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2. U S 83 - 49 t hat. So, all form and shape and name is gone, for I am not looking seeing with the mind I'm looking from a different level that is within me, and therefore when I look with that innocence within me I find everything to be divine. Now, feeling. What do I feel? What do I feel? When I put my fingers on my knee I was totally unconscious of my knee. I only felt the energy flow that came through my fingers. In other words, the entirety of this body, all the energies therein, were at my fingertips. No w, when the art of touching is accomplished or led to a higher level, then whatever you touch will be so different to you it could be so, so different. For, because of that energy flow that is going through your fingers, you'll find it returning back f rom the universe. In other words, the flow from yourself is intermingling itself now with the entire universe. So, what happens is this, it strengthens your flow from yourself because you are now supported by the entirety of the universe, universal energ y. You smell. What are you smelling? As I am sitting here I can smell every one of you your distinctive odors. And it's no t only smelling each and every one of you individually, but also looking at your inner self. When you look at your inner self , or the inner self is looking outwardly, then what would you see? The Divinity only, which is your inner self, and you're seeing that inner self in the outer self of life. So everything becomes divine. Whatever you look at is divine. Whatever you touc h or feel is divine. Whatever you smell becomes divine. Whatever you taste becomes divine. Whatever you hear becomes divine for in that kind of hearing you will find a certain pulsation. The pulsation comes from your mantra. So you are projecting that pulsation to everything around you, and yet, you are feeling that pulsation all the time every second of your day in the waking state and in the sleeping state you feel this pulsation. You enjoy this pulsation within you and then at the same time y ou project it out so that that piano, this chair, that settee, that lamp, is pulsating with you. And when it pulsates with you, what is happening to you? You are becoming the lamp, you are becoming the piano, you are becoming this chair. And that is how your senses could be heightened to a level where you find that oneness in everything. Dualism disappears, mental gymnastics disappear. Oh, so this is Roopa and this is [presumably gesturing to people], this one is, and that is that one and that one is th at one. It's all gone. Because of this division that we make with our minds, boundaries are created and you feel apart from all that which is. And if you are apart from that which is, then you are a non is. But to use your senses that have been given to you to heighten the level of the senses, then you become part of that is ness. So, what happens is this, that your consciousness expands via the medium of your senses. You see? Expanded consciousness through your senses and your senses are a daily need. So whenever we speak of perspectives and how to look at things from a different perspective, this is what we mean where that flow within you is heightened, where you become more conscious of your consciousness so you can expand and expand and expand expand until your reach the furtherest corners of the universe and then you can say, "I am the universe." And further than that you travel you go, go,

1. U S 83 - 49 DARSHAN AT ROSHAN'S: THE A RT OF LOOKING GR: Anything for posterity comes from the posterior. [Laughter] Ah! Dear me! What shall we do with these guys this morning, hmm? Three bears. Now, sit back and relax. Fine. And share the peace which I shall be giving you now. Clos e your eyes and let's meditate for a few moments. [Long pause] You are totally relaxed now. You are relaxed. Just listen to my breathing. [He breathes into microphone] Now reconcile your breathing with mine. With every in breath you'll find deeper a nd deeper peace coming to you. [More breathing] [Each set of instructions is followed by long pause.] Your bodies are very relaxed now. Your breathing has softened and you're breathing more slowly. Put the fingertips of your right hand on your right kne e. In a moment you'll feel an energy coming from your fingertips into your body. An energy coming from your fingertips into your body. Your fingers are not yours. They are mine. I am touching you. It is my hand that touches you, my beloveds. You'll feel a warmth now in your fingertips. A warmth in your fingertips. Lift the same hand and put it to your heart. [Sings: Om Reedhayam Om Reedhayam Om Reedhayam] It is not your hand but mine touching your heart. In a moment you will start experiencing a deep peace in your heart. It is my peace I give to you, my beloveds. Now open your eyes slowly and leave your hand where it is. Your eyes open. Do not try and see, but just look. Innocently just look. I'm sending to you the smell of jasmine flowers. Experience that smell and enjoy. Jasmine flowers. The smell of jasmine you're experiencing. My whole body's filled with that scent and I'm pouring it to you through my fingertips. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. You're not seeing, but just looking and you are enjoying this fragrant smell. Your body's relaxed and a deep peace fills your heart. Now just relax. Namaste. Good. Man has a capacity within himself to heighten all his senses. We have five senses: hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting. These senses could be enhanced and brought to a peak. Man lives only through his grosser senses, but you can heighten those senses to a subtler level which I've given you an experience of now. You have the ability to see anything you want to see by developing t he art of looking. When you develop the art of looking, your mind is not at work, your mind is at play, and whatever sight you see in front of you will not be the same as when you see as when you're looking. [END SIDE ONE] To look means bystand. Registration of what is in front of you will not be embossed in your mind, but when you look you will look at a more subtler level of things. I look at you sitting there and yet I see your face and I don't see your face e ither. It' s a simultaneous thing because I don't want the mind to register your features. So when I look with innocence what do I see? I see that Divinity that is you the Divinity that's in that piano; the Divinity that's in this carpet; in this sette e; I see

3. U S 83 - 49 go and you say, "Ah! The consciousness has intermingled now with that which we call the absolute." So here the relative intermingles itself into the absolute. And then you will live the way I live: in the relative and at the same time in the absolute. Then you, too, can walk on this earth as a living god. Then there are no problems, no problems, no s adness, no misery, but just all happiness. Joy! Joy! Joy! You see? What more do you want, what more can you ask for? So live life in that consciousness. Do not live life unconsciously. You are living unconsciously to a certain extent because how mu ch are you aware? And if you are not totally aware, then you're unconscious, hm? Your bottle is half filled. Fill it totally with consciousness. Don't have half consciousness in your bottl e and the other half in unconsciousness, but be filled to the brim and you will see, you will experience joy oozing out of you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and every hair that is there. The joy will just ooze out, ooze out. You will experience it and those around you without them knowing anything w ill also find some bit of that joy that you ooze out some bit according to their awareness. But you're doing the job, the great job. I remember sitting for months and months and months in a cave with all the peace of the universe and the joy, and I c ould feel it oozing out of me and going to those that are receptive enough. So, what more can you contribute to this world? So therefore, I say, "My peace I give unto thee. My joy I give unto thee. My universe I put at your feet." Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. What does that signify? That his entirety I lived in that body and I know that my entirety I give t o thee symbolically by washing your feet. May your feet be clean. The dirt on the road does not matter. All the dirt in the wor ld does not matter. Your feet are clean. That matters. Always. [Guruji asks for a glass of water.... someone already has it prepared for him. He rests for a few moments.] What else can I give you, hm? I can only give you my peace and my joy and therei n find the Absolute. [Long pause] Now, formulate in your mind any question and let it be a question for which you want to find the answer. Any question worldly anything, anything which you are trying to resolve, formulate that in your mind. All ri ght? Start formulating that question in your mind. Now close your eyes you've got the question steady in your mind, and in 5 minutes the answer will appear. [Tape continues to run until tape ends] **** END ****


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