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1. U S 85 - 43 BEING CHOSEN, NOT CHOOSING Gururaj: There's a mike over there, I think. Let me have a look at your beautiful face. Move the mike over [laughs]. Sutriya: Beloved Guruji what is the influence of divine will in our choice and performance of occupations? Gururaj: Uh uh. In the l argest sense, there's nothing else that exists but divine will. Now, man's tendency is this, to narrow down the vastness of divine will to their own will, which consists of nothing else but their egos! So the ego says, " I do this, and I do that." And ye t, the ego does nothing at all. For how could the ego function at all without that energizing force that is there of divine will. Now, divine will is a misnomer, it's a fallacy. Divinity has no will at all. Divinity is an energy. But where the will com es in is in manifestation, for that energy, as every kind of energy, has to express itself in some way or the other. And that energy expresses itself in manifestation. This manifestation, in turn is what has created you. And your very existence, your ve ry creation, is nothing else but manifestation. Now what is manifestation? Manifestation is the relativity of life from its grossest level to its highest level. Yet it still remains manifestation, which is empowered by that energy. Now this manifestati on is called Divine Will. When we say, "Thy will be done," what does it really mean? That may the totality of manifestation cooperate with me. Let me not by my little self fragment it or cut it into pieces. So, we try to gather the pieces that we have cut up into the totality of manifestation so that we could merge into manifestation itself. The totality of manifestation. Now this mergence is the first step that would take place for you to become one with the energy. Manifestation are like waves on the ocean, up and down and up and down and up and down. But yet, what creates those waves, that is the question. The creation of those waves are because of the energy currents that flow deeper down in the ocean, and that is the energy man has to reach to become divinity itself and not the will. Hm? So here is a process of elimination all the time, where you go from your personal egofied will to divine will, and then you merge away into that infinite energy. Because divine will is not infinite. It has its limitations. It is limited to the structure of this universe, while the energy that we talk about, the impersonal God, if you wish to call it that, is beyond this universe, and yet it penetrates every atom of the universe. So in this penetration of t his energy we find the entire universe functioning. Because the very act of functioning is a process. It is filled with motion all the time. Nothing can exist in this universe without motion. Everyth ing is moving. Even as we are sitting in this room we are hurtling through space at thousand and thousand miles per minute.

2. U S 85 - 43 You take the example of light: hundred and eighty six thousand miles a second it's moving. Everything is moving. You think you're sitting still there, no, you're moving. For every c ell in your body is in motion. Otherwise, you would not be sitting here. Otherwise, you would not be existing, you would disintegrate. So divine will consists of motion. Right. But now, underlying this motion, there is the stillness where man has to re ach and will reach in time to come. And reaching that stillness, you will become part of the motion that controls this entire universe and still be apart from it. Y ou become the observer of the motion, and in that observation you'll find that stillness, and yet, you're involved in the motion of divine will. So when it comes to choices, who chooses for you? Your ego chooses. Because the ego is patterned and according to its patterning it makes its choice. You are fond of mountains or someone is fond of the sea. Why? Because you are used to mountains, so you're attracted to the mountains. And if you're fond of the sea, you're attracted to the sea. But yet, man can combine within himself the mountains and the sea together. For what is the difference b etween the mountain and the sea? You would have just as much ozone up in the hills, the mountains, as you would have at the seaside. What is the difference between the molecular structure between the mountain and the sea? None whatsoever. And then, whe re did the mountain come from? It was an eruption in the sea that pushed up the mountain. Do you see? And if you climb mountains, you are sure to find as... in my younger days, I used to love mountaineering. And on the mountains I used to find sea shell s. So did the mountain not rise from the sea itself? So why do I discriminate between the mountain and the sea? Now, if I could bring myself to find the oneness of everything, the mountain and the sea and the land in between it, then I am in compliance with divine will. So choices are made because of your preferences, and your preferences are governed by preconditioning. That's why you choose the mountain or you choose the sea. Do you see? So choices are made because of your ego self, and your ego s elf is nothing else but thought formation. So the process is simple, really. You unform the formation. And then when you can do that, you will learn to look, observe yourself and the various processes of the mind that leads you to certain kinds of choic es. So you have a vacation for two weeks. Now, are you going to go to New York or Los Angeles? Why? How does that choice come about? Because you might have read some articles on New York, so you're attracted to New York. You want to go and see the Emp ire State Building or else you might have read articles on California, the seventeen mile drive. So therefore, you're attracted to that. So choice is a matter of conditioning, to repeat again. Divine will does not choose for you. It is your own ego self that chooses. And the ego self, as I've said before, is nothing but a whole conglomeration of thought forms created by yourself, by your environment, by your childhood, by past lives, perhaps, who knows. Do you see.

3. U S 85 - 43 Ah, but the greatest area to discover is to have choiceless choice. Now what does that mean, choiceless choice. Where you do not choose anything, but you flow into everything. Then in that flow the right path is shown unto you if you should go to New York or to Los Angeles. Do you see. Mi nd you, Los Angeles is quite nice. I like Disneyland. I don't like New York. You can't at night walk through Times Square or through Central Park without getting mugged. Do you see? So it is not a matter of choosing, it is a matter of being chosen. Th ere's the difference. You're chosen to do a certain thing by that divine will and you just flow with it. Why not? I might have used this analogy before somewhere in some country, I don't know. You sit at the ocean side, and you watch all those waves up and down and up and down. But you can enjoy those waves if you become a surfer and surf along on the waves. And then it becomes a sport, it becomes a play. And is life not a play? The actors on the stage, huh, acting away, playing their parts. And ye t the actor realizes that if he should play Romeo or whatever, Hamlet, this, that, the other, he's not that Romeo, he's not Hamlet and he's not Julius Caesar either. Right. He's playing a part. So if life could be regarded as just playing a part and to flow with the part. For the director is there to direct you. That energy. That impersonal God if you would like to use that kind of terminology, he's directing you all the time. So it is the energy which is the empowering force and not divine will. To repeat again, it's a fallacy of all theologies, "Thy will be done." Thy will is never done without it being empowered by this energy. It is the energy that energizes the divine will which constitutes this universe. And after all, this universe is only a process, only a process. How many universes are not created everyday and destroyed everyday. How many galaxies are not created everyday and destroyed every day. At this very moment there are thousands upon thousands of stars which are a million times bigger than our little planet Earth that are exploding. So where does divine will come in from if it was not for this energy. Do you see. (You must put the incense stick on that side. It gets my eyes. Thank you, dear). There is truth in divine will bu t that is not the sum totality of it all. Divine will is just the entire constitution of this universe. And by we being in harmony with this constitution our lives can become happier. And automatically you do not even need to choose anything, because ch oosing involves your little mind. Right. So do not choose, but just be chosen. I did not choose to come here, but I was chosen to come here. Do you see the difference? There was some force, there was some power, that propelled me to come here. I was i ll for three months in bed now recently, and the people in South Africa said cancel the trip. "I say, "No, no, no, no, no, no, I must go and see my beloveds." Do you see. So it was not a matter of my choice; I was chosen to come. There was some force, a magnetic force, perhaps, that pulled me here to be with you. Do you see. Now, these ideas might sound revolutionary to you. But that is the truth and the absolute truth. You go to the dress maker shop and you look around at all the various dresses. A nd then in one moment you say, "Oh let me take the red

4. U S 85 - 43 one." And then you look around and you say, "Oh, this black one might seem better." And then you look around more and you might say, "Oh, the blue one might be better, or the pink one might be better. "That's just the workings of your mind. Because each and everyone of those colors will be good enough for you. Laura will tell you about colors, she's an artist. Every one would be good for you. Brighten up the face, create that glow through your medi tational practices and every color is suitable. I can put on any color suit and look just as good. Why? Because the inner self reflects itself through your apparel, through the clothing you wear. It's the inner self that's important. It's not the feat hers that make the bird. Because the feathers would not be able to exist if the bird was not existing. Right. It's the bird itself. Do you see. Lik e your turkey today, you turkeys. [Laughter] Life is such fun! Enjoy the fun and forget about choosing . You don't need to make choices. A lady comes up to me this morning, she arrived late last night, I believe. She came to say hello, a very loved one. And I say, "Oh, that's a lovely suit you've got on." She says, "I especially put this suit on for y ou to see you." She could have come to me naked and I'll still love her just as much. [Laughter] Yea. So the feather does not make the bird. The bird makes itself, for the bird is no choice, it is chosen. Do you see. So we try and do this and we try t o do that and we want to go to a party next week and we start worrying now, "What dress am I going to wear." And you try and pick out a fantastic dress but you might go to the party and find five other women with the same kind of dresses. Where's your ch oice? Where is the choice? Just be your natural self and live in compliance with nature itself, for nature constitutes the entire universe. You flow with the current. And even in the river of life you get knocked about by driftwood or whatever or by ro cks, so what? Get knocked around; it is not your choice. Do you see. And maybe there might be so many great lessons there to be learned, oh yes. Because everything in life is a lesson in itself. This must be recognized. Every moment that you live, it 's a lesson. But people don't recognize it. How many of you here now sitting listening to me is conscious of yourself? Very few. You know why you have lost that consciousness of yourselves? Because your attention is riveted on the words I'm speaking. Do you see? But if you could combine that consciousness with my words and form a unified whole, how much more you would enjoy it. So choice is also related to one's consciousness, depending how developed the consciousness is, how much awareness you have. Can any of you tell me how many times I blew my nose while I'm sitting here? Audience: Three times. GR: No, five. Do you see? Awareness! Be aware! And once a certain awareness is developed to a certain degree, then choices come on their own. You do not need to choose anymore. You are chosen. You are the chosen people of

5. U S 85 - 43 Divinity. Is it not true? That's what all theologies say, nothing new which I'm telling you. So being the chosen people of Divinity, why not remain to be chosen and try and choose things yourself. And when you try and choose things yourself, you say, "I am the doer." But you are not the doer at all. You say, "I walk up these steps." Are you really walking up those steps? No, you're not. It is that energ y that's propelling you to walk up those steps. So if the greater amount of attention, greater amount of consciousness is paid to the energy, rather than saying I am running up the steps or walking up the steps, life would be much, much better, yes. So the dominant thought in one's mind should be, "I am not the doer, He is the doer. I'm not the chooser. He chooses, and I'm only the chosen." Do you see? Twelve o'clock, that's about an hour is it? Vidya? Good, more or less, fine. Don't want to stretch your brains too much. [VIDEO ENDS] If you throw more and more different concepts at the human mind they become befuddled. They do. They do. I mean, I've experimented on all these things at various universities and I know, yea. So you give off few concepts at a time, but one thing is very important: don't leave this hall just listening to me. Right. While you're sittin g down for lunch now or Thanksgiving dinner or whatever you call it, think, think of what Guruji has said. Think about it and by thinking about it these precepts and concepts and prepositions will become far more embedded in your consciousness. And when th ey become far more embedded in your consciousness your awareness expands more and more and more. Thank you very much. **** END ****


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