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2. U S 84 - 17 So the point is this, that you are timeless , you are spaceless, and you are eternal. For eternity and infinity has no time, no place, and no space. You're creating the space within yourselves by your thoughts which are of no substance at all. I think I am this and I think I am that and I think th is and I think this and I think. I keep on thinking and that thinking is only just blinking. How long does a thought last? The longest period a thought can last is for eight seconds and not more. I've done experiments at various universities and instit utions and measuring thought forces and we have found the longest it could last is eight seconds. You think that you are thinking for an hour and that is the greatest untruth you are thinking about. You've seen a cinema film and the projector projects the film on the screen and you find this man or woman walking from that end of the room to that end of the room, and yet it is not so. They are little pictures whose various motions and through mechanics it produces a continuum. That man walks from there to there. Yet they are just frames, and, to repeat again, because of the mechanism of the projector with the flywheel in there and the light and the force whatever is involved it seems a continuum. And yet, if you could only realize that you are not yet a continuum unto yourselves. You are fragmentations like those frames in the film. Now how do we make [cough] pardon [cough] I'm going to borrow that again. How are we going to make life into a continuum? Hm? Blow my nose first [blows nose]. The mech anism is inbuilt within you to make your life a continuum rather than fragmentation of frames of the movie film. What is the mechanism that is required? You require that projector that will make a continuous movement from this end to that end. What is t he projector that is inbuilt in you? The projector, as I would say a million times over and over and over again, is the center of yourself. For no cinema projector can project without its lens. So that lens has to focus within itself to make life a cont inuum away from fragmentation and into a continuous entity which is eternity. Hm! Good. Now let us get on to the next subject. What is it in here, darling? Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh ok now, ok. While I was away you can put on the lights now I think I can see people's faces yes, ah. Hum. Let us discuss your experience if you have had any and I can explain to you what they mean. Someone start off. Would you, would you lead the hands? OK. Doris: I just felt intense energy through my entire body, esp ecially when your hands you, when you moved your hands. And the energy was so intense it started in the heart area but then it would spread throughout the entire body. GR: Where was the energy most centered?

3. U S 84 - 17 Doris: In the chest area. GR: Chest area, beautiful. Unfolding, that's what it means. You know our general title is International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment. And spiritual unfoldment comes from the heart. There is your center, always, and everyone's center. Baloo: I feel like Doris just took my lot away. I felt an energy biting me intensely and like muscle spasms moved by themselves and it seemed to... it's happened to me here in gurushakti practices but not like when I'm with you. That seems to gather almost to a point at the back of my neck and it's almost like a shutter as it goes out or moves or something. GR: Hm. Come here. Baloo: I feel it. GR: Come here. GR: Those aren't totally relaxed. That is it? Baloo: I didn't hear, I'm sorry. GR: Your neck is totally relaxed now, is it? Baloo: Yes, yes, and [ ?? ] GR: Good shot. Next. Priya: I had the same thing that Doris is describing that the energy was centered in the navel area kind of a muscle. GR: Hum. Hum.

4. U S 84 - 17 Priya: And a lo t of heat in front of my body, especially my face, especially [ ?? ] GR: Right. That heat you felt for one purpose, and the purpose is this, that you are going through nervous tension. And we all know as any scientist will tell you that the solar plexu s contain the bundle of nerves and we have loosened it quite a bit tonight. God Bless you. Next. Jotyma: Guruji I felt a great [ ?? ] coming out of you. And after a short while I felt that I was non existent myself and I heard a voice say, "We are the [ ???? ] and GR: And, come on, come on, come on, talk talk talk talk. Jotyma: And you bent your head and I saw humanity being blessed through you. GR: God bless you, my daughter. God bless you, my child. [Kisses her] Good. Very good. Very Good. What you experienced was not me. What you experienced was the mercy of the gurushakti not him. Therefore you felt yourself non existent, that I do not exist, He exists. Very good. Very good. Bless you. Next. [cough] Pardon. You know, this trip has been a very long trip. From Cape Town I flew to Johannesburg. From Johannesburg I flew to London. From London I flew to Spain. From Spain I flew back to London. From London I flew to Ireland. From Ireland back to London to do courses and various other appointments and what have you, and then from London I flew to Vancouver then from Vancouver to Victoria and from there to America. So with the chang e of climate and change of food and... I'm sorry, I'm coughing a bit and having a slight cold. But never mind that, we can get rid of it in five minutes. Next. Ah hm. Chela: Guruji, I felt that you, I saw that you were fading in and out and then I fel t as though I were drawn completely through you and my whole body was just like it was warm and totally melted away. And then I came back through you to my seat. GR: Beautiful. How many here and I'm sure practically everyone has felt a warmth, in t heir hearts? Nearly everyone. What is that warmth? Hm? What is that warmth? That is the warmth of the powers of our Lord. That warmth stimulates the opening up of the heart. See, that's what it was. Next.

5. U S 84 - 17 Chela: I had a series of impressions that changed from one to another. In the beginning it frightened me, your face changed. GR: Ah hum. Chela: Deep lines that looked like it was filled with sorrow and suffering and like it was melting into different faces. An d then behind your head was a gl obe of white light that faded and went away and was gone for a while, and then I... my eyes it was if everything went black. I couldn't see anything but outlines of white around you and around the people sitting in front of me and um just strips of ribbon s of light. GR: The sorrows you saw, the lines of sorrow you saw in my face, has been there for many many lifetimes. There's only one sorrow I have, not of myself but of the suffering of humanity and this I've gone through for many many lifetimes teachi ng and teaching and teaching. Even the words that flows through these lips I'm not even conscious of. They come from somewhere else, from deep down there. [sigh] of center of [ ?? ] And that center is He, not me. The lights you saw around me which man y of you have seen.... How many of you have seen a glow, huh? Most of you. It's the emanation of that spiritual force. How blessed am I to be chosen by our Lord to come to you and give you the message of love, peace and joy. How blessed I am. His bles sings. Next. Chela: Once again I have seen your body almost turning into an x ray like negative. Complete light and it was almost like I [????] It was almost like I was in the light everything was light, constant light. GR: You has just perceived the light of Him, not of me. I am just a piece of flesh and blood and hmm nothing. So you have just perceived the light that is and forever will be. Good. Next. Are you going to yes, please guide because, you know. Chela: My experience is [ ????? ] G R: [blows nose]

6. U S 84 - 17 Chela: I also saw ... it appeared that you had an extra pair of arms across your chest made of light [?????] GR: Um. You women, I'm gonna spank your backside. Come here, turn around. You have no right, although it was your perception, of course, to examine my past lives. Because there was a time in [?????] when the Lord of the universe had four arms. Very g ood. Very good. You went went back thousands and thousands and thousands of years back back back. Good. Very good. Very good. Next. Chela: [inaudible] GR: Oh yes, you are talking when I lived in the body of Lao Tzu. That's a time I had a moustach e. She also went back into one of my past lives. Chela: I don't know what Krishna looked like, but I got a very strong impression of Krishna. And while you were going through the pain and the suffering that Donna mentioned, I felt the pain and sufferin g too. GR: Did you want to see Krishna? Yes? Close your eyes for just one minute and I will show you Krishna. Now open your eyes slowly. Did you see me with a blue face? Chela: My heart was pounding so fast I, I don't know what I saw. GR: Good. What is more important than seeing or feeling, um? Chela: Experiencing? GR: Um. Could be experience, yes. What is more important? Why do you want to see anything? But experience, feel, the feeling of yourself. I sent you the intense pounding of the heart to make you feel Krishna. Why did you want to see him? Hum? Do you get the message? [END SIDE ONE]

1. U S 84 - 17 COMMUNION To be present everywhere and yet you're nowhere, that is the supreme experience. When you merge away into that Godhead, Divinity, the impersonal nothingness, you go through the stages of everythingness that exists in the universe. And as you proceed further through the various levels of existences, you see the glory and the beauty of creation [children's giggles]. That's my gift to you. Keep it. You see the glory of all existence, scintillating, shining bright, b eautiful and so wonderful, filled with wonderment that you cognize where does this wonderment come from. And when you cognize the wonderfulness of life and its wonderfulness, you go far beyond that and merge away into that which can only be described as that. For nothin g exist but that. [heavy sigh] And when you merge into that that ness with your little is ness you find that you are no more that little is ness, but you become that ness. And when you become that ness you are there and entered where into the nothingness of your personal existence that you have merged into all that which is universal existence. When you merge into the universality which is really you but so far non realized, and when you merge into that universality there is the uni. Uni means one; and y ou merge into the oneness of all that there is. You merge in that uni uni uni which is nothing different than the unit that you are. And what is that unit that you are? There could never ever be two units existing simultaneously. There is only one unit and that unit you are because you are that. Yet, so go with me. I wish I could take your hands and lead you to that unified state that knows of no distinctions or discriminations, that knows of none other but that. And that is your self. S o to be able to dive deep within oneself one finds the unit or the unification of oneself. From, as we always say, fragmentation into integration, and integration means the unification of yourself within yourself. And this is not difficult. I don't know why people se em to dwell in diversity instead of that unity. So be unified within yourself. Forget the T, but be uni. Ah, unity. And when you find the uni within yourself you'll know that the T disappears , but you become unique unto yourselves. And that is the uni queness... Can I borrow it back? Thank you. And when... [blows nose] I might have to borrow it back from you... And when you find that you are unique ique then where are you? Where are you placed at this moment in time, and space? Where are you, wh ere are you? You're sitting with your beloved guru who is just 10 fold more loving to you. But do you know where you are? You're sitting in this lovely room here, hmm. Are you really sitting in this room? I would like to ask or are you somewhere else beyond time, beyond space, and beyond causation. For the cause is only created by your mind and meditation. I'm composing a new dictionary. It is only your mind that tells you that you are sitting on that blue chair, the red chair, gree n chair, the bro wn chair, the whatever. You are sitting nowhere, because you are beyond time and space. Space requires sitting because space requires a place. And when you go beyond the space and the place you go beyond time.

7. U S 84 - 17 GR: Anyone else? Beloved Merrill. Look at that complacency, that beautiful quietude on his face. Look at him, look at it. He is a God on e arth. Good. So do you think we should end the evening, because I could carry on until any time you like. It's up to you. But I know Vidyaji must be hungry by now. [Laughter] So beautiful. May all blessings be upon you. And from this very moment I pro mise you one thing, that a lot of the problems which you have in your minds will just dissolve. The spiritual master is a person that does not teach you knowledge, but he takes away troubles and that was the suffering you talked about. Otherwise, what's the sense of being a spiritual master, huh, if you can't remove people's troubles and change their whole karmic patterns. That could be a good subject for tomorrow: how karmic patterns are changed. Remind me about it. Good. Alright. **** END ****


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