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3. U S 84 - 9 tomorrow (and I do not advise any of you to do this), but tomorrow, I am in bed wi th another woman and she is, as I said, a million times prettier and a million times more beautiful; but having the remembrance of that previous nights, coordination would be lacking, because I am comparing. Do you see? These are the basic lacks of human life. Now, I've quoted this to you because the sexual urge is the most powerful urge in ordinary human beings. It's the most powerful urge. But let us take this urge to a higher level, and that higher level c an be the urge of melting away into that whic h is divine. If you are a woman, take Divinity as a man. If you are a man, take Divinity as a woman. Because that, that is neither he or she, it just is. When I go into meditation, I find myself merging away into it! What a great orgasm it becomes! And in that orgasmic delight, I find light. I don't know why they prefix the word light with de light, because de is a negation. You see, our English language is so so stupid. Light, de light. Now why must you de the light from the light? Do you get the point? Let light be light, all the time. Why de light it? Is it necessary in our lives? Is it necessary to burn the fuse of light so it becomes de light? Ah, but let us add a suffix: de light ful. So as soon as you say full, you are negating the d e in front of the light, and so it becomes lightful. Light and enlightenment are the same. Enlightenment means that you have meant light in yourself. The true word should be INlightenment, not enlightenment. So that is the supreme experience that life could give. The supreme experience that brings you peace and joy and tranquility. [aside: apparently about a bug?] We are not the takers of life, we are the givers of life. And every man and woman is equipped with their own equipment to give life and bring forth life. And when you bring forth life, what are you actually doing? You are re activating the act of creation that is what you are doing. And when you can re activate creation, you are enacting the purpose of this universe. You are propag ating and not negating. You are propagating the purpose of creation which was started by the one you call the creator. So, through the creator you became a creation, and onward you go, creating again and recreating. So are you then not propagating crea tion? To propagate creation is to give light to the world, for everything is light. Your very little child is light. Your mother and father are nothing else but light. Your grandchildren can be none else than light. Because, if the process is from ligh t, then how can there be anything else which is not light? So we proceed from light to light to light to light to light to ligh t and more light. And when we realize the beauty of the light around us, then we are enlightened by perception and experience o f light around us, we enjoy the light within us, and that is enlightenment. People talk so much about enlightenment, and I would tell them that it is total rubbish. You can never become enlightened. You are enlightened already. My message is of joy, ho pe. Right Roopa Hoopa? [END SIDE ONE]

4. U S 84 - 9 And that is enlightenment. To be enlightened is to do things in it's proper time, in it's proper place, and in it's proper environment. And this is so easy to achieve because you are enlightened, you are born of light, and therefore you are enlightened. But because of these samskaras, the mental imaginations, mental turmoils and turbulences prevents you from experiencing your enlightening. I have not met anyone in this world so far who is not an enlightened being. Because to be able to observe enlight enment in others, to observe the illumination, you have to be illumined. Simple. So all these metaphysical, philosophical, bullshittical questions hold no water at all. These discourses is to make you realize that you are an enlightened being, and what y ou lack is the cognition of your own the enlightenment. What prevents you is the veils of nescience, ignorance, that makes you feel the way you feel. Because you do not want the light to shine through. You cover the bulb with so many wrappings, so many veils, and the room of your life would naturally be dark. So, the purpose of these discussions is to unveil the veil, and when that purpose is achieved, you will say to me, "My beloved Guruji, I feel the light now." Not only feel and experience the ligh t, but I have become the light which you really are. You see? So, these various theologies has been a corruption or a misguided eruption, telling you you are a sinner, you are a sinner, you are a sinner. You are not a sinner. How can you be? If you ca ll yourself a sinner, then you have no trust, belief, or faith in divinity. If divinity is omnipresent, permeating every soul of your body, how can you be a sinner then? You're not a sinner. Because if divinity is sinless, how can you be a sinner then w hen you permeate every cell of your body all the time? So stand out, be awake, be alive, and say, "I am from God, of God, and if He permeates me, then I must be Him." So these theologies pump you all the time with false ideas and I've come into this world with a mission: to correct these false ideas and show you why they are false. They tried to get you with love, and when they could not, they got you with fear eternal damnation. So the whole nation is damned. Damnation. Could that ever be possible? Fear not, my beloveds. Fear not a single thing. Your fears within you produce guilt, as I've said so many times, you feel guilty of this and guilty of that, blah, blah. And then with that guilt, you produce within yourself anxieties. And fear, guilt, and anxiety produces within you ill health, physical and mental. There is your answer, my beloved Linda. Look, what's the worst thing that could happen to you? Tell me. What's the worst that could happen to you? In any case, you could never get out of life without death. Is that the worst that could happen? So why not regard life and death to be of the same essence, for life and death are two sides of the same coin. Flip it up, and choose what you want. If you want tails and your thought forces are strong enough, you will get tails. And when you flip the coin again, and if your thought forces are strong enough and you want heads, it will flop down on heads. What are the forces that control the entire motion of tossing that coin? You are the motio n. You have provided the

5. U S 84 - 9 momentum to the flipping of the coin. I told one of my beloveds now that in five years' time, you will possess a million dollars. It's going to come to you. And Guruji's words never fail through the grace of Him, not me. So, flip the coin and you decide what you want heads or tails. And that is how life goes on. I told the very day I arrived here in San Francisco I love to call it Frisco, but the San Franciscans do not want me to us e that word idiots. False pride. San Francisco. Saint Francis ah. I think we better get hold of your mayor tomorrow. Get me on the phone tomorrow and we change the name. As soon as I got off from the airport, I told one person that by Tuesday you are going to land a contract of ov er $50,000. Like that. And I have nothing to do with it. He, my father, does it all. I only have to dial him and say, "Hey, Dad! What's cookin!" That's all I have to do. Dial my Dad and I say, "Come on, you know, it's about time these guys deserve a break," and he gives them a break. Now that break is spelled B R E A K, and not B R A K E. Do not stop life. Do not put your foot down hard on the pedal, the brake. Flow. If you have to stop sometime, you don't drive the way Chetanji drives BANG! And you nearly fall out of the windscreen. But gently, and the car will come to a smooth standstill if you need to stand still. And all of you need to stand still somet ime. Half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the evening. [Laughter] You just s tand still. Go into meditation and just be still. Be still and know that I am God. That is the crux of the subject of tonight that you are born of light, and you ar e light. Be still and know that I am divine. Do you see. Simple. This was a long tal k, wasn't it? Pay me double the fees! You know these two pals went out on a spree. They were having a good time together and both of them were fairly tipsy. So the chap who took the car said, "Look, before you go home, pop into my house for a cup of blac k coffee. It'll fix you up. You'll feel better." I believe that's what they say. I've got no experience in these things at all. Half a bottle of s cotch at a time is good enough for me. So he invites him in and he was struggling in opening the door. S o his friend asks him, "Have you found the key?" So his friend replies, the one that owned the house replies, "I found the key, but my difficulty is in finding the lock. [Laughs] See if we can find another one. Jesus, I can't even understand my own.... Right, now this other guy was a bit tipsy and he was passing a pond. And in the pond it was a full moon night and he saw a reflection in the pond of the moon. And he looked and he looked and he looked and he put his glasses on and he looked again, and he said, "How did that get up there?" That, that one, that, uh. You know, Mrs. Spotter sued her husband for divorce. She sued on the grounds of incompatibility. So when the judge questioned her, she said, "It is not the patability, but the income patab ility." [Laughs]. So if we can find another.

1. U S 84 - 9 EVERYTHING IS LIGHT GR: What shall we talk about tonight? Q: Guruji, we have a question that was sparked by a line that I read in study group yesterday. And it said, "Does a cause become a causeless cause when one's actions are motivated by the hear t as opposed to actions that are motivated by the mind?" GR: Say that again. Q: Does a cause become a causeless cause when one's actions are motivated by the heart as opposed to actions that are motivated by the mind? GR: There is no cause that one n eeds to be concerned about. The activation of the heart which produces a cause is mixed with emotion and feeling, and you cannot separate emotion and feeling from the mind. So, if the cause of any action or reaction comes from the mind, it would necessari ly be combined to your feelings and emotions. How can one separate feeling, emotion, and mental activity that is the question. What is feeling? What is emotion? And what is mental thought? Feeling stems from deep within one's self, where you feel t hat you are in love. But now, how do you separate that feeling of love to your beloved from emotion? So feeling combines within itself motion, and that motion produces emotion. When the feeling associates itself with motion, which in turn becomes emotio n, it has an effect on the thought processes of your mind. Now, what are the thought processes of your mind that could influence emotion and feeling? The thought processes of your mind are governed only by the experiences that you have had. If I want t o make love to a woman, would you know how that comes about? It comes about from association to a previous pleasurable feeling. And if there is no association to a past pleasurable feeling, then you feel nothing. So feeling and motion and emotion is crea ted by past experience of your own self. Now, what is your own self? Your own self is governed by one thing only, and that thing is you. You are nothing else but a bundle of experiences that you have gained in this life or in past lives or whatever. Now , I make love to a woman and find her to be very pleasurable. She stimulates me so much that there is rhythm in the motion of my emotion. Yet, if I sleep with another woman, I will not experience the same because I am totally dependent upon my past actio n, reaction, and experience of this particular type of lovemaking; and the other woman does not provide me with that

2. U S 84 - 9 kind of experience to which I am accustomed. So, I lose the rhythmic flow between myself and her, and the loss comes about because it does not corroborate itself with my past experience; and the past experiences which I've had is there is the cubbyholes of my subconscious mind. So here on the one hand I am being totally at one ment in total rhythm with one woman, and yet with the other wom an, who could be 10 times more pretty and more beautiful, and I lose the communication because I am diving within myself to re experience my previous experience. And when I cannot re experience my previous experience, then I would fail in the lovemaking , although she could be the prettiest most beautiful woman in the world. Now, I've got to find a divorce in my own self, and that divorce would lie in disassociating myself of a previous experience to the present experience. When my mind can divorce itsel f from a past experience and be in the present, in the now of what I am doing, then, only can the past experience disappear to bring about the appearance of the present experience. I have had many people come to me hundreds, thousands, thousands, thous ands. And they say, "Guruji, I am frigid, and can't experience lovemaking." I have had many men come and tell me that they feel so impotent, I fail to have an erection, and yet I love that woman so much. And the woman would say, "I'm frigid, and yet I love my man so much." The question here is this: What is the cause of your frigidity, and what is the cause of your impotency? And yet, you are a virile man, alive within yourself; and you are a woman that is so alive within herself. What cause this? The cause lies deeper, and more deeper in the levels of your mind. Now we shall not go into psychoanalysis because it tries to root up old problems that have created your present problems, and the more you dwell on your past problem, the more you stimulate the past problem and bring the past problem alive. So what is the solution? The solution can only be one: that I am not my past. I am me, here and now. So I hold my woman, or the woman holds her man, her man close, so close that she does not remain a woman anymore, and he does not remain a man anymore. The only thing that could exist is the magnetic flow between the two. And when that magnetic flow between the two is cognized or experienced, then the past experiences are forgotten. And that is how y ou can live the fullness of life. And then that fullness just flowers not because of you and not because of him, but the flowering takes place on its own. For who could control that bloom flowering out in its fullness? That is the basic problem , acco rding to Freudian psychology. But Freud missed the mark a little child, a baby. So, to be able to define experience within its own experiential level is the secret of life. You do not experience, but experience experiences itself. And when that lev el is reached through your spiritual practices, where the experience experiences itself, then all your inhibitions disappear. They are not there anymore, because you are not living in a past experience, but you are experiencing the experience of the momen t. I go out, for example, with the woman, and there is such a beautiful coordination in the physical contact; and in that coordination I find something beautiful. And then

6. U S 84 - 9 Oh, by the way, before you go to bed tonight and you want to contact the spirit world, there's a bartender around the corner [Laughter]. Ahhh. Yes, I keep forgetting that, don't I.... **** END ****


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