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2. U S 86 - 1 combination takes its true form, then you know your spiritual self. And when you know your spiritual self, you will automatically know the answer of the question, "who am I?" Now who is the "I?" Life people live is in the imaginary I. And the imaginary I is so, so limited that it can only conceive and perceive within that little scop e of its own conception and perception. But to go beyond that imaginary "I" which you now think to be real, but it is, in fact, unreality. For reality has to be complete. There should be a completeness in reality and there can be no completeness in unr eality. Can there be? It is totally illogical. So 99.9 percent of the world live in the concept of unreality, which they regard to be reality. Now what do we do? We proceed from unreality to reality. And how do we do that? Very simple, really. Just t ake away the un, and you reach reality. Now what does "un" mean? "Un" means non entity. "Un" means that you are not there. "Un" none. So you're just a bloomin bum. So once that is taken away, you will find the true essence of reality. And tha t re ality is really yourself, and not your imagined self which you at the moment are thinking is real. My beloved Laura and Jeff sitting there. Are they real? Huh? Or Frank, Gomila, Chetan, Jammu, Amita I mean the rest. Are you really real? For each word just defies each other. When you ask yourself, "am I really real," what happens in the process is this, that you are creating a doubt within yourself. And that very doubt creates the unreality. You see how simple it is. You can put the most profoundes t... (Shamiya, come here. Sit here. Namaste.). Now when you find that doubt that we spoke about about yourself, then you're doubtful. And when you have doubt, how can you be full? So the fullness of life lies in the total reality of oneself. And total reality comes from the realization that let me move away from the imaginary self which I've always thought to be real and move on to the reality of life. And that is the area where you will find that you are rid of all strife. And joy descends upon you, automatically, very automatically. For example, I might have said this in some lecture somewhere, I don't know, I do it around the world, that if you have a jug of dirty water, just put it under the tap (faucet you call it in America), and as the clean w ater pours in, the dirty water pours out. And your jug, pitcher, will be filled with clean water. So it is not a great effort at all, it is a process which is very easily done if you follow your spiritual practices regularl y. What does the word "regularly " mean. Re glue yourself to that which is given to you. Now to find happiness, to find the secret of life, is effortless and it is also difficult. Effortlessness lies in your practices. But the difficulty lies in getting down to your practices. Idiots ! Do it, do it. As I mentioned before, that all our meditators around the world, your brothers and sisters, have become so much more creative in painting and writing and various other fields because throughout these spiritual practices that are prescribe d for you, greater and greater brain cells open in you. And there's 12 billion of them. When greater and greater brain cells open in you, the more and more of the universal mind pours through you. And when the greater and greater of the universal mind p ours through you, you could capture the universal mind, depending how much

1. U S 86 - 1 LIVING IN UNREALITY GURURAJ: When I start a satsang, there are three steps involved. One is to blow my nose; the second is to pull up my pants; and the third is to utter a prayer for all of you. So nice to be with old friends and the new ones that are here. It is such a pl easure. For we are one universal family throughout the world. There are hundreds and thousands of my family that are always gathered together. They might not really know each other, but in spirit they will always be together because their spirit and all spirits [...there is?] nothing like all spirits, there's only one spirit, and they're all gathered in my heart. What greater family can you find? Minds can differ. Thoughts can differ. But the unity of the spirit never ever differs because it is totally eternal and immortal. That spirit has never had a beginning, and that spirit will never have an ending. So therefore, this is logical, therefore it will always be unending. And when you know the secret of endlessness, you will know that Jeff, Laura, Che tan, Frank, Amita, Jammu, all of you will forever exist. The bodies, of course, change name and form, which is temporary. But the true permanency lies in the spirit. And what we are trying to do is to find that spir it which will give us a sense of etern ity. Now that sense of eternity can be found through the heart, and it can also be cognized through the mechanism of the mind. Now how can it be found through the mechanism of the mind is by expansion of the mind. Where greater and greater brain cells ope n so that more and more awareness is achieved. I have found through thousands of people in the world that by developing this awareness you become more and more creative. People write to me I get a few thousand letters a month people write to me and I c ould see the difference, because I do not only read the words, I read between the lines where a greater and greater creativity is developed. Not only in words but in their art, in their lifestyles, and even in their very breaths, which is the prana, the b asis of life force. And the life force, if it is awakened, is creativity itself. So when we become more and more aware of the mechanism of the mind, we become more and more aware of ourselves. And then the real question starts: Who am I? Before that t he question "who am I?" is totally ignored. (What happened to my watch? [Chetan brings GR his] I'll borrow it for a moment, OK. Thank you, Chetanji. Before that we could never ask the question "who am I?" And yet within yourself that question remains all the time. Perhaps not consciously, but subconsciously to ask the question: Who am I? Now that question can only be answered by the development of greater awareness. And greater awareness is always accompanied by the greater awakening, opening of the h eart. So there is a beautiful combination which people don't seem to realize. That the opening of the heart is so connected to greater awareness of the mind. Now when this

3. U S 86 - 1 you do. No one can do it for you. You can't walk with my walking stick, huh. I've got to do it myself. The same principal applies to all. Can you blow my nose for me? I've got to do it myself. [sings in Sanskrit and then translates] [lines are mine. S.J.] What I've known is how mankind lives. What I've known the patternings of how they live And when I hear the way mankind lives My heart gets filled with pain. But in spite of the suffering this life's heart I've given to you. Understand, understand my friends [audience claps in rhythm with him as he claps] You see, your guru has not to be serious all the time. He will teach you the deepest philosophy of life in the most simp lest terms and yet make you laugh and smile. Good, I think that's enough for tonight. Many of you have been traveling far and you must be tired and I'm very tired too. **** END ****


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