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1. U S 84 - 18 RAPID FIRE Sandhya: I have a question. Is there such a thing as a "walk in spirit?" And if there is, would I know when it has happened? GR: If there is a walking spirit... Sandhya: A "walk in" spirit? [Lots of voices...] walk in somebody else's body. GR: Si t down. There is no such thing as any spirit walking into you because there is only one spirit and it is there, for it has nowhere to come from, nowhere to go. It just is. So, there is no such thing that could ever walk into you. The only thing that wa lks is the influences you gather from your associations and environment. That is the only walking which muddles you, befuddles you. The spirit is one. It's right here and forever will be. There is no "walk in" as far as the sp irit is concerned. Next. Would someone guide? Tamaji: I've heard facts about fire walkers, walking on fire like on the coal, hot coal. And, I never witnesses but I understand, on the West Coast, they started a group and I'd like to know how it could be done? GR: Yes, I can te ach you that in five minutes. Tamaji: I don't want to know! GR: (laughter) Yes, fire walking is nothing else but take yourself into a trance state, which is hypnotic state. You must have gone to shows that were done by hypnotists, where just a part of the head and the heels of your feet are put on two separate chairs and they put a big block of stone there and use a heavy hammer and you break the block and the person feels nothing. So, fire walking is just a mental phenomenon. It is going into a hy pnotic state, going into a trace, and that's all there is to it. It has nothing to do with your spiritual self. As I said, it is a mental phenomenon, which anyone can le arn and cultivate. But what purpose is it going to serve you? Hm? No purpose at all because the more one delves into

2. U S 84 - 18 occultism, the more one's mind gets befuddled and muddled. I would never advise... many people and say, "teach me to do this and teach me to do that," which is so easy to teach, ah? So easy. I can make you walk on the fire. I can teach you psychometry, I can teach you clairaudience, I can teach you clairvoyance, even two or three months. Some might take a little longer, some might take a bit less. But that is not my mission. My mission is to open the heart, to bring you to the center of yourself, as I said somewhere, I don't know when, and that center is the divinity which I am trying my utmost to make you realize how divine you are and to get away from mental phenomena. Next? Priya: On the subject of the openness of the heart, Bapuji, there have been times on my three year meditational path that I felt that my heart was completely open, full of joy and love, and other times when I felt that I had taken three steps backwards and felt so closed, like I even hated my self. Am I actually taking steps backwards, or is this a matter of peeling off layers of samskaras? GR: There is a ten story building and you have to climb the steps. You won't find the steps going right up to ten stories. You'll have six steps and a l anding. Then you'll have another six steps and a landing. So you have another six steps and a landing. That's how you climb a ten story building. Now, the purpose is this, that as you progress on the spiritual path, you need to allow your nervous system to catch up to where you have reached. And after having that rest in between, you take another six steps and rest. So your nervous system can catch up to the second flight of stairs or steps. That is the reason, which is very good. Otherwise, you'd be blown to bits! Your nervous system would not be able to stand the spiritual progress you are making. Now, the nervous system is so much connected to your mind. Actually, your mind is your nervous system, huh? How does your brain function? What is the br ain composed of? All those twelve billion cells there in the little box up here. Are they not all connected to your entire body via those electrical wires which we call the nervous system? Hm? So, if you set them all alight, you blow up into bits! So the master leads on. And leads on and on and on. Most times, every morning when I'm in South Africa, I go through the album of my meditators. And sometimes I just put a stop. And other times, I kick their.... [Laughter] That's how it works. Because I don't want to blow up. Hm? Or knock you out, or knock you up. [Laughter] I want to bring in you that wholeness, completeness. Lead thou me on kindly light. One step at a time, that's how you do it. Hm? If you walk down this road, you can only take one step at a time. Now, even while you're walking, you are aware that one foot rests while the other one moves and the one that moves rests to allow the other o ne to move. And that's how you progress on the spiritual path to greater and greater joy; and then you

3. U S 84 - 18 climb one flight of stairs and the second flight and the third and fifth and sixth, seventh, eight, ten. Hm? No, sorry, not ten, nine. Cloud nine. N ext? Ramu: Bapuji, what are the qualities of a good father? How does one grow into and become a good father? GR: The quality of a good father is to love the children or the child whatever, totally, unselfishly and to love for the sak e of loving, witho ut expecting anything in return. That is the quality of a good father. Because your expectations bring about the mother of disappointment. So, nowadays, when you speak to your kids, they tell you, "I didn't ask to be born." They tell you that. Hm? "I was born because of your lust," that's what they will tell you. Hm? Little realizing that they were conceived not by lust in most cases, but by love. So, here is a child that is a product of love. Now, you love the child because the child is love. D o you see how beautiful. When you regard the child as love itself, then automatically something pours out of you to become one with that love, and that is a true father. Right. Next. Jamie: Bapuji, is it possible that divine love takes a finite number of forms? Or is it infinite? GR: Um hm, um hm. Divine love has forms and yet it is formless. It depends upon from which angle you are looking at it. When you look at it from the formless angle, then it is self existent. But when you look at if from t he direction of form, then it assumes varied forms, multitudes, millions, billion, billion, billion, billion forms. Now, when you regard divinity or divine love to be with form, you are limiting divine love. But to go beyond the limits of the form, you g rasp the meaning of that which is formless hm? And then you come back home. You combine that formless with form and regard the form also to be formless. You see how beautiful it is? The secret and the joy of life where form and formlessness becomes one. For divine love is only one, not two. Next. I've got time for one more question because they want us done by half past twelve, is it? Jotyma: Guruji, it is said that this planet earth is guided and led by what some people call a white brotherhood. Wo uld you comment on that? GR: Yes. There's no white brotherhood and there's no black brotherhood. I've a very amusing letter from one of our meditators. It really created a laugh. It said, "Gray, G R A Y, Gururaj Ananda Yogi. So there is no white b rotherhood and no black brotherhood, but all intermingle in gray. [Laughter] Next?

4. U S 84 - 18 Merrill: Gururaj, sometimes you say you lived in the body of somebody, a great person. Could other people have lived in that body as well? GR: Right. This is a very profound, deep question which naturally would come from Merrill. Understandable. To answer that question will take me an hour because we got to go into the meaning of consciousness. So perhaps tonight, tomorrow, the next day. It's too profound. I could write ten volumes on that. There is one consciousness only, and that consciousness, when it is ever required, appears in human form to help humanity. Why do you think I sit here and relax with you and joke with you and chat with you. Why? Hm? I can si t on a pedestal. Far away, untouchable. But to be in that oneness, to impart the human impulse to another human, constitutes the greater part of consciousness. We'll go into this deeply tonight or whenever. [Phone ringing in background] Are they calli ng us? Not at home. GR: What's all this? 4:30, we've got yoga nidra, 6 to 7:30 appointments, 8:00 satsang, and after satsang, we'll have a short informal session on the shore. How about that? Hm? It will be enjoyable, I'm sure. Vidya: Guruji, I'm wondering if we should start at 7:30 since we've got so many things... [inaudible]. GR: Look, I've got appointments from 6 to 7:30. And then... [no sound] so the Scottish doctor sold him a pound of onions [groans]. I think I've got through this, I mus t make up another list. Then this other Scot had to appear in the bankruptcy court he was bankrupt so he hired a taxi to go to the court, and he invites the taxi driver in and says, "Why don't you become another creditor?" [Laughs] You know, in Eng land nowadays, you have so many strikes going on, and the major one, I've been there, I've just come from there, the major one at the moment is the coal miner's strike. Coal? Coal? Hm? Coal miner's strike, and they formed a signature tune, "We are busy , doing nothing, we are busy, doing nothing." [He laughs] Come on guys I think it's time. **** END ****


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