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2. U S 86 - 31 A GURURAJ: Tha t's the way it's done. But you got to have the basis, first. Otherwise you'll go, advertise in papers and I'm sure you'll get five hundred replies that I've got a place to let, to rent out. Then how are you going to upkeep it? You ju st don't think as f ar as getting a place. It's available. Put in fifty ads, in fifty newspapers, in these fifty states, and you'll find so many letters coming to you; yes, place for sale, place for sale, place for sale. How you gonna upkeep it? What about the renovating of the place to make it to the way we want our facilities to be? So, the basic thing here is to create this fund and to put it away in gilt edged security. Seven trustees, you know, that handles that. No one can draw a single penny. And I can appoint i nternational auditors, and directors, or one of you can do that. Because I am still connected in the accountancy field. That would remain in the name of the American Meditation Society and no one else's. You can call it a Gururaj ashram, yes, that I don 't mind. I'll lend you my name. But it will belong to the American Meditation Society. It is their money; and it is theirs. That's the way it's done. Otherwise we're chasing fleeting clouds. NIRMALA: Well, I think we ought to boil down, roughly, aro und what city we'd want to be... GURURAJ: Find out the prices in the area. NIRMALA: ...and how far away from the airport. Would you want to be near Washington, D.C.? GURURAJ: Anywhere. I'm prepared to go anywhere and stay anywhere. NIRMALA: Anybo dy here know [if the]? country property is expensive there? VOICE: Well, the property inside Washington is expensive, but, you see, you have [Belk's]? airport outside of Washington, in more of a rural Virginia setting, where the property value is not so expensive. And it's very close to a major airport, [Dulles]? is one of the major international airports, and you can have more of a rural, country setting. So, there may be a place. Baldev is a real estate agent, and he's a lawyer. GURURAJ: Oh, we'll get everything done very, very, quickly. [LAUGHTER]

3. U S 86 - 31 A VIDYA: It's time. It's time. We're not going to have a satsang tonight, if we don't move along. GURURAJ: Alright, the talk is hot. Let it be hot. We can always extend the satsang and talk until twelve tonight, I don't mind. VIDYA: [Dinner]? GURURAJ: So what? Forget dinner. This is more important. NIRMALA: Charlottesville is quite hot down there in the summer. It's really hot. GURURAJ: The idea I had in mind was this, this is a very rough sketch. I'm not an artist. I'd leave it to Jeff. Right. [DRAWS ON BLACKBOARD] [You go like]? Fine. You have your central building here. You have y our central building here. This is your central building where you have your adment. Okay. A..d..oh, well, you know, adment. Right. This side you have your various other facilities: officers. Other side you have your loo's, etcetera. In the center w ould be your lecture hall, right, this would be a dome of any shape that would let natural light in; whereby you save on electricity. Fin e. These are roads, and as you expand you build more roads. Now, this in South Africa is called a [rondalvo]? It's a bad sketch, of course, but you have an idea of what a [rondalvo]? is. NIRMALA: Yeah, it's a roundhouse. GURURAJ: Ya, it's something, well we've got an artist here that would be able to...with a little garden patch, you know, put a pathway, garden pat ch, and a yard, a backyard at the back. All these [rondalvos]? Right. So, we start with the first line, build that finish, and we have a road, which would be accessible to the homes, right, fine, all around. That line is finished. We get in more money then we start with that road. Another line of [rondalvos]?, then the third line, fourth line, fifth line; ever expanding. VOICE: Do you live in the dome, Guruji?

4. U S 86 - 31 A GURURAJ: Well, I could live anywhere, in the roof, the ceiling, I don't mind. I could sleep on the floor. If you need my room for tonight and your room is not comfortable, you can have it. I'll sleep in the lobby. That's me. A yogi. Fine. So , then, a lot of money can be generated by what I can do with this river or stream. It will a ttract people from all over America. Something like the Lords, Lourdes, is that the way it's pronounced. Lourdes. One source of income. And because of its attraction, because there's nothing like this in America, people will come from everywhere. And a ll these [rondalvos]? will be continuously occupied and rent producing. And, then, of course, together with this building you have your dining hall. Well, it has to be designed. Look, this is just a rough sketch, and I'm not an artist. NIRMALA: Would you want that many people? GURURAJ: And then, of course, in these [rondalvos]? you have a bedsitter? You know, bedsitter. What do you call it here? VOICE: Efficiency apartment. GURURAJ: Efficiency apartment where you have your pull out bed, right, and sitting room, and a little kitchenette; where you make tea and things. And they come and live there and get treated. VOICE: Self supporting. Your own garden to produce the food and everything. GURURAJ: No, the only garden, that is for the residents, you know, that are there for the whole year. But then we would have places for people that come just for treatment. And that would be money producing. NIRMALA: What do they do in the river? GUR URAJ: I baptize them. Cure them. NIRMALA: Oh, a holy river, like Jordan, Ganges, or something. GURURAJ: Oh, Ganges is the dirtiest one ever.

5. U S 86 - 31 A VOICES: Miracle river... Kankakee's a clean river... Kankakee would be good... Cleanest water in Illinois. .. Really. GURURAJ: Can be any kind of water. I know how to magnetize an entire river, so it will any, just come in and bathe. NIRMALA: You want something on the Potomac. GURURAJ: But it must be on private property so the government won't interfer e with us. VOICE: Guruji, the thought has occurred, in the back of the room here, that we always get to a point where we talk about money, and get to a point where we start to form a committee to go out to look for money, but the question's occurred whet her we have twenty people or ten people to give five thousand dollars, either now, or sometime in the very near future. The thought's occurred back here, why don't I see a raise of hands right now of people that can write out a check sometime within the n ext three months for five thousand dollars? GURURAJ: And let me tell you one thing, I've extensive experience of meetings, organizations, and all these things. As a matter of fact, even before doing the present work I'm doing, I've always been doing soc ial work, all my life in various spheres of activity. And I know how these things run. If you want to have something not done, nominate a committee. It'll never be done. MERRILL: What shall we do, Guruji? GURURAJ: I don't know. You put down a che ck, now. That's what we can do. JASMINI: I was gonna say. Those that can afford it if they do it now and not wait until they go back and then it's.... GURURAJ: You see, if you appoint, Jasmini, if you appoint a committee they'll talk, talk, talk, talk, talk...no, just let me carry on...they'll talk, talk, talk, postpone the committee, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and years and years will go by and noth ing will happen. VOICE: You want action.

6. U S 86 - 31 A JASMINI: Let's ask now those that are going to pledge something. TAMAJI: Well, my experience with this issue is, as you said, you know, where you start talking and always remain in abstract concept, and neve r get out. But then, again, we started talking about these this time, and so while energy is still high, how about we start it, and then other people will join us? GURURAJ: Hot! Do it. Yes. VOICE: Why can't every one that's here donate five hundred or whatever? GURURAJ: Create a fund of a quarter million dollars and stick it away in a gilt edged security. You need that. TAMAJI: Just make pledge. VOICES: Yeah, you have to... Instead of demanding... MERRILL: Well, we'll pledge ten thousand dol lars. VOICES: And we'll pledge five thousand... That's fifteen g's, right there...Anyone else?...That's sixteen... GURURAJ: Seventy three, make a note of the names. JASMINI: Names and amount. MERRILL: Not the amount. Not the amount. VOICE: Jeff was going to take care of it. GURURAJ: No, no, no. I'll appoint the people to take care of it. We'll vote on that later. Just write down names meanwhile.

7. U S 86 - 31 A VIDYA: Alright. Start all over again. MERRILL: Harmins donate ten thousand dolla rs. Sunita donates five hundred. Paul said one thousand. GURURAJ: I heard five. [You were talking to yourself,]? I heard you said five. No, no, no, you said five. VOICE: No, I said [???] GURURAJ: Let us help you, Marv. [LAUGHTER] MARV: Okay, I said five. GURURAJ: You said five. You people don't know how to raise money. Ask me to be here. VOICE: Go to the other side of the room. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Ramu five. MERRILL: Did you get [Barb]? for a thousand dollars? VIDYA: All I have a re Harmins, Sunita, Paul and Ramu. VOICE: Now, is this altogether or for one year? VOICES: Babita?...[???] seven thousand... GURURAJ: No. Within three months this must come in. VOICE: Now, this goes into a fund for the ashram, which will be invested?

8. U S 86 - 31 A VOICE: Right. GURURAJ: Yes, but this money must come in within three months and put away. Gilt edged security, and no stocks and shares. TAMAJI: And I'd like to emphasize tha t each family has their own situation, and so the amount of donation doesn't make any difference. GURURAJ: Right. Absolutely. Just record that Tamaji suggests. VOICES: Right. If you can only afford five dollars then fine...You're giving five?...No, I said if they can only afford five then they should give five. It still counts... NIRMALA: Well, I'll give five thousand, at least. I'd rather find out just how much I could give, but I'll give five anyhow . GURURAJ: Not accepted. Sorry. Thank yo u, mother. Very kind of you. Put down ten for her. [LAUGHTER] NIRMALA: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: That's okay, we'll put down ten. Don't you worry. NIRMALA: Probably we could up it sometime. GURURAJ: I'll speak to your husband without verbal speaking. NIRMALA: Yes, but I don't like to say I'll give more then have to backtrack. I'd rather take one step at a time.

9. U S 86 - 31 A GURURAJ: No, no, no, no, you won't backtrack. I know you will step it up. I know that for sure. Not only that, mother, what you gonna do is this, also, and I tell you this, this is a prophesy. You'll be leaving a lovely legacy to that ashram when it comes near to you leaving us in the physical. I might be dead before you, I don't know. Ken. No, no, no, Ken what's wrong with you? Do what the boss says. VOICE: Guruji, would you consider five months instead of three? GURURAJ: That depends on [you]? MERRILL: Well, this is a pledge in the very near future. NIRMALA: That 's it. The next three months. GURURAJ: Ya. The next three months. You can give it in the next three days. Doesn't matter. VIDYA: A hundred or a thousand? GURURAJ: Who's this now? Just hold on. Don't write. Don't write. Who are we talking to? Huh uh, I'm very sorry, I tell you exactly what your monthly earnings are. Yours and your husband's put together; two and a half thousand. VOICE: She already said five. GURURAJ: Oh, you said five. VOICE: Yeah, double. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Oh, I thought you said one. [INAUDIBLE] You know we can still push it up.

10. U S 86 - 31 A VOICES: Vidya, put us down for a thousand, but I want more than three months...Okay, twenty five hundred...Oh, very [???], very nice... Vidya, put me down for twenty fou r hundred... GURURAJ: Thank you, Bob. Stand up, please. Let the people see you. Give him applause. [APPLAUSE] Who wants a guru shoe? [LAUGHTER] VOICE: Wait, wait, I have a shirt here, two hundred and ten dollars. GURURAJ: No, a guru's shoe is va luable. Do you know Gandhi's slippers they've got in a museum and one rich man called [Tata]? paid one [klaud], which amounts to ten million rupees for his old slippers to be put in that museum? So, what's wrong with a guru's shoes. I'll polish it first , by the way. Next person, come up. You know a lock of the hair...let me tell you a little...pardon? VOICE: Peggy's collected all the hair she's cut, of yours. GURURAJ: Do you know that in the northern part of India there is a Muslim mosque, that's a whole racket, and there they maintain that they have one hair of the prophet Mohammed? And thousands and thousands of people go there on pilgrimage just to see that hair of Mohammed. [LAUGHTER] And when you go there you just can't go there empty handed, you know, you pay, pay, pay. NIRMALA: I've heard that they've kept Rajnesh's toenail clippings. VOICE: Oh, God! GURURAJ: Anyone want my toenail [INAUDIBLE] ? VOICE: You know, you mentioned Rajnesh, whatever happened to that set up? It's already th ere. VOICES: It's already there... You wouldn't want to touch that with a ten foot pole...

11. U S 86 - 31 A GURURAJ: You wouldn't want to touch it with a large pole. VOICE: Why not? It's all set up. VOICE: How much do we have so far? GURURAJ: Don't count yet. Don't count. Don't count yet. We'll count at the end. VOICES: We haven't been hearing any more [pledges]? ... Yeah, really...There have been several that have come in silently... VOICE: [Guruji, did Lara and I give enough ?]? GURURAJ: I'm still considering. Hold on. Hold on. I'm meditating on it while I'm talking. VOICE: Well, they have a new one coming, don't forget. GURURAJ: I know. I'm not forgetting. My grandchild will have the best of the best. MERRILL: Te rry's got a donation of five hundred. GURURAJ: [INAUDIBLE] ...five hundred thousand.. [LAUGHTER] It would be very easy. Because within the next seven, eight, months, when does your next term start? VOICE: September. GURURAJ: Not this September, bu t before next September you'll be getting that job. TERRY? Okay. One thousand. [CONVERSATIONS CONCERNING PLEDGES]

12. U S 86 - 31 A [GURURAJ WRITING ON BLACKBOARD] GURURAJ: Three thousand, three thousand and.. I don't want you people to see my formula. [LAUGHTER] Her husband's [??????]? Right. This was a set of beads... VOICE: That Gururaj wore... GURURAJ: ...which was given to me by my guru. So, if you put a million pounds there, for me, for my pocket, and the beads there, I would refuse that million and keep these beads. A million pounds for my pocket. You know what I mean. Right. But I'd still keep these beads. Mark, you have a very strong sense of in tuition. Just for a minute see what you feel. VOICES: I see you've got to keep going, Guruji...Close your eyes...Amazing vibrations.. GURURAJ: There you are. A hundred thousand for the ashram can have these beads. Anyone. A hundred thousand can hav e my guru's beads, for the ashram. I won't have it for my pocket. For the ashram. VOICE: Money. I [????] have a hundred thousand. Maybe if I wrote you a check it would bounce higher than... If I had the money... GURURAJ: Chetenji, any ideas from yo ur side? I mean the best way to go around things? CHETEN: I don't want to take up too much time, Guruji. GURURAJ: Yes, I know you don't want to. You just need to name a figure. [LAUGHTER] CHETEN: Guruji, what about the Canadian Meditation Society? We're really struggling. [??????] my first responsibility. GURURAJ: But, you know, some loose change?

13. U S 86 - 31 A VOICES: You gonna have an ashram?...Fifty bucks...We'll move our ashram up to Canada...That's my first responsibility.. GURURAJ: Yes, we've got fo ur meditators there. NIRMALA: Well, that would be very pretty, over in British Columbia, somewhere. GURURAJ: Oh, beautiful. Victoria. Oh, yes we have some plans up there. [We just bought] acres and acres of land up there, and live in one house, and his wife, and all the German shepherd dogs; they would look after the whole place. We'd use a portion of it for an ashram there. [INAUDIBLE] I'm putting ideas into his head. [CONVERSATION CONCERNING PLEDGES] GURURAJ: Twenty four. We can't leave it under fifty, please. Twenty four [INAUDIBLE] Iris, [??????] So, that makes forty five. Right. Five only. Only five, c'mon. It's only five. VOICE: Hell, I got five. [APPLAUSE] GURURAJ: You have me here in America for six months I'll show you the miracle of miracles. Just give me a start with an ashram, that's all. MERRILL: We had a miracle just now. Fifty thousand dollars in a half hour. VOICE: And California is coming up. GURURAJ: Amongst a few people. You have me here for six months. You'll see miracles. Now, my shoes. I never light a cigarette when I sit in the holy chair. VOICE: Guruji, even though we may have concluded this part of the meeting let's don't close the books for anybody who's here...

14. U S 86 - 31 A GURURAJ: No, no, of course not, Ramu, you're quite right. This is just [INAUDIBLE] As you suggested that you appoint committees, then the committee will have more committees and then you have sub committees and then you have sub sub committees, and like that it will go on and on and on and nothing will be done. VOICE: Still, somebody has to make the financial plans, and Ramu will do that. And somebody's got to find a [?????] location...[INAUDIBLE] RAMU: As far as making the financial plans, I'm really not a financial planner, so I'm not sure... GURURAJ: I'm the financial planner, and I don't want my signature, at all, in the deposits . You appoint your own trustees. Fine, and I'll tell you how to invest it at the best rate. Gilt edged. Did I miss you out? VOICE: I can't say anything.. [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: You can't say anything without her husband, right, but just put the name Garber there. You know, and just some zeros. We will add on the figure in front of it. [INAUDIBLE QUESTION TO GURURAJ] We will discuss it later. VOICE: Guruji, I would also like some time frame for this. GURURAJ: Yes, three months. We decided on that. VOICE: I'm not talking about bringing in the money. I'm referring to plans and getting the [system]. In other words, I'm not willing to donate money that will to go into a bank and may never get used. That is I want to make sure that it is a real thing that is [operating]. GURURAJ: When a person get an idea you can add onto it. The money, of course, will come in within three months. That has been decided upon. I f a start has not been made, on the ashram, within, say, three years, you know, towards completion of it, the donor will get back his money, plus the interest that has been earned on it.

1. U S 86 - 31 A GURURAJ: Yeah, but when they saw a lot of hanky panky business going on they changed their minds. SUJAY: That's why I think you're right. It has to be on a sound financial base. GURURAJ: Absolutely. Or otherwise y ou'll have the ashram for two months, on a rental basis, not knowing where the income is gonna come from, no basis at all, and two months you close up and we'll all make a damn fool of ourselves. MERRILL: So, how about that? Ramu will coordinate a finan cial plan, [with]? Jamu's assistance, and Jeff will have a committee to look at locations. And then next time we'll talk about it. When should the next time be? JEFF: Wasn't there a piece of paper that went around one course where everybody was suppose d to list their areas expertise? VIDYA: I have a file of everyone who turned it in. JEFF: Something other than typing. GURURAJ: Jeff, you talk of people working. Vidya has stacks of material there. You know I've done over five thousand talks, and it has been estimated, by qualified people, that, even after editing, there could be fifty volumes, you know, of m y talks on varied subjects. Like, for example, here I give ten talks. One talk is twenty pages. So, just on one five day course is one book. Right. Now, all this, once you have a place, an establishment, then a print shop can be put up, right, and when it comes to book publishing do you know who makes the money? Not the author. He gets ten or fifteen percent, for the most. The publisher makes the money. So, we can even have our own print shop, and that will generate a lot income; but you got to have a basis. A fund there, standing put away in gilt edged security, with three signatures for any withdrawal. You have a trust committee of five or seven people, and three signatures are required to withdraw any money from there. VOICES: [ASSENTS]

15. U S 86 - 31 A VOICES: Yeah, I think we'll have to have some kind of legal [?????] ... That's very fair...I don't see the follow up steps quite hard enough for my taste. [PARAPHRASED] I'd like to know when Jeff is going to report back with plans, I'd like to know how Ramu is going to [survey]? GURURAJ: Well, give them a time limit an d we'll want reports back here in September. So be careful boys. Rather they know if we can't do it. VOICE: September is three months from now [INAUDIBLE] so something would have to be done by the next time... GURURAJ: No, it's not three months, my dear, call it two months. July, August. Don't count September. I might be in early part of September. Two months. [These other few days]? VOICES: November report...Report in before then...Jamu suggest having a plan ready for people donating money to see. If they like the plan, give the money...That's just a step back...Well, how would you phrase it, then?...Do not ever give a damn cent unless you have a plan. No talk, this is like going to one of these real estate [????] where you sit around and yo u are high pressured, that who will pay these, who will do this, who will sign here? Don't do it until tomorrow. Think about it. Sleep on it and don't sign until you see the plan. No checks, no nothing. GURURAJ: No, that, I disagree, there with Jamu . Because before, I don't know if you heard me correctly, that a legal document will be drawn up if the thing is not built within three years then the people will get their money back plus the interest that's earned, and the money will be put in a gilt ed ged, you know, security where there's no chance of a loss; not a gamble, right, and they're losing nothing. **** END ****


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