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1. U S 85 - 44 WHAT IS LOVE? GURURAJ: ...electrified. You know, this Thanksgiving Day we thank all those ancestors of ours, and all the people that serve the land. We thank the Lord for the life He has given us. We thank the Lord for allowing us to live. We thank the Lord for giving us a sense of brotherhood. So on this Thanksgiving Day we offer every thanks that is possible within our hearts. And we dedicate these thanks to Divinity. There is a note here. What is it? [LAUGHS] If there is anything I can't stand it is someone who talks while I am interrupting. [LAUGHS] Thank you. I'm always in for fun and laughter. Good. Hey you, rabbit, namaste. Good. What shall we speak abou t this evening? ROOPA: I can't see you, but I know you're there. GURURAJ: Um, hm. I'm not only there, I'm everywhere and yet nowhere. I am now here. I think I must have told you this somewhere. When you shift the W to one side, it becomes now here. And that is where people should live, not in the past, nor in the future, but in the now. And in that now you will have the knowingness which we spoke about the other day. Good. ROOPA: Beloved Guruji, this question comes from me and my sister, Vidya. I want to know what love is. I know it requires surrender. Yet when the guru says the wall is blue, and my eyes see it as white, I resist and argue and block the flow of trust. What to do? GURURAJ: Do nothing. [VOICE IN BACKGROUND: Next question.] T here again it's a matter of perception. You might see, one person might see the wall as blue, and it could really be blue. But if your eyes are jaundiced it will seem yellow t o you. So whose fault is it? It is the fault of the one who perceives. And wh en it comes to the question of love, there has to be this continuous flow. For true love knows of no interruption whatsoever. There is no break at all. It is like pouring o il from one vessel to the other. And when that oil is poured there is no break i n the flow at all. And that is what love is all about. A total communication where duality ceases and the oil of the one vessel becomes the same oil of the other vessel. Do you see.

2. U S 85 - 44 And this is brought about only by flow. So when people develop that perception or the capacity to flow, then what is there to worry about? Because the very word worry or concern stops the flow. And when the flow is stopped, love becomes intermittent. A nd in those breaks, the love can break. So to develop that flow, one has to have a certain amount of understanding. But it is not only understanding that matters, but it is that spiritual flow that is within you. That is the important thing that matters. Because the spirit can never break, it cannot find any gaps at all. It finds itself in total oneness, for the spirit is one. Who do you love? Do you love that physical body: that lovely nose, that lovely hair, or lovely whatever? No. That is infatuat ion, and your tastes might change. Today you find one man or woman attractive to you, and tomorrow you meet someone else who might seem much more attractive to you. So that is very much on the surface of what people assume to be love, and love is not an assumption. Love is a reality. Where does this reality stem from? Not from the mind and not from the body, because bodies change. When I met a girl of sixteen, for example, I loved her. And then when she turned twenty one I still loved her. And when s he turned thirty I still loved her, and forty I still loved her. And yet she has changed over the years: from the age of sixteen, to twenty, to twenty five, to thirty, to thirty five, to forty. But I still love her. So what am I really loving? I am lovin g her inner self, her spirit; because her spirit has become intertwined with mine. It has become one; it has become inseparable. I remember in younger days I used to tell a girl that you're so, so pretty, so beautiful. But even tomorrow, God forbid, tha t if you should have an accident and become shriveled and burned, I will still love you just as much. So in true love what are you loving first? Not the person. You are loving God. For God itself is love. You see. Now, when this recognition dawns on a person, then you know the meaning of love. And when you know the meaning of love, then you would find that in reality you are loving God. And God is permeating you in His love. I don't know why they call God He. It could be She, as well, for It's a ne utral energy. So it is this neutral energy that perpetuates life, that gives life its impetus. Nothing else. The rest is surface value, evanescent. The rest is here today and gone tomorrow. But that love, that divine energy, will always remain. And th e more you realize that divine energy, the deeper you go within yourself. And the deeper you go within yourself, the deeper you go into the object of your love. For having a beloved or a lover, what are you really trying to do? You are really trying to find yourself. Going to bed and making love as they call it. It's a misnomer. How can you make love? You can't make love. You just have physical releases, that's all. It's like going to the toilet, yeh, a biological function. That's all what you're doing. But to really love, ahh, then there is real interpenetration of the heart. And by heart we mean the core of one's personality. And what is the

3. U S 85 - 44 core of your personality? Nothing else but Divinity. So before you love someone remember one thing, that you are loving God first; because he inspires even the surface attraction that could exist. But man's mind is more involved in surface attraction, not realizing the depth of what lies beyond or within the surface attraction. Once that is realized the n you see God in everything and you love everyone. One person on the surface might seem more attractive to you, and another person might seem less attractive; but that is only a mental concept, a mental perception. Two men meet one girl. One might find her extremely attractive, while the other might find her to be ugly. Now, is that not surface value? Because why should one person find that very lady attractive, while the other find her not attractive? So it is surface value depending upon your own men tal condition and preconceptions. Firstly, you formulate an idea of the type of girl you want. My son, who is a pharmacist, got married just about a month ago, and he found a girl who, by my standards, is not very attractive. So I had... and he's a very h andsome boy. We've got some pictures of him here, somewhere. He's a very handsome... [Praneet?]. You know [Praneet?]. Right. He's a very handsome fellow. Very brilliant. Imagine one getting ninety three percent in higher maths. So, I mean, he must have brilliance. You know, very attractive fellow. You know, like Paul. [LAUGHTER] [VOICE: INAUDIBLE REMARK.] [LAUGHTER] Right. So this son of mine, [Praneet?] that's his name he's a very attractive, handsome, very highly educated person. And next year he's going to start, from January, he's going to start as a lecturer in pharmacology and microbiology. So he meets this girl which, to repeat again, to my standards is not an attractive girl. And he's had so many propositions and offers according t o the Hindu way of life. Beautiful girls. So I had a chat with him, and I said, "Son, you like this very plain looking girl." So he tells me, "Dad, what is beauty? It is just skin deep. But the inner quality of the person, that is what I want." After all, he's a chip off the old block, you know. Yes, it's the inner quality, the inner beauty that I seek, and which I found in this young lady. So they g ot married last month. Do you see. Now, if he had to marry one of those pretty models that were af ter him, you know, he's like me when I was a young boy. The phone never stopped ringing. I was quite a bit of a handsome lad, you know. And very fun filled, amicable, sexy... [LAUGHTER] I'm an old man now, so those things are forgotten. [LAUGHTER] I was telling those people in Washington now, at the course we had there, that I also make love. I make love once a year, and some years I forget. [LAUGHTER] Yes. So... VOICE: Have you tried a string on your finger?

4. U S 85 - 44 GURURAJ: So real love stems from wi thin. That is the point I am trying to make. It is not surface value, because surface values change all the time. But once one strikes the inner cord you will find the harmony there, and in that harmony life forever persists. I am married to a woman, go od, and I met her again in this life. I know it. Why? Because that resonance, that harmony, was created, that spiritual bond was created in a past life. So because of that attraction, that bond, she had to be born again to meet me in this life again. You see how life perpetuates itself. It becomes a continuum. Once you find that spiritual bond and bond is the wrong word to use, really once you find that spiritual oneness, and then that oneness can never be separated. How can you separate one? You c an't. It's impossible. There are no fractions there. You can't divide up one by one. It becomes zero then, doesn't it, according to maths. Right. So when that oneness is found, you live in the zero. The zero of life, where surface values are forgott en. And within the zero, which is the basis of all mathematics, life exists. Good. What is the existence of life? The thing you are living? Yes you are the living dead. Because your emphasis is on surface value and the things you see. Your emphasis a re on your five senses: seeing, touching, smelling, taste... What's the fifth one? Hearing, yeah. You see. Your emphasis is on that only. But turn a bit inward. That's what I plead to you all. And do not just live in the senses. Because you cannot li ve in the senses, you only exist in the senses. And like that, years and years and years go by without realizing the true value of life. And the true value of life is something that goes beyond the senses. So use the senses, by all means. Why not smell and touch and taste and things like that, hm? Of course. Have fun. Why not? Your senses are made for that fun that you are having, but dive a little deeper and you will definitely find greater value to life and even your senses will be enhanced. Peo ple are very stomach orientated in the Western countries. And I tell you, there is so much food wasted every day in America, that it could feed one of the Third World countries every day. Do you see. Wastage. Okay, waste. It's an affluent society, and people are entitled to do what they would want to do. But if one realizes that one can go deeper. One day I was in the kitchen and one of my boys, Biren, filled a glass of water to drink from the faucet we call it tap fro m the faucet. And he drank hal f a glass of the water and the other half he poured down the drain. So to teach him a lesson I told him, I said, "That very half a glass of water you poured down the drain could save someone's life that is struggling, thirsty, through the desert. So why n ot first take half a glass and drink it. And if you need more there is still plenty of water in the faucet. You can have more, so why be wasteful?" Do you see the value of life. And in finding the true value of life within yourself, you will find the v alue of life in all those around you. You will find the value of life in all humanity. Do you see. One day I was driving with my little buggy through the street, and I saw a little girl sitting on the pavement crying away. So I stopped the car and I sai d, "My child..." (of course, I wiped her nose first, because she was snotty). And I said to the

5. U S 85 - 44 child, "What's wrong, my girl?" The little child looked about eight or nine, perhaps a year less, I don't know. So she says her mother gave her money to go and buy a loaf of bread and she lost the money. What is she going to tell her mother when she reaches home. So I said, "Don't worry." I says, "Come get into the car." And I bought her a little parcel of food, and took her to her door. That very little girl grew up, and is working for the family for the past nineteen, twenty years. Her name is, her name is Lena. Do you see. And so faithful. And, of course, in South Africa labor is very cheap. So Lena gets thirty bucks a month, and, of course, her fo od and lodging and things. While here you can't even get help for half a day for thirty bucks. You see. Different countries, different economic standards and what have you. So one little kindness brings about so much greater kindness to you. One bit o f sincere love from your heart will be returned to you tenfold, always. If I show that real not surface love, that's nonsense. That is just going to bed. A biological function . But if I show that sincere love to you one bit, somehow or the other it w ill be returned to me tenfold. Always. That's an inevitable law, infallible, which never can be denied. People don't learn to love. Now, when we talk of learning to love, what does that mean? You can never learn to love. Love comes on its own. But w hen I say learn, I'm talking of the preparation. So you want to cook a bowl of soup. All the preparation of cutting up the vegetables, and what have you. I would recommend vegetarian soup. Right. So the preparation goes in all the cutting up of all th e various vegetables. And then, of course, it goes onto the stove for it to boil, and you might want to add some spices to it, you know. Whatever. If you want to know what kind of spices to add, you ask me about it. Right. And then you gobble it up in five minutes. So that is learning: the preparation. And love dawns by itself. You can't call love, "Oh, love, come to me." That's nonsense. There is no such thing. Love does not come to you. It just dawns upon you if you are fully prepared, as in every thing else. So preparation is what this so called life is all about. And then love dawns to you, dawns upon you. For God is love, and love is God. You can't call God to come to you. You can't call to Him, "Oh, God, come to me, come to me, come to me, c ome to me." That will never happen. Just prepare yourself, and He automatically descends upon you, inwardly and outwardly, because He is there all the time. The preparation brings you the recognition or the realization of Divinity. And once that is rea lized, all the joy which Divinity is made of is enjoyed by you through your mind and your physical senses. Do you see. That is how a self realized man lives. He lives in Divinity. He is Divinity. He is God Himself. An unrealized one perhaps, in the pre paratory stages. But once the preparation is over, then he is just there because you are there. Do you see. That is the mark of the self realized man. Then you become a law unto yourself. Then you do not need to be conventional. You become nonconvent ional. Conventionality is important, all this morality blah, blah, blah is important during the process of preparation. And that is why you find the do's and don'ts of all our scriptures. But once you go

6. U S 85 - 44 beyond that, once you are fully prepared, you are a law unto yourself. Because you are Divinity itself. And what law can control Divinity? Divinity is a law unto itself. And that is how life has to be lived. That is how love has to be realized ; not on the surface value only. I meet a lovely girl, and she's very pretty, okay. I would admire her prettiness, but in what sense? One person would say, ohh, she would be nice to go to bed with. Another person might think in some other different terms. What I would say, "Oh, Divinity, what a beautiful crea ture you have created." And I would worship her as God's manifestation. I would worship her as the mother divine. Do you see. The understanding that is so important. The perspectives are so important. And that balance in the mind of proper understan ding and proper perspectives can only be brought about by a total synchronization of one's self: mind, body and spirit. And once you realize that spirit within you, the Kingdom of Heaven within, you will find that you will look at thing s in a totally diff erent light. Do you know throughout the world there must be so many thousands of women that are in love with me. Truly, yes. What a lucky man I am. [laughs] Yes, truly. They would give their lives for me. They love me. And in my talks I always point out that you are not loving this frame that is going to pass away next year, but you are loving the God that is within me. You love me because instinctively or intuitively you feel that Divinity that is radiating from me. Is there anyone here in this ha ll, for example, that hates me? Not one. Not one. Never. Because intuitively you feel that radiation of Divinity permeating every pore of my body. [END SIDE ONE] And this comes from a sense of total purity, from total kindness, from total compassion. I was telling some gathering somewhere that if you are ill, I will come and wipe your ass for you and serve you, yes. Compassion, love. Now, these things are brough t about by the realization of Divinity, by the realization that there is only one spirit existing, and that one spirit is eternal, infinite. This body will perish, but the spirit will remain to take rebirth again, to reformulate itself if it has any karma left. And then, of course, the avataras they take birth, they take bodily form by their own volition, by their own will. That's a different matter, of course. It's about an hour, nearly. Good. Now, let's do some practical things. [BLOWS NOSE] I beg y our pardon. How many times did I blow my nose? [VARIOUS RESPONSES] Three times. How many times did I wiggle my toes? [VOICE: We can't see your toes.] Oh, what great fun. What great fun.

7. U S 85 - 44 Now, the world's greatest disease today is not cancer and neit her heart disease. The world's greatest problem today is stress and strain. Good. I want to show you now a very simple trick, which was founded by the sages five thousand years ago. And in that council when I was there we formulated it. [LAUGHS] Good. You try and intertwine your two toes of your two left feet. [LAUGHTER] Right. Try and intertwine them... I'll just give you the principle, you can practice it. Right. You intertwine them, and sometime if you can get the other little finger, uh, little toe, the next one to the big one, right, over it. Try and intertwine it. Lie down and take your mantra, take your mantra in your mind, and allow your mantra to flow through your entire body to the toes and out. It will require a little practice, but yo u will feel so relaxed. It is good for releasing stress, for getting rid of insomnia, and so many other things. And you will find it very successful. The greatest things in life are the most simplest things. People will only try and complicate things bec ause they are in business. I'm not. Right. Try it out and you will find stress being so much released from your entire system. And when stress is released, strain is automatically gone. Because today in this world it is just hurry, blurry all the time . Take a walk down the street, any street, and just look at people's faces. Just look at people's faces. Look at the stress on their face s. Look at the strain on their faces. It is such a pity. And stress and strain, of course, creates other complica tions and other problems, where you lose work efficiency, where you lose deeper thinking abilities, and so many other things, productivity. So many other things happen. And you feel ill at ease, which is disease. Do you see. So try it out, especially at night when you go to lie down in bed. For five minutes or ten minutes depending on how long you want to do it. So take the mantra, to repeat again, take the mantra in the brain and mentally shift it down the body, and feel that stress being thrown off f rom the toes. You can cover your toes with a blanket if you like. But if the blanket burns up, don't blame me. Yes, so much of it is released. Do it. With a little practice you will find it being very succes sful, oh yes. We've experimented on this wit h hundreds of people, and hundred out of hundred it was successful. Try it. It will help you. You know, there are three kinds of physicians. One will prescribe a medicine to you and tell you, take this three times a day. Right. Then the second kind of physician, the mediocre one, will try and explain you why you should take this medicine. But this physician here will put his knee on your chest and make you gulp the medicine. That's the difference between true lovers of humanity; that's the difference between real spiritual masters. Yes. Others will take four thousand bucks from you and say I'll teach you to fly. That's not me. I barely eke out a living to make ends meet and send the kids to college. That's me. Good then, I think we've had more tha n an hour, so we shall call it an end for the day.

8. U S 85 - 44 **** END ****


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