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1. U S 85 - 53 HOW TO VIEW OUR TALKING [The first several minutes of the tape is the return of the blessed objects with only a few words being spoken. The next few minutes are Gururaj giving the chelas an experience by having them come up and touch their two middle fingers to his palm.] GURURAJ: Now I will give you an experience today. Now if you feel a slight vibration a little shock going through yo ur body, do not be afraid. It is fine, because I'm imparting the shakti to you. So let us start. It is easier this way, I thi nk, than for me to walk around, hm? Shall we start with whoever? [The next few minutes are Gururaj giving the chelas an exper ience by having them come up and touch their two middle fingers to his palm.] All of you must have felt a vibration going through me to you. Right? I'm nothing but just a channel of that divine force. That divine force, being a channel, flows through me. Why He chose me, I don't know. Good. Question? Merrill: Beloved Gururaj, words are so incomplete in the vastness of spirituality, yet it is our nature to talk. How are we to view our talking. Gururaj: Very good. The best way to review our talking is by not talking. Now what does that mean? It means that talk is nothing else but the verbalization of thought. And when thoughts become steady, silent, and find an equilibrium, then the real talk begins, the real review begins between you and Him. S o words has its value naturally, more so for a spiritual master because he has to give people some understanding of themselves. So it has its purpose. But the real answer comes always when you become still. I have given you all the tools to become still. I have given you all those spiritual energies to become still. Keep alive those spiritual energies by being regular in your gurushakti practices. So therefore, this is what is meant in the scriptures by "be still and know that I am God." Who are you r eally knowing? You are knowing, by being still, you are only knowing stillness, and that stillness is Divinity itself. So be still and know that I am God. And then after that stillness you can reflect upon it at your leisure. Was there any experience, or was there no experience? Now the greatest experience is to have no experience, because stillness itself is still. There has to be an outside party to witness the stillness. And the outside party that witnesses the stillness has to be active in witnes sing. So that witness is going to disturb your stillness. So stillness finds itself within itself, bringing that peace to your hearts, to your minds. And believe you me my beloveds, when you experience that peace, you will want nothing else in the world , you want nothing. For what else is there greater than that peace. So in the stillness you find

2. U S 85 - 53 peace, and in the reflection after the stillness you find joy. So peace comes first and joy and bliss comes afterwards in retrospection. Yes. So we do not r eview that peace or that spirituality, not in the moment of its own experience. To repeat again, this must be done in retrospection. You think afterwards and you sit down and you say, "Oh, how joyful I've been, how blissful." Now the next stage after th at is this, that in the retrospection, when you recollect that joy and that bliss, it will tend to linger on in you. For one moment of spirituality, or that bliss, will last you for twenty four hours of the day. That is why you alwa ys find me blissful. Even if tears come from my eyes, the tears are never of sorrow but of joy. For I see joy in everything, in everything all the time. But sometimes there is sorrow when I see the sorrow in others. Yet inside me I know that that sorrow which my beloveds ha ve is just but surface. And I can see beyond the surface. The true spiritual master can transform with a touch, or with a glance looking into a person's eyes. So many mechanisms are involved there in that moment. Do you see? Don't you feel far more pe aceful now than when you woke up this morning? Yes? Yes? Yes. That is the touch of the master, the true master. And the true master says he is a true master for the sake of using words, to verbalize things. But there is only one true master, that fell ow upstairs there, who is not only upstairs but also downstairs within you. Do you see. So we have to use words to explain certain things, but behind those words there is a whole depth of meaning. For who is the true master? Only Him. And that true mas ter can flow through a little bodily form. It flows through everything. But it flows more powerfully through a self realized person or an avatara. When we meet again in November I'll go into far deeper details of how you can recognize an avatara, or the true spiritual master. Now we've run past half past twelve because when I flow I just keep on flowing, flowing. What are these, my darling? Roopa: Those are some gifts that are given in gratitude for what you have given us today, and all the time twen ty four hours a day. Gururaj: I would say these gifts are not needed, but they are very welcome because of my needs. Having a family to support, having a shelter to pay for, mortgages, having to send children to universities, things like that. Let's hav e a laugh or two. Damn it, five minutes. This fellow asked his friend about someone, wasn't he shocked when his mother in law died? So he replies to this fellow, "Yes, he was electrocuted." [laughter] This chap went to a film producer. (You know, a lo t of them used to come to me when I was in the film business as an actor, as a director, producer, the works). So this fellow goes to the film producer and the producer asks, "Can you act?"

3. U S 85 - 53 And he replies, "I can act so well I did a play and I died in th e play so convincingly that one man in the audience fainted. And he was my insurance agent." [laughs] This one fellow appeared in front of the judge for the fifth time. The judge scolded him and said, "Look, you are here for the fifth time in two months. " So this guy, the accused replies, "I like to come here, I like to do business and give business to the person I like." You know this young man asked his father a sixty four thousand dollar question. He asked his father a sixty four dollar question, and the question was this: Will you lend me sixty four thousand dollars? Oh, there's so many more here. [Now audience laughs.] You know, the mother was Irish and very proud of it. The father was Scotch and he was very fond of it. [Laughs.] This chief cap tured a missionary, and this African Chief spoke perfect English, even better than what I could speak. So this chief, the cannibal chief, spoke perfect English. So the missionary says, "You speak such perfect English." I mean this was before he was put into the boiling pot. So the cannibal chief replies, "I went to Harvard University. That's why I speak perfect English." He says, "But if you've been to Harvard why do you still eat people?" So the cannibal chief replies, "Now I use a knife and a fork. " [Laughs.] That's what he learned in Harvard. Well, it has been such a joy being with you all. The joy really has been mine. And all of you have been so, so kind, so loving. And that is what the world must have more and more and more love. Thank you very much, and see you in November. ****END* ***


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