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1. U S 85 - 47 ANSWER WITHOUT ASKING [VIDEO BEGINS BEFORE AUDIO] GURURAJ: ...experience of last night. I've been doing a lot of traveling last night. VOICE: I think I heard you out in the hall, but I didn't see you in the room. Somebody was out there. GURURAJ: It wasn't me. Somebody was not in their room meditat ing. Good. Anyone else? Yes, Mother. NIRMALA: Gururaj, I'm not worried about your early demise of you have that much energy running through you. You're going to stick around for more than 23 years. GURURAJ: Good. Thank you. Lovely. You felt an e nergy in the room. NIRMALA: Oh my. GURURAJ: Anyone else? Don't be shy. LESLIE: I don't know if it's all my imagination or not. I started meditating about ten to twelve, and I saw a bluish... whe n I perceived something that was different, I saw a bl uish black eyeball like object, looking into the right side of my face. It kept changing... GURURAJ: I was watching you. LESLIE: It kept changing positions and was accompanied by a goldish skin color, as if your face were right in front of mine. GURU RAJ: Good, good, good.

2. U S 85 - 47 LESLIE: Then a vivid purple ball appeared and swam around, alternating with a pink color in various shades of pink, blue, lilac. GURURAJ: Very good. LESLIE: Then at some point in there, I'm not sure where, I thought you said, "Keep meditating, my son." And then later I saw you walk toward me, approach from the right, and walk around behind, putting your right arm around me. And I had a sensation of my head being pulled to the right, which stayed for quite a number of minutes. And during that time I experienced a cream colored light, which got brighter like daylight. And after the light reached its maximum brightness, was then followed by blackness , which seemed cone shaped, with a fleck of blue here and there. And I had the feeling of sinking down, and down, and down with blackness, but never into it, always parallel to it. Gradually everything subsided [?????????????] or something. GURURAJ: Rig ht. You see, what happens with a self realized man is that within him contains the entire spectrum of colors, so you saw practically the entire spectrum. Of course, the basis is white, actually. But it interprets itself into various spectrums. When I sa id, "Keep meditating, my son," what was meant there that you very often skip meditating. Yes, I can see that. So it was a very beautiful experience. That darkness which you saw was that your conscious mind was pulled into that void, into the state of no mind, which is the ultimate end of everything. So it was a very, very beautiful experience. Very good, very good. God bless you. Next. Oh, mother. TAMAJI: After Leslie's experience I am kind of embarrassed to tell my experience, but would you tell me what this means. I was meditating, and I recall I was out and then suddenly some little thing in my inner ear and then said very gently, "Yes," but in Japanese. And it's a tiny sound, but resonance is so big and then it expanded through my brain. And then I woke up. Can you tell me what it means? GURURAJ: Very good. Yes. Yes. Spiritual experiences are of so many different levels. You can hear the thundering of waves as in an ocean, you can hear the tinkling of bells, and you can hear sound, d epending which... out of the five senses everyone has one sense more developed than the other. So you have a very keen sense of humor... hearing, rather. As a matter of fact, I was going to play some Japanese music to you tonight. Ya. But we could not find those

3. U S 85 - 47 brass bowls. What I needed was three. Now, what we do is this, we fill it to certain extent of water, which created different tones. But we couldn't find it, unfortunately. We did it in Washington, didn't we? Yes. And they all loved it ve ry much. It's a pity we couldn't get those bowls here. And we experimented with glasses and things last night, but of course, it doesn't give off the sound. If it's brass, yes, it would. That was a very good experience, Mataji. Very good. Next. VOICE: I, too, heard a sound as if the bells that you were just now describing. It seemed as though I dropped from a sort of narrow, dark space into a dark cavern... GURURAJ: Vastness. Yes. VOICE: ...filled with lots of light. The first looked somewhat l ike a purple flame, and then it just kept expanding, and then it was just a lot of different lights moving around in various abstract patterns. GURURAJ: Ya, in different geometrical designs. VOICE: Yes. GURURAJ: Right. VOICE: Just kind of very abst ract. GURURAJ: Uh huh. Very good. Very good. The purple is a very purple, a very light blue, white, gold those are very high spiritual colors, and they stem more from the superconscious level of the mind. So as you reach this superconscious level, yo u would find more and more of these lights you will experience. See? So some people experience it in sound form, like your tinkling of the bells, and some people experience it in color form like Laura does. Do you see. Good. Very good. Very good. Ne xt. GOMILA: I had a very different experience. I saw like a three dimensional like goldish, orange snowflake, that came over to... GURURAJ: Aha. Opening of the ajna chakra, the third eye. Very good.

4. U S 85 - 47 GOMILA: And then, you took my hand. I don't know if I then went into a dream state or what, but the rest of the night I was having these nightmares. [LAUGHTER] I must have been working things out or something. GURURAJ: I am very glad for the nightm ares. I wish you have more. Yes. I tell you why. Because all those experiences you have in nightmare form, if you should have it say in practical waking state of life, your life would become really unbearable. So it's a release valve with certain samsk aras, or whatever, are thrown off in dream state. So it's very good. And it wasn't a dream, by the way. It was a state of semi consciousness. Not a dream. Very good. Very good. Very good. Before you begin, come closer. It doesn't matter. I won't b ite. You know in England of course in the midnight special a lady comes up to me after the satsang and this is quite amusing, really. It's amusing. She tells me that, "Guruji, I couldn't say this in public in front of people, but the experience I had was that you were making love to me." It's so funny. Please. [LAUGHTER] MURRAY: I'm having trouble with signs and the interpretation of them. In other words, I didn't experience anything. So last night when I finally went to sleep I was devastated. Now, of course, I expected to hear this sort of thing this morning. What do I do with that? GURURAJ: Right. That devastation is very good for you. That feeling of devastation. You are not actually being devastated. It's just a feeling that's created within in you, and it's a very good cleansing process. So it was a good experience. Yes. [LAUGHTER] Yes. Anyone else? This is our very famous journalist, Judy, Judy, Judy Hooper. VOICES: [VARIOUS REMARKS] One of the top ten. GURURAJ: Uh hm. Top ten. They regard me as one of the top ten speakers in the world. They regard her as one of the top ten writers in the world. [LAUGHTER] JUDY: Guruji, I did not have a journalistic experience last night, but I thought I would talk about mine because I had smells, and that was really interesting to me. I had a very beautiful meditation for about half an hour, and then I had...

5. U S 85 - 47 GURURAJ: And your smell was of the incense type. JUDY: Yes. GURURAJ: I know. I know. JUDY: A beautiful smell, and I t hought I was hallucinating. I thought, hm, this is very strange. What went with that was a feeling of being bathed in light. It wasn't that I saw light but that light was the medium in which I was bathed. GURURAJ: That's right. JUDY: I also felt tha t you were working on the ajna chakra. GURURAJ: Right. And therefore the light. JUDY: Ya. And I felt as though the experience never stopped, that it continued. The visit wasn't over. In fact, I went ne xt door and talked to some friends later, and I felt the same feeling that I had. GURURAJ: Yes, it lasts a long time. Very good. Very good experience. Very good, indeed. You see, as I said before, many people would experience me in so many different ways, I mean sound, some in color, some in smell, many, many different ways. (Oh, sorry). Good. How many of you felt a beautiful p eace within you? Most of all. Do you see. You see the force of that spiritual energy. Now, the point which I'm trying to make is this, that I can be thousands of miles away, and yet be very, very close to you. Do your gurushakti, do your practices, and you'll find these experiences increasing. Jagritiji, you wanted to say something? [LAUGHTER] Come, come, come, come, come. Come on. I don't know how come the word... You know when I sit down here I lose consciousness. I'm in a semi conscious state. In a different state altogether. Of course, one has to verbalize things. Now, Jagriti you felt very angry at me yesterday, last night. JAGRITI: Who told you that?

6. U S 85 - 47 GURURAJ: Hm? JAGRITI: Who told you that? GURURAJ: [laughs] She told me. Now, th at is a very good experience. Now, let me explain you why it is a good experience. There had been anger built up in you, you know, over a period of time, little, by little, by little, by little. Right. And I released that anger. Right. You went to sle ep angry and you woke up angry. Good. [LAUGHTER] So that's a very good experience. In other words, most people have pent up feelings, right, and they don't know how to let go. So what I did with you is brought out that anger. Don't you feel much happi er now? JAGRITI: Uh huh. GURURAJ: There you are. There you are. Namaste. I don't know how come yesterday the word Jerri slipped out of my mouth. Normally it's Jagriti. I always call her Jagriti. And she came to visit Cape Town and we were together nearly two weeks I think. It's always Jagriti. Jagriti means awakening. I don't know how Jerri just slipped out. [LAUGHTER] Dear me. Life is such fun, and it's a great joy to me, really speaking. You know visiting people, you know, during their medit ations. How many of you really saw me physically in your room? Anyone? No. You were not ready for that. Many people do. Many people do. You know we have a teacher in England, her name is Marjory Chambers. Now, she was initiating someone, she has an i nitiation room, and this was a totally new person that she was teaching. But both of them this new person that knew nothing about meditation, and, of course, Marjory is a teacher they both saw me walking into the room and I went to sit on the bed. So th e very next day she went to go buy a chair. [LAUGHTER] So she said, "Guruji, when you come again there is a chair ready for you. You don't need to sit on the bed." And these experiences are very common. They happen all the time, all over the world. An d, to repeat again, don't think I am far away from you. I'm close to you, as close as you are to yourself. Just do your practices, that's important. For example, you are hungry, and if you don't eat food you will feel more and more hungry and even starve . Meditation is like that. Keep on doing it and fill yourself with that divine energy, and you see how it will react in your daily active lives and even in your sleep. Because there is no difference between being awake and sleeping. There's no differen ce at all. Because your basis is the superconscious and the subconscious mind, and that's working all the time. The only thing that you numb while you go sleep is the surface level of the conscious mind. So you are awake

7. U S 85 - 47 all the time. People practicing yoga nidra are fast asleep and, yet, they are totally aware of everything around them. Good. Anyone else? PRIYA: Well, I sort of had a generic meditation. I heard some tinkling of bells, and a cool breeze, and a lot of energy. And I think the most significant part was that I was awakened this morning by a horrendously, awful nightmare, in which I was getting my head chopped off one side and the other with an ax. And then the guy held on to it, and of course I was observing this at the same time. H e held onto it and I just kept talking, and talking, and talking. [LAUGHTER] Bitching and moaning and he slaps me in the face with the ax, and then I was still talking, and he slaps me across the chops again. And it was a real awful dream, and fortunate ly Chetan let me tell him so I could get some distance from it. And then I realized the significance of that, you know, it was getting rid of the intellect. GURURAJ: Uh hm. That's it. That's it, yes. Have you seen the picture of that goddess called K ali? PRIYA: Yes. GURURAJ: Right. She has the head of a person in her hand, and of course, what that signifies, try and get away more from the mind, and more to the heart. That's what it means. Namaste. How many of you saw lights in your room? The room lit up? Hm? Anyone? Good. Fine, fine, fine. Right. We're going on to quarter to twelve, aren't we? A question? Short one. ROOPA: I'm not sure the question I have ready for you is a short one, but I have a question that fits in with what we are talking about. Maybe that would be a short one. My question is yesterday you said that not only would you show us a way of receiving an answer when we ask a question, but that you would also show us a way of receiving an answer without asking a question. You said that somewhere yesterday, and I wanted to say or to ask about both ways of receiving an answer. Especially receiving an answer without asking a question. GURURAJ: Right. Now, to ask a question is to activate the mind. Now, I want you to try one experiment. I wonder if we should do it now. Yeah, okay. Think a question in your mind very strongly, not just flippantly. Think a question in your mind strongly, as I said. Some people like to write it down, because by writing it stabilizes it more, as you all know. Right. And within two minutes the answer to your question will dawn upon you. Okay. Close your eyes and meditate for two

8. U S 85 - 47 minutes. Ask that question. [TAPE OFF THEN BACK ON] Eighty fi ve percent of your answers have been in the affirmative, and fifteen percent has been so so. Right? Yes. Now, you are asking about a question. The greatest question is no question. Because when you are totally fulfilled and in the area of knowingness, no question remains. Do you see. Because that fulfillment itself cannot breed a question. It is only the mind. I mean, questions are good to ask fo r the inquiring mind. That's how you reach that stage. So when you are fulfilled, no question remains, b ecause you know it all in the area of knowingness. Questions arise from wanting to gather or acquire knowledge. But people still have far to go to reach that stage, where they do not need to ask any question at all. It is just there. It is just there. Without asking the question the answers are there. So you don't need to think, because to ask a question requires a process of thinking, good, and when you do not need to think and just operate from that area of knowingness which is within, then how can any question remain at all? Do you see. And that is where everyone will reach. I'm very sure of that. Everyone will reach that area. JEFF: Could I describe an experience for the last few minutes? GURURAJ: Yes. Please. JEFF: Well, it was very pecul iar because last night I didn't want to share it. It didn't seem very particularly interesting. One thing that happened during the midnight visit was this strong feeling of like, well sort of like, red beams almost coming from the lower part of my awaren ess. And I was listening to people talk about colored lights and stuff, and I wondered what that was. So when you said to ask that question, I just simply got very quiet and started repeating that question very, very intensely. After a moment or so, my vo ice over started and just commented, saying, "Well, I suppose in a minute you'll drum up some kind of explanation for this yourself." And so I thought, well this time I should just shut up, and, you know, let you answer or not. The next moment, this is a bout a minute into it, almost immediately there was a very, very strong surge of energy. And a very strong actually it was your voice. It wasn't like you were sounding in my ear. It was just you were present, and you said it was the universal energy a nd it was the source. Well, that voice came repeated about five or six times. It was very remarkable. GURURAJ: Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Well, as I explained the other day, there are five elements that composes the universe, and fire, or the red, which you could call fire, is one of the most important elements. Very good.

9. U S 85 - 47 Do you see how it works? It's very simple, really. During your daily life sit down quietly, write down a question if you li ke to stabilize it more in the min d, sit down quietly for two or three minutes, ask the question intensely, and you'll find the answer dawning upon you. So here we come to decision making. Because people have problems on what to decide: shall I become a physiotherapist, or shall I become a teacher? Right. You sit down quietly, for just two minutes. Ask the question intensely, and you'll find the answer coming from inside, and that answer will never be wrong. It will lead you on the right path of what you should really do. Try it in y our daily waking lives. I don't only give talks, but I also like people to experience. You know, I was at a press conference in London about two years ago, they held a press conference. There were so many reporters there, and I told them that I have come not to empty the churches or the synagogues or the mosques or the temples, I've come to fill them. But these church ministers or pastors, they go to a theological college for a few years, and just parrot like fashion they give off what they have studied. No. Each and every priest or pastor should be put through a process of meditation so that they could impart some spiritual force and not just words, words, words, which are empty. Do you see. Good. Well, I think I've made you people do most of the ta lking this morning. Well, thank God for that because I was not feeling well. What I am going to do now is go and lie down and have a few hours of sleep. Ah, exactly twelve. **** END ****


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