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2. U S 84 - 21 For there could never be two consciousness. There is only one consciousness, and t hat consciousness is what we could call Divinity. So, what exists? Only Divinity. And to find the totality of that Divine self that you really are, you are g iven meditation and spiritual practices. And then you start knowing yourself, of who you really are. And there can only be one answer to know who you really are, and that answer is that I am I. I am. I am Divine. That Divinity is permeating every breath of mine, every cell in my body. And yet I have not become conscious enough to realize the con sciousness of my divine self. It's so simple. When I realize that I am totally divine, then I would know of no fear of death, for Divinity does not know of death. Divinit y knows of life only, and that life is the consciousness. You see how it works? Th at Divinity is consciousness itself, and you are the totality of that consciousness, but are still unrealized. So what we need is self realization. And who is the self? That guy up there, He is the self, and nothing else. So, we allow these little mind s to function, not by the self, the real self. We allow it to function by itself, and getting muddled in this whirlpool that you have created for yourself. Creation has no meaning at all. What is creation? There is no creation. Creation requires a will . You're going to create a sculpture, or a portrait, a painting you require a will for that. And where does that will come from? From your own mind. Now, if the will comes from your mind... you have great artists in the world, past, present, and there will be in the future. What are they portraying? They are portraying the level of their consciousness. But if the consciousness becomes complete in its fullness, in its totalness, then I do not need to create. I think I am creating, but that creation i s nothing else but re creation. Now, recreation implies a certain form of relaxation. Relaxation has nothing to do with your real self, it has only to do wit h your little mind which is not as yet fully conscious of the totality of consciousness. When I become fully conscious of myself, then all that is becomes me, and I become everything else. When I become everything else, then I find one thing: that I am not me any longer, but I am everything. That is the totality of supreme wisdom. I know I'm dumb, but nevertheless.... But let me be dumb in my wiseness with wise dom. English language... don't be surprised if I write my own dictionary. So, what is it to be wise? To be wise is to go beyond acquired knowledge. Your minds are filled by acquired kno wledge. Take the k away and it's no ledge. Now when your mind is filled with that which is acquired, then does that acquisition belong to you? No. It is borrowed. From books, from talks, from whatever source you could find, hmmm. So, if you can go bey ond the acquisitions that you have gathered so far, then what can remain? Nothing. Because you're beyond these acquisitions. And after all, what have you acquired? Some little understanding which you think is understanding. But when you reach the area of wisdom, you stand under. And when you stand under the great force that is within yourself, you become wise. So throw away all the acquired knowledge, throw it away, it gets you nowhere. What are you going to

3. U S 84 - 21 do with it? Tell me. So you take in a de gree in philosophy, or art, or blah, blah. That will only provide you with your piece of bread. That is all and nothing more! Learn to stand under your acquisitions, and then when you stand under, you push them away. And when you push that away, then tru e wisdom is there. And true wisdom is not an acquisition. True wisdom is your real self, and your real self is the Divine self. So, what are we trying to say this morning? We are trying to say that you are divine, but to come to the realization of your divinity you are going through these evolutionary processes. But why take the long way? Why spend 200,000 more lives when it can be gained here and now just by a touch, just by a glance of the spiritual master. Then that is coupled with the practices gi ven to you, you reach the end of the road; and the end of the road is where the road began. The end of the road is where the road began. And yet you flounder around. Why swim from one shore to the other shore when you can become the river and float in the river in total joy, total peace. No exertion, no effort, you just lie on the waters of life and float. And by being able to do that you'll know the meaning of yourself and the meaning of the river because you become the river. And to become the rive r, you lose the consciousness of the river. You're just floating away, just existing on the waters of life. Now, the results of this would be that all guilt which you feel in your mind, all fears that are there also in the mind, all fears that are there also in the mind, all trepidations become non existent. Because you are now not floating in the mind, but you are floating in the river of life, totally relaxed. Gone, you and the water have become one. On this trip, I have been doing so many countries 2 1/2 months on the road on this trip to my close ones, I'm going deeper and deeper into the truths of life to make you realize the meaning of life. To make you realize that this existence i s a mental concept and all mental concepts are non existen t. Now, when you feel yourself to be non existent, then you find the joy, the bliss, the totality of which life is composed. So these pre occupations with the fears of death, with the fear s of poverty, with the fears of losing your homes, with losing th is or losing that, with losing your beloved, hmm. Must one go through this suffering? So you're 25, 35, whatever age. She's 21. How many more years have you got to go through before you discard this piece of... hummm? Why be so concerned that I'm goin g to lose this and I'm going to lose that and all this is going to be left behind, including your behind. So, these concerns are not necessary. For the balance of your lives that you're still going to live, float through life as long as it's physically g oing to last. For life itself, as I would like to repeat again, is eternal. But you're so concerned with this little mind, which means nothing. Throw away acquired knowledge. Meditate, do your spiritual practices, and find that which goes beyond the mi nd which is centered here. And by finding the center here, you'd find that center to be everywhere. [Long pause] Hmmm... it's nice to be with your Guruji, isn't it. So nice for me to be with you. Is it nice to be with your Guruji? Is i t? No. How can you be with me when you are me and I am you? Right kiddoes. It's been a very tiring trip, sorry. We've already done 45 50 minutes, have we? Somewhere there. I've got to rest.

1. U S 84 - 21 CONSCIOUSNESS, NOT DEATH Roopa: Death is a pre occupation in my life. Sometimes I wonder what will happen to my consciousness when my body dies. Where will it go? Will it die when the body di es? What is consciousness anyway? Did human beings have consciousness from the beginning, or did we develop consciousness during evolutionary history? Thank you, Guruji. This is from Tamaji. GR: Consciousness has always been. Even a stone has consciousness. And this is so easily proven by the molecular structure that is contained within the stone, and that very structure is consciousness. The pre occupation with the thought of death must b ecome immediately unoccupied, because there is no death. There is only life, and that which you regard to be death is just a transformation of your personal formation. Today you are in this form, and tomorrow in another form. You leave one room and ente r the other room, does not mean that you are dead. You are moving in this process of evolution. When you move in the process of evolution you think that you are dead, and yet you are so alive. Totally alive, for their can be nothing else but life. Life, which is everlasting, can never have its opposite, which you call death. Life is eternal, life is infinite, so the pre occupation with the thought of death is centered only around your thought. Where does this thought arise? Come closer my darling, so I don't need to.... do yoga here that's it, that's better. You've got the idea. A guru has to teach people every damn thing. Even how to sit close to him. That closeness of the guru to you is none else than your closeness to yourself, which is everlas ting. If life is eternal and everlasting, why occupy your mind with that which is never lasting, for the entire word negates itself. It has no meaning and no value. For how could you combine the ever lasting with the never lasting? And yet, you that ar e permeated in every cell of your bodies and beings is permeated by that being who is eternal. And if that being is eternal, then where is death? There could be no death. There are only changes of forms in the process of evolution. Why do you need to evolve? You need to evolve for one reason only: that from the mineral kingdom the stone that has its particular molecular structure which is consciousness, to repeat again, develops to the plant, to the animal, and to the human. And I could show you real ms which are even far above the human. So, you are involved in a process. And this process is for one purpose only is to make you more conscious of yourself. Experiments have proved that even plants have consciousness. One plant is burned and wired up to mechanisms, the other plant screams look at the connection even in plants. Where one plant is burned and the other plant screams recorded by technical devices. So, if that is within a plant, why not within a human being, where they could find just one consciousness, and that is the purpose, and the process, of evolution: to be able to discover within themselves the totality of themselves in that one consciousness.

4. U S 84 - 21 **** END ****


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