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2. U S 84 - 49 A conception is based on bias; a perception is based on o bservation. And yet both are so limited, because your very observation is not total. Therefore, your perception cannot be total either. Hm? So, when we conceive of an idea of who we are, hm, or if we perceive in our limited means, the perception, so inte rdependent on conception, will only take you in linear fashion from A to B to C to D to E to forget the G. You see. So what we have to do is take our little conceptual mind to deeper layers that are within ourselves. The little conscious mind has to b e taken through the various layers of the subconscious mind which in reality is controlling your conscious mind. All the impressions that are imbedded in the subconscious have to express itself through the conscious mind, and expressing itself through the conscious mind, that, in turn, is the basis of all the actions you perform in life. All things you do in life is dependent upon the impressions of this lifetime and perhaps many lifetimes, who knows. Hm? And those are the controlling factors of your li fe. Those impressions are the controlling factors that makes you happy or that makes you miserable. Do you see. So, when we look in the mirror what are we seeing? Hm? We are only seeing the reflection of our thought processes. That's all. You are n ot seeing the thought, you are seeing the process of thought. Because if you can see thought you will stop thinking. Because man thinks that he thinks. Really he does not think at all. It is just a patterned entity and all his conceptions and perceptio ns leads him to deceptions. Everyone that looks at himself in the mirror always feels that he is more handsomer that what he really is, and every woman that looks into a mirror will always think she is more prettier than what she is. Yes. Why? Why? Why ? Because you cannot look at reality. You are looking at a mask, and that mask is what is reflected. Am I right old chap? Right. That mask is reflected in the mirror. So you put on rouge and you put on lipstick and you put on blah, blah, blah. I don 't know what they all use. Eye makeup, hm? One week you want you hair to be blonde. A couple of weeks later you want to dye it to make it black. Hm? A few more weeks later you want to make it auburn, or whatever you want to burn. Who cares? Why? Bec ause we are functioning to come back to the central point we are functioning on a very, very surface level which is conditioned by the patternings of your subconscious mind. So through meditation and spiritual practices you go beyond the conscious level of your mind; you go beyond the subconscious level and you reach the superconscious level of your self. And through the superconscious level, which is clear glass, you'd find the inner light, the light of your spirit shining through bright! And so bright is that light that it overrules your subconscious and your conscious mind so you start acting, not through the conscious or the subconscious, but all your actions would be governed from the superconscious. That's the highest level man can reach. Hm? An d that is exactly where I have come from now in the communion practice. Reaching the highest level which is the Personal God, pure and totally clear, and then merging away into the Impersonal God, which is the energy that controls the entire universe. I can't move this hand without that energy. I can't breathe without that energy.

3. U S 84 - 49 So that is the life force, and the life force is Divinity itself. So merge into the Divine through your meditations and spir itual practices; practices which are personally pr escribed to you according to the level of your evolution, hm, and your emotional self, your feeling self, your mental self. It's based upon your entirety, and if your practices are based upon you r entirety, then you must sooner or later with practice, per severance a bit, merge with your entirety, because your practice is your entirety. Do you see? So what can I do each and every one can do. I'm no special entity at all. I am just an instrument, a channel. Hm? Like I have said many times, there is hydr oelectric power in the water, but you can't bring that light into your room here without having the generator. Hm? So the hydroelectric power goes to this instrument, the generator, to give light to all these houses around her. Hm? And that is why gene rators come when they are needed. When the world gets dimmer because of imbalance, the generator makes its appearance, hm, to make or to bring far greater light into the world. And that is the message of love and peace: that peace that passeth all under standing. Good. Now, most of you must have gone through experiences, so let's start with someone, and I will explain to you what your experience might have meant or would mean while I was in Communion. Balooji? [A lot of coughing] Baloo: Pardon me. [M ore coughing. Then Gururaj coughs] Gururaj: I am taking your cough away [laughter] Baloo: Thank you. There were several things. In the beginning your face changed rapidly to, to many faces. And at one point you even looked like a, almost like a mask of, of Buddha the stone mask that [coughing] and then at one point there seemed to be bright little flashes of blue light around you, and, I've been feeling an energy since I've been in here that the tops of my shoulders actually hurting where it se ems to, to rise up and then to stay along here somewhere and stop. Gururaj: Well, we'll fix it up in a moment. That energy rising. Ah, it is, is it not [a lot of heavy coughing by Gururaj] give me more of your cough. [laughter and more coughing from a udience] Baloo: Sorry, I don't have any left!

4. U S 84 - 49 Gururaj: No! The faces that you have been seeing... You see, when you go into communion, within twenty minutes, half an hour, whatever, you capture the entirety of yourself from the first primal atom. You capture it and go through all the lifetimes you have lived. Hm? So, therefore you have perceived the different faces of me in past lifetimes. You have also seen the consciousness I represent, and you termed it to be Buddha consciousness, but consciousn ess is one. You can call it Krishna consciousness, you could call it Christ consciousness. It is all but one. Next. [Pause] Come, come, come, come! Ramu: Guruji, this is unusual because I don't see very much, but you did seem to me to disappear, and at one point to become either a very wizened old man, or a very wizened old woman, ah, like a grandmother, almost. Gururaj: Hm, hm. Did I have a beard? Ramu: Ahh. Does a grandmother ever have a [laughter coughing] Gururaj: Ah Chinesey? Ramu: Sometimes, yes. Gururaj: That was the time when I lived in the body of Lao Tzu. Good. Jeff: Guruji? Gururaj: Hm? Jeff: It is hard for me to bring this up. I don't know how much I make up what I am seeing and how much I actually see someth ing and it is difficult for me to check these things. But I have a very distinct impression of you, your very, very, very severe face, very Chinese, and then, that's why with a beard coming out, and you were very, very severe looking, very, almost, ver y proud looking man, and you had a it was very peculiar. At first I thought it was making love, and then it faded away and then it came back at one moment, very distinctly. It was amazing. Your eyes were very dark and kind of sunken back.

5. U S 84 - 49 Gururaj: Rig ht. Jeff: Very severe looking. Gururaj: Yes. Jeff: And you looked very much like a Mandarin. Gururaj: Yes, that's a, that's a, that was during Lao Tzu's time, when you had to be severe with your students. You put them through meditation and when t hey are at a certain level you go with a stick and slap their backs to take them away from thought into non thought. Hm? Those were the different practices. They might not be too viable today! [Loud laughter] How would you like me to walk around behin d you while you are meditating and slapping your backsides? [Laughter and background voices] Jagriti: Guruji, I don't know if I fell asleep, or something actually happened. Ah, this is the first time this has ever happened to me at communion practice. Ah, I kept seeing all this this isn't the first time. I kept seeing all this gold light around you and then it would get, ah, too strong for my eyes, and, ah, my eyes would start hurting, and so it would go away and then come back, and that's happened in the past but as it has happened a couple of times, all of a sudden my eyes closed, and I was trying to get them back open so I could watch you, and they wouldn't open, they just stayed closed, and I drifted off and I don't know I drifted off into a m editational state, or if I just fell asleep. Gururaj: I took you with me, darling, into another field, another area. And soon you will cognize by yourself the meaning of it. With the explanations that I can give you which state you were in will not h elp you as much as if you come to the cognition of it yourself. You will. Before this evening is over. Huh? Chela: Guruji? Ah, Ah, everything would dissolve into golden. Ah, everything would dissolve, really. Like, into golden things. Like an entire area. Gururaj: Gold?

6. U S 84 - 49 Chela: Yes. Gururaj: Golden gold? Chela: Yes, well, it was as if like the table, like even things around you, everything. Gururaj: Yes. Chela: Dissolved into gold. Gururaj: Yes. Chela: Like gold particles. Gururaj: Right. Chela: And then it would come back, and then sometimes everything would get very dark, as almost as if it was going to all be black, but then it would come back together again, and then it would get into gold again, and come back. Gururaj: Mmm. Beautiful, very... Chela: You disappeared. Gururaj: Very... I disappeared. Yes. Ya, ya, ya, I would, b ecause I wasn't here, in any case. Yes. Gold is a very high spiritual color and that you saw me covered in gold. Fine. It's an emanation of the spiritual force, an emanation of that Divine energy. Right. And the black is just as important as the gold , because the blackness signifies the void. Hm? The void from which all manifestation has come. The manifestation is the gold, and the void is vast, spaceless space which in those realms is not space at all because in those realms there is no time an ne ither any space, so therefore it would appear to your conscious mind to be a void, a voidness, a vast darkness. Beautiful. Very good. Very good.

7. U S 84 - 49 Chela: Guruji, this time, for me it seemed lighter, more white than the golden. There was a shimmeriness of very whiteness. And all of this became a cloud moving, and then you became very white [periodic hms from GR] and light and rosey and with white l ight around you. And your eyes were blue a couple of times and glow and... real warm. Gururaj: There is only one color and that is white. All the colors you perceive is like through a prism, the refraction tha t shows you the blues and the reds and the greens and what have you. There is only one whiteness. That's the only color, and the..... When my eyes changed to blue it is symbolic. What is the vastest thing you can see? The sky, and the sky is blue. Hm. Chela: It is the reflection. Gururaj: H m? It is the vastest thing you can see, is the sky, and the sky is blue. So, when I was in the state of communion I merged with that vastness of the universe so therefore you saw my eyes turning blue. Beautiful. Good. Very good. Good. Chela: Guruji? Gururaj: Mmm? Chela: I feel like I want to touch you now and make sure you're cool. [inaudible] It always starts this way. Gururaj: You want to... Chela: It always starts the same. With heat. Gururaj: Ah, ha. Chela: Like it's sort of expand ing. A bigger and bigger circle here of heat. Something like you were steaming. Gururaj: Ah, ha. Warmth, yah.

8. U S 84 - 49 Chela: Like when you look ahead on the highway and it's like steam coming up. Gururaj: Ya, ya. It's the energies that generated that ad ds [coughing] to warmth. You had a feeling of warmth. How many of you felt a deep peace within the quietude? Practically everyone. That is that "Peace that passeth all understanding." Because you are in the presence of that Divine energy. Chela: Guru ji, A lot of times sometimes I would feel like heat [background coughing] and a lot of times I feel this intense love. I don't know how to describe it. It's like just so intense. And it's not always so peaceful, but it is pleas urable. It is beautifu l feeling, but are they related? Gururaj: Yes. Chela: I always feel peaceful, but I feel real, just like righteous. Gururaj: Giving? Yes. Chela: Yes. Gururaj: Yes, I know. Love is God and God is love, so in my mergence with Him you are merging in Him with me. Simple. Hm. Anyone else? [Pause] Could... Mary Beth, I think you are nearest. Could you give... bring me a glass of water? Ah, not this, I have drunk out of it. Hm. [Long pause lots of background noise and coughing] Chela: What is the significance of the trident, is that what we call it? Gururaj: Trinity. Chela: Which one? There has three? Gururaj: Yah, Trinity. [Background cou ghing] Same. Everything is a trinity: body, mind, spirit; God, Father, the Holy Ghost. Everything just symbolizes that.

1. U S 84 - 49 COMMUNION It's the shortest journey you can take to reach from the known to the unknown, for the very word, "knowing" m ust have its counterpart of unknown. Who is trying to know? Your mind is trying to know that which is... [recording troubles] but it can not be known... [ more recording problems long, long, pause] within you [click and silence] which you are [click a nd more silence] away from Divinity. Divinity is infinite, and in His infinitude, He permeates every cell of you. So awareness takes many forms. You think your mind is aware of things. No, it is not. It is aware of only few little thing s, which is the sensory input into your little conscious mind. But the great awareness of totality is experiential, and by experie ntial we mean that awareness merges into awareness in its totalness. That is how you merge with God. That is where your body assumes no importance at all. Your body disappears. Your mind goes beyond its thinking level, and you merge with that awareness which is really and truly you. You are awareness, but you allow the body and the mind to come in between that which you really are. The mind being so fragmented pulls from one direction to the other. So awareness implies that you go from fragmentation to integration and that very integrated level of yourself is experienced as total awareness; and total awareness is Divine. Total awareness is Divinity itself. It has no gender, it is neither male and neither female. Our theologies teach and call Him The Father. Call Him He! Why can It not be a She? If that totality of Divinity is a neutral energy, how can you call that neutral energy a He or She? I rather prefer calling it "IT" capita l I, capital T: IT. And that IT contains within ITself, the sel f of the ITness. The self of the ITness is IT, ITself. You say, I am John, Jack, James, Jean, Jill, Hm? Who says that? Your are saying it with your little mind only, and you have forgotten the ITness that you really are. And you are so enwrapped withi n that small little surface self of your self that you really forget the real self which is totally aware of the awareness that you are. The mind thinks in various ways. It has a little conscious functioning little mind that thinks in a linear fashion. Hm? A.B.C. What comes after C? D? A.B.C.D.E.F. G. Hah! We haven't reached the G yet. So you are only aware of the surface level of yourself, thinking you are what you think you are. Hm? I am a computer expert, I am an attorney, I am a professor, I am a biochemist, hm? Don't you think you are limiting yourself? Hm? By thinking yourself to be an accountant or an attorney or a psychologist? We have so many of them here. Hm. You are limiting yourself so totally, by compartmentalizing yourself in t hat one particular groove. And when you are in a groove, you keep on moving in the groove, and it moves on and on and on in the same grove, the same rut. And when you move along in the same rut, you rot. So, let us go a bit further than that. That you ar e in this mental rut with your own conceptions of life, and your conceptions are dependent upon the sensory input which forms your perceptions. To conceive and to perceive are two different things.

9. U S 84 - 49 Oops. You'll have to take this off from me, dear. Hm? [More noise, whispering] You are going to have lunch break now, Vidya. So let's just join together in a hymn. Ahm, Jai Ram. Jai means praise or glory; Ram means Lord. Ahm, some call Him by the name of Ishwara, some call Him by the name of Allah, some call Him Christos, but it is still the same Lord. There is only one conscio usness. Now join me. Most of you know it, I think. Hm. [Group sings Jai Ram] Good. Enjoy your lunch. **** END ****


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