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2. U S 86 - 13 GURURAJ: Psychics, astrologers, and others mediums is an absolute waste of time. They know nothing. An astrologer goes according to the books that has been written about and everyone has put in their thought and start their systems and methods. There's no validity in that whatsoever. A true astrologer or psychic operates more on the intuitive level. Ninety or 95 percent is intuitive. And the more highly developed the person is the more would the things which he tells you be true. Otherwise it's just making a fast buck, making a living. Then the mediums, again, there are no entities over there in the other world that is going to flow through the medium to answer the questions. They have developed some little quality of mind reading, and if you are worried about Auntie Matilda, remember Auntie Matilda is not worried about you. Because thinking about you would involve the mind state. There in the other sphere the mind is not functioning. Only the impressions are fun ctioning that would determine your next birth. I remember David Fiske, that is what his name was, and I told this to you before here or in England, he was the leader of the TM movement, and he spent about 14 months in India, mostly with the Maharishi Mahes h Yogi. I don't know why he calls himself a yogi. What does he know about yoga, the union of him and God? That's yoga. Nevertheless, he went to an astrologer, a very well known one in South Africa. And the astrologer said that you must not get married, and if you do get married your life will be unhappy and within 2 years time the marriage will break up. So he phones me. He was in Johannesburg, which is 1000 miles from Cape Town, he phones me and he says, "I must see you very urgently," because he had met a girl there in Johannesburg. Her name is Irene. So I went through his horoscope and I tore it up into 1000 pieces and threw it in the dirt box. I said, "This is all bunkum. It's nonsense. You go back to Johannesburg and propose to Irene, formally , of course, and get married." They got married, I think about 10 12 years ago now. They have a few lovely children. They migrated to Canada, and they're so very, very happy. So what validity is there in astrology? None whatsoever. So don't go in for these things. Rather go within yourself. All the answers are there and the deeper you go you'll find the answers. And this works. There again we come to that gap. While you'r e washing the dishes or whatever you want to do, you're thinking of your sister coming and that happens between the in breath and the out breath you're not aware of it where you think your sister is coming and here a second later you hear a knock on the door. And the sister's there. It's all within yourself. You do not need to consult all these other people. It's not necessary. We have some people here I would just think of a thought, "Oh it would be nice to have a cup of tea," and here, Vidya, for e xample, would be coming with a cup of tea. Or she says something. I'm just about to say something and she says it and vice versa. That happens in that gap. You just instantly know the all of it. Now, this applies to psychics, astrologers and psychics more so. Psychics are governed by an energy which we could call psychic energy. But that energy is motivated by the patterns created in their minds, and when you dig a channel the

3. U S 86 - 13 water will only flow through that channel, and not through another channe l because another channel is not there. So they develop this ability which I can teach you in three to four months. It's very easy. But it has no value at all for your spi ritual progress. You're delving within your mind all the times, and all the greate st masters like Ramakrishna and Vivekananda and so many others have always been against developing psychic powers. Because they lead you away from the real goal of life. You'll find most psychics are mentally disturbed. Because they're working on the min d level all the time. You might have read a book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, co authored and one author is [Postranda?]. I can't remember the other. They found a woman there who just by thought force, psychic force, could separate the white of the egg from the yolk or could move metal objects from one part of the table to another just by thought force. And these things are very very simple. Yesterday when we had a group, as we're going to have one today and tomorrow divide up into sm all groups, we had a chit chat about things, and yesterday the theme was psychology. Today we'll have some other theme, whatever. And we went into the various aspects of the mind. And psychic powers are not important at all. They'll muddle you more and more and more. And not only is the psychic more muddled up, but he'll muddle you more and more. And then you have the seances which is a whole lot of trickery. Black curtains around you, dim lights, and peering into the crystal ball, perhaps, or using t arot cards. It's a whole lot of rubbish. Don't go in for that. Go into the world of purity. You do not need to know what is going to happen tomorrow. That is why they go to psychics and astrologers. The newspapers that are published every day have a c olumn on horoscopes. And many people buy a paper and the first page they turn to is the horoscope page. Because they want to know. They're curious. But why? Let the day flow as it is, and be happy and you'll find a great difference. Because I have for the fun of it gone through horoscopes, and they work on certain principles which are laid out on how to write horoscopes. I found one thing, if the horoscope writer gets up on the wrong side of the bed, all those horoscopes, Scorpio and Virgo and Sagitta rius, will be negative, and if he or she gets up on the right side, they'll be bubbling and giving you hope and things like that. So they depend upon the mood of the small little person who knows nothing about a human being. And those that follow those h oroscopes are normally very insecure. Because they feel insecure they want to be reassured. So don't waste your time on newspapers if you just buy it for the horoscope. It's a waste of time and valuable money and befuddling. So stay away from these thing s. They're not worth it. Rather spend the time doing pranayama or the gap or gurushakti, and you'll find yourself feeling much much better. And as I said, I went through horoscopes written by various people and they say you're going to have a gloomy day and your lucky number is 11 and your color is blue. And it has proved all wrong. Because this person I met that day whom I seem to like very much was wearing the color red. The lucky number turned out to be a different number all together, although there are no such things as lucky numbers. Every number is lucky. It's just a whole lot of superstition as the number 13 is. An ex prime minister of South Africa was born o n the 13th. It's a pity he was not born in the 13th month or else he would not have b een there creating apartheid. The

4. U S 86 - 13 numbers of his house was 13, and everything had to do with 13. In spite of the number 13, he reached the highest post of Prime Minister of the country. So every number is a good number. And if it was not a good number all your arithmetic and mathematics would not work at all. It would all go haywire. So it's of no importance at all. It's all a waste of time. Next. AMITA: What is an avatar and how is an avatar different from an enlightened man? GURURAJ: That's a subject for a whole long talk, and I've done many, many tapes on the avatar. You should listen to some of them. An avatar, apart from being a self realized man now a self realized man, to put it very succinctly, is a person who is freed from the wheel of life and death and merges away into Divinity like a drop of water merging away into the ocean. While the avatara, who is also totally self realized and lord of the universe, he sits on the fence all the time. Because he cares for the entire universe, he sits on the fence. He can go over this way and go and merge away into Divinity, but be does not. And the avatara come down to this planet, for example, to help humanity. And he is born a self realized man, although having the body it takes him time t o realize who he is. Therefore, all the greatest teachers, the greatest masters like Jesus and Buddha and Krishna only come to realize who they are after the age of 30. Gurunaneka and all of them. Now the avatara is called onto this earth by you. There are certain emanations of you know a person has a radiation, a city, a town, a village has its own radiation, the world has its own radiation; and that radiation, when it is imbalanced, assumes the form of a human being and is there to help humanity to gu ide them according to the times that they are born in. And all the basic truths are the same but they put it forth for the times. In Jesus' time he said believe in the Father in Heaven. Now. he was speaking to the peasants who would not understand deepe r philosophies or the mechanics that are involved. He would teach "believe." Today if you tell a person to believe he won't believe at all. Today the person requires experience. So that same avatar, who is the embodiment of all consciousness, takes on a human form. Because it is only through the human form that he could be in contact with human beings. Therefore, the true avatars make themselves very, very normal, very ordinary. It is only the bogus ones that want to stay upon a pedestal, untouchable. No, Christ used to mix around with the moneylenders and he used to go to the inns and drink and cohort with all sorts of lowly people including prostitutes and what have you. Very ordinary. Krishna had 1600 gopis and 16,000 wives but he was an avatara. So at that time there was a polygamist community so it was nothing wrong at all. And of course these laws that we adhere to, these conventions are only man made, it is not God made. But they are beyond convention.

5. U S 86 - 13 So the greatest suffering of the avat ara is to get away from the vastness that he is and embody himself in this little body for the purpose of helping humanity, and therefore the avatara is called a savior. He doesn't save you by swirling a magic wand, no, but he teaches you to realize yours elf. That's what he does. And him possessing that higher ability he would do many things that would seem miraculous. But it's no miracle at all. Because he has a full understanding of the subtler forces of nature and he utilizes them. And they can be u tilized by everyone, but everyone has not reached that stage to know how to utilize those subtler forces. We see it in science with all these various inventions, and as they progress further and further in technology, they find deeper and deeper truths. As far as their work is concerned. The avatar knows all the truths, and he would act according to the person. And many times his actions are such that his life is an example of how you can become ordinary. And they show themselves to be very ordinary so that you don't fear them, you love them. You would say, "He's one of us." He becomes one of you, yet he is still not of this world. He is of another world that embraces the entire universe. That is an avatara. You might find him having a few shots of s cotch too many. That does not detract him or his spiritual power or force. He might scold you very badly but he knows what he's doing. There is an old saying that if you have a thorn in your foot use another thorn to take out that thorn and then throw th em both away. He is a person that is not ever effected by any karma. Not at all. He can do anything he likes and there's no karma involved. Because he is a realized being and a realized being can do anything and there is no karma, there are no samskara s at all left there. That is an avatara. And he always looks at everything with one eye. That means he has the sameness of vision. He does not say "Oh, this is a wealthy man and this is a poor man, and this a lowly person spiritually and this a highly d eveloped one." To him everyone is the same because he recognizes himself, who he is divine, and he recognizes the Divinity that is within each and everyone. That is the avatar. The Gita says when evil arises or the world is imbalanced, I come from age to age. And the next time I said this in England and perhaps in America the next time the avatara would take birth would be 6000 years from now. He is here now. He'll come back in 6000 years again to build up society again because society, the world, th e tendency, the trend is such that the world is leading to destruction. With all these various researches that are going on the world will destroy itself and there is a great calamity coming on about the year 2050. So he's here now to try and avert that calamity. He's here to implant deeper and deeper love into the hearts of man so that they would not use the technology that they've learned for destruction; because of the love within them they'd use it for construction rather than destruction. So he co mes and he goes and he's present everywhere at the same time. The fragrance of the flower is not just here where the table is. But the fragrant flower extends its fragrance to a very vast area although the flower is smelling so

6. U S 86 - 13 beautiful here with its fr agrance, but the person on the other side of the room can also smell it. So he's everywhere. He's a universal being. And he just encapsules himself for the times. To help humanity. So therefore the true avatara is always filled with love and compassio n. Discrimination is good until a certain stage where it leads you to a certain point. After that you even go beyond discrimination because discrimination naturally applies to duality. You discriminate. But he is even beyond discrimination, for everythi ng is one to him. He loves the murderers as much as he loves the saint. To him all is just one. That is an avatara in short. Try and get some of the tapes. I've made many tapes on the avatara, his behavior, the pattern he lives in, his purpose for comi ng, and how he has to go through all the various worlds to reach you here. Listen to those tapes. I'm sure we have some in the American library, the English library, the Danish library, and all over. Next. JAMMU: I was reading Autobiography Of a Yogi. There was an interesting section that the Ages of Materialism, according to Hindu belief, began in the latest cycle around 3000 B.C. How long will the Age of Materialism last and what are the other elements that in other words materialism will be follo wed by something else and so on and so forth. Can you tell us what these other predominant influences will be in the future? GURURAJ: We first had materialism where people were only involved in materialistic things which their senses could perceive. So there we had the river gods and the mountain gods, and the tree gods and things like that primitive man. And then as man progressed further, you had psychomaterialism where they found which of course ancient seers knew all the time that the mind is just but a continuum of the physical gross body, and the mind is also body which is more subtler. And the next step would be the spiritual side of materialism. And that is what I teach about. If you can come to realize that even what you call materialis m I call spiritualism, what you call spiritualism I call materialism because I find no difference there at all. That is a matter of realization and that is the next step for humanity. Where they will find that everything is spiritual. If Divinity is omni present, then everything has to be spiritual, everything has to be divine. Then no differentiation would exist at all. Worship this piece of wood there knowing that the molecular structure, as I've said befor e, is the same as the molecular structure withi n you. So differentiation ceases to find that oneness. Now I do not say that this will come about overnight for all people. It has never been so. But there is a greater and greater majority of people, more so today, who are led onto the spiritual path t o find that spiritual materialism. You see. Because in the modern age people have gone so far out in materialism that they've reached a wall, and now they're turning more and more inward. They're trying to go more and more beyond the machinations of the human mind. And

7. U S 86 - 13 they know, instinctively perhaps, that there is something far beyond all that we see. Because our sight and our senses are limited only to things that are tangible. There is a force, there is a power, that is not tangible to the senses, but realizable. And that is the transformation which comes about in true seekers that has that inkling like you all that there is something beyond the material value of life. And the more one realizes that, the more it starts permeating oneself, and eve rything you do becomes spiritual. So that is how the world would find a certain amount of progress. It has been very slow in the past ages, at the time of Buddha, Krishna, Christ, and all those guys. It has been very slow. But with the expansion of the human mind developing a greater intelligence and we can see today how it has developed more its intellectual faculties that they could very, very easily slip into the realm of spirituality and regard even all materiality to be spiritual. Then there's jus t the expression left, and the expression is always in the form of love. That indefinable thing which is called love. The electromagnetism that flows between two people that requires no explanation. People have a habit of saying it's a good habit, a goo d affirmation of saying I love you, and the man says "I love you too, darling." A verbal expression. And sometimes a verbal expression is very empty. But just a look, just a glance can convey so much more of that feeling that wells up within you. And the electromagnetism or the chemical reaction that is produced can never be produced by words alone. When I love people, and I love everyone, I just melt into them. It's only for their sake of understanding that I would say "I love you." Not even necess ary to say that when you're melted away into people. Where they become you and you become them. And many you know the word Hindu when the Persians invaded the Indus Valley, they in Persia the word H it's not like the Americans where herb is called erb don't know why you drop your H's, but it's herb in English. When I say herb tea erb tea so w hen these Persians and people from the middle East invaded India, they entered through the Indus Valley, and that was the best place to enter because there was a confluence of various rivers. Water was plentiful. They stabilized the area because where th ere is water instead of being nomadic they settled there and started growing things and they became a stable community. All the people that lived on the other side of the Indus and they couldn't say Indus being used to using an H, and so they called them Hindus. Now what would be very nice is to take all those Hindus and dump them into the Indus. So various theories have been formed. If you read the Puranas some of those stories are even worse than the stories in the Bible. So, means nothing really. But the underlying truths depending on your perception, depending upon on your understanding, how you can interpret them that is important. So everything is spiritual. Everything has that divine energy. When I say spiritual I mean that unseen, divine energ y, and there are gradations of it, grosser and subtler, until you reach

8. U S 86 - 13 the subtlest form of energy and you become the subtlety itself. And then all things are guided by the recognition and assimilation of those subtle energies. That's what it is. Next. with the beekeeper. He says, "How are your bees doing?" He says, "Well, they haven't produced too much honey this year, but one thing that was good, one of the bees stung my mother in law." SUTRIYA: Beloved Guruji, how much familiarity with our samskar as do we have to have before they merge into their elements GURURAJ: You must have no familiarity with your samskaras. The less you know of them the better. If you have a sore festering on your foot, the more you ignore it the better it is. But you're still keeping on the balm of positivity to rid the sore on your foot. Because man could never fathom the depths of your samskaras. They're gathered there through millions and millions of years, billions of years, in the process of evolution of which you are the final product today up to now. So the less we know of them the better. But we can see them in our active life, in our activity in life. How we treat things, or the attitudes we have on things, why one likes strawberry jam and the other likes ap ricot jam. That type of thing. So, as it exhibits itself, the more do we try to know what makes me like strawberry jam. So it would only be the outer expression of those samskaras that could make us think about altering our habit style. And the samskar as which, in the first place, make us do certain things will automatically disappear and evaporate. [END SIDE ONE] We always say if the room is dark we don't try and analyze the darkness, we just switch on the light. Because samskaras are in the nethe rfield, they are in the dark. We put on the light, we don't analyze darkness. For what is dark? There's no such thing as darkness as far as the spiritual self is concerned. There is no darkness. The only thing is let the flood of the light of spiritua lity overcome that which is dark the dark forces of negative energies that are there. But primarily positive energies and negative energies have that affinity. They are the same because all opposites are true, it's just a different way of using them. So there is, in reality, no darkness. Everything is light. It is only when we pull the veils across our minds, we close the curtains for the light not to come through, that we find the room to be dark. But if we, through spiritual practices, open t he curta in, the light will shine through in its full splendor. So the light is there and darkness is an illusion produced by the absence of light. And yet, what happens to the darkness? It does not disappear. It is just overcome by the light, the ligh t being m ore powerful overcomes the darkness. But as soon as you switch off the light, the darkness is there. So darkness also has its own permanency as light has its own permanency, because darkness is just the reverse side of the coin. It is all there. Everyth ing is indestructible, everything is permanent. Both has its own peculiar brand of

9. U S 86 - 13 permanencies, both indestructible. Remove the one and the other is there, remove the other and the other one is there. That is where we come to the theories of rajas, tama s, and sattva. Tamas, inertia, darkness; and sattva, light. It does not mean you destroy tamas darkness. It only means that you merge the darkness into sattva, which is light. Or the other way around, whichever you prefer. Sattva overcoming the darkne ss, but that does not rid oneself of the tamas. So through good thoughts, good action, you allow the light to permeate our lives more, instead of the darkness permeating. And every light must have its counterpart in darkness. For example, if you have a c lay lamp as is used in India, in any lamp, the flame is shining, but under the lamp there would be darkness and yet the light is shining all around the lamp. The darkness is there. Darkness is a shadow, for without light there would not be a shadow. So light creates darkness and darkness must be overcome by the light if we allow it to infiltrate. So most of you know photography. I do not. I have some little idea watching people do things. And some cameras when you photograph a person with a straight light, you'll find a shadow at the back. But then you have another camera, or on the same camera you install another light that focuses the flash upward, and then you have the light on the person's face. Right. Now that light that shines upward in that corner takes away the shadow. And you find the person that's what we did in films when I produced films and directed films. So now that other lamp is your spiritual practices that takes away the darkness. The one spot there will naturally create the s hadow behind you. But if you have that other light flickering or shooting at the same time, the flash, then in that photograph you won't see the shadow. That's how it works. Next. You know, there was this chap who started selling peanuts. And he did well in his job selling peanuts, he really put some salt into it, so was promoted to sell salted peanuts. ROOPA: Guruji, where is the human mind located? GURURAJ: While you're down there, just have a look at your big toe. ROOPA: I should stop stubbing it in that case. GURURAJ: The human mind, or as we know it to be the individual mind, which is a bit of a fallacy, but that's a different subject. The human mind is located all over you in every cell of your body. It has no particular location. The only reason why we associate it to this organ up here called the brain is that the brain is the most sensitive part of one's being. Therefore, it is so well protected being so sensitive. Firstly, it swims around in a whole lot of water, and then it has a t hin

10. U S 86 - 13 skull. And to be able to understand the brain one has to thin the skull a bit. And of course it's a common saying that someone has a thick skull. Perhaps their brains require more protection. So the human mind, individual mind, is located in every ce ll of your body. And that allows the motor nerves, etc to function. If you have a pain in the leg it sends a message to the brain which recognizes it and sends the message back to say it is pain. Now the brain, being more sensitive, has the ability to sen d back the message. Meanwhile, the spot that is hurt also has a mind or else it won't be able to send the message. So the mind is situated in every part of yourself. It's a wholeness. You cannot put it in one section only. For example, you'd say in w hich part of your body is the spirit. It permeates your entire body, as the mind does. For the mind is only a manifestation of the spirit. Then you find some religions, like certain yogic practices of the Hindus, where they say it is the spirit is in t he shape and the size of the thumb and it's just there at your heart. They say that's where the spirit is. Size of a thumb. Now, of course, it's totally wrong, but there's a purpose behind it. The purpose was this, that it would help you to concentrate. That it would help you to concentrate. In your tratak we use a candle, but you can do tratak on a flower. And with me things I miss looking at the flower with open eyes I can see those details with closed eyes. The details which you have missed with open eyes. Because the open eyes are limited, while if you go beyond the eyes to the higher area of the ajna chakra, then you get a fuller, a more complete view of the flower. So this was done primarily as a means for concentration. That it's the size of a thumb and so you focus your mind on the size of a thumb. Lit up. That's all it is. So many of these myths and mythologies have certain meanings. Like Shiva, the dissolver. Of course everything, the entire universe, dissolves. You get pulled back int o the black hole and then when it fills up and fills up in Sanskrit it's called pralay, where all the gunas are at equilibrium. And then within that seeming equilibrium there is this fine current which develops, becoming grosser and grosser and more and more and then that bursts. There's your Big Bang. Another universe is formed, for the universe works in cycles all the time. Now coming back to Shiva. In Shiva's temples you have the Shiva Linga. Linga means the male organ. And the receptacle of the Shiva is in the shape Murray has seen all this when he traveled in India is the shape of a woman's sexual organ and the linga is embedded there. Now this does not mean sex at all. This means the oneness of the male and the female and how complementary they are to each other. So the orthodox Hindus that know no better, they go and cool down the linga, the male organ by pouring yogurt [dahi?] as it's called in Sanskrit over it to cool it down. There's a whole legend behind it. It's very amusing real ly, that Shiva's linga is so powerful that nothing could sustain it. So his consort had to send down her yoni. We'll use Sanskrit words, OK, to be able to catch it. Because nothing could sustain it. And in the Shiva temples you have the linga Murray, right, and people worship that. So originally it started off as the deity

11. U S 86 - 13 of fertility. And then of course the other theories come along because Shavism I know about shaving, not about Shiva come along. There are many aspects to Shavism. It's also f ertility and it's also the dissolver of the universe. Mind you, the two do match because what comes out of the linga has to dissolve into the yoni. For fertility. If you study religious histories and things you'll find it very amusing. There are deep me anings to it for those who can really understand the depths. Because every mythology like Jungian images and shapes and what have you that's supposed to describe something, mental patternings and things. The same thing with mythology. Deep truths. But people nowadays take things very literally. For example, Christianity is based on three things: crucifixion, immaculate conception, and the resurrection. And none of those three can be proven. Immaculate conception is it possible? Crucifixion also has its doubts, and resurrection also. It means something different than what is taken literally. One day we'll talk about it. I have made a few tapes on that you can get. What they really mean. But people do take things very very literally because of thei r understanding, because of their limitations. Good. Next. So this fellow was on the platform to give a speech, so his friend asked and then he fell down on the platform giving his speech, so this fellow asked was he hurt. He says no, he wasn't hurt because the rope around his neck broke the fall. MURRAY: Why am I so afraid to die? GURURAJ: Death is the thing that should be least feared. The reason why people fear death primarily, there are secondary reasons as well, primarily is this that they do not want to lose their individuality. They would prefer th e crumbs of bread of one's personal individuality instead of losing it in the vast king's feast. So the primary reason is not wanting to lose one's individuality. In other words, they think they fear annihilation, although in reality they are not annihil ated at all. Because their spiritual self is forever eternal and immortal. Then again, people form attachments and they do not want to lose if they die they lose all their things that they're attached to, their children, their wives, their furniture, th eir mansion, their cars. They've worked so hard to make fortunes and they don't want to lose that. So they fear death because by death they're going to lose all that. So those are some of the basic causes of why people fear death and yet death is so so b eautiful I've died a million times you can ask any coward he'll tell you that. I've died a million times, not cowardly but intentionally, to see what the experience is. It's so easy. You just stop your breath and there you go. Goodbye. But you must have the ability to bring your breath back so you exist in the body. To do the work you have to do. So death is not to be feared, it's to be welcomed. It's a pleasant, pleasant experience. Oh yes. People think it is painfu l. It is not. Birth is more painful than death. A child does not get any trauma. That's what modern psychologists will tell you, that the birth was traumatic and therefore they suffer of this and they suffer of that. It's not so. Because the baby

12. U S 86 - 13 has not developed that consciousn ess as yet to know of traumas. Birth is never traumatic. It's traumatic for the mother perhaps, yes. But not for the child. Because she goes through labor pains. But that trauma is soon overcome when she holds the baby in her hands and feels totally ha ppy. And all those labor pains are forgotten. Because if they were not forgotten they would not pine to have another baby soon. Do you see. [laughter] They do that. I know of women that have 3 or 4 children and they would like to have another child. And one or two of them have been bold enough to ask me, "Won't you help me." [laughter] We don't want too many gods around this world. No. So it's not to be feared at all. In any case, to be afraid is just a mental concoction because the real self w ithin you knows of no fear. And yet all the religions and theologies tell you to be fearless. And they are the ones that implant more fear in you. And yet on the other hand they tell you be fearless, have courage. That's how all the churches and organize d religions were established. When they couldn't win you with love they instilled fear in you of eternal damnation. So they kept you there. Business. Beezness. Nothing to fear at all. It's a lovely transition. And I think you should be happy because you'll be throwing away the old suit and getting a new suit. And that's your real birthday present when you get born again. See. The organs, as everything else, do decay; birth, decay, and death is inevitably there. And that was the reason Buddha, for example, was kept in his royal palaces and he had the best of the best. Because when he was born some astrologer said that this man will conquer the world or he'll become a spiritual giant. So the father and mother did not want him to become a spiritual g iant, but, being a king, he wanted his son to become the emperor of the world. So he kept him in all the pleasures, sensual pleasures, etc, and one day Buddha escaped out of the royal gardens and saw an old man age, saw a sick man, saw a corpse. And saw little children, birth, decay, sickness and death, and he wanted to find the answer. That is why he renounced, in the middle of the night while his wife was sleeping and his little baby, he just walked out. And his friends accompanied him to the edge of the city and discarded his royal robes and went off in the forest to meditate to find the secret of birth, decay and death. And he found that there is no birth, there's no decay, ther e's no death. Everything gets worn and so the body must also wear out. It's a natural phenomenon. It has to wear out. It gets old and then you die and take on a new body which is fresh and gives you another opportunity to come back to school again and learn more. So death is something to be loved, something to be welcome d, never to be feared. This one fellow died and went to the Pearly Gates. They asked him what his name was. So of course they have computers at the Pearly Gates now as well, so St. Peter pressed the buttons and he says, "Sorry, we can't find your name her e. Perhaps you belong to the other side. You're in the wrong place. He says, "No, no, no, Your Holiness. I've lived a good life. I've never done anyone any harm. I've never thought a bad thought of anyone. I've always been generous and charitable. I used to help people and I've lived a really good life. Could you please check again." So St. Peter felt sorry for him so he went to the big computer and checked him there. So he found his name. And St. Peter comes back and

1. U S 86 - 13 RAPID FIRE SHAMIYA: Will you explain the gap technique? I was taught that it was the space between the in breath and the out breath. Ther e seems to be a confusion that it is also is the space between the out breath and the in breath. GURURAJ: Yes, that is very true, that there definitely is a space between the in breath and the out breath. When you breathe in, there is that momentary si lence there because before you breathe out there is a momentary silence there before you breathe in. It works like that all the time. Now you must have seen a grandfather clock that has the pendulum swinging. But did you know that when the pendulum reac hes the right, there is a momentary gap, a momentary stop before it reaches back to the left? There's a momentary stop there. Good. Now the whole idea is with a bit of practice you will find it easy and you do not need to sit down for that . Even duri ng your waking state you can notice that gap between the in breath and the out breath, and when you notice the gap, you become totally centered within yourself because your self is a gap that divides up the vital forces within you, that makes the body func tion. And when the vital forces are not there, then you are centered within yourself. In other words, you are centered in Divinity. So just take note of that and with a bit of practice you will notice the gap. Now this does not mean that you must brea the in and try and look for it. It is there all the time. It's the recognition of that. And you'll find a very cool calmness c ome over you in that second because that very little pause that comes to your cognition is the realization of that force and po wer within you from which everything else originates. And that is the whole theory behind finding the gap. Some people catch on to it immediately. Some take a bit longer. But the gap is definitely there. It stills the mind momentarily . And that is al l that you need. If you want to get shocked you don't need to hold the two live wires together in your hands for two hours before getting shocked. You get shocked immediately. So that second is so important. That second is a moment of eternity where yo u are totally within yourself. It reminds me of a story when we talk about shock. So John says to Jack that when your mother in law was shocked of course this happened when they reached the other side when your mother in law died, weren't you really sh ocked. So John replies, "No, I was not shocked, I was electrocuted." [laughter] Good. Next. See, the gap is something to experience. Oh, Terry, you've got a job today, huh? CHRIS: Would you speak about the practice of consulting with psychics, astrolog ers, and other spiritual mediums.

13. U S 86 - 13 told him, "The big computer sa ys you are due here at this place, but in another three years time. Not now. So you'll have to go back down there to earth. But first tell me one thing, who was your doctor?" [laughter] Yes. And this other chap he was in hospital and of course the doc tors had to work on him and of course they had those curtains that they draw around the patient's bed you have it here, huh? And when this chap came to, he saw the curtains wrapped around him. So he asks the nurse, "Why did you pull all these curtains a round me?" So she says that opposite the road there was a big fire going on and the flames could be seen through the window so therefore we pulled these curtains so that you might not think you were in the other place. [laughter] Oh, is it time? Quarter to one. Ok. Fine. ...this brother was such a fellow that all the girls ate out of his hands. He was a waiter. **** END ****


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