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1. U S 85 - 32A PUBLIC TALK ST. LOUIS SPIRITUALITY AND SEXUALITY VIDYA: ...months out of every year. And he just recently has come back from Denmark and Spain and England and is now here in America. And it's just worked out very nicely that he was able to make a little side trip down from Chicago to come down to St. Louis. When he was in Spain just recently there was a television broadcast, and on that broadcast they were discussing various spiritual leaders in the world, and they made the statement that they found Gururaj to be the greatest spiritual master in the t wentieth century. And these were made by people that had been studying meditation for many years. So we found that very interesting to hear people looking at Guruji from this point of view. How many of you meditate? Do any of you meditate, here? Oh, wo nderful. Oh, that is great. How many of you have seen a guru before real live? Okay. Well, you have a treat in store for you. Gururaj has been on the road in America for about five or six weeks now, and he's just getting ready to go back to Cape Town . He lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and will be leaving on July 1st, to return back home. Some of you... I will just give you a real basic idea of what meditati on is, since about half of you are not familiar with it. Meditation is just a very simple process of allowing yourself to be quiet inside. Normally we are very active and our attention is focused outside ourselves. We're involved in our work, in our jobs, in our families, in our relationships. And when we sit down to meditate, we just sit do wn and close the eyes, and the attention is turned inward. And we give ourselves twenty minutes just to be quiet and locate that sense of inner peace within ourselves. And then when we go back out into activity, then we find that we have begun to integra te that sense of calmness and relaxation that we find in meditation, into our activity. So no matter what activities we're involved in, we progress through those activities in a more calm, stable, and centered fashion. So it's a very, very simple practic e that allows us to become calm. One of the things, or probably the thing, which I would say makes Gururaj and the American Meditation Society so unique, is that he, himself, individually prescribes the practices for each person on an individual basis. He says that were all very different, and we're all different in what our needs are. And that if you just sit down and you pick up a book and follow how it says to meditate, often we find we get a little bit of relaxation, but we don't experience a real d eep sense of relaxation. And to truly experience that sense of depth you have to be given the practice that works for you, as a person. And after many years of traveling around and studying about meditation, my husband and I ran across Gururaj and learne d his practices and found it was like night and day, you know, when you have practices that are geared for you, as a person, because your needs are so unique.

2. U S 85 - 32A One other thing I wanted to mention to you, just so you would have a little more of an overview o f the American Meditation Society, is that it's part of a much larger organization which is known as the International Foundation For Spiritual Unfoldment, and we have branches throughout the world in many, many countries. In Spain, for example, it would b e the Spanish Meditation Society. In England, the British Meditation Society. In Denmark, the Danish Meditation Society, and so forth in many, many countries throughout the world. So A.M.S. is part of a much larger organization, and we have centers in ci ties throughout the United States, St. Louis, of course, being one of them. Another point I wanted to make with you is that Gururaj's teachings, as you'll see as he speaks, are very universal teachings. He does not teach a religion. He says whatever reli gion you are you maintain that. Meditation is just a technique to help you get in touch more with what you really are. And then you will even more deeply understand your own religion. If you... I think... Did most of you get a brochure from the back tab le when you came in? Like this. Okay, if you did... I think most of you have picked them up. On the inside there is an emblem. And that emblem kind of gives you a good idea, you know, of this concept. You'll see on circles on the outside, there's rep resentations of all the major religions of the world. And the lines going around that connect them are, when you see it in color, they are in gold; and they represent the musical staff. The five lines and four spaces indicating the concept of harmony exi sting among all religions. And that, like as a Christian woman, for example, I plug into the Christian symbol. So I maintain my own identity as a Christian woman, but I use meditation to find that inner light (you see the flame in the center), to find tha t inner understanding of myself. So the teachings that Gururaj puts forth are universal, and are not connected with any specific religion. We have people meditating throughout the world from all these religions that you see mounted on the emblem. Is Gu ruji nearby? I think we could probably bring him in in just a moment. When a person who is a spiritual teacher comes in the room, just to show our respect for him, we stand up and greet him. And he'll be coming in, I think just now. So I think we'll st and up and greet him. Head for the front. GURURAJ: [BLANK SPACE ON TAPE] Okay? ...that ninety percent of you are not meditators. So we will just do a meditation for a few moments. And what you do, close your eyes, relax. You can chuck off your shoe s, if you like. Loosen your ties, whatever you want to do. Good. Now, close your eyes and very gently, very gently focus. Is it loud enough? Can you hear me at the back there? VOICES: No. GURURAJ: No. So you'll have to turn it up, please.

3. U S 85 - 32A So what you do to relax yourself, close your eyes and take your attention to your breathing. Do not concentrate on your breathing, but just a gentle attention to your breathing. And, of course, clasp your hands please, in any way you like, to preserve the circu it of energy that will radiate within you. Namaste. Now, many of you might be curious why I greet in this way. It means that with thought, word, and deed I salute the Divinity within you. For every one is potentially and divine, potentially and essentially divine. So the purpose of lif e is to f ind that Divinity within, and as all theologies would say, seek ye first the Kingdom of Divinity, or God, within. Good. Now, I never prepare a lecture, and I think I've done over four thousand around the world. I normally start off by asking someone to ask a question. And from there I would carry on. VOICE: Gururaj, would you speak to us about spirituality, sexuality, love and friendship? GURURAJ: Um hm. Very good. Very good. Friendship, a friend, is like a ship whose sail unfurls and wafts thr ough the water. Sexuality can be made very, very spiritual. The difference between the kind of experience people have in sexuality is mostly mixed with lust. But if you add love to the lovemaking, then that sexuality, or the very act, becomes a meditatio n itself. And when it becomes a meditation itself then it becomes spiritual. Fine. Say a man and woman love each other and they copulate, fine. But each one of them, each one of the two partners, are conscious of themselves, of their bodies. But when s he is forgotten, and you are forgotten, then you experience this vast orgasm. And this entire universe is nothing but an orgasm. And when these realizations dawn, then spirituality becomes sexuality, and sexuality becomes spirituality. There is no diffe rence. If we say that Divinity created this universe, he must have had some means of creating Divinity, and we always define that force to be He. What about the she? It takes two to tango. And look at that beautiful dance that Divinity has put through each and every one of us. Why do you think you have sexual organs? They are not put there for ornamentation. [LAUGHTER] You singles, I will double you up with laughter. You just hold on. [LAUGHTER] So whatever organs you have has to be used, but has to be used sensibly and not for the sake of a physical need. Because when you make love to a woman, and vice versa, you become dependent upon each other to find the release that you seek. But what you need you start off independently and then you become interdependent. And in that interdependency you return back to becoming independent. And when you return back, completing the circle, and when you come back independent, then you are standing on your own feet and not using him or her as a crutch. And yet , sexuality can be experienced in so many different ways. Firstly, the man in the street, the people, would associate sexuality with their physical bodies. Now, your physical body does not constitute sexuality alone. It is only par t

4. U S 85 - 32A of it. Now, what ma kes a person sexual, or creates sexual feelings in him? The mind. It is the mind that works first before the body can act, as in everything else. You want to walk from this side of the room to that side of the room, your mind decides first before your fe et makes the movement from reaching from here to there. So now the mind has various levels. You have the conscious mind that controls all your actions. But behind the conscious mind you have the subconscious mind in which you have gathered impressions o f this lifetime or, if you believe, in previous lifetimes. So all those impressions gathered in the subconscious mind expresses itself through the conscious mind, which, in turn, expresses itself in action. So everything we do [be it?] sexuality. For exa mple, you get very much attracted to one woman, and you have a sexual experience with that woman. And because everyone is different, you know that, there's a matter of rhythm, there's a matter of lovemaking. Many people don't even know how to kiss. I'll tell you later on. [LAUGHTER] So the impressions in the mind are conveyed... The impressions in the subconscious mind are expressed to the conscious mind, which then performs action. Now, this woman you found pleasurable. Right. You might have slept wi th a hundred. I'm trying to count how many I have slept with. Can't remember. I also make love. Oh, definitely. Sure. I do it once a year, and some years I forget. [LAUGHTER] The motto of the American Meditation Society is the three L's: life, love and laughter. Yes. Without life you can't express love. And without life and love combined you cannot laugh. So they are a combination of these three factors. Now, the conscious mind having had this beautiful experience, he might have gone out with a dozen women, but this one particular woman pleases him most. Then what does he do? He will go again and again to that woman that pleased him most. But let that not be for the sake of pleasure. Because be sure of one thing, that if you have a high, you must have a low. Every high contains within itself a low, and every low contains within itself a high. So today you find pleasure, tomorrow you will find pain. Right. Now, the contact you have with this woman, which you have found so pleasurable, gets i mbedded in your subconscious mind. And that subconscious mind transmits those thoughts to the conscious mind. And that is why you will drive fifty miles to go and see her. So there is nothing wrong in sexuality, but it must be an expressi on of love. Ever ything expresses itself, everything. There is not a single thing in this universe that does not express itself. This plant here is expressing itself. There's no flowers around. The flowers express itself in fragrance. The sun expresses itself in givin g light and heat. And like that, to use just those few examples. Everything expresses itself, and there is nothing wrong with sexuality if you express sexuality in its proper spiritual way. Now, how can you get the proper spirituality into your sexuality ? And that is a question behind in your mind. Right? Good. We talked of the conscious mind. We talked of the subconscious mind with these impressions. But there is

5. U S 85 - 32A another layer, a subtle layer of the mind, which I term the superconscious level of the mind. Now, the superconscious level of the mind is very close to Divinity. Spirituality, the word comes from spirit, the spirit within. Right. Now, if t hat glass that separates the superconscious level of the mind from the subconscious and the conscio us, and if that glass is dirty then much of the light of Divinity cannot shine through. And that is why you become lustful. But clean up that glass through meditation and spiritual practices, which is so easy and which of course is taught individually. And I've got teachers around the world that I have taught how to teach. But all the prescriptions are made out by myself. And how this is done is that you fill out a little form. Oh, simple questions, name, address, phone number, age, date of birth, an d things like that; or any personal problems you might have that we can solve. And with that you attach a photograph. And then the teacher posts it to me. And using that photograph as a focal point, I go into that superconscious level of the mind, which combines with the superconscious level of your mind because that level is only one. And there would I hear, in the subtlest form, your vibration. And based upon that, the analysis of that vibration, you r practices are made out for you. A package is mad e out for you. And then that form is sent back to the teachers that I have around the world, and they teach it over to you. Right. And I guarantee one thing, that you will be changed people within three weeks. All of you. It's a written guarantee. Wri te it out, I'll sign it now. Do you see. So people go for their sexual problems to psychiatrists and psychologists that only deal with the surface of the mind. They don't go deeper down. And yet is it not said, to repeat again, seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within? And can they show you the Kingdom of Heaven within? No. They scratch the surface of the mind, and just turn energies around. So they take away the headache and give you a toe ache. But you have not been cured. Our method is for you to draw from that vast reservoir of energy that is within you, and use that to clear up the dirt in the mind: the conscious and the subconscious. You clear up the dirt by the spiritual force that you can draw upon. And each and every one has a reservoir as vast as the universe, and it can easily be drawn upon. And that is spirituality. And when you can draw upon that force, then sexuality becomes spirituality. There is no difference. Everything is creative, but we block the creativity. Most people th ink that they create. But the truth is that they think that they think they create. I was telling you this psychiatrist... where is it? You know, talking of sexuality, these two nuns came from Italy. And on the boat over they heard that in St. Louis (I don't know why you people call it St. Louis. It's actually St. Louie. It comes from that French king, Louie.) Nevertheless, St. Louis if it pleases thee and thou, all. Good. So these nuns coming over from Italy heard that in St. Louis they eat dogs. T hey were quite surprised to hear that people in St. Louis eat dogs. So while they were going along their way to their hotel, they saw a hot dog stand. And it said, HOT DOGS. So they thought, look, seeing that the people of St. Louie, they're such a wond erful people, and if they eat dogs come let us also try it. So

6. U S 85 - 32A they ordered two hot dogs. So the one sister, this nun, opened up the bun, then she asked the other sister, "Sister, which part of the dog did you get?" [LAUGHTER] You see we were talk... [LAUGHS] You know, with whatever wisdom I impart, there is always a lot of humor. Learn to laugh. Learn to laugh at life, and become happy. Because is that not what everyone seeks? Happiness, that's what they seek. Yes. They do not seek misery, and yet, the misery is caused by yourself. Divinity does not cause any misery to you. He is a neutral energy which is fair to all. So all miseries are brought upon you by yourself. For example, why must one child be born lame or blind or in adverse circum stances while another child would be born, you know, in good circumstances and so called happy life? That guy up there, upstairs, he is not unfair. Right. So all miseries are created by ourselves. And then to g et rid of these miseries we go to psychiat rists. And then this one fellow goes to the psychiatrist. And after nearly an hours consultation, which cost nearly a hundred bucks, as you call it here... (I wonder why you call it bucks? You know a buck is a deer. An animal. I don't know why you call it bucks. You must explain me that later.) Right. So this fellow, after an hours consultation with the psychiatrist asked, "What's your opinion?" So the psychiatrist says... (I believe there are a lot of doctors and professional people here, I wa s told . Doctors and psychiatrists and psychologists and people of various other professions.) So after analysis the psychiatrist says to this guy, "You're crazy." So this man got wild. He says, "I want a second opinion." So then the psychiatrist says, "You' re ugly, too." [LAUGHTER] Yes. Now, what does this mean? I told you I'm going to double you up with laughter. You singles. So our minds are patterned. Patterned to see ugliness, while everything is so beautiful. There is nothing else in the world th at is not beautiful. There is nothing in this world that is imperfect. There is only perfection, because Divinity is perfec t. Right. So there was this one sermon preacher, and he started off by saying that, "Everything that God created is perfect." And h e repeated this a few times. Everything God created is perfect. So from the back of the room a hunchback stands up, and he asks the preacher, "Look at me." So the preacher answers, "You are the most perfect hunchback I've seen." So if we do meditation and spiritual practices, and we have you know, very, very good teachers here, like professor Merrill Harmin, and Jeanette or Jaymati there, and others we have here. So if you want to learn you are most welcome. And we do not charge. We do, naturally, as k for a donation to cover expenses. You know, there are phone calls. You know, I think this is my twenty fifth trip to America teaching, teaching, teaching all over and, of course, that costs air fares... t o cover expenses. So therefore a donation is ask ed. Right.

7. U S 85 - 32A So if you want to find spirituality in sexuality, you will be taught in the most gentlest way and so simply, how to draw from within yourself. And you will know yourself. For do the scriptures not say, man know thyself? The scriptures don't say, "know Me." But it says know yourself, for by knowing yourself you know Divinity, because you are divine. Do you see. Now, the whole process of meditation is a cleaning up of that glass. Or as the housewives here will know, ladies will know, that if the pot, the pan, is greasy you scour it. You clean up, and then the pan becomes clean. So through meditation, through a simple painless way, you clean away the dirt. And the more dirt you clean away the more happier and happier you become. Good. And it is all in your hands. It is your choice. And yet you chose to be happy but want to do nothing about it. Why? The mind is patterned, and the only thing you do is unpattern it. These are the methods that helps you to unpattern the patterned mind. For the very patterning that exists there has been created by you. And what you have created you can uncreate and reach the level of purity of the mind. And then you can have sex three times a day, I wouldn't object. [LAUGHTER] So that is how, that is how one goes within oneself. Oh, by the way, these slips are just for jokes. You know we were talking of psychiatrists just now and doctors and what have you. So there was this old lion, and he was getting very old. And the lion had a very thick mane. Wh at is a lion without a mane? Right. But what happened was this, that being a thick mane the birds started making a nest in the mane and every night they used to twitter, twitter, twitter. And they kept twittering along, and the poor lion couldn't sleep. So he goes to a psychologist, and the psychologist could do nothing about it. Then he went to a psychiatrist. He could do nothing about it. Then he went to a physician who said, "Look, there might be one solution for your problem. You cut off the mane. " Now what is a lion without a mane? It created a psychological effect upon him. It made him feel feminine. It would. A lion needs a mane. But after some months, of course, after awhile the hair grew again. And when the mane grew again, the birds came back and made a nest. And they started twittering, twittering away, and the poor lion couldn't sleep. So then he thought, "Look, I've tried all, you know, the members of various, of the medical fraternity." Right. Then he went to a witch doctor. Now, which doctor he went to I don't know. I'm talking of alternate medicine. Right. So the witch doctor tells him, "It is very simple. You go down to the supermarket and buy yeast." (You know what yeast is; that you put in dough to make the bread rise?) So he went to buy brewer's yeast. And the witch doctor told him, "And what you do is rub the yeast on your vest." Fine. So the lion tried it. He said, "Look this sounds silly, but let me try it." Nothing wrong in trying. Like I would say that the proo f of the pudding lies in the eating. You start meditating. If you don't like it, chuck it. Fine. So he rubs this yeast, you know, on the vest. And in a few days time all the birds flew away, and the lion could sleep very peacefully. Another week, ten d ays passed, and he goes back to this witch doctor. And he says, "Sir, what do I owe you? How many bucks? Lions eat bucks, but he was prepared to give bucks. So the witch doctor says to

8. U S 85 - 32A him, "It's on the house. No charges for you, old chap. But remembe r one thing, "Yeast is yeast, and vest is vest, and never the mane shall tweet." " [LAUGHTER] [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: [LAUGHTER] That of course... Most of you know, most of you know Rudyard Kipling, right. You know and this... I'm sure most of you know Rudyard Kipling the poet and writer, and this is a take off which I made on this east is east and west is wes t, and never the twain shall meet. So the goal of life is to find yourself. Do not be in the world feeling lost, for you are not lost at all. You are not lost . You are already found, for all Divinity resides in you. Every cell of your body contains that divine energy. But it is only to realize that divine energy, and this is done through spiritual practices: to draw... It is there, but you don't see it. The s ky is cloudy. Do you think the sun is not there? It is there. But the clouds being underneath , you miss seeing the sun. But go up in that airplane above the clouds and the sun is there. Do you see. So find that sun, that light which is within you all the time, and the method is very simple. And then you will know how sexuality and spirituality ar e co related. Then you will know the meaning of true existence. And then you will know the meaning of true living. For everything is life, there is no death at all. Everything is life, life, life. Everything is pul sating with life. You see. Sorry. You know traveling so much in these airplanes from country to country to country I just finished Ireland and England and Spain and Denmark and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and the pressurized air in the plane sort of gets my eyes. My eyes are very sensi tive. If they were not sensitive, I would not be able to see into your hearts. Thank God. So what will be the end result in finding this divine force within yourself? You will become more kinder, you will become more compassionate, you will become more loving, you will rid yourself of stress. I had a radio program on this afternoon. What was that station called? [VARIOUS SUGGESTIONS] Ron someone was the interviewer. MERRILL: Ron Ells?. GURURAJ: Ron Ells. Yeh. And I spoke on different topics ther e with him. And in that half an hour or so interview he felt a bit tense because he had not met a guru and he thought oh, a guru sits on a pedestal. But within five minutes he became so relaxed. I don't know if any of you heard the program this afternoo n on the radio. Nevertheless.

9. U S 85 - 32A So it is not only the spiritual practices that you are given. It is not only how to put you in touch with that reservoir of energy. But also, a true spiritual master imparts with a touch a greater calmness within you, a grea ter awakening within you. That is a true spiritual master; otherwise they are just humbugs. They make millions. And I don't want to mention names. I don't want to mention names like Rajneesh's, with thirty one Rolls Royces, or Maharishi who has about f our billion dollars. I don't want to mention names. [LAUGHTER] I am the poorest guru in the world. This pair of socks I've got on was given to me as a gift. These pants I've got on was given to me as a gift. This shirt I've got on was given to me as a gift. And the underwear... I can't remember now. [LAUGHTER] So for your own sakes, for your own happiness, do spiritual practices. If you become loving you will automatically become lovable. So these are the energies that a true spiritual master impar ts to you. Now, any one of you... (There is about three hundred people? About three hundred people we have here?) Can anyone say here that they do not feel calmer now than first they saw me about an hour ago? Do you see. You feel calmer. Hm? Trying t o be difficult, huh? You are the only one. [LAUGHTER] That's a joke. Good one. Good one. You know this chap saw an ad in the paper, a church ad, to be a bell ringer. Right. And the bell she's laughing the most, by the way. So a man without arms, without arms goes to the priest and applies for the job as a bell ringer. So the priest thinks to himself, "This chap hasn't got any arms. How is he going to ring the bells?" So being a kind priest he says, "You know, you do have some difficulties." But this guy says, "Look, I'll prove it to you." And they went up to the belfry, third floor, and ran right into the bell with his face. And the bell rang. So he says, "Look, I can prove it to you again." So t he next time he ran to the bell, but missed th e bell and fell through the window three floors down: dead. So here a crowd, you know, gathered around, naturally. And the priest ran down to see what happened, and a policeman came on the spot. So the policeman asks the priest, "Do you know this man?" So the priest says, "I don't know him, but his face rings a bell." [LAUGHTER] You know, now this... listen carefully, it's very important. There was this one man that used to go to a cafe (You call it cafe? Tea room? What do you call it? Cafe? Cafe. Right.), he used to go to this cafe, and he used to order a Coke. Why do they always say Coke? They must pay me a royalty so I can buy another pair of socks for me. Nevertheless, so this chap used to go there every morning for his Coke, and he would si t down at the table and take out a can opener and open the can. So this really piqued... he used to do it every day for so many weeks. So the cafe owner was quite piqued, and he became very curious that there is a pull tab on the can (you call it a pull tab, don't you?), there's a pull tab on the can. Why doesn't he use the pull tab, you know, instead of always using the can opener? So one day the shopkeeper, cafe owner, asked this man, "Excuse me sir, but why do you use a can opener when there is a pul l tab?" So this man replies, "This pull tab is only made for people that haven't got can openers." The moral of the story is this, that everythi ng

10. U S 85 - 32A you need is within yourself. You don't need that outside can opener. You have got that pull tab built with in yourself. Pull it by opening up your heart. And we, through the mercy of God, will show you how to do it. Fine. Let's have a little naughty one. No, it's not naughty, really. There were these two nuns. (Now, this is to illustrate how people can misinterpret people. Hm?) There were these two nuns going in the car, and they got stuck without gas. So the garage was about half a mile away. But they needed a container to bring gas to put into the car. So they searched the car, and they searched t he car, and they searched the car and the only thing they could find was a chamber pot. What do you call it here? Chamber pot. Chamber pot. Pee pot. Ah, we all do it, don't we? There is also a lot of spirituality in being able to pee. Right. So they t ook this chamber pot to the nearest garage, which was half a mile away. And they brought back the gas. We call it petrol. You call it gas. Right. And they were pouring it into the tank. Meanwhile, at this time, three GIs were passing by. And they wer e watching these nuns pouring in the gas, the liquid. So one GI just could not help it, and he said, "Madam, I don't think this will work, but I surely admire your faith." [LAUGHTER ] Well, I think we will call it a night, or the day, or whatever you call it. Oh, I got plenty more here, but we'll leave it for next time. It's been such a pleasure to be amongst you. Thank you very much for the invitation. And thanks to all of you that have made, that have organized tonight's function. And you have all bee n very kind. And since I've been in St. Louie all the people I've met, I don't want to mention names I might just forget some, all been so, so kind. And, of course, I'm having an intensive weekend. I don't know if that was announced. VIDYA: It will be . GURURAJ: Pardon? VIDYA: We're going to talk about it now. GURURAJ: Oh, you are going to talk about it now. So that saves me some breath. **** END ****


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