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4. U S 86 - 17 GURURAJ: What i t actually means that that pulsating ball of light is the one that feeds the foundation upon which the cylinder is based. So the pulsation of that bright ball of pulsating light comes through to the foundation of living which y ou really are. So always re member that these energies are there all the time, and with a little helping hand you would enjoy those energies and feel them more vividly and become conscious of them. Now that's a great step forward in one's spiritual growth to be conscious of those en ergies. Most people live in a form of unconsciousness. I live, I lift my hand, I lift my leg, or whatever, but really to be conscious of it, that there is an energy flow coming to me, is a step which will l ead you to become that energy yourself. And the l ilac, beautiful lilac and the twinkling of the stars showed you the vastness of what gurushakti could do. Now the lilac and things, the flowers, are planted in the ground and yet they could be merged so much in the heavens where you found the twinkling st ars. It's a wonderful realization. Very good. Very good. SUTRIYA: Beloved Guruji, I've been experiencing the same thing just routinely in my meditations this week and then in communion and then again last night at midnight. It's like, well, I've been h aving a lot of trouble meditating all week, it seems to be well I don't think my brain is working right but ... anyway, but I was having a lot of trouble meditating and there is like a ring of pressure right there. On the left. GURURAJ: The ring of pressure is there to excite the analytical self of yourself. And the pressure was felt because the right hemisphere, the intuitive side, is trying very, very hard to bring about a more and more perfect combination, synchronization between the left and rig ht hemispheres. So it is a very good sign. It could be felt as pressure and there's a greater synaptic flow, that current and that current would become normal without feeling any pressure. But in the beginning you would find because it's something ne w you would find that pressure and that is also very good. Your meditations have not been deep recently, huh? The reason for that is you want to be loved more and more. Will you marry me? SUTRIYA: Sure, why not. GURURAJ: In the physical, I mean, you're married to me in the spiritual, no two ways about that. I'm a poly, poly, poly polygamist in the spiritual field because all manifestation is symbolized in the female form. All this existence is female. The only male that exists is that divine en ergy, or Godhead, as they would call it. The theory you hear about Eve being

5. U S 86 - 17 born from the eleventh rib of Adam that is symbolic. But what it really means is that all manifestation comes from the Manifestor. That it comes out of Him. Mind you, Adam was a hunter and Eve was at home. Every time Adam came home she would say, "Oh darling, you must be very tired, let me give you a massage to relax you." But actually she was seeing if there was another rib missing. So when you give me the next massage see there are just as many ribs. Anyone else? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: [Tapping on mic] Are you getting that message in Morse code? The feeling you had of the head getting very big and the hands getting very big it actually means tha t you are expanding, and according to the human mind, expansion of the spirit is normally interpreted as something vast or something very big. So that's wonderful progress. It's a very good experience. Ya. Become bigger. Let your head get more and mor e big and I'm very sure that with your beautiful humility it won't be swollen. Next. TERRY: Guruji, the first thing I experienced was very similar to the last midnight special was very similar in that I heard a crack like an expansion near the ceiling where the ceiling meets the wall. It wasn't as loud this time, but it was nevertheless clearly audible. After that, my body became very warm again and I experienced like a pull, very subtle, like a magnetic pull, on this side of my face and it lasted fo r a very short period and it was very, very subtle. GURURAJ: The crack that was visible there would actually mean that you are on the threshold of getting far greater knowledge of that what you are and that which is beyond. So it is opening up and when you break this and knock against it naturally you would crack it first. And having it in the ceiling means you're soaring higher. And the warmth you felt we re the energies in your room. You might have not seen me visibly but you felt the energy. And th e pull you had as if there was a magnet pulling it actually meant get rid of the little dross, little bits of negativities that are just floating aroun d. Get rid of them. Pull them out. Very similar to a decaying tooth the dentist pulls out. Good expe rience. Any more? Yes, Joy. Stand up, stand up. That's it, you're strong. JOY: [Inaudible]

6. U S 86 - 17 GURURAJ: Very good. You needed that because your mind has been filled with so many anxieties. This is the rest you needed. Try and get more and more rest. MURRAY: I'm quite sure you bypassed my room, unless you were mucking about with my emotions. And it was very . . . between 11:30 and 12:00 I had a lot of emotional experiences which until right now I never connected with you. I just thought I was going through something that had begun earlier. GURURAJ: But it was those energies that were created that made you go through those emotional experiences. And I'm sure that those emotional experiences were more intensified than usual. Right? So it acted as a release valve which, of course, in turn, would take away the impact of the emotions. For example, if you take a rubber ball and press it and then it will shoot out to its original form. So emotions is a kind of not pushing out, not letting go, but it is there in its suppressed, inhibited form. And by them being intensified you're pushing them out which is very good. And your feeling of I've passed your door many times, it was the energy that passed, and you going through all those emotions I said "Lea ve Murray alone." Didn't want to come in. Yes, Mom. FRANCIS: [INAUDIBLE[ GURURAJ: Beautiful. It means you're reaching the stage of pratyahara, which is going beyond the five senses. Because all the senses are controlled by the mind, by the body, th e mind. Baloo, only one. BALOO: [In background] Could I ask you a question. Why when I come before you do I drink more, smoke more pot, go to extremes? Why do I do that [inaudible]? GURURAJ: It's to show you how foolish you are. BALOO: OK, can I go do it now? GURURAJ: [laughing] You see, you can see people's minds for just a moment.

7. U S 86 - 17 All the five senses are gathered in the brain and you felt them coming out of the brain so you're becoming more and more in control of all the five senses, seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, things like that. Very good. VOICE: [In background] GURURAJ: Why not? Why are you shy of your father? After all, it's Fathers Day isn't it? Yes, I had such a lot of cards up there. SAME VOICE: [In back ground:] I feel as though I'm so aware [inaudible]. GURURAJ: Very good. When you remember to breathe you're breathing consciously. While at a deeper stage of oneself the breathing just goes on. It slows down, the metabolic rate slows down, and you're not conscious of your breathing at all. And yet, the vital forces are working as they should really work. Because by being conscious of them you're stunting the vital forces, you're creating blockages. And that is why you're becoming more and more aware . SAME VOICE: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Yes, Jung psychology and images. SAME VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Good, let the visions come and go and look at them as images only. All these things that happen to people are a cleansing process. Getting rid of samskaras through visions or whatever. Good. Well then, what shall we talk about today? SUTRIYA: Beloved Guruji, you have told us that we are attracted to you in the same way that satellites are attracted to a certain planet. How did this attraction come about and what does it mean to our evolution? GURURAJ: Those that are truly devoted to someone say the guru here in this case uh, here we would have to go into avataras. And all avataras would have his companions and those he loves very much, and they love him very much. So

8. U S 86 - 17 whenever an avatara is born, all the gopis that were around Krishna, for example, would always be with him, because the bondage of love, which is actually freedom when you're bound in love, you're free (do you see the paradox ?) are always with. Because there is an electromagnetic and gravitational pull that pulls you down with the nuclei of the atomic structure. So they would always be there. The atom would not be able to exist without its electrons and protons or whatever you call them. They would not be there. They're always swirling around the nucleus. So people that are totally, totally devoted, be sure to know that they had a past existence together. So when the avatara takes birth, he pulls all those satellites that are around him together with him. Because they are inseparable, they have to come. And they're normally people the satellites they're normally highly developed people. Being in this body and being involved in the worldly things, you know, their outer actions might not reflect who they really are. And therefore, it is said in the scriptures, "Judge ye not that ye be judged." You can have a very highly spiritual bei ng and the actions being non conventional might give you a different picture all togeth er. Yet there is such a purity and love in their hearts which is not describable. These satellites haven't reached the stage of the nuclei, but something rubs off i n them that they cannot resist the gravitational pull. They're always there, like the plane ts revolving around the sun. They're always there. I still have to meet some more of them, which I will soon, soon, soon. Another 400 or 500 to go to meet and be with. And then we'll all go away together [one at a time?] in another orbit. Somewhere in the universe and do what we can there. Construct it or destruct it, whichever is necessary. But mostly construction. Not destruction. It's to make the world a better place, whichever world we are in. We are like the roaming nomads, we never rest. We just go on and on and on. And don't think that all o f Krishna's gopis were hard workers. A lot of them were lazy bums. But they loved. They loved, that's very important. That's all. If you become more firmly established in your meditations, you will see and feel and experience that nucleus within yourse lf. Meditate more and know who you really are, a goddess from Heaven. That applies to all the satellites. Then on the way we drag some more along with us. Good. [END SIDE ONE] FRANCES: Dearest Guruji, in the Bible it said that Jesus ascended into Heav en and sitteth at the right hand of God. If God is energy, how can you explain this? I have heard that the Blessed Mother is here on earth in [Medjagoria?] which is on the other side of the world. Yeah. It's part of a country, and I've forgotten whether it's in Poland or Czechoslovakia. I

9. U S 86 - 17 have a tape on it at home, and that she has come again to children this time, the same as the last, to fast and meditate to prevent God's wrath on the earth. GURURAJ: Energy, in the first place, has no left and neith er right. So how can you be sitting on the right or the left hand side when it has neither, it is all pervading. There is no space on the left and no space on the right. It is all in all. A nd when we say, as the Bible says, which is a parable, allegoric al, you could say that he ascended to Heaven and sat on the right side of God. That actually means that God is an entity sitting on a throne and he sat on the right hand side. Now, this actually means that Jesus the man, merged into the divine energy wh ich we call God. It's a matter of interpretation. Most of the theologies, not only Christian, but Hindus and Buddhists and Taoism, and all that, people following all these theologies take things very very literally. Meanwhile, there could be very great symbolic meanings to them. And many of them were not written for its symbolic meaning. It's like say Murray or Judith writing a novel. Now naturally it has to be based on reality. Human factors, human emotions, human feelings. So a thousand years henc e from now they read one of Judy's or Murray's books and they say, "Oh, this sounds logical." Meanwhile, it was just fiction, created by Murray's mind. And all these writings and things, like the Puranas of the Hindus, were taken to be scriptures. Meanw hile, they could just be the product of a very fertile mind writing a novel. Do you see? But one thing is for sure, that energy we speak about so many times is always there, has been, will be, and is. Then we can weave a thousand theories around it, but that does not bring us nearer to the truth and the only truth is God or the energy. So when we talk of the ascension of Jesus to Heaven to sit on the right hand side, it is physically impossible to do that. Because if he would have done that he would be the first man on earth ever born or who will be born to master the art of levitation. Which is not so. He did not ascend in his physical form. He merged the energies within him. When we say ascend, it always means to go up. Descend is to go down. So t he energies within him ascended, to put it in that way, ascended to merge away into divine energies. So here is Divinity, itself, being separated from itself by the veils of nescience or ignorance. And when the ignorance evaporated or disappeared or over came, then the very same energy merged into itself and the veils were removed. That is the true meaning of ascension. Do you see? And in that state one could materialize oneself when you are one with that divine energy. Look, I've had that experience hundreds of times around the world where people actually saw me being there and I was thousands of miles away. For example, Tamaji I don't know if you know Tamaji, the wife of Professor Merrill Harmin they're meditators of ours in St. Louis and Tamaji initiated someone. She's one of our teachers. And this person got initiated and after a day or two, I don't know when it was, she was washing dishes and there at the kitchen sink there was this large window and there was

10. U S 86 - 17 a rock there and this person who had not even had her full techniques saw me sitting there on the rock. Because her mind was so attuned in her preparatory practice to me that she materialized me. Saw me sitting there and after awhile I disappeared, she said, and this she told Tamaji. Ta maji told quite a lot of us. We were sitting together and she told this experience. So when Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, that was the first person he went to see, and then his other apostles that ran away from him when he was in trouble you know, o ne gave him away, the others [????] him, and you know the story. Yea. So if the thought form is strong enough, you can materialize any being. For example, Ramakrishna, the sage at the turn of the century, actually materialized the statue of the goddess K ali, which is mythical, of course. Very symbolic, yes. Actually materialized her with his own thought forms and thought power and spiritual force so that she became a reality to him and he used to talk to her. Have a discussion with her. So all these th ings are possible. It's a matter of interpretation and how you interpret it. You see. That's what it is. Have I covered both? VOICE: Virgin Mary appearing. GURURAJ: On the other side of the world. There is no truth to it or she would have come to m e. She hasn't come yet. I'll let you know. I'll bring her with on the next course if she does come. VOICE: Give her our best regards next time you talk to her. GURURAJ: OK, I'll do that. No, there's no truth in that. But it could be fictional writi ng. And even if we take it as some kind of symbolism, it shows that there is some kind of positive and negative force in the world. And they both work together like positive and negative to make this light burn. So the man is just as important as woman. That is what it really means. It takes two to tango. So a real physical being in the form of a mother that came with two children you said that something she has two children [voices in back inaudible] FRANCES: To make the world better. GURURAJ: T hese children are very intelligent children. And you know children also see fairies in the garden. Do you see? And that's how fairy tales originate. VOICE: [Inaudible]

11. U S 86 - 17 GURURAJ: All energies can appear. There's no doubt about that. But we don't doubt anything. I don't condemn or condone anything. But if there was such a person I'm sure I would have met her. And why speak to children only? Because children are more innocent? No. Speak to the doubters. Don't speak to the innocent that are gullible. You can tell them anything. Like a little girl, she just wanted to see fairies. She says, "Guruji, please show me a fairy. I want to see a fairy." So one day I said, "Okay, come on." So we went into her garden and I say, "Okay, close your eyes for a moment." She closed her eyes. "Now look in front of you and there's a lovely fairy there. She's got a lovely pink dress on and she has golden hair, such beautiful blue eyes. Can you see it?" She says, "Yes, Guruji." She used to call me Bapuji, "Yes, I can see it." "Can you see her dress swaying in the wind?" "Yes, Babuji, will she come again?" I say, "Yes, sure, you come and sit in the garden and you close your eye s and meditate and you'll see, she will come to you." So why must this woman only speak to little children whose minds can be influenced? Come and speak to us. Do you see? That's how it works. Children might have heard from someone else that you must fa st. Like I say fast not Friday but every Thursday. Yes. [Guruvar?] It means "the day of the guru." If all the Chelas throughout the world, whatever guru they have, if they all fast on the Thursday, which is done around the world, in spite of which gur u they have, it creates a certain atmosphere in the climate. Because when you fast you're more conducive to prayer. You go further and further in depth when you're fasting. There are so many other benefits. You're getting rid of toxins. You're getting rid of excess fat which you might have, and you're purifying your system by fasting. So there are physiological, biological reasons. There's one woman that came to me and she said, "Guruji, I'm totally frigid and I don't like to be frigid." So we went into her background and found many things which I explained to her. Psychoanalysis. So I say, "You start fasting on Thursday." And she did that. It was just a ruse, you know, to get her mind concentrated. And make her think that I'm not frigid. And when you fast, your thoughts become more powerful. That is very sure. Try it and you'll see. And she lost her frigidity. Then afterwards she started pestering so I told her, "Don't come to my office any more. [laughter] You're cured. " That's the worst yo u know, with psychologists, psychiatrists and you know people like me that they do become very attached and then you've got to very slowly wean them off. Make them become not dependent because they develop a crutch, a dependency. You've got to make them stand on their own two feet like all these psychologists will tell you. Next. Don't give me a very deep one because I'll take an hour on it and you've only got ten minutes left till quarter to one. SHAMIYA: Guruji, are there such things as angels and arc hangels?

12. U S 86 - 17 GURURAJ: Yes, there are angels and archangels that go though arches, like in St. Louis. What it actually means is that there are other forms of existences on other planets and you find those living beings and them being beyond our comprehensi on, we call them angels. And yet it is said that angels envy men. Because in that state of limbo, where they are angels, there is no spiritual progress, not whatsoever. It's only and they normally exist in the subtle body but you need the physical body , the subtle body, to realize the spiritual self of yourself. And therefore human beings are very important. And of course there are other beings with physical bodies on other spheres of existences. Now, of course, we are talking specifically about ange ls. So there are other entities and you could call them angels if you like. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: No, they don't protect you. The only one that protects you is your beloved. And who should love for the sake of love, not for what he would gain from you. He just loves, he is love. That is your greatest protector. Yes. So these angels fly around with their little wings and [Laughter] which of course signifies unsteadiness. They fly from here to there and there. They haven't got these bodies to ground themselves. They've got to be floating around. [laughter] You see. So we can think of angels. Why not? Although it could be fairy tales, too, because we have not seen the other planets or other existences. But there is one advantage to it, th at it's a thought that takes you beyond yourself into a different realm and you think of higher things, that there are higher beings. It's a nice thought to have. So think about angels. But when you think about the lovely female angels, picture me in th e center of them. You see. Belief is a wonderful thing. You know you could believe in anything. You could create beliefs, and all beliefs are created. Even that which we call God is a creation of man's mind. Yes. But we cannot deny that energy that i s there. That energy we can call God or whatever label we want to apply to it, but there is that higher force. That finer force which we try to reach and merge into, which w e call God. Otherwise, all these conceptions of one sitting up in heaven accordi ng to one religion, and in other religion having six arms and all that, these are just myths created by man's mind. In India you would find so, so, many temples, and many of the temples are devoted to a certain god or goddess. Fine. Now, it's a beautifu l money making stunt. Some of the Brahmans, or the priest class, they create a goddess. They write a little booklet of so called hymns or a story. And you are required to light a lamp in front of this deity, which of course you buy, made in bronze or pla stic or metal. There's one sales outlet. And then you buy the special lamps from that, sales number two outlet. Right. And then with that money they build a temple. And seeing you've become an ardent worshiper, of that god or goddess created by this cl ever little scheming fellow. And that's what the psychologists do here in the West too. Because you're an ardent worshiper, you're bound to go on a pilgrimage to the shrine of that god or goddess. I mean, Murray has seen a lot of that. And naturally

13. U S 86 - 17 yo u make an offering mostly in finance. And that is how they make a lot of money. I visited a place 80 miles out of Madras, a similar name, not where [Sai Baba?] is, there's a temple there with a golden dome. It's gold leaf, of course, Now look at the bu siness going on there. You believe in [Ven Contessa?], the name of a god. You can't touch him. And the jewelry he's adorned with is worth about 3 million dollars. Diamonds and gold and precious stones and what have you. Right. Now peasant people who ju st believe, no logic, nothing, they hear from one, "Oh great god," you know statues there. You can't go near it or touch it. So there are lanes made by these Brahmins where you just have a look and you get pushed out. Now further on, more than a mile aw ay, there are four sheds built, just the roof to prevent the rain. No sides to it because south India is very, very hot. And many of these poor people travel miles and miles and miles. They walk. And sometimes sitting around in the sheds, they have to sit around for four days, and they come down walking from the hills just to have the darshan, to just to see that god, [Vencontessa?]. Right. But if you've got money you don't need to wait for all those days in that sweltering heat, you give 20 rupees an d then they'll form groups of 10 and they'll take you through. Of course, when you go there you've got to give an additional donation, throw it in the box like our priests do the hat. But if you can pay 100 rupees, then you get a special escort to take y ou around there and in 10 minutes you're out. The income there is so great, they take in 80,000 rupees a day from those poor peasants. It became so difficult to cart all that money to the city, so a bank even opened a branch there. Where you can deposit your money, 100 rupees and all that. Right. Now, I've been there so I know. Then they have a barred cage where about 20 people are sitting. Now there's a chute made of cloth where you throw your money in as a donation. And there are 20 people sitting t here the whole day doing nothing else but counting money that has been donated. Now another racket there, some of these Hindus have children and they take an oath that not's the word that if my child grows up healthy, they call it [barbree?] in Sanskri t. I suppose the word barber comes from that. And they take the child there. That's also to bring in the customers. They take the child there to have the hair shaven off. There's a big pond there. And that hair is exported there, to other Western cou ntries and like that, to have wigs made that women wear and some men as well. What a racket. Fantastic. And this you'll find in Shintoism, Japanese religion; Confucianism, and the worship of the ancestors, and you'll find that just a bloody racket. I'm here to break down the rackets and build up truth. Look at things as they are. Firstly, to look at yourself as you are. Be yourself. And from there you progress. Do you see. So all these things are fine. Good reading. Why not. Instead of reading all these junk novels that are filled with filth, better to read these fairy stories and myths and that woman in some other country somewhere, I'd like to meet her. Better reading things like that and all this rubbish you find in the corner book stalls. I'm i n the censor board in South Africa for the past 23 years. And the only reason I consented to become a censor is not to allow filth to come into the country. It's

1. U S 86 - 17 MIDNIGHT PRACTICE GURURAJ: Shall we start off with anyone's experiences of the midnight practice? Do not be shy. Tell me anything you like. I know I had one report from a lady, I think it was in America or England, I can't remember where, and she came up to me privately. She said "I had an experience which I couldn't say in public, but I had to tell y ou." She said the experience she had was that I was making love to her. So all kinds of things. You don't need to be she to tell me of them. PASHYA: First thing we used the om cassette and then one of the pillows was propped up and while I was meditati ng I heard a thump on my bed. And then my mind started going, like ah, something fell, and then I meditated for a while and I woke up about six minutes after 12. I saw the pillow had fallen on the bed, so I said, oh, nothing. So I lay over on the side o f the bed with my head where the foot of the bed is and I just lay there and I started to shake. My body started to shake. I felt like most of the shaking was from my abdomen or stomach and I kept trying to control it and I couldn't. Then I fell asleep and I woke up this morning. GURURAJ: What happened there, you know the solar plexus is the one where all the nerve centers are clotted up and we gave you a shakeup to unclot the clot. [inaudible] So I'm sure you're feeling full of beans this morning. Good. CHRIS: Well, it's a story. We went to a wedding yesterday and I missed communion. But I was communing with you on the highway home. When I got here we got the children squared away for the evening, my husband fell asleep, and I started to medi tate. It was about a quarter to 12 and I was meditating and it was in a golden glow. I heard the door open and I thought, "I thought he just did this with his mind." I was facing away from the door but I jumped and looked around and it was our youngest daughter, Thea. And she said she wanted $.45. My husband, who was sound asleep said, "No more sugar." She went and rattled the change on the desk, gave us a hug and disappeared. So I was meditating some more and the door very quietly opened. I thought, "It must be Pru." And it was Pru and she just wanted a hug and a kiss. She wanted something else and she slipped off into the night. Then I just sat there in a very golden glow. When I woke up this morning I was writing poetry again. It's been blocked . GURURAJ: Beautiful. So the golden glow is the radiation I emanate which people see in the communion practice and you'll find yourself writing better poetry because a lot of the blocks are of certain repressions or inhibitions that comes about and when those blocks are cleared you'll find yourself flowing more fluently. Very good.

2. U S 86 - 17 Here comes my favorite mom. FRANCES: Dearest Guruji, I had an experience of you taking all my problems away from me. GURURAJ: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Shamiya gave me a lov ely massage [inaudible]. I'm getting old and she's a professional masseuse. Didn't you want the experience of doing a message on me again? Come on, don't be shy. How about you, Joy, I'd like to hear from you. JOY: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Snow storm. Very good. Ahha. Very good. Washing away all your physical and other problems. They're going to go away. And you're going to move around with me, perhaps play a game of tennis, or go jogging, or whatever you like I'm quite ve rsatile. There's no, remember one thing and I've said this many times, there's no word as impossible. You just add an apostrophe and say, "I'm possible." And you become possible. How did my dearest writer and journalist fare? You must read some of her articles, so beautifully done. I enjoy them. JUDY: I would have said that I had no experience. I meditated for about half an hour and I fell asleep a little after midnight. But I'm not sure that's true. I feel I did have an experience, but I do n't know what it was. But there is a sense of something having lifted for me. [inaudible] It's hazy, but there may have been a thing to my heart. Something like that. I think that was it. GURURAJ: And of course you'll find yourself you are very lov ing and loveable as well but you'll find that increasing more and more until the day comes that you give birth. And it's the greatest thing that could happen to you. You have been very introspective. Now this will give you an object to become more extro verted. Because there are people that tend to be more introverted but they need a balance between introversion and extroversion . . . .[inaudible] OK. Janakaji was the father of Sita who was worshiped as a goddess. And funny enough, it was not the sages of India who brought forth all the philosophies, but the greatest philosophies were brought about by men who were so actively involved in the world. Like Janak, he was a king, and [Brehasbati?] was also a king, and Buddha, he was the son of a king. He

3. U S 86 - 17 w as an SOB. Son of the blessed. Yes. And the people that have really made history in the world are not those people who were in seclusion, but that lived an active life. But the energy was so much overflowing in them that they contributed some of the gr eatest knowledge and the greatest deeds in the world. Krishna was a king. Rama was a king. To live a busy active life and yet produce something of endurance. We were discussing last night what Alexander the Great. So before he was born they asked him do you want a long life or a short life full of glory. He died very young, 22, they say. He said, even if I live just for a moment I want to die in glory, and he conquered three quarters of the world. Sorry. JAMMU: We did tratak beginning around 11:30 . It was a much more exciting tratak than I usually experience. Just beautiful patterns when I closed my eyes and even after when I opened them, the energy flow was just very great and eventually I just couldn't take any more and I had to stop. This was even before midnight because I started to get cranky. And Amita was still carrying on and having a wonderful time. But it was lovely. It was great. GURURAJ: As I told you, and of course, the energy would be sent and it would be perceived according to the person's makeup. His or her evolution, personality and things. But the whole idea here is, as in the case of Janaka, tratak is his favorite practice, but here it was so much more accentuated, so much more powerful and he felt that energy there, hm. Where does that energy come from, hm? It comes from the generator. Although the energy is in the water, but the generator is required to bring the electricity into this room. Because the electricity cannot come from the water directly t o produce this li ght. It has to have a generator, an intermediary, that transforms electrical energy into its tangible form so that light can come. Thank you. My favorite cookie maker. She's been up all night making all kinds of lovely cookies to bring to the course for me. She says, "Oh, Guruji, you musn't starve." AMITA: I was doing tratak and the first thing I saw was a picture window with a beautiful vase of lilacs on the right hand side. And off to the left was a dark, dark, blue with twinkling little stars, t winkling little things just floating off to the side. Of course I had to tell Janak what I was seeing. I had the sense of you there, although I couldn't see you. There were tremendous amounts of energy that moved through my body and just felt like so mu ch was being poured in that I was going to burst. [inaudible aside from GR] Me too, it would have been a terrible mess. But then I saw something, and I carry the image with me now, that maybe you can explain. In the room there was a clear cylindrical s hape with an opening in the front and some kind of round altar or something, and on top of it was like a ball, but it was not a ball because it was a living, breathing, incredibly white pulsating thing and your voice said, "Yes, it's me!"

14. U S 86 - 17 not a good influence on people. And sometimes the books get smuggled in and the customs see it this includes books, films, and all kinds of publications. They all go under the Publications Act of South Africa. And I go through them, and some of the books I've read, each and every page. Oh, the filth. They're written not for any artistic pur pose, but just for erotic stimulation. And it is so surprising to see how much they're sold. It's a true reflection of the human mind, the people of today and how their minds operate. Just a shame. A pity really. Well, these two girls have pointed to t heir watches to me. So I suppose it's lunchtime, is it? Good. **** END ****


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