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2. U S 86 - 16 There are many facets to reality. Some might find something to be real and others, other things to be more real. And yet, the real reality would seem intangible to all, and yet it is the most tan gible thing because it is the source of all phenomena and we regard phenomena to be tangible. It is in a way tangible to you because you view it through the limitations of your thinking mind, through your intellect, through the various kinds of logic that has been devised. But there's always another logic, an opposing logic that could deny the previous logic. Do you see. So then, as I said, the real suffering of avataras is the suffering that they see around them. Those that enjoy very very few, that h ave gained that inner sight, not the outer eyes because the outer eyes can look at one object at different times and see it very differently. It's changing, changing, changing. And yet, amidst all the changefulness they do not take heed of that which is changeless. And it is only the permanent self that is real. How far did I go? Just there. Because the whole universe is contained there. All that which we call divine is contained there. Though the journey seemed long, but it is so short. It is near at hand. It will always be near at hand, and you will discover it yourself. You must. The tragedy is this. That people don't cognize things that are so near at hand, but they have recognition of the things that are far away from them. They won't see t he beauty of the ant or the worm crawling on the floor there. But they will see beyond and look at the mountains which are so far away there, though they are beautiful too. So the tendency of mankind is to look at things just as far as their eyes can se e, that is the point. But there's something much further away. And the paradox is this, that it's so near. So to repeat again, the greatest suffering of a man of spirit , like Krishna, Christ, Buddha, Mahavera, Zoroaster, they had that vision. They could see far away, and see not only the real self within them and the real self within everything, but they actually merge into the real self where no duality exists . That is commonly termed self realization or salvation. The root of the word salvation is to be saved. You do not need to be saved. You're saved already. You're saved already as you are sitting there. But what has to be saved is that mind that befuddles you. That is the part that has to be rescued in this vast ocean of existence. And when yo u stand on the seashore with your feet firmly planted on the ground and you see all these people drowning there in the sea, they can swim. It's inherent in them to swim. But because of the tensions and tribulations they fail to swim and they sink and suf fer. Do you see? You can never swim if you do not bring your body to a certain state of relaxation. Then you stay above water and not sink and you reach the seashore. You reach from illusion to reality. In this state of samadhi, nirvikalpa samadhi, it is said by Ramakrishna that if you stay in that state for more than 21 days, your entire body will disintegrate. It is indeed so. So therefore, there is a mechanism that saves you so that you don't rush into it. You do it by gradual steps. For example, if someone wants to eat very strong food, he does not start eating strong food all at once. But little by little, gradually he puts in some more and more spices or chilies until he can eat the strong food he wants to eat. That is the process of

3. U S 86 - 16 evolutio n. You see? Many of the illnesses that people seem to think of are very imaginary. And through meditation and spiritual practices you'll find them disappearing. You have hypochondriacs, huh? Many people suffer of illusory illnesses that are not really there. But by the constant thought of these illnesses they do suffer of them psychosomatic illnesses. Thoughts of the mind being interpreted through the physical organs. Good. Now let us talk of any experiences you had so that I could explain them to y ou what they mean. [To chela] I'm so glad you came. You have climbed the mountains. And these children of mine, I'm glad you came. But it would be nice if you could come to the whole course. It's a different atmosphere being created. And you bathe th ese cool waters on a very hot day, and vice versa. Good. Anyone have any experiences just now? Ladies first, huh. Ladies are the goddesses. Without them, men would not be in existence. FRANCIS: First I saw you as a Chinese man. Then you almost looked like George Washington. Then I saw you as a woman. GURURAJ: [He talks, but no sound.] Everyone has a bit of a man and woman in them. [inaudible] The woman has the ability to be kind, patient, compassionate, or else she won't be able to raise the c hild. While the man is the aggressor, the hunter, the breadwinner. But the woman is the bread maker. She bakes it and he only brings home the flour, the dough. FRANCIS: Then I saw you as an elderly Indian. [Inaudible] GURURAJ: That your mind went t hrough deeper and deeper layers where you find the cognitive ability to go into the other person's existence. Because the deeper layers of the mind does not tell you untruth. Because the energy that was brought into the hall has helped you to go deep int o that deeper layers of the mind and thereby you start knowing. Very good. Next. JAMMU: I was conscious of a lot of energy coming from you. And after experiencing this for awhile, I allowed my mind to contemplate how this could come through you and here you have the mind around you, the physical body and suddenly you're emanating thi s incredible amount of energy. As soon as I had that thought, I began to see a planet within your chest area. I don't know if that's where you hang out in between lives or where this energy comes from. I saw it the remainder of your experience. It was golden orange I don't know whether it had a ring around it like Saturn or not. And

4. U S 86 - 16 the other thing was that toward the end of communion all this energy, I don't know if it was the same type. I think it was a different type, suddenly you hauled it all bac k in, I thought, "What's happening." You've given and you're taking it away. GURURAJ: You see, when you are in deep communion with God then naturally that divine energy must flow out, and I am just a channel, as I've said many times, like a flute. He d oes the blowing and the flute gives off the beautiful music for the world to enjoy. So the energy you felt was that divine energy. The planet you spoke of, not having seen the universe, you represented it as a planet. And the golden colors you saw, that 's the emanation. Beautiful. Nice. [To Joy] You're feeling much better and calmer now. SHAMIYA: I saw also many many people that would change all the time like the other people were explaining. And a lot of light, sort of golden and sometimes very fa r outside of you, as far as the wall. And sometimes you became a negative. [Inaudible] Then there was a moment where I became very warm and then there was a moment where I became you. I was merging into you, but then I caught it with my mind and it wou ld go away. GURURAJ: That divine energy is abstract and the human mind or body could never comprehend that which is abstract. So a medium, a focal point, a person that is very close to God is found and you merge within that person and the Bible says th e same thing. Krishna in the Gita says the same thing. That you reach the Father through me. In other words, there were focal points through which you realize that consciousness. The pure consciousness which is Divinity. Very good. Beautiful. MARGARE TTE: I saw a lot of different faces. The Chinese face, the Indian face, even my grandfather's face. And I haven't thought about my grandfather for a long time. He was a nice person. A lot of golden light. But most surprising thing was when I could se e right through you. You were there, but I could see right through you, I could see the bricks right through you. GURURAJ: Very good experience. You also, as I explained earlier, that one can take because of this radiating energy in the hall one can take the mind into the deeper, deeper layers of the mind. For example, your cognition never came from the surface conscious mind. But even beyond the subconscious mind you, you touched the layer of the superconscious mind and that is where your perceptio n took place of the varied faces and things of the lives I have gone through before and of the different kinds of things as far as human beings are concerned. And the light you saw, the transparency you saw, is because of purity where you can see right th rough a person who is pure. So from that superconscious level you

5. U S 86 - 16 see right through a person. Because when the glass is clean you can see everything outside, and when the glass is dirty you don't see much outside. If you pull the blinds you don't see mu ch. So that is a very good experience that you have reached. I mean for the moment, may it become permanent with regular practice of meditation, where you could see beyond what the normal eyes could see. You also unfathomed the veils of illusion and saw how transparent it is which has no substance. And you saw the reality. And the light you saw around us is the light of Divinity. Very good. GURURAJ: Yes, Ramuji. RAMU: Guruji, my experiences were quite like the others have described except that I s aw something different this time, which was a large face that seemed to materialize behind you. GURURAJ: Seeing me in the physical form, so naturally the interpretation would be in the physical form of that face. Right. But the larger face you saw tha t was there behind me was the spiritual self of me. When you take water and you pour it into a square jug it assumes a square shape. If you pour water into a round jug it assumes the shape of roundness or any shape you pour it into. So you saw my face a nd a larger face like mine behind me. And that which you saw which is much larger is the spiritual self of me. Very good perception. PASHYA: At first your face just looked like it puffed up. And then there was a fogginess and everything looked as if i t was in a fog. [Inaudible] Then there was, after you were gone for awhile, a roundish sensation on this side of my head and then a pain in the lower part of my back. GURURAJ: That means that that nerve center at the lower part of the back, which among the Hindu are called chakras, chakra means a wheel. Actually it's a vortex of energy. That which you found at the lower part of your back which is the swadhishthana chakra, and it was rising up here to the medulla the stem of the brain. So a great clar ity has occurred between the pipeline to reach the brain area for greater perception and greater recognition. So it's a very good experience really, and you'll find as you meditate more, that experience you had here at the medulla oblongata will move forw ard to the ajna chakra with some practice, and then you will perceive things more and more. But the vortexes of energies which are called chakras are being awakened. That's important. You don't need to say anything, because you see it all the time, Roopa . Any more?

6. U S 86 - 16 TERRY: Guruji, I also saw your face change. I saw the face of Buddha and of Christ and I saw your head disappear and then I also saw your body disappear and it would go in and out as I would focus and lose focus. And that happened througho ut the whole experience. GURURAJ: You see, you have to connect downstairs to reach upstairs. That's a very good experience. First the head disappearing and then the body disappearing. What that means is that you saw the phenomenal value of life to b e valueless. Therefore you saw the concrete body just disappearing. Now with that, did you not have a sensation of me rising up? That is quite natural. That is proper levitation, not the false $1000 a time levitation. That is perceived by t he inner ey e. Very good. Very good. And seeing the different faces also has a different meaning. It's not only the lives that I have been through, but you are forming a unity within yourself of all the faces of humanity around you. That is what we are after. Th at is part of what I spoke of during the week of the unified field theory where you start off with objects that are nearby and you go deeper. And there lies the unity consciousness. The unified field theory which of course Newton never got very far ahead with, but he did admit there was something far greater than that. [To Joy]: Don't you feel warmer inside? Yes, because you're sitting next to me. You're sitting next to fire to burn away a ll your problems. Sixteen of them. If you're near a fire you got to burn. Many people are shy to stand up and speak. I know that too well. But do remember one thing, that all of you have been touched by the hand of God, by that divine energy that poured through me because I was in communion with Divinity. And some people have a delayed reaction and some people have an immediate reaction. But you will find in the next day or two or week or two you will find something. You will definitely find something coming your way, so to say. Something good. Something really good. How many of you found a deep calm and peace within you? N early everyone. Yes. Because being in communion, I, the real I, the energy is pouring into you producing that peace and calm which everyone so much desires. Doesn't everyone want peace and calm? Because that is what brings happiness to people. Because a turbulent mind, a miserable mind, could never feel peaceful. So peace and calm are synonymous with joy and happiness. How many of you saw the gold around me? Yes. Very good. Quite a number. Any lilac? Good. Green? Anyone? No. That's good. Blac k? Un hum. You know why? [To Iris]: Stop. Go and bury those crystals and stones. They are all damn nonsense. And I can prove it to you. Bring me one stone here now and I'll melt it with a touch. Yes. I'll show you. Don't waste all your petrol and time. Rather sit down and do meditation. I can be hard as rocks sometimes. Burying those rocks at those Indian cemeteries and what have

7. U S 86 - 16 you. Nonsense. Stop it. It's not going to do you any good in the end, Iris. I love you. You know that. As I love all. Take this admonition from me, and you're still free to go your way. I don't tie anyone down. A nice little melody, Tex, is germinating in your mind at the moment. I can see it. Germinating there. Give it some time t o grow, give it some impetus , you know. Give it a helping hand. You got to water the seed, give it... Ask Mom McDonald over there. Mom McDonald had a farm, eeeiieeio. She will tell you. She's a wonderful gardener. She loves all her plants and her tomatoes. She loves them so muc h. I remember when I stayed there, every day I saw her watching two tomatoes on the window sill. I'm aware of everything even if you don't say it, and watching the color go redder and redder in the sun. So she will tell you, when you plant the seed you' ve got to water it, fertilize it. But start germinating a lovely melody. Even of course your half section, because there's no difference between the two of you, really you are one except when you have a bit of a squabble you think no, but it's not so. Y a. Anyone else to say something? Ah, Madhu. Madhu means nectar, honey. The sweetest of the sweetest. MADHU: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: Ramchandra. And of course you could either call him Ram or Ramu, which is affectionate. I don't like you to call me G ururaj, it's too formal. Rather Guruji. Right. Chandra means the moon and Ram means beautiful, the beautiful moon. So don't get looney. MADHU: [Inaudible] Well, I saw a number of things, but what stood out most is that you were just pure love. It's hard to describe, but the essence of you was just pure love. GURURAJ: If anyone could ever define love then be sure you would be able to define God. Love can be experienced but not defined. Because once you put a definition to it you are limiting it. For love is limitless and therefore beyond definition, but it is experienceable, and when you merge into that love you become limitless too. You embrace the entire universe. As I said in some talk somewhere, if someone asks me, "Do you love me?" I say "No, because I am love." I don't need to love if you are love. But people say he's a loving fellow. He loves and he love and he loves. That's my dharma in life. And it's a spontaneous radiation that flows from you without trying to do anything. Just there. And all of you are capable of that. I'm nothing unique, I mean in that sense. All of you are capable of that infinite love. Just do your practices regularly and you will start becoming more and more loveable until you reach the stage where you be come love. The

8. U S 86 - 16 essence of all existence. As a matter of fact, everything you do in life is because of love. Everything. Even in its lowes t form. Every act you perform is because of love and not because of hate. Hate is only love turned upside down. H ate is only when love falls flat on its face. That's all. It's the same thing, same essence, same energy. When you go to the toilet you're also doing that because of love for your body. You're trying to relieve whatever there is. When one really lives t hat love and feels it then you have the sunny side up. Yes. Like the egg, you want the yellow on top. Don't want to flip it around. That is what it is. Love me more. Recognize that love in me more and more until you become that love yourself. You will . Seeing that you are the nectar of life, Madhu, you will. You must. Good. Anyone else? Ah, our dear Chetanji. When he goes through these experiences his eyes are always filled with tears because of that deep devotion. There's one of two people I've met that will never take birth on this earth again. They've reached the stage where they will merge into Nirvana. Chetanji and Nirmala. Roopa's mother. You all know her, huh? And there are others that have progressed on the path a lot. And in the pas t 10 12 years since I've started going around the world seeing people, I could see the wonderful progress they have made. Their faces have become so much softer, there is a greater glow, there's a depth of feeling, there's an intensity there. There is al so, apart from the intensity, a tendency as if they want to jump out of themselves, jump out of the rut and find that freedom, that beautiful freedom which we spoke about this week. Anything else you'd like me to talk about? ROOPA: Midnight special. GU RURAJ: Oh, yes. Now this I've done in all the countries I visit and I think I've done it in America. Good. Now tonight start meditating at twenty to 12, quarter to 12 in your own rooms and I will be meditating in my room. And you will have an experien ce. Either you'll see me or you'll see light. Look, I don't want to tell you, I don't want to influence your mind. Tomorrow you can tell about the experience you had. One thing to prove is this, that I can be thousands of miles away and yet I'm still wi th you. That's what people have experienced, my actual presence in the room while I'm in my room meditating. So start meditating and I'm there, midnight special. You're staying, Tex? Never mind, you'll see me. Pity you couldn't stay longer or come earl ier. But you could catch up on the tapes. How were they? The talks on this week? ROOPA: Wonderful. Good. Very good. I'm keeping track and I wrote on every one, "Get this tape."

1. U S 86 - 16 COMMUNION GURURAJ: It's a wonderful experience to merge into the divine and you do not feel like coming back because you have become one with the source of everything that is existent. And when you become one with everything that is existent, you become the univer sal self and that which is beyond the known universe. At first, when you start reaching there, you go through the multitude of layers that constitute the universe. And what a beautiful sight. Radiant in its glory, every star scintillating. And there is j ust absolute peace. You find stars exploding, you see them but you do not hear the sound of the explosion. You see stars being born and you see stars dissolving. And yet you go on and on to the furthest level, though the universe has not been measured b ut you go beyond all measurements. You go beyond all time and space where time just ceases to exist. Time as we know time to be, and space as we know space to be. So within a few moments you reach there. Your mind is not there anymore. You're gone bey ond the mind and when you go beyond the mind you reach the stage of turiya. It's a Sanskrit word meaning the transcendental stage. And in that transcendence you really experience the Divinity, the source of everything existent. When you look at existenc e from a lower plane, and yet from that height you see existence below you but it assumes a haze like form as if it is just an illusion because now you have dipped into that which is real, that which is totally unchanging. Though it might be the source of the phenomenal universe. So you go beyond all phenomena and whenever you go beyond phenomena you still remain conscious of the phenomena but you know there's no reality there, it's just phenomena. So that is why, knowing it to be all phenomena, you do no t want to get involved in phenomena anymore. [VIDEO BEGINS] Those that have tasted the sweetness of honey will not want to taste the bitter fruits of this world. That is a stage where man has the ability to reach. Each and everyone of you can reach there . It is your inherent right. For where did I go to? Nowhere. I am it. And I merged into the isness which we call it. It just is. Where you push the whole phenomenal world aside and you become it, the reality. And then coming back you look at the f aces around you and you see the depth of sorrow, all floundering in their peculiar form. So many sorrows, so many sufferings, so many miseries, huh. Some are miserable because they have no wealth. Others are miserable because they have plenty of wealth. Some are miserable because they think they are ugly. Some are miserable because they think they are pretty. And that, too, is a source of misery because the source of misery lies in the factor that you always want to remain pretty and not admitting the fact that in a few years time you'll become old and shriveled and where is the beauty? That beauty can only be captured by one's inner self, by that recognition that is there of that divine force. And recognition comes from the mind. It helps a lot. But to find total mergence is something different altogether.

9. U S 86 - 16 GURURAJ: So you can catch up on the tape. But mind you, to listen t o a person on tape is far different from seeing in person. Because it's not only the words and wisdom that's been given, there's also an inner spiritual energy that's imparted with the words. So I do encourage people to come on courses. They would gain s o much more. Roopa has concocted four words, I don't know if they apply: to educate, to inform, to entertain, and to uplift. So, and its very easy t o come on a course. At night when you come home, the change in your pocket, just throw in a tin and you'll have enough to be on a course. So simple. Meanwhile, all those pennies and nickels, and dimes is ten and quarters is a quarter dollar. What do you call half a dollar? VOICE: A half dollar. GURURAJ: And you don't miss it. The beauty is you don't miss it. I remember my eldest son, he took a big bottle and he dumped the change in there. When their first baby was to be born they opened it and there was nearly 1000 rand in it. Otherwise it'll just be spent. So no one can say they can't afford to come to a course. There could be some circumstances where although they want to come but they might not be able to. Where Sujay's mixed up in his executive meetings and directorial position and flyin g from one office to the other and traveling around and what have you. He might just not be able to take off from his responsibilities and perhaps cannot come. But 90 percent of the time you can make it. [Sneezes] Delayed reaction. The sneeze came dela yed. Tomorrow morning please be on time instead of late. Because you have to because those people in the cafeteria close up at one. And if you're not on time I have to cut the talk short because this vulture here is sitting looking at her watch and she ma kes the sign to me. Okay. Tex and Pat, do have a nice journey and I'll still be there with you at midnight. Right in the car. ***END***


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