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1. U S 84 - 131 CBS "MORNING BREAK" WASHINGTON, D.C. INTERVIEWER: ..."ru" means light. A guru is one who leads you from darkness to light. My guest believes that every person has an internal guru, and his purpose is to guide people from dependence to interdependence. It is a pleasure to welcome Gururaj Anada Yoga. He is the spiritual leader of the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment. And it's a pleasure to have you here on Morning Break. GURURAJ: [Namastes] Thank you. This greeting means that I salute you with thought, word, and deed. For in the salutation I recognize the Divinity within you. And to discover this Divinity within you, you dive deep within yourself in t he Kingdom of Hea ven and there Divinity resides. INTERVIEWER: Let me take you back a bit. I was reading in your biography that you felt, if I can use the word "calling" at the age of five, and went from village to village for four and a half months looking for something . What was it exactly? Can you recall what it was you felt? How those around you reacted at that time? GURURAJ: I went from village to village and temple to temple and so many temples seeking a god, because my background had been that God resides in those temples. But I found they do not reside in these temples, these idols. They were dead! But I had a fine time. INTERVIEWER: At five? GURURAJ: Um hm. Four and a half, five. [LAUGHTER] I had a fine time, because when I went to these temples I found the offerings of fruit that are normally given to temples and I enjoyed them all. INTERVIEWER: Well, did that prompt you to keep searching or what, because it seems that you stopped? But then as a young man you went back out and sought this. Was this something that was with you all of your life? This idea? This need?

2. U S 84 - 131 GURURAJ: This search, this need, the knowingness of myself, was there with me all the time, because I knew that I must renew that which is within me. And in this knowingness I traveled along for months and months as a child, until my parents found me ragged and bare and without shoes. INTERVIEWER: Gururaj... GURURAJ: But then... INTERVIEWER: Go... I'm sorry. Continue. GURURAJ: But then it all was perpetuated by that i nner need to find that divineness, which is to lead me to life and living. INTERVIEWER: Why South Africa? You live there now. And in a country that for many of us stands for violence and oppression, and if we're talking about inner peace, isn't it diff icult for you to teach others in that particular country? Why do you stay there? Why do not move elsewhere? GURURAJ: Look, it is so simple. I was...my father was in South Africa, and that was the easiest country for me to get into because I was domici led. Now here was the greatest challenge! The challenge to fight for the right of humanity. For are you not all human? Are those people there not human too? So I go. INTERVIEWER: Are you allowed to speak there freely? GURURAJ: I am not allowed to speak freely at all, but I am allowed to speak really. I would not like you to push questions on me. INTERVIEWER: About South Africa? GURURAJ: And South African politics, because you might get me jailed. INTERVIEWER: Yo u cannot talk about South Africa, is that what you're saying?

3. U S 84 - 131 GURURAJ: That is exactly what I am saying. But we do know the problems that are there. You read it in your daily papers, so you do not need to ask me of things you know about. INTERVIEWER: But we don't know, because we don't live it. But I'll accept your answer there. We'll go to a break and come right back. [SHORT PAUSE, THEN INTERVIEWER RETURNS] INTERVIEWER: ...station with Gururaj Anada Yogi. Gururaj, what are the principles of you r, if I can say, religion, your beliefs? What are they based upon? GURURAJ: They are based upon one basic factor, that man operates in total fragmentation. Your mind moves one way, your body the other way, and your spiritual self the other way. Now, w hat we have to do is to bring that fragmentation into integration. INTERVIEWER: How do you do that? Is that through teaching? GURURAJ: That is creating an understanding within yourself and doing spiritual practices, which are prescribed personally acc ording your requirements. INTERVIEWER: So each individual has their own particular lesson. How do you determine that? Are there questions that you ask a person, or do they tell you things about themselves? How does that work? GURURAJ: That is how a p sychiatrist works. And psychiatrists are fools. INTERVIEWER: You don't believe in them? GURURAJ: No, because science has proved that the highest rate of suicides are with psychiatrists. INTERVIEWER: So how can you prescribe for a person individually?

4. U S 84 - 131 GURURAJ: Right. What I would do is you fill in a little questionnaire of your problems and what is there in you. With that you attach a photograph. And in the photograph, which I use as a focal point and dwelve deep within you and see you as you are. Now this process goes from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind and to the superconscious mind where I make contact with you. And in that contact or connection I evaluate you, the t otality of you: your evolutionary status, your emotional status, your status of whatever there can be. And then in that state I feel the vibration which is yo u. INTERVIEWER: Now you have thousands of people, followers. Doesn't that drain you to have to do this? What do you have to do for yourself? Is that when you call out all that teaching that you have gone through to... GURURAJ: [interrupting] That is why spiritual masters never live long, because they drain themselves. INTERVIEWER: Is that r ight? So you take that on, that responsibility... GURURAJ: You take on the life of Buddha, of Krishna, of Christ, Mahavira, all these guys, their lives become short because they have given everything of themselves. Now when you reach that superconsciou s level, you find that vibration. And what is the vibration? "The word was God, the word is God." INTERVIEWER: Are all spiritual masters men, or can women reach this stage also? Is it...? GURURAJ: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. INTERVIEWER: Because a lot of o ther religions don't believe that women should be teachers. GURURAJ: Which is a total misconception, which is not right. Because we have great women that are spiritual masters. And I know so many of them: Swami [Riddhan?] and Swami [Amritananda?] and.. . I can carry on and on. INTERVIEWER: But that's not always true here with our own religion here in the United States. Let me hold here and go to a telephone call. We have several viewers who want to talk to you. Go right ahead, please. You're on the a ir. GURURAJ: Right.

5. U S 84 - 131 CALLER: Yes. I would like to ask the guru does he know [Bhagwan Sachasi Baba?]? Is he familiar with him? Is so what is his relationship to [Bhagwan Sachasi Baba?]? INTERVIEWER: Did you understand that? Would you repeat that again? CALLER: Yes. I would like to know if he is familiar with... GURURAJ: Why don't you repeat it to me. Because the American accent. INTERVIEWER: I'm afraid I couldn't do justice to it, because I don't know what he's saying either. You see, if you would say it very slowly. CALLER: Okay. Is he familiar with [Sancha A Baba?]? INTERVIEWER: [Sasha A Baba?]? CALLER: I e. GURURAJ: Ahh, [Sy Baba?] is a personal friend of mine. He invited me to India, and I spent many, many hours with him. INTERVIEWER: Is that the rest of your... is that your question? CALLER: What is his relationship, yes. INTERVIEWER: What is your relationship with... CALLER: What does he think about [Sy Baba?]? INTERVIEWER: Well, he just said that.

6. U S 84 - 131 GURURAJ: Right. [Sy Baba?] is a teacher for peasants. His knowledge of life is very limited, and I challenged him on that. There is one thing he warned me about, that these peasants, thousands and thousan ds and thousands of them, made me into a god. But you do not make the mistake of becoming a god. Be just the messenger, the instrument of that which is divine. INTERVIEWER: We'll take a brief pause and come right back. [PAUSE] INTERVIEWER: Here we're talking with Gururaj Anada Yogi. I wonder why you're here in Washington? What is it that you hope to accomplish here in this area? GURURAJ: I travel around the world nine months out of twelve. And so far in this past ten years, I have taught people how to love themselves and how to impart their love and find peace within myself. So Washington is nothing special to me. I travel thirty, forty countries a year. So, what is Washington? INTERVIEWER: Well, we have a lot of mover s and shakers and decision makers here who... and a lot of people who are concerned with the issue of peace. As you go across the world, how do you find people? Do you find them afraid, or looking for peace, or more fearful about their fate? GURURAJ: L ook, there are four thousand million people in the world, and the world has remained the same from Krishna to Christ. There's always been these problems. By the way, your lipstick is too red. INTERVIEWER: Why do you say that? Out of all the things we're talking about, you mention my lipstick? We're talking world peace, and you mention my lipstick? Well. [laughter] GURURAJ: I'll beat your bottoms...

7. U S 84 - 131 INTERVIEWER: I mean, that's easy to change. GURURAJ: I'll beat your bottoms with a stick lipstick. INTERVIEWER: In this country that's not viewed too well. GURURAJ: Now, now, now. In this world there will never be total peace. But to those that follow the path of Divinity there will be some ease, Carol. So, why not? INTERVIEWER: You've lost me . If the majority is not following you, if the majority are making these decisions that govern the world, if they're not peaceful beings, how do you reach them? Disregarding the lipstick. GURURAJ: Um hm. That is the ease which I teach to individuals to find their personal peace. INTERVIEWER: But they have to come to you, or you have or go to them, right? I mean, you... how do you reach someone who does not wish to be reached, I suppose that's the question? GURURAJ: Um, if they don't want to reach... if you don't want to smell the fragrance of this flower, is it my fault? No. S o, reach out. INTERVIEWER: Does it disturb you as a man of peace that some would block you off? Does it c ause you pain? GURURAJ: No. There's no pain. What is pain actually? If you analyze pain it is a mental condition, but the heart will never feel pain by doing their spiritual practices. INTERVIEWER: Let's take a phone call. Go right ahead, you're on the air. CALLER: Yes. I'd like to know if this man has taken any mind expanding drugs? He seems like he's in a trance. INTERVIEWER: Alright.

8. U S 84 - 131 CALLER: And why are you and him sitting in that position? INTERVIEWER: Well, he kind of dared me, I su ppose. He sat that way and I'm making him feel comfortable and... CALLER: You're a doll for doing that. You really have the patience of Job. INTERVIEWER: [She laughs] CALLER: Really, you're great. INTERVIEWER: Thank you. My knees are suffering h ere. CALLER: I know. [Why sit in that position?]? You'll be all cramped up. INTERVIEWER: [Laughing] Alright. GURURAJ: We'll fix up your knees. INTERVIEWER: We'll fix up my knees. Alright. He wishes to know if you have taken any mind expanding drugs at all. GURURAJ: Huh uh. INTERVIEWER: No. GURURAJ: No! INTERVIEWER: He says you... GURURAJ: Next question.

9. U S 84 - 131 INTERVIEWER: He says you lo ok as if you're in a trance. And you said something to me during the break about meditating almost on a continuous basis. Is that what's happening with you? GURURAJ: That's it. Always in that deep meditation. All the time. INTERVIEWER: From the... GURURAJ: And that trance is a dance that leads you to that Divinity in which you exist in the trance. And yet it is not a trance, it is a meditation that takes you on further and further within yourself. INTERVIEWER: Unfortunately I have to break in a nd go to a break. We'll be right back. [PAUSE WITH MUSIC] INTERVIEWER: Gururaj is kind of a swinger when the music comes on. You were kind of moving there. Do you like our music? GURURAJ: Yes, I do like your music because the mind must not only think, but with the thought process of the mind there should be body rhythm. Body rhythm is an exercise in itself. When that exercise is performed, that is Hatha yoga. INTERVIEWER: Ah. Let's take a phone call. Go right ahead, please. You're on the air. CALLER: Well, I'd like to know what country you're really from? INTERVIEWER: Originally, and where he lives now? Perhaps you can answer both. You were born where? You were born i n what country? CALLER: Originally. GURURAJ: I was born in India, raised in India, educated in India, traveled the Himalayas, visited gurus upon gurus and gurus and gurus and tried to learn as much as possible, until I met my true guru, Swami Pavitrana ndaji.

10. U S 84 - 131 INTERVIEWER: And now you live in South Africa. GURURAJ: And meeting Swami Pavitranandaji he just ignored me for so many months and months and months. And one day...he used to order me around, he'd say pick up that piece of paper, pick up that little thing, that, that, that, that, that, put this cup away. And then one day he said, "Come, let us sit to meditate." Swamiji. And this was a surprise to me. And then we sat down to meditate, and two hours passed which seemed like two minutes. And when I opened my eyes there was a golden haze around me, and which is still there. That golden haze which I, [to] your viewers, I impart to thee. This is my gift. INTERVIEWER: That has to be... GURURAJ: This is my gift. INTERVIEWER: That is a wonde rful way for us to end this segment. I should remind our viewers that you will be available for teaching and consultations here in the greater Washington area. If they didn't get that information they can call us after the program. ****END****


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