the equivalent of its physical expression because all urges, all emotions, and all feelings originate from the mind. And so, when a person thinks of the sex act, he has already performed the sex act, only the omission might be missing which he could have nocturnally. So celibacy is impossible. Now, many people go through various so called yogic practices and they tell you that urge can be subliminated. It is turned into something which is termed in San skrit as orgis light. Now, that is a total fallacy because the very constituent

2. U S 83 - 42 of the emission is of gross matter, and how are you going to turn that into light? And, if you turn it into light, what do y ou mean by light? And what is that light? And this remains indefinable, hm. Every human being has been given certain organs, hm. And those organs would not be there if they were not made for use, right? We do not talk of misuse, of course, or abuse, but they are made for use. So, therefore when you asked `Can we use this question?' I say everything can be used. Do you see. So, for a mature man and woman the very sexual act becomes something divine, something extremely beautiful, where a total mergence takes place between man and woman; and in that m ergence a forgetfulness occurs. Now, memory and forgetfulness are allied to each other like two sides of the same coin, hm. Because the very stimulation man has is because man or woman is because of memory. Having had similar experiences in the pas t, even in the animal stage or the animal kingdom, having had these experiences in the past and have found them to be pleasurable, then naturally a memory wells up within one of the pleasurable occasion in the mind because that is where memory resides an d that memory stimulates. But during the very act itself the memory must be forgotten, and you must be in the land of total forgetfulness. You forget yourself completely, hm, to find totality in sex. You forget yourself completely means you forget your ego self, for that moment in that ecstasy in peering into the eyes of your beloved you are not there anymore. But a force within you, a Divine force which is translated into its physical equivalent is just there, and you are only conscious of that spiritu al force. So you disappear your ego self disappears for man functions ninety percent with his ego self. His mind goes from one thing to the other. Now, there are some theologies that regard the sexual act to be very sacred, and it is sacred. It is o nly the abuse of it that makes it not as it should be, for the sexual act should not be stimulated by lust, hm? And lust naturally comes from memory of a previous pleasurable experience. Hm? But that could be used as a starting point, and that is where sublimination comes in. Not to turn it into some kind of light, but turning the first glimmerings of sexual stimulation or lustful feelings into love and allow the love to express itself. And that is Divinity. When man can really merge into his beloved and the beloved can merge into her lover, you are actually merging into God. You are not performing the sex act at all if you can forget your ego self. It is He that is doing it, hm? It is God with his counterpart, His manifestation. The manifestor and the manifestation has become one, hm? The heat of the fire has become one with the heat; the fragrance of the flower has become one with the flower. So you are doing nothing. If that could really be understood, then you will understand why the manifest or very naturally, spontaneously, had to manifest this entire existence. Hm? Do you see? So, when one is in the state of total forgetfulness and the spontaneous action of the manifestor takes place, that would be the sacred sexual union. And even if we study the lower forms of love, what do we find? What is the man and woman really trying to do? Hm? They are trying to come as close to each other as possible. That is what is subconsciously felt

3. U S 83 - 42 in the deeper recesses of the mind. That is the real des ire there and not a pent up physical feeling or a pent up release, hm. For people that do not really love and want to merge would feel exhausted after the sexual act. And, there's been many divorce cases where they talk of sexual incompatibility. The wi fe is sitting up in bed and the husband turns around and goes to sleep, hm? What is that? Animalism, hm? The animal instinct has been fulfilled and it was not relaxation. For the sexual act is always relaxing. And giving you a lift, you feel alive and awake. While if it's a lustful act, you feel exhausted, feel spent, and you turn around and you go to sleep. Reminds me of a little story of Mrs. Potter who got a divorce. So the friend asked, "Was it because of incompatibility?" So, she says, "No, it w as not incompatibility, but the first two syllables." To get back to the subject. So, sublimation is possible only in the sense of elevating it to a spiritual sphere. It becomes a meditation for everything in life is but a mediation if you become esta blished in yourself, if you have become one with your self and recognized... recognized that which you really are then every action performed is a meditation. The action of going to the bathroom, the action of sitting down to eat, the action of walking , the action of talking, is all nothing else but a meditation, and that meditation is a mediation between your little ego self with the big self within you until you reach th e stage of the mergence where no meditation nor mediation is required. Now, this is the same process between husband and wife, hm. You do not need to believe in God or have faith in God, hm. That is a starting point, because you have to start somewhere. But, if you can have all that, your entirety, merged into your beloved, you are closer to God at that moment than going to spend hours and hours day after day in the various temples and churches and synagogues. For that meeting is practically indefinable. It is not analytical. It is like the nig ht merging into the day and the day merging into night without you ever being able to notice the separating line. It is a flow from day into night and both are good. So, if that kind of flow could be there between the beloved and the lover, then you don't need to believe in anythin g. For through the concrete object of your beloved you become one with the entire universe, you become one with the abstract, you become one with the unseen, you become one with the unknowable. Which the mind can't cognize, but the heart can experience. And in that experience you feel that I have merged with Divinity. The duality of life has ceased, and when duality ceases there won't be any friction at all because it takes two to tango. But this dance of life, hm, is of one only. Everything else is me rged into that Shiva that is within you. In that dance that creates the fire of life, the fire that dissolves the ego self, the fire that dissolves the grossness that is in you and the grossness and you are consumed in that fire of Divine love. So the que stioner has put wrong emphasis on his sexual prowess. It is quite obvious if I should meet this person and peer into his mind with a few questions, you'd find him a person that is not in reality inadequate. But he suffers of

4. U S 83 - 42 repressions and inhibition s. Now, if you use the process of psychoanalysis, you will go on to find the various causes of things. In our method you do not find the causes of things, but you create the circumstances around you and in you in that integrated state where all these inh ibitions and repressions disappear. For no man could ever be impotent, he could be eighty years old. A man forever until he was a sexual being with a sexual urge from infancy. If you study a child carefully you would find the beginnings of sexuality in the child. The child experiences sexuality he experiences certain pleasure orally when it suckles its mother's breast, and it's experienced the sexual pleasure anally anal when he passes when he has a motion, hm? It has certain sexual connotat ions and the various faculties of medicine has proved that. Then he grows with this and only after his conscious mind starts unfolding or developing that all these impressions come to the fore and he starts thinking. And when he starts thinking and he re aches a certain level of age eight, nine, ten, eleven he indulges himself in masturbation and things like that, hm. For it has been proven that eighty percent of all young men and women has gone through a phase of masturbation, hm. Now, where does thi s come from? It has not known of sex, but a primal urge is there. It comes right back to its previous lives, and if it's a primitive man, it would go still back into the time when he was in the animal kingdom. So, it is an on going process that will for ever be there, hm? Forever be there. And sexuality will always be there in human beings. Human beings and in everything else plants, animals, flowers always there. Flowers get impregnated pollen and you know all about that. Fine. So it is an instinc t that man has had not to use the word sublimated but to be used in a proper way where that very animalistic so called animalistic instinct is merged into that god like ability, god like quality of love. Then fulfillmen t is found. Now, this very perso n who is unable to perform, it is because he has implanted certain thoughts in his mind. And he is dealing mostly with his ego self. As soon as he can let go of that ego self, and let his real self work, there won't be any inhibitions at all. Many men f ail to perform in bed even with someone they love very much because they can't get rid of their thoughts. No man has any right to be very close to his beloved with all kinds of thoughts in his mind about his shop or his business or his factory or his offi ce. When he is close to his wife his entirety must be merged in his beloved. Everything else should be forgotten. And these conditions can be created, hm? Can be created not by sublimation, because that is a fallacy. That is introducing a certain fact or which is not in you and therefore it becomes fallacious, hm? Wonderful word, "fallacious." So related to the phallic symbol, hm? Do you see. Becomes fallacious. So, when a man goes to bed with his beloved, there's only one thing existing there. It is his beloved. How many men have really looked into the faces of their wives? And how many women have really looked at the faces of the husbands? Hm? Very few. They look into the face of the wives and they say, "Ah, so beautifully shaped. A lovely blue or grey or brown or whatever,

5. U S 83 - 42 hm?" They look at the cute nose or the cheeks or the lips everything that could produce a sensuality, hm? For certain things they would like in their beloveds more than the others, and their focus is on that. But re ally to look at your beloved is not to look at her face or her body, but it is to look through her in her hm? There's a difference. I was speaking the other night about looking and seeing. People don't look, they see. Seeing comes from mental conditio ning where you see things according to the condition of your mind. If your mind is patterned in a certain way you will see a thing in a certain way, hm. Something might be very beautiful, but it would seem grotesque to you because of past experiences. B ut to look is to look totally innocently, without any preconceived idea, and when you look at your beloved you look in her and using the eyes just as organs to first see the outer face, and then when you gain or know the art of looking, another factor star ts up in you. Another factor is activated where you stop looking with the eyes and you look with the inner eye at the inner self of that person, hm. That is why I try to put so much emphasis on the practice of tratak, where we learn to look. It brings a bout that innocence no expectations. And you dive deep down in your beloved and what do you find? Hm? What do you find? You find divinity, for everyone is divine. I tell my beloved that (God forbid) that even if you should be shriveled and burned an d become gnarled and ugly, I will still love you just as much because what do I really love? I love God and you are just an outward symbol of the Divinity I love. So when a person learns to look, he sees the Divinity within the object, within his beloved . And then he comes to the recognition that "Hey! Wait a minute! That Divinity that I am seeing is but me!" There's no difference. So, that is how two people merge into each other and the mergence is beautiful. You might know the story of two birds. One was sitting high up on the branches it's a story from Ramakrishna. You'll find it in the book you bought the other day. On top there was this bird with golden plumage, hm? And down below there was a smaller bird pecking at all the fruits. Some were s weet and some were bitter, but he still could gaze up and see that beautiful bird sitting up there. And as he started plucking the fruit day by day, he had to go higher and higher to find more fruits, and he saw that bird sitting in such silence, but he w as busy plucking fruit. And so finally he reached right on top where the other golden bird was, and he found that it was but himself. It was no other bird there, it was just himself. But while he was down there plucking the fruits he was acting entirely from his ego level finding sweet fruits and bitter fruits. But when he reached higher and higher to that golden bird, then that smaller bird, the ego bird, merged away into the golden bird. So the process is to lead ourselves from the little self to the higher self which is you. The little self is but a superimposition upon the higher self. We do not deny the reality of the little self. It is real but it is not actual. There's a difference between reality and actuality. What could be real might n ot be real. Like in magicians a show of magic on the stage things seem so real and yet they are just tricks, hm? An elephant disappears, a car disappears on the stage, and the magician

6. U S 83 - 42 manifests this on the stage and all kind of things like that. They are tricks. Illusions created. So the mind creates illusions. Creates illusions, but yet, those illusions too can be regarded as real in its relative sphere. But we are not t o stop there if we want to find that peace and joy which is our true nature. And how do we find that peace and joy? Is by reaching within to the real divine self, that what we are. And as one goes closer and closer, you would feel the heat of the sexual fire especially for this person, hm? And, its a funny thing that highly s piritual people are very sexual people. This is a discovery I have made meeting highly spiritual people and discussing with them these things. They are. They do not inhibit themselves, but they can, if they want to, steep themselves in activity and burn up those energies. That's one way. But the highly spiritual man who is very sexual never thinks of sexuality. There lies the beauty, hm? So many of those that want to practice celibacy and force themselves into it causing themselves more harm. But wit h spiritual practices, automatically there won't be any emphasis at all on sexuality. It would be there, and it won't even be noticed or cared for or used, hm? In other words, it becomes a spontaneous action not to indulge in those sexual activities. And even if they do they are totally non attached to it. It won't create any impressions upon their minds which become samskaras. And every samskara, every action, must have a reaction, hm. But with the spiritual giant the spiritual master he will en joy the action for that moment without creating any samskara because the seeds of karma have already been burned and a burnt seed can never sprout. Do you see? But, for the ordinary man, he must try to live sexual life nothing wrong with it. Good. An d at the same time always be in remembrance of one factor, that I am not the doer. He is the doer. I am the instrument of the deed, hm. The flute does not hear its own music. And yet through it wonderful melodies come out. So, merge away. And I found the more a person does his spiritual practices and meditations the more he becomes capable of merging away where he loses his little ego self and the sexual urge becomes an expression of love in its truest sense. People, when they have the sex act, do, in stead of saying coitus or whatever word, they say making love. How can you make love, hm? You cannot make love its a misnomer. How can you make it? You can only experience it. It's nicer to say, "Oh, we were experiencing love." That is if you reall y do experience and want to be truthful about it you say, "We were experiencing love," not making love, hm? You're making believe. Ah! You're making believe that you are experiencing love. Do you see. Now, this is but one aspect of life and it leads one to the highest aspirations of man the second part of the question. It leads one to the highest aspirations of man. What is the highest aspiration of man, hm? The highest aspiration could only be one: is to find himself. And the very sex act that w e have spoken about could also be a means in finding yourself. This falls in the realms of tantra, hm? Tantra is a very deep science and a very elevated science. But not as it is practiced today. Today there are teachers here in America that teach tant ra, and it has become nothing but free love,

7. U S 83 - 42 debauchery, orgies. That is not what tantra is. A person can only or must only practice tantra yoga if he is established in self. If he has really known his real self and every sense of his is controlled. In the ordinary sex act you are given away to your senses. In other words, your senses are ruling you, you are not in control of your senses. While if you because the ego self is functioning. But if you know the art of merging away, then tantra yoga y oga means union, as you know could lead you to the union between man and God. Until he realizes that I am man and yet I am God. I am God and I function in relative existence as man. There's no difference. So, all these various facets of life, be it from the sexual angle, can lead one to divinity. But there's a great amount of preparation required where you become in control of your senses. Where you know yourself, and then only tantra should be practiced. Otherwise it becomes license license to commit all kinds of things. Do you see. An orgy. Do you see. So if you are a gardener and if you do gardening perfectly, you will find that through the perfection you have achieved in your gardening you can find God. If you are a shoemaker and if you can make that pair of shoes perfectly in perfection where your entirety is dissolved in the perfection of creating that pair of shoes, you can find divinity. Or if you are a cabinet maker (like David), and if his entirety is involved in making that chair or tha t table to such perfection that making that chair and table becomes a meditation itself. And finding that perfection in that table you will come to realize that "I was not the maker of the table, but there was a higher force in me that made the table, bec ause I as a man am not perfect. Because of the conditionings I have. But that perfection came about because He is perfect and His perfection has poured itself into the perfect table. So, in every facet of life a cook can do it, too. So, what we are dri ving at is this, that once one becomes established in oneself through meditation and spiritual practices, every action you perform will assume a totally different meaning altogether. It will heighten, it will heighten your very action. Your very action wi ll become sublime without even trying to sublimate it. Because to try and sublimate something you are only acting, you are pretending. Sublimation must come of its own, spontaneously, because you have learned to flow spontaneously. Hm? So. The person with the sex problem really requires to meditate. I'll show you in which chakras he should really start activating and how to get rid of his inhibitions and repressions without him telling me about them. Because I would know. Good. Let's see. We've got a couple of jokes here. This man this is a reflection on life this thief accosted a man with a gun and said give me all your money or else I'll blow your brains out. So the man says, "Please do that, because you can live without brains but not wit hout money." That is how life goes on, doesn't it, hm? How many people really live with brains? How many people really think? They think that they think, yes, but, hm? Do you see. So they just live a mundane life. They sacrifice everything they have to make money more money. It is a necessity to be used wisely and any donkey can make a living. Any donkey. So, we

8. U S 83 - 42 live without thinking, we live without brains which is a good thing if it's really understood and known. Is really understoo d and known. It's nice to live without brains to go beyond the thinking level of ourselves and function with the inner, intuitive self, not the analytical self. Of course that is the difference between the real being and the idiot. The idiot h as no brains and nei ther does he know anything of the real self. This chap had insomnia. So his friend asks him, "What do you do about the insomnia? So he says, "Oh, I take a shot or two regularly of a martini." So the friend asked, "Does it make you sleep?" So he says, " No but it makes it very pleasant for me to stay awake." [Tape has to be rewound to begin side two. Side two starts with guided meditation.] Be aware of your toes. Feel your toes are alive. You are mentally aware of your toes, you have taken your awa reness to your toes of both your legs. Now slowly shift up the awareness up, up to the tops of your feet and the soles of your feet. And your awareness is taken further up. You've reached the heels of your feet and your awareness is still going up, up, up. Your awareness is around your ankles and up your legs. And the front of your feet and up, up, still further up. Your awareness is traveling further up, further up, further up. And your awareness is on the outside of your knees and the underside of your knees. And the awareness is floating up. You're consciously aware and going up, your awareness is on your thighs. On your thighs, on your thighs. The lower part of your thighs. The under side and the upper side of your thighs. Up further up further up. The awareness is moving further up, the entirety of your thighs, you're totally aware of the entirety of your thighs. Now you have reached the groin. You are aware of the groin, you are aware of the groin. You are aware of the genitalia are a, you're aware of the genitalia area. And up goes your awareness up to your abdomen, up to your abdomen and you are aware of your buttocks. You're aware of your buttocks. You're aware of the ground or the chair you are sitting on. You can feel you are sitting on your buttocks. You are aware of them. And up goes the awareness up further up and up and up. Your awareness has reached the small of you r back and your naval area you're aware of your naval area and around your abdomen, the small of your back. And up goes your awareness up goes your awareness. Up goes your awareness to your chest area. Your awareness is now on your chest area. You r awareness is also now on your upper back. Your awareness is also now on your upper back. And up goes your awareness over your chest area over your chest area. Up goes your awareness onto your shoulders, onto your shoulders. You are aware of yo ur shoulders, you are aware of your shoulders. And now

9. U S 83 - 42 your awareness is going down your arms, going down your upper arms. You are aware of your upper arms, and down down your awareness is now at our elbows. Your awareness is now at your elbows. A nd down down your forearms down your forearms. Your awareness is going down your forearms and it has reached your wrists. Your awareness has reached your wrists and down both sides of the hands. Down both sides of the hands. The palms and the uppe r side of the hands and down your fingers down your fingers. Your awareness is moving down your fingers to the tip of your fingers to the tip of your fingers. You may feel a tingling sensation or a heaviness at the tips of your fingers. A tinglin g sen sation or a heaviness. Now you are moving up. Your awareness is moving up your fingers up your fingers through your palms and the back of your hands and up they have come to the wrists. Awareness is at the wrists and moving slowly up slowly up slowly up your forearms, forearms. And your awareness is back at your elbows back at your elbows and creeping up your forearms up your forearms. Up up your upper arms your upper arms your upper arms your upper arms up to your shoulders up to your shoulders. Your whole arms are feeling heavy your whole arms feeling heavy. Your awareness is there. Your awareness is in the whole of your arms and now is moving up moving up over your shoulders. Your awareness is on your shoul ders and moving to the throat and the back of the neck. You are aware of your throat and the back of your neck. Now it is moving up up over your skull. Your awareness is on your skull. Your awareness is on your skull. And down down your ears down your ears down your ears. You're aware of your cheeks you're aware of your cheeks and moving up moving up you're aware of your eyes and your eyelids. Your eyes and your eyelids now up you are aware of your forehead you're awa re of your forehead you're aware of your forehead. Now it's moving down your nose. You're aware of your nose you're aware of your nose you're aware of the breathing at the tip of your nose. You're aware of your breath at the tip of your nose. You 're aware at the tip of your nose the breath. And down You're aware of the upper lip you're aware of the upper lip you're aware of the bottom lip you're aware of the bottom lip. And down down you're aware of the chin. You are aware of yo ur chin and you are going down. You are aware of the throat. You are aware of your throat. You're aware of your throat and down your chest. Down your entire chest. You are aware you're aware and further down and your awareness is now at the na vel the awareness is at the navel your awareness is at the navel your awareness is at the navel. Now, feel the color blue in the area of your navel. Feel the color blue at the area of your navel. Any shade of blue that you like any shade of bl ue that you like around your navel in the area of your navel area of your navel in the area of your navel. All the awarenes s is centered in the area of your navel in the area of your navel. All your awareness is now centered in the area of your nav el. There is a blue haze there there is a blue haze in the area of your navel. Just relax, just relax. From the area of your navel your awareness is spreading out to every part of your body from the area of your navel your awareness is spreading o ut to every part of your body. Like rays shooting out from the center of your navel from the center of your navel. [long pause] Your whole body should be feeling a bit heavier than usual because you are aware of it. Your body

10. U S 83 - 42 will be feeling a bit he avier than usual because your awareness. Because of your awareness of your body and you are totally relaxed. You are totally relaxed and yet aware of your entire body. Now, open your eyes slowly and just look around. Don't try and see just look ahe ad just look ahead. Don't see the innocent look I spoke to you about. Just look ahead just look ahead and be aware. Do not detail anything, do not detail anything. Just look ahead, just look ahead. Good. Do not see, just look ahead. Good. No w, in your mind, see how much of the room you can capture. See how much of the room you can capture. See how much you can be aware of in the room in front of you. See how much you can be aware of in the room in front of you. See how much you can be awa re of in the room in front of you. Take your awareness back now from the front. Your eyes are still open. And see if you can be aware of what is behind you. See if you can be aware of what is behind you. Close your eyes for a moment. Close your eyes for a minute. Close your eyes for a few moments and relax. Just relax just relax. Open your eyes again open your eyes again. Look at the person to the left of you. And now look at the person of the right of you. Now, look forward again and close y our eyes. See in your mind how the person on the left of you was dressed. See in your mind how the person on the left of you is dressed. See in your mind the color of his or her hair. See in your mind the contours of his face, the color of his or her e yes the shape of his or her nose his or her lips. See the person that is sitting on the left of you in your mind's eye. Now, take your attention to the person on the right of you. See in your mind's eye what kind of clothes that person has on. See in your mind's eye what kind of clothes that person has on. See the color of his or her hair the color of his or her eyes the contours of the face. Good. Now become aware of the spot in the center of your forehead. Become aware of the spot in the cen ter of your forehead. You might find a tingling sensation in the center of your forehead. Just feel it. Just feel it. Be aware of it. Open your eyes slowly. A few deep breaths ... [Long pause] Stretch yourselves can stand up stand up and shake vig orously. Shake your hands that's it shake them vigorously pretend like you're shaking off water. Shake your hands vigorously Ah! That's it! Let them loose let them hang lose go go go go! Yeah! Fine. Can even shake your body. You ca n do the twist. Good. Sit down and relax. How many of you felt your arms becoming heavy? Hm? Ah, quite a number right! Good! Yes! Yes, very good. Therefore the shaking takes all that away. How many of you felt as if your body disappeared? Hm, good. How many felt a tingling in the forehead? Ah, very good ajna, Chetanji. So, in awareness for example it can be used in many ways. Say your calves are aching, or your back is aching, or any part of your body is aching. Now, if you take your awa reness to the aching part, and use your vibration mentally you think of your mantra, right, you first become aware of your aching part the portion that is aching take your vibration which is your mantra mentally and then direct it there to the a ching part and within five minutes the ache will disappear.

11. U S 83 - 42 You see how powerful your own thought powers are that you can use them. Instead of all the waking hours of the day you just let the mind chatter that's what all people do, mostly. Use it. Dir ect it. Hm? And this is only an example I am giving of an aching part of your body. But it can be used in so many many different ways. Your own thought forces. Now, that is why, for example, you are given the gurushakti practices. For some people wi th a lack of communication with others, you're told to do your gurushakti and direct it to the other person. For example, husbands and wives you don't tell them what they are doing. Husband and wife are not hitting it off too well, use gurushakti and s end those energies to that person. And with proper practice and proper direction, that person will become softened more and more and more. Is it true, Gloria? Gloria: Yes. GR: There you are. That's what I directed her to do. Yeah. That person will b ecome softened more and more because with gurushakti you are sending a universal energy a universal force of love to me all energy is nothing but love yo u are sending that and it must effect. Now, this will stand good for Harold's question this mo rning. And the time was a bit too short because I thought people were getting ready for lunch. I saw someone getting up to go to the back. So Harold's question this morning was: If more people meditate in an area, will it improve the minds of the rulers of the land? Something like that, Harold? Yeah. Yes, but there are some sages or so called teachers that say that if you have a great amount of meditators in a certain area this has been experimented upon the crime rate would drop and things like t hat. There's some truth in it, although of course there's some exaggeration going on for publicity purposes. But it has some value, that is true. The old saying that people that pray together stay together, and the same thing applies even more powerfully , people that meditate together stay together. Now, as far as our rulers are concerned here in America you have about five hundred senators. Is that true? Something like that? In South Africa we use a different terminology altogether. We have two ho uses of parliament, the upper house and the lower house. Here you call it senators and congressmen. Now, if well, they are elected by these various constituencies, hm? And as a matter of fact, I'm going to speak on this. I've done a lot of T.V. sho ws in America so far, and on the first opportunity I would have to discuss this on television would be this, that people of that constituency keep a picture of your senator or congressman in your house. It could even be a newspaper picture. And daily sen d thoughts of peace to him. And if all the people of a constituency send collectively their

12. U S 83 - 42 thoughts to that particular congressman or senator for the purposes of peace, it will influence his mind definitely and the y will be more for creating peace rath er than war. And that is how it would work more efficiently, Harold. Oh yes. Thought is a great force. Thought is so powerful it could pierce through steel walls, hm? It can reach the furthest corner of the universe. Thought is so powerful, but it has to be directed and used properly, hm? It's no good just meditating. We, definitely becoming better people, would create a better environment, hm? We do know that. But if it is directed after meditation if a thought is directed it becomes very power ful. So if in every constituency people direct their thoughts to their senator or congressman in the lines of peace, then they definitely will promote peace rather than war. And all this cold war or... can be helped, can be helped a lot, hm? Good. This i s one of the topics I'm going to pick up on the next T.V. broadcast. Right. See where the time is. Oh! Time flies. Half past four. Questions and answers rapid fire anything you want to ask about, talk about, you're most welcome. Q: Can you hold on just a second? I'll change tapes... **** END ****


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