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1. U S 83 - 47 BOURBONNAIS PUBLIC TALK Q: ... totally relaxed and living in a high pressure environment. And since as adults we have a mere 40 years of life, more or less, what is the highest goal that we might strive for and the best use of our remaining time [???] a life that is well lived? GR: The goal that you have to strive for is to know yourself. There's not a single theology in the world that will tell you to know God, they would say "know yourself." And by knowing yourself, you know Divinity for He is omnipresent and everywhere. Now knowing Divinity would mean yourself. Now, how do you start knowing yourself? We always say "seek ye first, the Kingdom of Heaven within," but what is the process, what is the procedure, that could take one to the Kingdom of Heaven within? And what would be the result thereof? As you mentioned, we live in a very high pressured society. People are very tense; they are stressed. And within this high pressured society, we have to find a way that could bring peace to ourselves. The reason we do not fi nd peace within ourselves is because man lives fragmentedly, he does not live integratedly. Stress comes from fragmentation. So the process would be to lead ourselves from fragmentation which means that one thought is pulling this way, another that way, t he body's behaving not according to what the mind says, and so a person does not live in totality. To live in totality means to be integrated. Now the process we teach for integration would be meditation and spiritual practices. Meditation is an art wh ereby you dive deep within yourself in a very systematic and scientific way where you lead the little conscious mind through all the layers of the subconscious mind and then deeper still to the superconscious level of yourself. Now, the conscious mind (we 'll have question and answer sessions just now. We'll have a question and answer session after the talk.) So, we have these three factors as far as our mind is concerned, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind. Now, the con scious mind is a fractional part of our mind. Even Einstein used about 8% of the totality of the mind. But it is possible for man to use greater and greater portion of their minds, for in reality there is only one mind and that mind is as vast as the univ erse. So, we can reach this vastness. Man has 12 billion cells in this little brain which weights about two and a half to three pounds, and we only use one millionth part of the 12 billion cells. So just shows that we are not using our full capacity. N ow through meditation we can explore the greater part of our mind by putting more of the dormant cells into action. This action would naturally bring forth a greater and greater part of yourself. So, to repeat, meditation takes you deep within yourself to the Kingdom of Heaven within which is a reservoir of a vast amount of energy. Infinite amount of energy, but you've got to tap that energy.

2. U S 83 - 47 So, by using the small little conscious mind, we go through the various layers of the subconscious mind. Now, you would know more or less what the conscious mind is. The conscious mind functions from the left hemisphere of the brain which is rational, which is analytical. But we forget the right hemisphere of the brain which is intuitional, and that intuitional par t of the brain is connected more to the spirit that is within you. So when you meditate what happens is this, you have a greater synaptic control over your brain. The neurons you have would function in a more orderly fashion and at a higher rate of vibra tion so that the conscious mind picks up from the intuitional level and every action you perform becomes a right action. And of course, right action is proceeded by right thought. Now, all this tension that you talked about in the world is because your co nscious mind is forever in conflict. There are conflicting ideas there, and you don't know what to do. Now, these ideas come, again, from the subconsciousness level which is a storehouse of memories. The subconscious mind contains all the impressions of what you have done since childhood, or even before that, if you believe in that, in other lives, perhaps, who knows. So, from this vast storehouse of memory which is in the subconscious mind, these impressions get stimulated by the environment that you ar e in and that the combination of the environment and the subconscious mind, your conscious mind is set into action. But what is forgotten and not properly used is the subconscious level of the mind which knows of stillness. Scriptures would say, "Be still and know that I am God." And every religion says that. The Judaism say that too: Yahweh, I am, that I am. They talk of the stillness. Now, if you can reach through meditational practices, which are individually taught, for example, the introducer to night is one of our teachers in this area, and by profession she is a psychologist. Good. So you are individually taught how to reach that superconscious level of yourself and find that stillness. And I always say if you spend half an hour in a perfume f actory, you'd come out smelling like perfume. Now, these are ancient teachings which people have forgotten. So what we are actually doing is just reviving these ancient teachings so that we could bring it to its practical level. All philosophies of the world are of no use if they are not brought into practice. They just remain mental gymnastics then. And as I said, ancient teachings have been lost or watered down. Reminds me of a story. There was this mullah, who is a holy man, and a friend came along and brought him a duck. So this mullah thought, "What shall I do with this duck?" So he made a pot of soup. He had some, and there was another knock on the door so this person says, "I am the friend of the person who brought you the duck." Now, it's a n Eastern custom in Persia that when someone comes, you do not let him go empty handed, you always offer something. And then he was given some soup. A third knock on the door and he said, "I am the friend of the friend of the friend who brought you the d uck." And like that the fourth knock came and the fifth knock came and the sixth came saying, "I am the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend that brought you the duck." And each in turn was served with a bit of soup. But the

3. U S 83 - 47 soup started gett ing less and less, so this mullah kept on adding a little water to the soup, and by the time the ninth knock came on the door and the person said, "I'm a friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend that brough t you the duck." So he says, "Welcome, sit down, have some soup." But when he started having the soup he said, "Mullah, this is not soup, this is water." So the mullah replies, "Seeing that you are the friend of the frien d of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend this is the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup." And like that, all the ancient teachings have been watered down. Man's goal and aim in life is to find his true nature, his true self wh ich is still. Now, if through a systematic process of meditation you can experience that stillness, then naturally, that tension and stress will go away because that stillness, that calmness, that peace that passeth all understanding, is brought to its pr actical level in daily living. So, therefore, one of the greatest aids that is given, apart from medication, and nowadays what do doctors do? I'm not against medical doctors, but tranquilizers, that's what they give. Valiums and libriums and all these t ranquilizers to make you calm and quiet. But it is so temporary and it has many side effects. So, here is something totally natural. Something totally natural which you do by yourself in your spare time. And at any time. And it takes about an hour a d ay. Half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the evening, and you will gradually find the quality of life improves the 23 hours apart from the one hour of mediation you'd find it improving. Your sleep will improve. Insomnia goes away. Tensions are r eleased. You don't feel stressed. So, it's like the poem, "IF" of Rudyard Kipling, where the whole world can go haywire around you and you still maintain the stillness, the equilibrium. So the major thing mediation does for you is make you quiet and in h armony with yourself. Now, if you are in harmony with yourself, naturally you won't be tense, you won't be stressed. It strengthens your nerves. You won't have nervous breakdowns. And, that's not the only thing it does. That harmony which is produced within you and which is your inherent right, you're born with that harmony. Everything within you functions harmoniously. Measure your heart beat, for example. It has a definite rhythm in beating harmonious. There are billions of cells in this body th at are working in harmony to keep this body going. It is only the mind that produces this disharmony. So meditation is a mental process, to a certain degree, whereby, activating it and using it systematically (and it is very easy to to meditate) you becom e relaxed. You will find your metabolic rate dropping, you will find the tension just disappearing, and you can be so busy in your work a day life. You can work sixteen hours a day and yet not feel tired. You function in a relaxed manner, and functionin g in that relaxed way, you become more efficient. You can perform more work with the minimum of effort. So, what happens is this: the mind, body, and spirit functions holistically, where there i s a greater and greater coordination. And as one touches t he spirit within oneself, the Kingdom of Heaven within, from there you draw this energy to revitalize your body and your mind.

4. U S 83 - 47 Now, there is a direct connection from the conscious mind to the superconscious mind. There's a "hot line" that is in built with in us, so within the few minutes you reach that level where you become totally still inside you. And as you function throughout the day, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, you still feel that stillness within, that quietude, and you do no t get perturb ed. You do not become anxious, you do not become angry, because you have started experiencing harmony and equilibrium. Now, if you are harmonious within yourself, you will automatically find your environment becoming more harmonious to you, because like attracts like. As the old saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together." So many people complain, "Why do I draw so much negativity to myself? Why do I come into situations where people are negative or situations are negative, conditions are negative , why?" It is because of us, we draw that. So, with mediation, you develop a positive attitude towards life, understanding the philosophy that goes with the art of meditation, and the mind is filled with greater and greater positivity so that you draw p ositivity from your environment. The analogy I like using is that the nature of a flower is to be beautiful, but that's not the only thing a flower does. It also enhances the beauty of the garden. So what man needs most today is that tranquility within himself, harmony within himself, so you will not be troubled with the stresses and the tensions that man faces today. I was speaking at a holistic health symposium in Las Vegas about two years ago, and we had psychiatrists there speaking from the mind le vel, and we had physiologists, and biologists and all people from the medial fraternity, and I spoke from the mystical angle, or rather the spiritual angle. I told them that the patients that they are treating, you are only treati ng a part of them. You a re treating outward symptoms only, but try and treat, combine with your treatment, the art of meditation, for example, where you start recognizing the spirit that is within you. The spirit that is within you does not require development, it is fully devel oped. It is fully developed as it is, it only requires unfoldment. So as you unfold yourself to the greater and greater glory of the spirit within, so life becomes more and more happier. Man is not born to suffer. But he brings suffering upon himself. A ll those impressions, negative impressions that are in the subconscious, it will take you two million years to get rid of all those impressions. So here is a very simple direct way. Even a child .... [either a tape glitch or interruption] can learn this simple procedure, and the beauty lies in it's simplicity. You know, there's a favorite saying of mine: "It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple." So, through meditational and spiri tual practices, one finds that simplicity within onese lf. So man's quality of life improves when you find that simplicity within yourself. You find greater and greater humility within yourself. Lessening of arrogance. And all virtues that are related to humility such as kindness, compassion, a greater love flows. For when you reach the superconscious level of the mind through meditation, you allow the Absolute or Divinity to flow through you because the superconscious is at the finest level of man's mind, and therefore it is the most clearest level. So th e light of Divinity shines through the superconscious level

5. U S 83 - 47 of the mind and penetrates through the subconscious mind, rubs away, gets rid of, eradicates all those impressions that are there. It lessens mental illnesses, for example, by bringing a greater balance in the subconscious mind. And through that, the conscious mind is improved. So, today, more and more psychologists, like Vidya Anderson, who is a psychologist here, and one of our teachers as I said before, she teaches people, where necessary, t hat they should start meditating. Psychoanalysis only digs up the dirt in the subconscious trying to find causes. What I teach is something different. Why analyze the causes? Why try and dig into the mind and stir up all the dirt that is there in the s ubconscious? If the room is dark, why analyze darkness? Switch on the light and the darkness disappears. See, so the procedure is very simple. Because you are Divine. Every cell in your body is Divine. If we say God is omnipresent, then He should be p resent in every cell of you. And the only failure man has is that he does not recognize he has not the cognition to know that he is Divine. So, when the person starts meditating, another thing happens apart from these physical and psychological benefi ts. The other thing that happens is that you become more aware of himself and his environment. If you stand down on the street down here you'll only see part of the street. But as you climb up a hill, you'd have a whole big panoramic view of the city. Do you see? So your awareness expands, and with an expanded awareness, all your actions you perform would be right actions. And then not only the mind develops, not only does the mind go to its quieter self, quieter center, but that quietness that is exp erienced by the mind opens up the heart so that the heart, which is the core of the human being, the core of the human personality, when that opens up then there is greater coordination between the mind and heart so you become a more loving person. Someon e tells me, for example, "No one loves me." So I say that is very easy: become loveable and everyone will love you. You don't need to go and call the butterflies. They won't come. Just make your garden beautiful, grow beautiful flowers in your garden, and automatically the butterflies will come. So, through mediation one adds that extra depth in one's life. One discovers oneself, and thereby, life becomes better. And when life becomes better, everything around you becomes much more enjoyable. There i s joy. You are made of joy. But we've lost the art of enjoying the joy and this art can be regained. You'd find through meditation, you entire environment improving. A greater understanding develops between husband and wife, between employee and employer . And you would also learn how to forgive, how to love. People talk of love, and they say "Love thy neighbor as Thyself." But how can you do that when you do not know yourself? So through these spiritual practices, you start knowing yourself, you start knowing your true worth and you will start saying one day, that "I and my Father are One." For you are at one ment with Him all the time. The only thing lacking is the recognition or the realization of that oneness. When you discover this oneness, then how can you hate another, for there is no one else to hate except you, and you do not hate yourself. Then you would say "I am my brother's keeper" in its truest sense. Do you see?

6. U S 83 - 47 So, from these very simple meditational practices, you achieve the true goal of life, for man's goal is to recognize his reality. We are living on the surface level of life only. Like the surface waves of the ocean, the turbulent waves, and we are being tossed around by those waves. But if you dive just a bit deeper within yourself, you will find the ocean to be calm, and once you experience the calmness, you will appreciate the beauty of the waves. Then you would not say, "Oh, look at these waves, how turbulent they are!" But you will become a surfer and enjoy surfing on the waves. So what do you learn there? You learn acceptance of life. With growth of awareness, you become more and more accepting. And when you learn to accept things or situations as they are, then naturally you will start surrendering. You see how all these virtues, all these good qualities which religion talks about, which all theologies talk about, are so interrelated that when one quality is developed you automatically start d eveloping [END SIDE ONE]... or fearless for that's the greatest bugbear in the life of man today: fear. He fears everything. Everything becomes fear full when there's nothing to fear. You go down a dark road and because your mind is filled with fear, a s hadow you would see there on this road you would think that it's mugger that's going to mug me. Meanwhile, it could just be a tree stump there. And you'd be afraid to go through the road. So if you have this fearlessness, by recognizing, by experiencing that Divinity that is within you, every aspect and every facet of your life becomes improved if you do not fear. Another great problem which human beings suffer from is the sense of guilt. Guilt they're riddled with guilt. And that causes untold psych ological problems. But in a way it is good for some people to be guilty or else the psychologists and psychiatrists would starve. So the idea that is implanted in us since childhood is the sense of guilt, and you grow up with the idea that "I'm a sinner , I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner." You do not need that. You are not a sinner. You are not a sinner. You are placed in certain circumstances by the various impression that whirl in your subconscious mind which you have to work through. In Sa nskrit they call it karma. That's a different subject altogether. Fine. But how about approaching life with the attitude that, "I'm strong, I'm strong, I'm strong." Not with the attitude of "I'm weak, I'm weak, I'm weak." For if you say you're weak, you'll become weaker. Right. Emil [Coue?], a Frenchman, started a clinic in France, and there were many clinics that opened up afterwards, and there was only one principle he used. He used to tell his patients that when you wake up in the morning and be fore you go to sleep at night, you say that I feel better and better. I feel better and better and better. I feel stronger and stronger and stronger. And the cures were remarkable. For they started feeling better and better. And today doctors agree tha t all illnesses come first from the mind. They have discovered now, they used to say about sixty percent of illnesses were of mental origin, but now they've started saying that a hundred percent of illnesses come from the mind. You think, and your though ts make you what you are. Do you see? Therefore, when you gain the strength through our meditational practices, then you will feel that strength within you and you can honestly and truly go about life and say I'm strong, I'm strong, I'm strong and thereb y

7. U S 83 - 47 become more and more stronger. After all, what is your mind? The mind is nothing else but a whole set of patternings that you have created yourself. Now, you can't get rid of these patternings, but you can superimpose good patternings over the negati ve patternings and thereby the negative patternings are pushed to one side. Now, in meditation they are not only pushed to one side, but they are also dissolved. And the new patternings, positive patternings start functioning and life becomes joyous. Th en you are living your true nature. For in reality you are nothing but joy. You are Divine as you are now. And with that realization that "I am Divine " and the nature of Divinity is joy so therefore you become more and more joyful. You are the one t hat creates an atmosphere around you, and everyone must have had this experience, that when you go out to someone's house at some places you wish you could get away in two minutes, the atmosphere seems so negative and heavy. Everyone has had that experien ce. And then some homes you can go to and you can sit and feel relaxed and you don't want to move away, you can sit for hours. Now it is not the home, but the people in the home, how they live, how they think, that creates this atmosphere. Do you see? So, (I'm sorry, change of climate [coughing]. I just did a tour of Spain, England and now the States and I am in the States about two months ago. I travel about 8 9 months a year, teaching around the world. Um, Yes.) So, from there you could also see how susceptible your mind is that the atmosphere in a certain person's home would want to make you run away while in another person's home it would make you stay. And yet it is not tangible. The atmosphere's not tangible, you cannot touch it, you can't feel it you can't smell it, you can't taste it. And yet it is there. You can feel it, yes. Of course. And you feel it's very heavy and I want to go. Now this proves how susceptible the human mind is, so another thing which meditation does for you is stren gthens the mind, so you do not become susceptible to any negativity around you. You become non attached and not effected at all. Then you can truly stand on your own feet and feel the joy and the strength of Divinity. So what I'm trying to point out to you in tonight's talk, with all the benefits one gains from meditation, from the simple art of meditation, which relaxes your body, relaxes the mind, makes you more attuned to the Kingdom of Heaven within. It improves the quality of your thoughts, it impr oves the quality of your actions. And then you are a true human being. Because you have been born endowed with all these qualities, all these virtues of kindness and humility and compassion and love. So, what more can we ask for in life? And that is th e goal of life. Where the body is relaxed, the mind is relaxed, and yet you are performing action and becoming more efficient in your action. Good. Now that's about an hour. So what we'll do is have a ten minutes break if you want to go to the bathroom or what have you. And then we'll get together again and you can ask any question you like. Not necessarily only on meditation, or the art of relaxation, but on anything you like, even how to bake a cake.

8. U S 83 - 47 [THE NEXT SESSION BEGINS IMMEDIATELY] Voice: ... seek ye first the Kingdom of God in His righteousness, and all these things shall be added on to you. The analogy that I would put to that, it's just like a child. Before he can have permission to go outside he has to go to his da d for it. And then the father releases his permission to the child. The Kingdom of God, first of all, is not within us, but up in the Heavens. When we ask Jesus Christ into our heart, we then have a Kingdom of God. This is as the Christians speak of it. And you say that you'r e all encompassing. That says a one world religion. So my question to you, sir, would be, if we are the I Am, what then is the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross? GR: Yes, he died on the cross, one of the greatest men that ever lived was crucified. He was hated by his own people, hated by the Zealots, hated by the Sanhedrins, by the Romans, and by everyone. The most despised man, and yet, he was put to death. Good. Now, Jesus saves. I do believe in that, it is true. He does save if you can follow his teachings and practice his teachings. So the Kingdom of Heaven is to be found within oneself first, and when you find it within yourself, everything outside you will also be the kingdom. The scriptures say that he is omnipresent. So he must be eve rywhere. So why not start finding him in yourself first. Because if your mind is not integrated, you will not find him outside. So we start with ourselves first, by leading ourselves from fragmentation to integration. And then everything will seem Divi ne to you, because is everything not the creation of the Creator? Q: Not all things. If it were so, then there wouldn't be evil. GR: That's a different thing altogether. It depends what you mean by evil, it depends what attitudes you have toward thin gs. Because what would seem evil or wrong in one country would be right in another country. In our society we believe in monogamy, hm? While if you go to Tibet or Bali and those places, polygamy is the rule. And there have been other cultures where pol yandry was also practiced. So evil is more defined by man's mind. And if your mind is integrated, you will follow the example of the three monkeys. I don't know how many of you have seen those three statuettes where the one monkey has the hand there say ing "speak no evil;" the other monkey has his hands on his ears where he says "hear no evil;" and the other monkey closes his eyes where he says "see no evil." As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so evil, too, lies in the eyes of the beholder. I give you an example. A man came to see me and through some deed which he had done he was sent to jail for five years. And he came to see me because he couldn't find a job. He applied to so many firms, and he had to state that he's an ex convict because sooner or later they would find out, so why

9. U S 83 - 47 not tell the boss first. And yet, I found him to be a very highly spiritual person. The five years he was in jail he spent in prayer and mediation and things like that. And he became a very spiritual person. So I picked up the telephone and I know a lot of people and I got a job for him. And he has been promoted. He started as a clerk and he's promoted to a managerial position today. Do you see. Now, everybody started seeing evil in that man because he had d one something wrong. Fine. But here he turns out to be the greatest asset that company has ever had. Do you see. Good. Next. You see, everything is in built within man. Let me give you a little story. There was this chap that used to go to a cafete ria and used to buy a tin of Coca Cola. Those cans, you get them, yea? Coca Cola. And everyday he went in there and he took out a can opener from his pocket and opened the can and he drank his Coke. So the shopkeeper watched him, and a few weeks went b y. And the shopkeeper was quite intrigued because the can had that little thing when you press in or pull up, something, that thingybob, I don't know what you call it. [audience: pop top.] Pop top. Good. So the storekeeper asked him, "Why do you use a c an opener every day? Use the pop top, it's there for you." So the man replies, "The pop top is there for people that don't have can openers." [laughter] So everything is within you. You do not need to get outside can openers. Would you, Vidya, take th e chair and guide whichever hands go up? That gentleman, yes. Q: If there is a spiritual law of grace, at what level of consciousness does it operate? And how does it reconcile with the law of karma? GR: Ah ha, beautiful question. I could talk an ho ur on that subject. Yes, there is definitely a law of grace. But grace has to be invited, it just does not come on its own. As we would say, "Knock and the door shall be opened, seek and ye shall find." So we try and find grace, but not by looking for grace as grace. She's quite a fickle girl. If we prepare ourselves, if we become more integrated, as we get rid of our karma through spiritual practices, grace descends on its own. Grace is around us everywhere. So if we live a more integrated life with the qualities I mentioned in the talk before the interval, then grace automatically descends. And the law of karma has been so misunderstood and wrongly taught. We do say that whatever you sow that you will reap. If you plant potatoes you don't expect onions to grow. Hm? Or if you plant onions you don't expect papayas to grow. Fine. So whatever you sow you'll reap, but that law applies only in the lower, grosser aspects of life.

10. U S 83 - 47 But one can rise above one's karma. Let me give you an example. Say, for example, for five seconds your mind is filled with a negative thought. And then the next six seconds let it be filled with a positive thought so you have one in the credi t balance. For the next 10 seconds your mind has a negative thought, for the next 12 seconds with a little effort add a positive thought. So now you have three in the credit balance. Times that by 24 hours, times that by a year, and then times that by three score years and ten. And you can then proudly say, "W ell lived this life, well lived." Do you see. And that is how we get rid of karma. Karma on the higher levels can be shed off by becoming more integrated there won't be place left for doings of the past. They do not have a chance in that bright light th at shines through you, the light of the spirit which is within. That's how it burns away. Next? Q: There's a belief in what is called the New Age movement that if a certain percentage of the population makes a leap in consciousness or raises its cons ciousness that it effects the whole population. GR: Yes, there is a belief in certain groups, but there will never be an age of enlightenment. Never ever. We are looking only at a very small section in this vast continuum that is there. Now, through th is little section that we are in, as the more highly evolved people move out, the lesser evolved ones come into this section. As a matter of fact, I do a lot of TV broadcasts and in the next one I would like to tell the people... for example, in your con stituency you have a senator senator? Parliametarian? Is that what you call it? Congressman, hmm? Good. Let the people in the constituency of that congressman send thoughts thoughts are very powerful things. You could actually see thoughts. Send t houghts of love and peace to them so that they would be effected and imbued with those thoughts. And you have 500 seats in your congress here, right, so 500 constituents, so let all people get together and send those thoughts of peace. I was invited last year to Boston to the World Peace Conference on how to by pass the nuclear threat. They invited some of the top brains of the world. And this is what I told them. We couldn't come to any finality of what to do about this nuclear threat because the gover nments have invested billions upon billions upon billions of dollars not only the American government but other governments as well. And they are not just going to throw it away. But, if with having developed greater love, opening of the heart, then tha t very same energy would not be used destructively. And that's what we want. And not only that, let me tell you this, that there are so many other inventions that so many other governments of the world have which they are not publicizing at all. They are afraid they would cause panic amongst the population of the world. And I could tell you another thing, that round about the year 2025 2050 there's going to be a great explosion which will destroy this world. And not only this world, but it will effect th e entire solar system. And with the effect on the solar

11. U S 83 - 47 system it will reverberate throughout this entire galaxy of ours. So, therefore, I go around the world bringing the message of peace and love, and not only the message but also giving the tools on h ow to awaken that love, how to open the heart, how to bring a greater balance in the mind. That's what we need. Because most people are the leaders in power they have a certain kind of fanaticism. I think it was Rousseau or Voltaire said that politics is the profession of the second best. You know, there was a preacher. In his church his podium was carpeted, and the carpet man left some thumb tacks lying around. So the preacher called the minister, "What about this pin here, I might step on it." So he replies, "Well, that's one point you won't linger on." [laughter] Good, next question. Q: A few minutes ago you made a prophetic statement relating that the world would be destroyed by a great explosion... GR: The tendency is there. I've been sa ying this for the past 15 years. I forget to mention one thing, that also Linus Pauling, twice Nobel Prize winner, from his physics point of view he also maintains that. There's a report about it about a year ago in the newspapers. I say it from a mysti cal point of view. Q: That's the question I was going to ask you. Under whose name are you making this prophecy? GR: Under my name. Q: Under your name? GR: In my meditation I can travel distances and see into the future. Q: The Lord's word says that we are not to regard any man that speaks in his own name. GR: [laughing] Well, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. Next. Q: Guruji, didn't you say at one point too, though, that we had the ability to avert this? GR: Yes, we have the ability to avert this tendency, and that is why I go around teaching of love. That gentleman at the back there.

12. U S 83 - 47 Q: At this point in space and time, which is greater, the positive or negative energies associated with this planet? G R: Umm hm. Which is more? Negative energies, definitely. Same Q: And is there a point in time by which we must balance these negative energies to avert this disaster you just alluded to? [inaudible] GR: There is this tendency and it can be averte d. But I do not say this world will become a Utopia. Yea, but this entire destruction can be averted. Definitely. Yes. Q: A principle of your teaching is that as an individual we can take and revert ourselves into a calmness whereby we can reach our prayers and improve our own environment and the world's environment. But the basic fact that we are here is one thing that I'm wondering. We have come down as a soul from God for the purpose of learning these principles.... GR: That's right. We have c ome to school to learn. Yes. Same Q: This is a school. It matters very little to me whether we're at [225 or 5000?] or whatever, because that is man's purpose, God's purpose, that's it. But... to relieve ourselves of this karma we're in and lift ourse lves up... GR: That is very, very true. You could never improve people by mass, but you can improve the individual. And individual units make the whole. Yes, definitely, very true. Q: Forgive me for coming in late... I did see you on television yest erday, I think, and I saw... GR: Yes. Q: Does that mean that you embrace all the world...

13. U S 83 - 47 GR: I embrace all the world's religions. If someone asked me, "Are you a Christian?" I say yes. If someone asks me, "Are you a Hindu?" I say yes. Someone as ks me, "Are you a Buddhist?" I say, yes. Once you become if you gain that basic understanding, and all theologies have certain basic principles which are the same. No one said you must become bad. No religion says that. All religions say believe in God . So once you understand the principles behind all religions, then you become a universalist. Q:... Christianity which does not build upon principles, but upon the blood of Jesus Christ, why... did he die? Or if... we can shed our own karma and this and that, why did he have to... GR: He came to show us the way. Yes. And that is the life and that is the truth. Now you'll find these all religions are portrayed there. They are mounted on five lines, and in musical notation we use five lines for harmony. Right. So what I would say is let there be harmony amongst all religions for one purpos e, to find the light within. So therefore we have that flame in the center. That's our logo. Do not, please, monopolize. There are other people as well. Q: Do you believe if we're integrated that we're capable of always making the right decision? GR : Yes. Same Q: And do you believe that each one of us possess the ability to.... GR: Yes. Absolutely. Everyone possess that ability to draw from within. And every action of an integrated person will always be a right action, will always be a right decision. Oh yes. **** END ****


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