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2. U S 85 - 9 this is especially if you're... you haven't done many communions, and so you're wondering or whatever if there are any [??????] Just as you do in medita tion, you just slip off the thoughts into the Gururaj Ananda a little bit, just to have that little thing going. It makes it easier in case you have all that thoughts going on. After awhile of course [??????] you'll be relaxed anyway. It's a nice way to begin with. VIDYA: Now, again, it's just a faint idea. It's not like you're thinking it, you know, really strongly. You're not concentrating, you're, it's just kind of a faint idea in the back of your mind. [INAUDIBLE] ...slide into. Well, shall we. .. [INAUDIBLE] [Background talk about how to record, what buttons to hit.] [Tape off and back on.] [Long pause] [coughing] GURURAJ: It's a beautiful journey, this, where you transcend your body and your mind, where even you go beyond the superconscious level of the mind and merge into Divinity. In this journey you experience all your lifetimes since you evolved from a stone, to plant, to animal, to man, and all the lifetimes you've lived as man. And you hurtle through space. You are going at lightening speed [dogs barking in background] and you see all the beauty and glory that is there. Such wonderment you feel.... Eve rything sparkling, scintillating, everything in such rhythmic motion.... You go beyond the solar system, the galaxies, hm, you travel and are conscious of the entire universe. And you see the entire universe in all it's Divine glory. And then you go beyo nd that, for the entire universe only constitutes the personal god which is the manifestation. And going beyond the state of personal godhood, you still go further into the impersonal god and merge away in that energy. There is nothing but joy and bliss and beauty. You don't feel like coming back, but you have to because there's work to be done, lots of work to be done. So from this little body, this little conscious mind, you go into that vastness, like a funnel becomes vaster and vaster and vaster, un til when you merge away in the Divine energy the entire universe disappears. It becomes illusory. And then when you come back you come back the same way, from that vastness down back into this little body, to be in the presence, not only of the personal god, but to become the personal god. And going further, when you become one with the impersonal God, then you start permeating everything that is in existence. Like a drop of water being thrown in the ocean becomes one with the ocean; becomes the ocean; uhm, and enjoys the currents the drop enjoys the currents of the entire ocean. And that is mergence with the totality of Divinity. I wish I could take you with me, hold your hand, lead you away. This is a similar state that I go into whenever I initia te people, for the source comes not from the mind your techniques do not come from the mind, it comes from a much higher source. Then the mind interprets it afterwards. That is why your

3. U S 85 - 9 mantra, for example, is filled with Divinity just to suit you and your capacity: your body, your mind, your emotions, your feelings. So when a person meditates, that Divinity permeates the entirety of you as an individual being and leads you up up up, or you can call it deeper deeper deeper. Good. Would anyone like t o describe the experiences? Yes, Fred. Would you guide the hands, Vidya, by sitting here or there? FRED: Guruji, just as you closed your eyes my heart chakra became very activated and, and it felt like I was, like there was a war zone going on. There was like this...a tremendous amount of heat and energy and turbulence and... GURURAJ: An explosion. FRED: Yeah, and then that settled down and it was as if there was this... You were radiating this white gold light, and it was spilling out on the chair , on the screen, and kind of spilling out this way and then that went away and then I say that you needed a shave; you had a real white beard and your face was totally different. GURURAJ: Hu hu, uh, did I have a mustache drooping down? FRED: No, no it was like this... GURURAJ: [LAUGHS] FRED: And then... GURURAJ: You perceived one of the lifetimes I've lived. Yes. FRED: And then... GURURAJ: Now, let me explain you bit by bit. The tremendous amount of activity that took place in the ajna cha kra is that I've imparted this energy to you so that the ajna chakra could be opened and you could become more and more aware to the [push?] given to you. And the golden white light you saw surrounding me and across the room, that is the

4. U S 85 - 9 emanation, in tan gible form or seeable form, of that energy. Because white, gold, lilac, blue, those are very high spiritual colors. So seeing that gold, you had reached with me to the level of the superconscious mind. Beautiful, carry on. FRED: Ah, oh, um, um, the, th e wait a minute. The last thing I recall right now is that when you pulled your hands apart it was like I got the shock, it was like I got connected or disconnected. It was like my whole body just kind of lurched as you pulled the hands. GURURAJ: Yes. Because when I go into the state I'm totally oblivious of this body. In Sanskrit we call it pratyahara, where all your senses are indrawn and you're totally unconscious of the body, and then when you come out you regain consciousness of the body. So that is what you felt; what I was feeling. Beautiful. PATTI: I saw like a halo around the top part of your head, and the light shine out this way and then... GURURAJ: What color was the light? PATTI: It was gold. GURURAJ: Gold, uh huh. PATTI: A kind of gold and then I saw, you had a very heavy mustache. It reminded me of... it was very gray, it reminded me of the great scientist in a novel, Einstein. Einstein. A very heavy mustache and then your face became very young, and I wasn't s ure if I was still seeing the mustache or not because the rest of the face was very, very young. The last thing that I've noticed was when you opened your hands... I've said to myself, "Oh, it's just the light." Your right hand a s it moved around where I could see it looked as if it had a scar, a very heavy scar, here, in your hand, and then I saw it melt away, you know, it just went away! So I said to myself, "It's only the light." GURURAJ: Very good. Very good. The light you saw is the same Fred and you saw it spreading out, in other words, sending it out to all, you see, not just keeping it to myself, sending it to all. The scar you saw on my hand, I don't think I should explain that now; perhaps later. Some other time.

5. U S 85 - 9 PATTI: Guruji, when I first saw it, it looked as if it was, it was forming like blood, running down. And the first thought that entered my mind was Jesus, his hand, and then I said no, a scar. And then, no, it's the light. It did seem to form itself li ke blood running down. GURURAJ: That is very true. Very true. VOICE: I saw that too, Guruji. GURURAJ: You saw it. VOICE: It looked like a nail hole. GURURAJ: Blessed be you all. Blessed be you all. Anyone else? VOICE: My experience was that first [INAUDIBLE] emanat e golden light, a haze filled the room and my body was, it became very warm throughout, all over. GURURAJ: Uhm, the energy, yes. VOICE: And watching, watching your face it became dark, almost black. [?????] And also there's a blue, a blue light, too, that permeated the room. And when your face became very dark and black, it almost disappeared. Your head disappeared. There was only an eye left. GURURAJ: Right. The face that you saw became very black was Kali, the destroyer of evil. And Kali destroys evil just with a glance, with sight, just a glance. The warmth you felt was the energies you felt that was radiated from me. How many, by the wa y, saw me as a young boy? Uhm. There, uhm, and how many of you saw me as an old man? Yeah, right. I've lived in many bodies, teaching, teaching, teaching all the time. And you had a glimpse of the various bodies I've lived in. Because my life has bee n nothing else but a service to help humanity in whichever way I can, and I've been doing that through many lifetimes. Not only this lifetime. Anyone else? JAMMU: Yes. In addition to seeing the golden light around your chair soon after you went into meditation, also I noticed [INAUDIBLE] as opposed to a couple of years ago you [INAUDIBLE] like that now [??????????]

6. U S 85 - 9 GURURAJ: Yes. JAMMU: [INAUDIBLE] ...drift away. But in any case, I finally closed my eyes and saw a wonderful golden haze and I don' t remember what happened after that, but it was very clear... [?????????] popped out. It is very irritating... GURURAJ: Uh huh. Face the light. Yes, very good indeed, very good. How many of you felt a lovely warmth and peace inside you? Practically e veryone. Good. Any more? VERN: I'd like to share because I've never shared after communion practices. This is, must be, my eighth or tenth communion practice and I have the mind of a scientist and what I experience here right now is a difficulty trans lating into... GURURAJ: Words. VERN: Words, intellectual words that I, that I, can comprehend. I probably had more experiences tonight than I had in the past. The one that is perhaps a little bit similar to what others have shared is, at one point, jus t for a second there was this dark, scary face, and I jumped. I was, I was, frightened. And it only lasted, it only lasted, for a second or two. GURURAJ: Uh huh, very good! Same experience as Bill... Uh, Kali, the destroyer of sins. That was a very g ood experience. Lot of karma has been worked away. Yes. Any one else? How many of you has been to the first communion? You have been first, first. First, first, first. Good, good. And as you start meditating from now on, on a regular basis, your exp eriences will be deeper, hm, they will be deeper. This is just to show you how Divinity can actually manifest Himself through a human body to give you an experience and take away lot of your sorrows. Because after coming from that sphere, you look around and you see people's faces. You can see through the sufferings that they go through, the mental turmoil or turbulence they go through, and it hurts so much. And you feel as if why can't everyone's troubles all be put into a big boulder and so that I can just lift it and crush it. That's the feeling you get. Chetan had a lot of experiences. Now...

7. U S 85 - 9 CHETAN: I wonder if I should repeat the one that I mentioned to the group. I think it was this [????] was in Canada. Perhaps I should repeat the one th at mentioned to the group in Canada, I haven't mentioned to you. GURURAJ: Yes, but what about tonight? CHETAN: Tonight I didn't see very much. GURURAJ: Good, good. There's a reason for that. There's a reason. I'll explain you why. VOICE: I have, I have this is my second communion. I haven't thought about it until you mentioned that, that I see a lot of faces and they're mostly fairly ugly, and all Indian. No Western looking faces. But none of them very pleasant to look at. GUR URAJ: Uh huh. Very good. The same answer applies. They do not need to be Eastern only. I've lived throughout the world, Middle East, China, Japan, India, and countries around the world. Even here in America during the time of the American Indians. VO ICE: I was going to ask that. I saw an Indian face and I saw an Italian, an Italian face, a father of a large family. I ca n still picture that, that, that face. And a Japanese face in, in military uniform. GURURAJ: True, true, true. VOICE: Guruji, in addition to the halo from behind your chair the light seem to come and come come in [???????] sort of... It was a blue haze came over the face. And I could see the face changing at various times. In addition to an old man, I saw very distinctive a Ori ental face with the mustache that you mentioned. GURURAJ: And that was the time when I lived in the body of Lao Tzu. VOICE: Who's this.... GURURAJ: In the body of Lao Tzu. You must have heard of him, the founder of Taoism. Uh huh, how diff...

8. U S 85 - 9 VOIC E: I just remember a [INAUDIBLE] life [INAUDIBLE] Everything went just... GURURAJ: Everything, everything. Every moment. Every moment, oh, yes. I remember that. And I can recall them at will. Just by closing my eyes I'm there and I could relive ev ery lifetime too, in a flash of a second, an entire lifetime. VOICE: I didn't see much either, but your coating seems to be a different color maybe of violet and some purple. GURURAJ: Lilac. VOICE: Lilac, yes. And when your hand turned when coming t oward me I didn't see a scar or anything, but I saw what looked like a kind of V shape, a strange shape of white, just [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: A light. Yes. Yes. VOICE: The palm of your hand was white. GURURAJ: Yes, yes. You know, that is quite a common experience with many people. I'm not conscious of doing that, really, until afterwards when they tell me that they see a light shining through. VOICE: Yes. The rest of your hand was dark, but there was a light coming from the middle. GURURAJ: The blueness you saw on my face... blue indicates vastness and what is the vastest thing we can see in the world huh, is the blue sky. Yes. Therefore you'd find... in Eastern thought where Krishna is alway s blue, and Vishnu, and Rama, and all that. That is an artist's representation to show the vastness of these personages, if we could call them personages. Good. Tomorrow morning we have to be leaving at half past eight, unfortunately. Dear Vidya was bus y on the phone the whole afternoon phoning the airways, and with the United Airline strike all our planes and flights have been... Oh, is terrible. For example, from Chicago to go to Vancouver we have to travel all over Canada before we get to Vancouver a nd Victoria. We had to make what, about five stops? Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, so with the airline strike, we have to leave early in the morning and see what flight we can manage and get on. Yes, I've got to do the course in Pennsylvania. So it will work out. No problem, no problem. The only thing we have to leave early so there

1. U S 85 - 9 COMMUNION [Several minutes of talk about lights, tape recorder, announcements, flight plans, party, etc.] VIDYA: The only other thing that we want to share with you, this was something that I noticed several years ago, and I just started doing spontaneously and I asked Gururaj if it was okay if I shared with all of you, and that's that when he comes in and st arts to do communion, he tells us just to be aware and just to look at him gently, not to start or concentrate, but just to observe. When you begin doing that, if you do gurushakti at the same time, it's really a nice experience, you know, it really conne cts you to him while he is doing communion. And... ROOPA: Do we have some questions about gurushakti? VOICE: I guess I really have no idea what it is, because to me it's just picturing Gururaj's face in front of me. VOICE: It's more intimate than ju st picturing the guru in front of you. It's more like picturing him inside you, you know, or, I mean there's a lot of different ways, but it's really feeling the connection between you and him as if there was no divisio n. VIDYA: Another way you can do i t, is just like as a mantra. This is the way I started doing it. It was like I was just thinking "Gururaj Ananda" like a mantra, very softly, and then I'd just float it away, you know, with that and forget all abo ut it. But just, you know, to begin with ... And also when there's satsangs, you know, to do the same thing... As he begins doing a satsang if you start out doing gurushakti it's just is really nice, because you're really connecting in with him at t he beginning. And it just takes you a little bit deeper, I guess, into the satsangs and into the communions. So maybe just, you know, thinking it as a mantra or just feeling like there's some energy force that's flowing, you know, between you and him, or just however it is you picture it, it's just connecting up with him. Any way that is comfortable for you to do. Yeah, so that's... and he agrees. That's fine. ROOPA: It's very relaxing too, because sometimes, especially if you haven't been to many communions, at least this was true for me, the first couple of communions I did, I'd heard so much from other people about the communion practice, that there was a lot of expectation that I was carrying into being part of it. So doing something like this, instead of having ju st the thoughts there goi ng on all the time, the way they do, like "Oh, is something going to happen, or whatever, this is it;"

9. U S 85 - 9 won't be any chance to say good byes to you. And so I say it now. Namaste. And God bless you. Meditate regularly, and hope to see you all soon on the next course. And t ry and bring more people with, if you can, even if they are not meditators. Doesn't matter. If they are here with me for these four, five days they become meditators. So bring your friends along if you can, and of course our teachers put a little more e ffort in. You know, this change of climate is giving me a bit of... ****End****


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