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1. U S 86 - 19 RAPID FIRE [VIDEO BEGINS HERE. A UDIO BEGINS LATER] GURURAJ: So what I've written down about the various people not only reflects the person that is observed, but partly it also reflects you. Which has been very good. And I do notice so much on this course but you might not see it th at everyone's face is so glowing. Ask your neighbor and he'll tell you. Very beautiful. These courses are always uplifting, informative, educational, as Roopa says, entertaining and uplifting. I did enjoy this course very much being with all of you my family. And it has given me great joy. And, of course, to leave you, as Shakespeare said, "The sadness of sweet parting." There's a joy of parting even in the sadness because really speaking we never part. Once the spiritual bond has been forged, there is no separation whatsoever. Physical bonds might break, mental bonds might break, but the spiritual bonds could never break because it is all in that divine oneness that forever is going through me and you. So we're all made of the same structure. Perha ps one light is shining more brighter, the other less brighter, some dimmer, but the essence of it all remains the same for all children of Divinity. In fact, you are Divinity yourselves. There lies t he oneness of all beings. So to repeat again, sorry to leave you, but we'll be seeing you soon. And most probably well, November is definite, but I might be able to make a trip over in September because I've got some courses to do in Europe, and from Europe over here it's just a jump over. So I could be wi th you. We'll see what happens. Vidya has to work out the details, and, of course, you'll be informed. Good. The course in September, I've just received a letter from our council there and they are over over booked. They're negotiating or pleading to th e management to have more places available and the management is very cooperative the Hays Conference Center in Darbyshire. So any of you that would like to fly over and have a holiday, so so. You'll be well accommodated. People there are very friendly like all our family are anywhere in the world, very friendly, very accommodating, and very caring. Well, that is what I'm here for, to give the impetus to that caringness in people's hearts. Their hearts would flow and melt away into the other's heart. And thus through the concrete find the value of the abstract. Good. Now if there are any questions left, time is running out on us and I have to catch a plane. From here we're going to Washington to do a radio show tonight and from there California, is it? ROOPA: No. Midwest. Dream workshop tomorrow.

2. U S 86 - 19 GURURAJ: Midwest, then to California, then back across the states to Pennsylvania. And then of course home. Meanwhile, when I say home I might just say it very figuratively because the whole world is my home, the whole universe is my home. It's not a m atter of at which point you are. And science has proved that the higher vibrations could never find the point because as soon as it finds the point, the point has shifted away. I'm putting it very simply instead of technical ly. So I'm that point shifting from here to everywhere. For example, that little book which you've read written by Savita Taylor was just an introduction to my teachings for new meditators who want to know more about it. She dedicated it to the eternal traveler, eternal wanderer. Th at's me. Now, this being the last session, and we have about half an hour, I think if there are any questions which you have in your mind which you would like to have tied up, please be free to ask them. You're welcome. so there. You don't need to.... CHRIS: I'll talk loud. [inaudible] GURURAJ: Right? CHRIS: [?????] Guruji, would you say that you have granted us magical powers? GURURAJ: I have not granted you any magic powers, and people that do believe in magical powers have the wrong end of t he stick. I do not wave a magic wand. What I do instill is this, you might call it magical if you wish to, but what I do is activate the spiritual energies in them so they could flow with greater force and help them along on the path to the real aim of l ife is to find that oneness with your surroundings. And thereby find oneness with Divinity. A realization would dawn which in turn would bring you the peace and happiness which everyone seeks. So it is not magic. It is not magic at all. There's no suc h thing as magic. That's all nonsense. If you want to go and see a magician show go to some theater where they pull off these tricks. In the world of the spiritual field, there's not such thing as magic. [AUDIO BEGINS HERE] You have something called fr ee will, which is very much combined to divine will and it depends a lot on which you put your attention to. So, you have the ability to let your free will run wild, and you also have the ability to allow that free will to be combined to that divine will and find that bondage with divine will and yet live with your free will in total freedom. You see? There lies the secret of life. Where you are as free as the bird. It's like a poem. You write poetry. Right. And you can be totally free in writing your poetry, but yet, there's a framework in which you express your freedom. So, your freedom is expressed in the framework of divine will. Do you see? So, don't believe in magic because magic becomes tragic.

4. U S 86 - 19 GURURAJ: I've seen the film M.A.S.H., where they cut other people's legs and bones. My most revered Guruji, why must we experience pain? Couldn't we just bypass pain, sorrow, and suffering? Please answer. Heartsick in D.C. VOICE: [LAUGHTER] Guess who? GURURAJ: I don't want to guess. The question is more important. Heartsick in D.C. Why can't this person be heartsick in Divine consciousness? ROOPA AND CHRIS: D.C. Yeh, well I am. Well, she is. GURURAJ: This person is obviously trying to look for short cuts. And on the spiritual path there are no short cuts. But there's one thing on the spiritual path that you can take, a donkey cart, and you'll go slower. Or you can take a jet plane. VOICE: Concord. GURURAJ: Concord. Ahhh. You can take a Concord and reach there faster. But there's a difference. That the person that drives or flies an eight seater plane is far less experienced than the person that pilots a Concord. And there lies the difference between gu rus and gurus. Because a true guru, he pilots the Concord where you can reach faster to the destination. Couldn't we just bypass pain, sorrow, and suffering? What wishful thinking! Wouldn't everyone like to do that? Just bypass it, and chuck it off. You can. In gradual degrees you will if you follow the instructions, you know, of the master. If you do your practices, right. If you have the devotion and the love, then all this becomes easier. Where pain becomes joy, where sorrow will always be mana na, manana, manana, forever postponed. And thereby the impetus, the energy, in the sorrow will dissipate itself. And then suffering, if people can only make life into an offering there would b e no suffering. Suffering, sorrow, and pain comes from selfis hness: a sense of greed, a sense of accumulation, a deep sense of attachment to the mundane, temporal things around you which are so, so, temporary and of no value whatsoever. If I live in a hut or in a mansion, what difference is it going to make? I am still me because I don't have any attachment neither to the hut nor the mansion. If a dry piece of bread or a king's feast is put in front of me, what difference is it g oing to make? I just need bodily sustenance. And when it comes to eating a king's fe ast the taste is only for four inches.

5. U S 86 - 19 From there to there. After that the taste is gone. When it gets all mixed up with all the secretions in your body and then comes excretion. Do you see? So, to be devoid of attachment does require a great amount of patience and practice. Because attachment brings about dependency, while non attachment brings about independency. Where you feel independent and you stand on your own feet without having to use the crutches of various forms in life. And when you can s tand on your own feet you can stand on the roofs and shout, "I am free!" And there's no bad taste left in the mouth, but the sweetness of nectar. The joy of the Divine. VOICE: Thank you for your answer. GURURAJ: Um hm. Why must we experience pain ? Is pain an experience? It is not an experience. You think it is an experience. It is just something that is. Because if it was a genuine experience that pain will last and last and last fore ver. But all pains are fleeting. So whenever in any kind o f pain, be it physical, emotional, whatever, take your attention to it, close your eyes for a few moments, and say, "Is that pain there in my knee?" Take your attention there. Direct your energies there. Direct your gurushakti there and you will find the pain will dissipate itself. I know of so many people that went to have their teeth extracted and they did not want to have anesthesia or the cocaine injections. They told the doctor no. And they just went into meditation and did gurushakti and the toot h was pulled out and they were not even aware that the tooth was pulled out. And it is not self hypnosis. Because self hypnosis could be very damaging to the mind. But once the mind is channeled away into a higher force, then it overcomes the lower force of the tooth extraction. So, here you are using a spiritual force which overcomes the physical yanking of the tooth. You see? Heartsick in D.C. Become heartsick, but for divine consciousness. It's a lovely sickness, joyful, not pain. Next. [INAUDIB LE CONVERSATION] PASHYA: Guruji, how do we reach the stage when life flows like in art, and we are no longer motivated to attain the less important things our mind tells us we want? GURURAJ: Life is definitely an art. And how can life tell you what it wants without you really being you? When we think of things that we want they are more or less based on wishful thinking: I wish I had this, or I wish I had that. So, it is n ot necessary to have wishful thinking. Here what is important is, although moti vated by thought, one has to be immersed in

6. U S 86 - 19 action and anything could be achieved. And the very achievement, the process of achievement, is the art of life. Do you see? The pleasure lies in the eating and not when it goes down the gullet. Now, eating re quires masculating, what do you call chewing?... VOICE: Masticating. GURURAJ: Masticating. The pleasure lies in masticating the food. Not after it goes down. You see? So, that is the art of life. Masticate life very well. Chew it. Chew into your innards. That is the art of life. And it might express itself in variou s forms: impressionistic, cubist, realistic, surrealism, realism. Various forms according to your temperament. But it's still art. But the greatest art of life is aimed at finding that beautiful tranquility within. And when you are tranqu il, the brush or the pen will just flow on its own. When I write poetry or do a painting, I do not realize that I am painting it or writing the poem. And then the next day when I read it I say, "Did I write this?" or "Did I paint that?" Because it came not from the conscious mind. If it came from the conscious mind I would remember it, but because it came from a far greater depth so that the conscious mind does not remember it. That is the art of real life. Do you see? That's so easy. So easy. Let yourself go within yourself to express yourself in your outer self. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Have all you people packed and things? No. So, well, it is just... what is it dear? ROOPA: You wanted to explain to them what to do with their partner. People wh o.... GURURAJ: Aha, thank you for reminding me. Good. Now, the other night, when was it when you sat opposite each other? Do one thing which would be very helpful, get that person's name and address. Or you might know the name of the person and if yo u haven't got the person's name and address Vidya has them all, and they will supply you with the name and address. Try and correspond with the person. You can pick up the phone, but if it's long distance it's expensive. So, write a letter once a week, once every fortnight, once a month, to each other and try and be encouraging and optimistic. Because that will not only help you, but help the other person as well. And the family becomes stronger by exchanging ideas and understandings that you have gain ed or what the other person has gained. So keep up this correspondence. It is very good.

7. U S 86 - 19 VOICE: If we all have computers and we could hook into each other could we just write back and forth that way? GURURAJ: Right, okay, you buy them for us. VOICE: No, Sujay. GURURAJ: He works for a boss and he hasn't got that kind of computer that could hook up the whole of the country. VOICE: Or the world. GURURAJ: Yeh. It only costs about twenty, thirty, million dollars, which I'm sure you can spare. You know? VOICE: Your wish is my command. [LAUGHING] GURURAJ: No, that is not practical at the moment. It's a good idea. Someday, someday, someday. VOICE: You also wanted to explain to them, he and she is interchangeable... [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Right. Now, the notes I've made in my commentary on what you have perceived in the other person, I've often used, you know, he or she. It does not necessarily mean the gender, if it was a he or a she, because I don't know who you sat in front o f. So, you see, here I was analyzing your intuition or your perception. So, if it was a he and I've put she it doesn't matter. So, he and she is the same. Okay. So, the whole thing is the analysis and not the gender. Remember that. Because you might say that Guruji wrote, you know, she has this propensity or this ability, and you know, this, this, this. Meanwhile it could have been a he that you were sitting opposite. So, don't take note of that. Tak e note of the person. That's all. So, he and s he doesn't matter. Because when the inner self is concerned and the workings of the mind is concerned it could be he or she or neuter. Alright? ROOPA: Didn't you want them also to give each other, to show each other their papers?

8. U S 86 - 19 GURURAJ: Aha. Right . Now, those that are given out to you, you could Xerox it and send it to the other person. That person will send his or hers to you. And it's a wonderful exercise because it will mean that, "Ah, is this the way the world looks at me?" And that is very , very, good to have. Because many people do not realize, you know, how the world looks at them. It's a wonderful exercise in self recognition. It has far reaching values for which we do not have much time to explain. Good, then my... sorry? VOICE: . ..hands are like mirrors. GURURAJ: Yes, yes, yes. What do you see in that hand? VOICE: N. GURURAJ: N. VOICE: N, the letter n. GURURAJ: Oh, the letter n. VOICE: My husband's last name starts with n. GURURAJ: Oh, I see. Rather, use that n a nd say I am a non entity, which brings about humility and it takes you away from attachments. Because a non entity can never be attached to anything. So, that humility, when you approach people and speak with people, discuss people in a very humble way I know nothing. That attitude and learn. Yah, you're pointing at your watch. Good. It's time and thank you, my beloveds. It's been such, such, a pleasure being with you. Pleasure is a word which is more to do with the senses. It's been such a great j oy of the heart to be together. And on the next trip around I wish to see you all. And another thing, even if the person is not a meditator, you know, a friend of yours, bring him or her along. It doesn't matter. Because our teachings are universal and I promise you one thing, out of every five new people that would come and listen to me, four would definitely would ask to be initiated. That is my experience in this ten, twelve years of traveling around the world.

3. U S 86 - 19 CHRIS: Tragedy! GURURAJ: That's it. TERRY: Beloved Guruji, what is the greatest, most valuable, question a man can ask that when answered will provide the most practical wisdom for one's spiritual development? GURURAJ: Now, question has the word quest in it. So, question must produce in you th e quest for trying to know who you are. And when you find the answer of who you are, what am I, then the goal of life and of existence is fulfilled. And the answer could only be one, that I am one with my Father. That is the ultimate end of all questing and questioning. And then you will reach a stage where there is no question at all. The questionless question, because you have reached the area where no question remains. Questions are good for those on the path. For they must inquire. And it is throu gh these inquiries and understandings given by the guru that you would find your path becoming smoother, by gaining greater understanding in knowing: who am I, what am I, where do I come from, and where do I go to? That is the end of existence. For som e it is around the corner. For some it might take a few lifetimes, but you will definitely reach there, and those questions will not remain anymore. You will not ask anymore then, "Who am I?", or "What am I?" Because you would know who you are and what y ou are. She, being a poet, is enjoying so much, because all my talks are mixed with a certain kind of poetry. Good. So, there you are. When the questioner becomes questionless. Because even before you ask the question the answer is there. Do you see? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And if you read, if I can remember correctly, we were up till about three this morning, and therefore we are a bit late here today. And if I do remember correctly in the word association, I found you to be a person, you know, that is very questing, that has a deep yearning to quest, and that questing can be fulfilled by questioning. Good. I see a note here. A mash note. M A S H. What does that stand for? VOICE: Hospital. GURURAJ: Hospital. VOICE: Korean wa r. [INAUDIBLE]

9. U S 86 - 19 VOICE: If we... I'm almost ashamed to ask, but if we brought you five new meditators would you give us a free course? If we have lots of money can we do it that way? GURURAJ: Oh, if. That's a very big word. Yes, of course we could do that. We could do that, but let the time come. Let the meditators increase and that will increase the revenue for A.M.S. And, of course, all things are possible. What I personally wo uld like is not to make anyone pay anything. The only reason is this, is you got to pay for food, you got to pay for accommodation and electricity, and all these things that are involved. Organizational expenses, newsletters have been sent out, you know, Vidya and Roopa, and postages, stationery. You know, and it just covers expenses. Practically what I reach home with, for the family, is the little gifts that are given to me. [INAUDIBLE] And perhaps a little more that might be over. That's all. Good. Yes. [END SIDE ONE] **** END ****


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