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3. U S 85 - 51 GURURAJ: No. Let me present. I want to give you all a little gift. It's very small, but, nevertheless, it's a token as lo ve from me. Now, it will be very difficult for me to wiggle waggle through, you know, the chairs there, so I want a pillow. Have you got one here? A pillow. Oh, there you are. Can you put it there? VIDYA: [??????] we could bring the envelopes up now, if you have them with you. [GIVES INDIVIDUAL BLESSINGS] GURURAJ: Oh, it 's not necessary. [BACKGROUND DISCUSSIONS] Ah, these are in twos, are they? Are they all in twos? Good. That's beautiful. Let's start from there. Kneel down. Look into my eyes. I penetrate your heart. This flower is for you. And this comes from D ivinity. And the same applies with this for you, and that's from Divinity. Look into my eyes for a moment. God bless you. The same applies for you, and from Divinity. God bless. God bless. The same applies. There is one thing I want to mention to yo u, that ordinarily these flowers would (oh, please sit down, it's alright), ordinarily these flowers would last for about, how many days? VOICE: Three days. GURURAJ: About three days? This will last for about a month, [LAUGHTER FROM AUDIENCE] if not more. God bless you. And the same applies. Oh, you have you, you have Divinity, and you have Divinity's son, as well. A small one. God bless you. A glance from a spiritual master changes your life. Always remember that. God bless you. Mother. God bless. Ah, Chetanji. Gomila. "Go" means an unprotected person: you are the protector of those that are unprotected. When I look at your face tears come into my eyes. [LONG PAUSE WITH OCCASIONAL AUDIBLE WHISPERS. PRESUMABLY HE CONTINUES BLESSINGS] G od bless you. Now, to everyone whose eyes I looked into, and Shakespeare was right, that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And I'm sure practically each and every one of you felt a vibration going through you when I looked into your eyes. God's merc y. Not me, I'm just a channel. Do you see. What's next? Yes, fine. Questions.

5. U S 85 - 51 look at things from the surface level. And the surface level is the mind and body. That's all what they look at. But if yo u can peer into the spiritual self of a person, then that bond will never end. I, personally, am married for thirty seven years, going for thirty eight years, and my wife is not very, very pretty. She's good looking, okay, fine. She's not very pretty , but yet the bond is so great that she would all ow me to travel around the world eight months a year teaching, because of her spirituality. But if the bond was only on the mental and physical level, she would not allow me to travel three quarters of the year around the world. You see. So the main qual ity that is required to preserve the relationship is the spiritual quality. And if the spiritual quality is not there, then sooner or later that relationship will break. Now, if a relationship is broken, what must you do? Hm? Right. Firstly, you will su ffer because the infatuation has been severed. Because you have become dependent upon the person's mind and body. Many people are together just because of the physical selves that enjoy each other. And then a time comes when you get tired of that physic al relationship. You get tired of it, and then what happens you try and look for new pastures. That brings a greater ridge or gap in the relationship. So naturally that relationship will not last. But if you find that spiritual oneness, through spir itu al practices, then there will be no gap whatsoever. You will not have hatred, you will not have anger, you will not fight, but you will just love. And that is the meaning of real love in totality. Total love means to be able to combine mind, body and s pirit. But the dominant factor must always be the spiritual self, and not the physical self. I know of couples living together, married or not, and they are just dependant upon each other for sexual release. Now, do you call that love? It is not love. The relationship that breaks up is because of lust and not love. It's because of surface attraction and not inner attraction. How many times have you made love to your wife where you have just melted away? No. Very few can do that. Your mind is not on your wife at all in coitus. Your mind is upon yourself, so that you could find the maximum pleasure out of it. You call that love? That is not love. So how can it be total? Your attention should be more on the spiritual self of your spouse, rather th an on his or her body; because in coitus your attention is rooted to your self gratification. How can you call that love? That is not love. So to find the totality of love, these things which I have spoken about has to be combined. Yes. And it is the combination of mind, body and spirit that brings the totality. For body, mind and spirit is one continuum. But you break it into pieces . So self gratification, what does that mean? What is self gratification? It means nothing at all. It is just using it as other biological functions that one performs. You are hungry today, so you eat. And in a few hours time you feel hungry, so you eat again. Right. What are you doing there is just appeasing your appetite, as you would appease your appetite in the so called lovemaking. So how can that kind of appeasement be called love? Hm? So it is only through the understanding of one's true self, one's true inner self, that you will start understanding the inne r self of your spouse and then both merge. And whe n they merge relationships can never break. Relationship, huh? What

6. U S 85 - 51 are you relating to? What ship are you relating to in your relationship, hm? The ship of self gratification, huh? Is that very important? What about the propeller or the hull, is that what you call it? The hull, huh. Without that hull that ship will flounder on the waters, and that is how people live their lives. But if the propeller or the hull is put into proper shape, the ship can be controlled in whichever direction you want to c ontrol it. Do you see. So the emphasis should be on the spiritual self of your spouse. Is to realize the factor that he or she is divine, and I am loving the Divinity and not the body or the mind. And when you start realizing that, gaining this unders tanding that I love the Divinity within you, then anything else would not matter. I was telling my beloved, God forbid, but if you get involved in an accident and get lamed, or shriveled, or burnt, I will still love you just as much, because I do not love your body. Your body, of course, has a purpose: for procreation. Nothing wrong with that. Biological factors are needed in life. Nothing wrong with that. But the emphasis should be on the hull of the ship to have a proper relationship. Ya. So as soon as you start realizing that I am loving the Divinity within you, which is God, then you put God first and the rest comes afterwards. Do you see. Now, if you find and realize to yourself that the kingdom of Heaven is within, then you will find that kingdo m of Heaven in your spouse as well, because it's only one kingdom, there's no separation. Because people don't realize these factors, the relationship breaks and they do not find the totality of love. Do you see. To find the totality of love, you yourse lf must become total. Do you get gas here called Total? We get that brand in South Africa. It's a very powerful gas. High octane. Use high octane, and not the lower grades of... what do you call it, leaded petrol or something? Leaded gas. The weaker one? VOICE: Regular. GURURAJ: Regular, ah, yes. Why use the regular gas of the mind and body? Use that total high octane gas first. Then you see how smoothly your car will run and how fast it can go because it's got power! Relationships of today a re powerless because they are based on wrong precepts. Get your priorities right, and then the relationship will never break. So we lose our priorities. We put the cart before the horse, and then we expect the cart to move. No. Put the horse in front, the horse of Divinity, then you see it will lead your cart beautifully well. So that is the reason why these are the teachings we give in our organization. But find that Divine quality in you first, an d you can find it through your meditation and spirit ual practices. And I see so much progress in all the meditators who have been meditating for a few years. Their faces become so gentle, so kind, so understanding. And I've found also one thing that people have become so, so much more creative. Right. P eople that couldn't write two words send to me the most

7. U S 85 - 51 beautiful, sublime poetry. People that couldn't draw two lines straight create beautiful paintings, and they send me photographs of it. So creativity. And love is forever creative. I read an artic le in Psychology Today a few years ago where they were discussing some other movement, and through their research they found that people were becoming less creative, right, while in our movement people are becoming more and more creative in everything. Do you see. It depends upon the power of your practices, with the power that the guru instills. That brings about greater creativity. Do you see. Now, love is forever creative. The more creative you become, the greater will be the opening of the heart ar ea. And that is where love stems from, not from your beautiful faces or your brilliant brain, no. [END SIDE ONE] [LONG PAUSE BEFORE SIDE 2 BEGINS. WE SHOULD CORRECT WHEN WE REMASTER THIS TAPE] GURURAJ: ...stupid, uneducated. You can be ugly, but you can be very beautiful inside. I know one woman who is so plain looking that you would not even hire her as a servant in the house. Well, here in America it's difficult to get servan ts, because they are so expensive, while in South Africa you can get a m aid for thirty bucks a month. Different standards of living, of course. Well, there the income is less, and of course, the expenditure, in proportion. Here a street sweeper wil l get two thousand dollars a month, while in South Africa he would get fifty dollars a month. Right. So this maid we have, the way she would polish the furniture, for example, or dust the floors, vacuum. You call if Hoover. Hoovering the floors? VOICE: Vacuuming. GURURAJ: Vacuum. Oh, in England they call it Hoover. Right. But she does it with so much devotion that she becomes one with the vacuum cleaner, and she becomes one with the carpet. Do you see. Do you see the development? Things must rub off while she's working for us twenty years now. Lena, you have met Lena. Y ou have met Lena. Right. Now, this woman I was talking about, very, very plain looking, but if you sit near her, it just brings a joy into your heart, beca use she is emanating that something from her heart. And you would not like to leave her company. Do you see. That is how relationships are maintained; through heart quality. And as I said earlier, that love is always creative, love is forever flowering. If boy meets a girl and say, Oh, I fell in love in five minutes, don't believe it. It is a growt h process, where the two so called souls slowly start growing, and they start merging in each other, and then you find the totality of love. Do you see. You find that oneness. There is no separation.

8. U S 85 - 51 In today's marriages in the West there is more sepa ration, although they are, you know, lovey dovey, and they are close to each other, and hold each other's hands, or hug each other, but there is a separation. There is no oneness, it is a farce, it is farcical, and that is why they break up. Do you see. In other words, they are playing games. Childish games. That's what they are doing. And, naturally, you know what children are? They play now together, and later on they'll start fighting. The friendships break up, the relationships break up. So tha t is not total love. Totality begins from inside. People say to each other, one spouse to another that "I love you with all my heart." The biggest, bloody lie! What do they know about the heart to say I love you with all my heart? Yes, they can say, I love you with my imagination, that would be true. Do you see. So when love is imaginary, then naturally there comes a time when relationships will break up. Do you see. So to really love someone in totality, imagination is not necessary, outer beauty is not necessary, for the word imaginary... What is the origin of the word imaginary? Image making. Image making. So you have an image of an ideal, right, and you might f ind someone similar to the ideal you have in mind. But where does the ideal come from? All idealization comes from the mind, and not from the heart. So you are not loving the man or the woman, you are loving your personal conception of your own ideal. H m? So when your spouse does not meet up... You know after the infatuation diminishes and your ideal is not met up with, naturally relationships break. Now, when a relationship is broken, what do you do? You don't mope. You don't cry your eyes out. You only start crying, you only start crying because your ideal has not been fulfilled, not because of the breaking of the relationship. Do you see. Say a husband and wife, God forbid, the husband dies and you find the wife crying. She is not crying becaus e the husband is dead. She is crying because of her own personal security. Who is going to look after me? What am I going to do? And that is how it works with breaking up of relationships too. Most people cry not because of the deceased one, but becau se of themselves. So the totality of love begins within one's self. Find that bit of totality and merge it with the person that you are attrac ted to, and then that relationship will forever last. And it will not only last in this lifetime, but it will carry on in your next lifetime as well, if your spiritual bond is strong enough. Do you see. If the spiritual bond is strong enough you will meet again from different corners of the world. It is an inevitable law that when there is that deep spiritual b ond, you must definitely meet again. You could be living in Alaska, and I could be living in South Africa, but yet somehow we will meet up. Do you see. That always happens. It is inevitable. As I said before, physical links can be broken, mental links can be broken; but the spiritual link, the spiritual oneness, can never be broken because there is only one spirit. So what is there to break? There is nothing to break. Where are the cymbals, dear?

1. U S 85 - 51 ENDING OF RELATIONSHIPS GURURAJ: ...short of time, I would have spoken to you individually. But l et me speak collectively, so that the others here too, could know what it's all about. The most important person in our organization is the preparatory teacher. The preparatory teacher is even more important than me. Because it is the preparatory teache r that introduces, that is the link, with the public. So to be a teacher, it is not just for namesake. It is to teach. Otherwise, you are not a teacher. Fine. When you are teaching a person, you are leading the person on the path of Divinity. And that 's the greatest gift you could give to any person, for you will bring peace to the person. And as the person practices you will find and we have had so many experiences even on this course here where one lady was initiated into prep, I can't remember he r name, I think she even stood up here... Who was it? VOICES: Wendy. GURURAJ: Was it Wendy? Ya. And even at the first teaching of the preparatory technique, she went through such beautiful experiences. I think Praseela initiated her, or who was it? VIDYA: I initiated Wendy. GURURAJ: You initiated Wendy, yes. So you see that even from the word go, a person benefits. Now, when you teach the prep you regard yourself as just a channel, and you allow being a channel, you allow those divine energies to flow through you to the person, and the person benefits so much. You are creating a circuit within the person, and that circuit is connected with Divinity. That, in a few words, for the prep teacher. The advanced teachers will be taught by other tea chers the various techniques of how to do the advanced teaching. Now, the prep teacher does the preparation. A preparatory teacher, I mean the word itself, explains itself, that you prepare the person. Where you teach them the preliminary techniques. An d then, of course, the advanced teacher who has been doing prep teaching, and all of you will become advanced teachers after practice, they give the full techniques that would be given after the person is prepared over a period of three weeks, four weeks, two months, three months. And it's left to the discretion of the advanced teacher to teach the full techniques or not. So the preparatory teacher and the full teacher play a great part in leading a person to Divinity and thereby drawing upon that vast res ervoir of energy, as I always say, to make them happier people. And when you make someone happy,

2. U S 85 - 51 remember it rebounds upon you ten times. And the analogy I always like using is this, that when you water your garden the hose pipe gets cleaned first, even before it reaches the flowers. So by teaching there is great benefit accrued to you. At that moment when you teach and regard yourself just as a channel, you will feel that powerful surge of energy also flowing through you. So there are many advantages in teaching the preparatory or the advanced techniques. And thereby you do not only benefit others, but you also benefit yourself in so many different ways. Your life too, by teaching, changes. It comes to the better. I've seen meditators here, which I know for several years, and when I look at them today they seem such different people. There is such a gentleness on their faces. They are filled with love, kindness, compassion. And there are so many other benefits that are accrued. Your mind becomes m ore concentrated, and with greater concentration anything you do would become more successful. Because the difference between failure and success is concentration, which means the togetherness of the mind. Now, we come to the healers. A healer is a perso n who also regards himself as a channel. And I've empowered you by a touch to have those energies where, through the methods that will be taught to you, you will find that by a touch you will heal the person. I gave you an example the other day, I think, where a lady was in a chair for thirty one years, a wheelchair, and just by a touch she started walking in three minutes. I have a picture, you must show it to them tomorrow if you have the time, a picture of a lady at the age of sixty, Anna Marie, was b lind and we put her on techniques and she started seeing. She's eighty now. And at the age of eighty what a beautiful professional painting she did. So you see the grace of God? His mercy is always there. So teach the preparatory technique, teach the f ull techniques, heal people, and make their lives happy. Try and rid them of their miseries. And just by a touch you will find as you practice more and more, and as you know that everything requires a bit of practice, you will find yourself very, very su ccessful. Now, the other day we were calculating that there are seven hundred and thirty hours in a month, and you only need to use three or four hours a week out of that in the service of Divinity. So all my blessings are upon you. May God bless you all, and do th e best you can. Now, would you repeat with me: Sattyam [AUDIENCE REPEATS] Everyone can join in if you want to. Sattyam, shivam, sundaram. [AUDIENCE REPEATS AFTER EACH WORD] Sattyam, shivam, sundaram. Sattyam, shivam, sundaram. What this means, satt yam means truth, shivam means God, and sundaram means beauty. For all these three are combined. So bring truth into people's lives, bring Divinity into people's lives, and thereby make their lives beautiful. This is your duty. Hm. Good. What was next on the agenda? I can't hear you. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE]

4. U S 85 - 51 VOICE: [????] Guruji, I want to know what love is. I want to feel what love is. I want to experience love in totality. Bu t I am so terrified by this love, I am so terrif ied that I will disappear. Please tell me how to transcend this fear, and transmute it into the divine energy? GURURAJ: Uh hm. Very good, very good. Mind you I have made about a hundred tapes on love, but we could always approach it from a different a ngle. Hm? VOICE: [???????????] relationship. [???????] at the other end of the spectrum. GURURAJ: Uh huh. Which end? VOICE: [??????????] towards the other end of the spectrum. I don't know what end. [???????????????????] Gururaj, many of us in this country have experienced the ending of close relationships, this is from a person who is not here on the course and has written in this question. Many of us in this country have experienced the ending of close relationships, whether by divorce or by ending of long term affairs. All too often the marriage or the relationship ends with lies, accusations, breaking of promises, which makes these endings far more destructive than painful. Could you speak on how one could best negotiate the spiritual, emo tional, and psychological pitfalls we are all subject to when a relationship ends. GURURAJ: Uh hm. Good. Let the relationship end. Because firstly, the relationship was not compatible. It was based more on infatuation. You imagined you loved someone , and really speaking it was not love at all. It was a mutual attraction. That attraction could be physical or mental, but there was no compatibility of the spirit. Now, if there's no compatibility of the spirit, then the mental and physical links are br oken. In the Western countries people say they fall in love. Why do they fall in love? Because it is mental and physical. They should be elevated in love, if the spiritual element is introduced. There are some couples here that are married for over thirty ye ars. Why? Because they have found a spiritual bond. So before any marriage, you first try and find that spiritual bond, and then the rest will follow. Then you notice the attractiveness, mental or physical. But the reason why we have one divorce out o f every three is because the attention is riveted on the physical and mental only. Do you see. You find someone that has similar interests, perhaps, say music or painting or whatever, right, and then of course they might find each other attractive. They have not studied within themselves what is the cause of the attraction. They only

9. U S 85 - 51 VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Yeah, could you run up, would you, please? Sorry to make you go up. If I was strong enough, I would run up myself. [PAUSE] GURURAJ: [PLAYING CYMBALS AND SINGING] [AUDIENCE JOINS IN SINGING] Thank you. Namaste. She had the cymbals, so I thought, "Let me use it." You know , next time I'll try and bring my harmonium along and entertain you. You know what a harmonium is, hm? It's a wind instrument, you know, that has a keyboard like a piano. But the darn thing is so heavy to carry around with you. **** END ****


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